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Obama Press Conference and the Rewards...errrr..stimulus package.

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Obama once again spits in the face of Hope and Change buy taking a play out of the book of the Bush administration by trying to scare the american people into backing his "stimulus" package. My thoughts on this ruse.
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Nathan Ramos (9 years ago)
jediwill1974, I love ya bruh. good to see a brotha that is interested in politics.
cjodigo (9 years ago)
Amen.....Obama seems to talk the talk without walking the walk!! I am quite disgusted with the American people(liberals) buying into his crap.....We need a good president that cares about this nation and it's people, not the "fame"
1990BornBaby (9 years ago)
First of all i posted this comment over a month ago so i "shut up" hundreds of times since then. Im through with debating this issue with you crackhead conservatives because there is so much blame to be put on you people that you're spewing blame on someone before they've even had time to make a significant change in anything, do me a favor check back in with me in 4-8 years and until then that all i have to say
cedarpose (9 years ago)
You make a lot of good points. Don't agree with everything you said but you made me think, good vid.
joshuaTNE (9 years ago)
you are another breath of fresh air. thank you.
M Compton (9 years ago)
Right On brother! YOU are MY hope for CHANGE!
djar63 (9 years ago)
Look at the stock market after the stimulus package was approved. Not a good sign.
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
The brainwashing continues: finance (dot) yahoo (dot) com (/) news (/) Obama-poised-to-sign-stimulus- apf-14375328 (dot) html Third paragraph last sentence "It also allows Obama to get away from Washington, where the bill's passage was a mostly partisan affair, and be among people who may benefit from the huge government intervention." Idiot reporter glorifying a 'President' who ran away from his responsiblities of office. Cowards run and hide. Colorado, the house-flipping capital of America.
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
Because you have to learn how to understand the facts in the news. Its not an easy process considering the crap that the media perpetuates. One of the best ways to to read about history with a critical eye. Because by the time you actually 'see' how bad things are it will be too late.
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
finance (dot) yahoo (dot) com (/) news (/) Obama-poised-to-sign-stimulus- apf-14375328 (dot) html The brain washing continues: Right there at the end of the first sentence: 'and public optimism.' 'Hope and change' only in words and never in deeds.
ebaymamaqueen (9 years ago)
unfortunately when people forget there history they are doomed to repeat it. its sad that it is happening, but until people wake up it is not going to get better :(
brotherscoobs (9 years ago)
funny how the dems have become the party of fear...exactly what they constantly accuse the republicans of ! extreme lefties and extreme righties are two sides of the same cut of cloth
brotherscoobs (9 years ago)
you're right on the money...i disagree with about half of what you said about bush...since he was only a minor part of your talk i agree with about 99% of the whole thing...good thought provoking vid...keep up the good work
sleazypig (9 years ago)
great point. in the depression you had soup lines in the recession we have blackberry lines. Now this negetivity from the shitbag in chief is trying to do two things. 1. Obama during the campaighn promised the moon to his supporters. These people thought that Obama was going to pay their bills for them so they could retire. so the administration is using fear to dumb down expectations. 2. he is using fear of a collapse to ramrod the pay off obamas buddies bill.
onecelticwarrior (9 years ago)
Henry Paulsen needs to be lined up & shot,just as much as Chris Dodd,Bawney Fwanks,Nazi Piglosi,Harry Reid & several other assholes who got us in this mess.
onecelticwarrior (9 years ago)
Another great video,Will! 5***** & fav'd.
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
'Nancy Pelosiism' LOL!!
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
Steve Forbes was being interviewed on a radio show and one of the suggestions he had was to cut *employment* taxes thereby giving more incentives for companies and businesses to hire people. There so many other methods that the government can use to 'stimulate' the economy. Instead they are raiding the piggy bank.
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
Absolutely correct Will. Things arent as bad as they were even in the 80s. Much as I hate to say it, Bush got the ball rolling on this ruse. I dont like BO more so because he hasnt 'changed' a thing. He has only extended and expanded what Bush got started.
