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Is My Penis Bigger After Losing Weight?

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Text Comments (6635)
raul sisa gomez (7 hours ago)
I wanna see your pines
Jenna Tandy (8 hours ago)
Did someone actually ask this?! I’m concerned about how much people actually learned about anatomy in their science class or sex education.
Shawn Charton (2 days ago)
Watching you be this uncomfortable is pretty hysterical. Pics or it didn't happen. :-)
Abramo V (2 days ago)
Your awkwardness made this the funniest video I've seen all week.
Nicole Martineau (3 days ago)
Na it's not weird for me 😝
Serina Harvey (6 days ago)
I love how awkward he is while answering this question. Like you can tell he's trying be professional and explain this to the best of his abilities but this is such a personal question that its a challenge to just get thru it. Sweetie its ok your doin great super glad i subbed tho😂!
Mikka (8 days ago)
what the fuck is this video? is it even a question? ofc it isn't.
Terry CH (8 days ago)
It is normal to be awkward about it but making the video is helpful to get used to that topic. Your body when you were overweight was a personal problem and your P. is a part of your body so it is all normal. So what I understood is that with shrinking your body mass the Penis appears in its normal size but it seems to you that is bigger because you have been comparing it with the volume of your overweight body and now you compare it with something much smaller. I would say that practically counts as getting bigger because, as you said, more of it can be used and you are more capable of doing what you gotta do with it😁😁😁😁
Relax just be more tea (10 days ago)
The part that is useable for what ?
Keywy (10 days ago)
The awkwardness here is delicious
shori bwin (12 days ago)
I hate admitting that the name of this video made me giggle like a little girl hahaha.... instantly clicked it
Nathan Romain (12 days ago)
Lol 😂
Martha Z. (12 days ago)
Viviane Melecio-Spall (13 days ago)
Lol.. Im dead..
Chaffegirl (13 days ago)
you poor guy. you are so funny trying to explain things
Chaffegirl (13 days ago)
"double the size" LOL
AppleSnacks Tv (13 days ago)
fuck no i am here for the title
Christopher Kuehl (14 days ago)
I love you... Your cool so so cool. I'd like to get to know you i do need help loosing weight!
Echo Serrin (14 days ago)
The awkwardness increases by the second every second of this video 😂
NamlessDoll (14 days ago)
He’s so adorable I can’t deal aw ☺️☺️
Bizzy Bee (14 days ago)
Not akward. It's adorable how nervous you get.
Erin (14 days ago)
Good on you for making this video. It makes logical sense though that things will look more proportionate when you lose weight. I like when people tackle difficult to talk about subjects.
itsYaboi (15 days ago)
That for you to know and them females to find out 😏😏
HidingOblivion (15 days ago)
hell naaa
breakingdawn97mc (16 days ago)
I noticed the feet thing too. I used to be a size 12 but now i wear 10 1/2. And i still have 60 lbs to go !
cubofcakes (17 days ago)
Juneann Irene (17 days ago)
I am a girl watching this. :-)
Juneann Irene (17 days ago)
This video is so needed for so many people. Thank you or being so open, and candid. I applauded your courage/
Marquise Range (17 days ago)
Hey man I’m new to your channel and I just wanted to know do you have videos of you like going grocery shopping and getting all the things we need to keep a good diet or for that good to help build muscle
ZeNeon (19 days ago)
You look like Tom Holland
Diana Ivanova (19 days ago)
You're adorable ❤
Hinoishi (20 days ago)
you are so cute
Drawing Disciple (21 days ago)
At least you can see it now lol
paul blck (21 days ago)
I lost 80 pounds and my dick is 2 inches longer now even more wider. diet is way faster than working out and easier. don't know why but every time I start to gain weight it always gos to my crouch first shit makes me mad. LoL 😂
Angela Salazar (21 days ago)
Liar I have to see it🍆 to believe it 👀😱🍆
Angela Salazar (21 days ago)
It takes guts to do what you do thank you
Rhys James (22 days ago)
Why didn’t he show it
Rhys James (20 days ago)
FireRush 45 why didn’t he show it
FireRush 45 (20 days ago)
Rhys James it’s YouTube dumbass.
Mary Baird (23 days ago)
This is so charmingly adorable.
Arthur Thomas (23 days ago)
nani the sore
How u losed u r weight tell plz
Robynn perez (24 days ago)
Lol I wanna do this dude so bad lol
AngelKizzez (25 days ago)
lol I clicked on this for a recommended watch!! but at the same time I was curious!!
mymidgetbae (25 days ago)
Thanks, dude. You’re not clickbait.
Luke Lacroix (25 days ago)
Charming how nervous you get discussing a topic that’s obviously just a fact of life after you lose a substantial amount of weight. Enjoy your new found body and enjoy your life! Congrats on all your hard work!!
Jeston Dulin (25 days ago)
Wasn't curious (I know the answer from experience), but I was finally like, "sure, I'll watch this one." Watching you squirm while you talked about this had me cracking up. Thank you for this gem, you wonderful man.
FT10DDR16 (25 days ago)
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Pedro Alb (26 days ago)
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A.R 52 Granted (26 days ago)
Lmao. At least you are honest, and you got heart!
ernestina marquez (28 days ago)
“In the bed room”😂🤣
Angela Garrett (28 days ago)
omg I love how your so cute and embarrassed to say certain things , but fr fuck people asking about your penis thats too personal you don't owe anyone an explanation!!!
