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Juneray Vinluan (7 months ago)
i eat a lot ..
ded inside (1 year ago)
I have 12....
Duck with knives (1 year ago)
But Mom, (1 year ago)
Video: Diarrhea and (bleeding) Me: The bleeding part sounds more like a period stage
Kim White (1 year ago)
Black seed Oil ..... cures cancer too .......
FYE 11 (1 year ago)
Kim White do you eat it
Eve's Girls (1 year ago)
Kim White Yes, it's a cure for everything except death. This is a known health remedy of Muslims, who learned it from Prophet Muhammad.
Mafe Osano (1 year ago)
I have 4 of this symptoms do I need a doctor for this
Linda (2 years ago)
So how many of these symptoms would you say may indicate cancer? If a person has 2? 3? the lot?
Khalid Khan (2 years ago)
My mom used to cough and had sometimes breathing problems. whenever she visited the Dr. she got either antibiotics or a different inhaler than she had one at home. But the dr. nvr srnd her to have tests for cancer. This situation continued for almost 2 years and just 3 months back when she felt really bad and when to the hosp. and had all tests... we found out that she is diagnosed with cancer stage 4. Now she had 3 chemeo therapy but her body is too weak to handle more....
Samiya Khalid awww...
Nur Syafiqah (1 year ago)
soulmate1960 (1 year ago)
Internet is full of reports that sugars and carbohydrates feed cancer cells. Many have recovered from stage 3-4 cancers. Stop all sugars and grains in her food immediately. Let her eat only meat n veggies or lentils n Greens.
Nur Syafiqah (1 year ago)
Samiya Khalid if my parent won't believe.. i already talk to my parents.. and they assume it's not a big deal... i'm only ate medice for my cough.. and it won't heal.. i'm often vomit... all food i'm throw up.. i'm not sure. 😖
Khalid Khan (1 year ago)
+Nur Syafiqah I'd suggest that you should have all tests for your lungs because persistent cough which is not curable through prescribed medcine, and specially for such a long period...sometimes makes it worse. Have your all tests done in a hospital to get rid of all doubts. Maybe it's just a minor and with a different medication and with different treatment, your cough stops, in sha Allah.
AS Laing (2 years ago)
Chemtrails make the coughing situation real.

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