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
I would say to make that argument more palpable to a greater number of *Americans* is that the bill will not require employers to verify immigration status. Basically saying illegal immigrants are ok to be employed. That would basically mean that white, black, whatever, the chances of an American of being employed is practically null. Also, the 'buy America' clause was quietly removed because the foreign nations that have trade tarifs on the US want the US to not have any trade restrictions
Tommy Adcock (9 years ago)
Excellent video Will! This is the real politics of FEAR!!! How else would they get this 789 BILLION dollar spending package! With very little stimulis in the bill and most is going to liberals for the payoff for his election is the facts!! 5 stars and please keep it up my friend! Tommy
Skizz1979 (9 years ago)
Government spending towards useless programs won;t work to boost the economy. Tax cuts, loosening regulations on businesses, drilling on our own shores for more oil... THOSE will boost the economy. 1 billion for ACORN, 400 million for condoms, and 600 million for new cars for politicians will not.
CalibanVOV (9 years ago)
You are very enlightened and didnt fall into the trap of Democrat vs. Republican. A+ on this vid.
wingnut4427 (9 years ago)
Read ? People in this country don't read. Now.. If you read it to them on an American Idol set then they might listen. Talking to the Obama heads out there it like chewing on tacks. It's pointless, painful & could get very bloody. They will have to see for themselves.
1990BornBaby (9 years ago)
I am calling Jediwill an idiot... just because i listen to him doesnt mean anything, in fact i subscribed to this losers channel, I shouldnt have to explain anything to you but the reason why i do is because i dont think its right for him to be spreading his bullshit notions as if they are facts... In his earlier videos i actually thought that he was stating facts about these issues and then i realized he talks more bullshit than the politicians do
redratfish (9 years ago)
BO supporters quit whinning. You would be doing the same thing if McCain was in office. Ever heard of the saying turnaround is fair play?
1990BornBaby (9 years ago)
Take a word of advice EVERYONE, listen to all sides of the situation and formulate your own opinion... If Jediasshole was so smart then why isnt he making an effort to do something about the corruption of politics...This guy is a wolf in sheep clothing Hes trying to act like an oh-so-innocent independent but he isnt fooling me, he has conservative written all over him... Trying to gain support by bashing and deceiving people into believing his own theory is a fact..Give it a rest Will... Really
1990BornBaby (9 years ago)
Can you people not see past this Jediwill guy he is such an IDIOT its not even funny.... He acts like he is more knowledgable about politics and what is going on within each political party as if he has some kind of secret insider access... If he was really sincere then he would here him agree with at least one thing Obama has done... he critcizes everything as if everything is being done wrong and he knows better...Anybody who listens to this guy is really an idiot
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
Many of BO supporters are too stupid to see clearly. They've committed themselves (not the way they should have) to a bad decision. And they will stay committed until it completely destroys them (and ultimately all of us).
M Compton (9 years ago)
I don't agree with EVERYTHING you say, but most of it. You think for yourself and that makes you freakin' AWESOME in my book! Keep schoolin' us brother!
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
Youre a great guy with a sober outlook Will. I wish all the best for you. Good bye America. Or as our slave masters will say America is a good buy.
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
America will never be able to catch up with the interest alone on this 3 trillion dollar bailout. The arab countries will be buying up all the notes they can, the chinese will be buying up all the notes they can. America is now in indentured servitude and everything the average American does will be to our slave owners. BO is a plant by the muzlim world.
RegentDevil2 (9 years ago)
Thanks a lot for spreading the truth. MUCH RESPECT.
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
We have been sold down the river, and 'our children' have been sold down the river and their childrens children have been sold down the river. With all due respect to the black people reading this and what I am about to say will offend many people. But BO is a muzlim, the muzlims were the original slave holders. BO has sold all of America into slavery. The Treasury will have to print notes for years to come to cover this bailout.
Nina N (9 years ago)
Hello comrade! The Great Depression was not worse than today because they did not have the credit we have today. We are living on air!
Nickra, (9 years ago)
Great delivery!! Supscribed!!
3monkeysmomma (9 years ago)
"The average American knows nothing about history" That's because libs have controled public education for 45 years and that's how they wanted it.
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
As/If things get worse I look forward to your sobering assessment of the operating environment. JediWill for office!!