Interested Gamer (28 days ago)
My friend used to be very over weight, but then he lost about 90 pounds, but one day he came to school and just said, "bro, i can see my dick now, and how the f*** does it grow like 4 times bigger when its stiff" i never looked at him the same again
lou [ii] (28 days ago)
It would have been funny as shit if u just made like a 5 second video amd just say sorta
Jack Attack (28 days ago)
PEW NEWS: GUY TAKES QUESTION, TURNS IT INTO AN 8 MINUTE LONG VIDEO, WHEN IT COULD'VE BEEN 30 SECONDS. Answer: Yes you're penis size increases as I started lifting weights and losing weight. BOIIII
Crap Gamer Girl (28 days ago)
lol 7mins of awkwardness haha! I'm a new subscriber and overweight too...just starting my weight loss journey and love your videos
Lola Cole (29 days ago)
You re adorable
NA-ME PLAYER (30 days ago)
You're so cute that i want to kiss you...is that wrong
Amy Rojas (30 days ago)
For me his eyes and kinda his face reminds me of Tyler Posey from teen wolf lil kinda idk
Darshna Rach (1 month ago)
Thank you for tackling this difficult subject. I appreciate you taking about something so personal. Really impprtant info for bigger couples trying to concieve.
Lucas Huerta (1 month ago)
Your super cute
Queen Marlee Hall (1 month ago)
Awkwardly cute ❤️
Me Me (1 month ago)
You are so cute 😆💕
Who Knows (1 month ago)
this guy has character he looks like the perfect friend, hes fun to watch :)
Cacaman (1 month ago)
Why are there a lot of gay people and moms replying he’s cute in the comment section I feel uncomfortable
Maybe show it?
koil rooberts (1 month ago)
like, i didn't want to know, but i decided to stay because i got nothin' better to do...
Matt (1 month ago)
Lol I can’t believe that you made this, respect.
Ô_Ô (1 month ago)
That’s what she said xD lmao
MrDukke45 (1 month ago)
my penis so big as Airbus A380-800
Pew DiePie (1 month ago)
I have 4.5 inch penis im not happy :(
Faisal Al-Yahya (1 month ago)
Kassidy Marriner (1 month ago)
Who else wanted to see it...
Joseph Lewis III (1 month ago)
you are hilarious! it's just a penis! thanks for addressing this tho.
Chen Reed (1 month ago)
this akward video won my subscribe
Adam alhowry (1 month ago)
Witty tf yoouu Lyyying why u always Lyyying mmmmmm omg stop FUCKING lying (Lolz every man's has measured
SadSzNRam (1 month ago)
Im 20 and weight 290...... picture a new born baby dick not hard obviously (micropenise) and when i get hard its like 5'0 inches that shit makes my self confidence go to -10000000000000000000 but fuck it 😂😂😂😂😂
//mindcircles (1 month ago)
Its the first time a guy is actually really cute while talking about how big his penis is haha . I’m a girl and don’t be sorry its just soo cute how awkward you find talking about this haha :)
YVONNE NKALANGA (1 month ago)
Really going at weight loss,getting and maintaining shape is key,-get the breakthrough you want with this-https://bit.ly/2HyHdug
Armando Pina (1 month ago)
Stop being ashamed of your body. It's not necessary. It's the human body. No apologies necessary.
drumma drumma nation (1 month ago)
I was so fat when I was a kid I could not see my dick
Sam_ Vlogz (1 month ago)
00:23 the bag moved
Brittany Crabill (1 month ago)
Not sure how I found this video. Cute though 😅
MsSecretlady (1 month ago)
That title tho HAHA
Roslba Gaytan (1 month ago)
I'm trolling looking for trolls. Wtf are the trolls😭😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Sir Mojo (1 month ago)
I lost 125 lbs and I can honestly say this : your penis does NOT get bigger, but the fat loss around the groin area gives the impression of more length. As a result, many people falsely assume that losing weight makes it bigger. But the sad fact is, especially if you were obese during puberty( as I was) , your penis was hidden beneath fat and did not hang freely, thereby "stunting" normal growth..whereas the average length is 5.5" , mine is only 4.5" in length and 1.5" in girth (size queens, keep silent). I think that's natures cruel joke; a woman gets fat, her boobs get bigger, but when a man gets fat - his dick shrinks.
Soul Rebel (1 month ago)
You're a nice dude bro lol
Someome (1 month ago)
Ghost at 0:22
Darren Youngman (1 month ago)
Lol who asks such a ?
Better explanation: Your actual size doesn't increase but your "presentable" or "visible" size does.
theodore myers (1 month ago)
the bag moves at 0:23 on the door
Lum-Bih Tashi (1 month ago)
I'm actually LIVING for this video. I'm a woman and I've lost 80 lbs and my breasts are much smaller and I've lost a shoe size. Now I'm wondering if I'm supposed to be naturally smaller breasted or what lol. This isn't the same exact issue, but I loved how awkward you felt about it because that's exactly how I feel. 💙
B T (1 month ago)
I weigh 2 ounces. My dick is 30 feet long.
Mak Rapper (1 month ago)
Wts your height ?
MansouR Al-Aqeel (1 month ago)
I’m starting my diet right now 😂👍
MansouR Al-Aqeel (1 month ago)
This man is amazing. I’m going to subscribe
Alexis Lassiter (1 month ago)
You're literally adorable trying to get through this video. :D
Daxon (1 month ago)
Will you go on operation?
Ash Wolf (1 month ago)
Wow.... you were fat and ugly and now you're not... amazing how fat uglifies you
warfare 112 (2 months ago)
You should not be ashamed it's same with me

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