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
As always a thought provoking video with an honest assessment. I dont make a lot and I dont have a lot but what I have I earned myself without a handout. The Federal government would have me believe that I owe someone something for what I have and I should feel guilty for it. I started from *far* more humble beginnings than BO and that jerkoff is going to take my money and my future and throw it away because he needs to give amnesty to 10 million illegal aliens.
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
These socialists in office are a bunch of power hungry hysterical sociopaths. Worse than Bush. At least Bush had some kind of shame and guilt. BO is out right arrogant.
ThunderAppeal (9 years ago)
All children are special. Your little girl is very intelligent. Hopefully she will be able to carry that with her for as long as it takes to influence the right way. I have always believed that if we dont interfere with children and gently guide them they are quite capable of forming their own opinions. Liberals would have us believe that we need to manipulate children, like the BO indoctrination videos on YT have proven time and again.
Auxiliary Infantry (9 years ago)
I wish more people were as smart as your child. If they were, we wouldn't be dealing with this crap in our government. Kudos to both you and your wife for being good parents and I hope your daughter gets better soon.
QuartuvLarry (9 years ago)
Add this pork for ACORN to Emanuel's seizure of the census from the commerce bureau...I think they want to insure fraudulent elections for years to come...
QuartuvLarry (9 years ago)
This "stimulus" bill has so much pork and crippling welfare spending in it that such programs, hidden now, will be almost impossible to extricate in the future. The interest on this bill will take the cost above a TRILLION dollars. How much is a trillion? Here's some mathematical perspective: If Jesus Christ got paid a million bucks per day, from day one in the manger, just for being God, he would STILL not have a trillion dollars today! Yeah... Why did the democrats rush to pass this bill?
Susan Sims (9 years ago)
One of the biggest problems is we live in a shake and bake world. The people who believed Obama think with a stimulus bill that everything will be ok the day after it is signed. The sky will not fall if it is not signed before they work on getting a good plan that will help. I loved "the man behind the curtain" remark. I hope the Republicans hold the line and also hope any intellegent Dems join them! 5 stars.
therealcaptobvious (9 years ago)
McCain has to stop trying to send the stimulus jobs overseas. Yes, cut the pork. There are no earmarks by definition, but stimulus was supposed to create jobs. And the R would've done well to boycott the bailout like 95% of Americans. The Republicans need to play a solid defense game against the democrats for the next 4 years. I have high expectations of them.
tburke64 (9 years ago)
Personally, I love to hear you speak your opiniom! THIS IS AMERICA! Yeah Baby! Obama is paying back the party, not the voters. Right on
yeahyeah1821 (9 years ago)
you...halfway know what you're talking about. im a subscriber to you, sir, but half the talk your spitting at the people that listen to you is just the same as barack obama. half is true/half sounds good. i urge you to do quite a bit more research before posting another video like this, which encompasses a very serious topic
therealcaptobvious (9 years ago)
just did the research. NASA spends only $16 billion each year and through satellites create wealth that far surpasses that. Part of Obama's bill contains energy reforms that will cost $52 billion for part of that. This is not efficient. If NASA can create mass wealth with $16 billion, the energy sector can do so with a lot less money. They're thieves. And you're right. Blaming Bush is not an energy policy. I'm a republican that's having issues with McCain.
Victor Diaz (9 years ago)
They use fear to drive us to a big union. This union will be the North American Union!!!! Watch ENGGAME!! here on youtube
23Revan84 (9 years ago)
I am glad that the Republicans are not voting for it, I hope they wont break to Obamas pressure. This stimulus to expensive and we dont need to spend anymore this will just put us in a deeper hole.
bsaorders (9 years ago)
Will, Things are going to get much worse than the 70's and 80's ... way worse. Watch this video on the pork bill .... watch?v=RGafMHsV4Ug
mike t (9 years ago)
My friend you are old enough to remember the days the pentagon was buying $900 hammers and $500 toilet seets, Ashtrays for fighter jets and crap like that. the government has a record of spending too much for too little and making thier friends rich and screw you and I , we just get the bill. buddie im going to watch all your vids and send them to my friends. you just make a whole lot of sence.

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