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Is My Penis Bigger After Losing Weight?

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Text Comments (6673)
Johnny Nunez (2 days ago)
Ronnie Jet (2 days ago)
Pics or you're lying😆😆 just kidding.
Barbara Duró (2 days ago)
lmao i loved how awkward you were about it haha. Also it was my first vid from you, i didnt regret it lol
He couldnt see his penis .. so tragic
Jeffrey Smith (3 days ago)
It's okay to talk about this stuff.
Heather (5 days ago)
You are a precious cinnamon roll, too pure for this world. You must be protected at all costs.
Sebastian B (5 days ago)
2.4 million views= 2.4 million curious people😂
JEFFYjackass (5 days ago)
I never measured either lol as long as it works I'm good with that lol nice video dude.
Ivan Rangel (6 days ago)
Jenny of Oldstones (6 days ago)
Oh dear... I can appreciate how difficult this was to talk about, but I'll bet some percentage of men will be motivated to get healthy for this reason alone.
sowhatwearedoomed (6 days ago)
You handled that with class .
Bitter Sharky (7 days ago)
You are so cute😂💙
Bae Daisy (8 days ago)
Cucumber? What fruit is that on the thumbnail ?
Good video
Belinda Mosley (10 days ago)
Your words are super cute💋
Cass (10 days ago)
Lmao this is the best video I have ever seen 😂 your adorable. Lol
Laurie-Ann Myner (11 days ago)
Best video ever, I giggled all the way through it. Sooooo awkward for John, but bravo for sharing!
Christopher Graham (12 days ago)
There is more to it. So yeah it is more accessible when flaccid but also you don’t have as much restriction of blood flow so erections are more potent and sustainable. Medically speaking your penis size doesn’t change much after puberty for any reason but more of it is accessible as you say. Just 75 pounds can make a huge difference in the bedroom. Then there’s the whole issue of fat killing testosterone that leads to other issues. Basically, it improves things in the bedroom.
Euron O. Ying (12 days ago)
I’ll still suck your dick.
Ruthless Tyrant (14 days ago)
This video is weirdly funny because your so nervous 😂😂
MrJreed1000 (15 days ago)
these analogies in the comments are hilarious...
Gogo Mango (15 days ago)
Let me just help you out. Your dick becomes more exposed, loaded, ethal and on target all the time. As the blood flows better, that shows increase in the size of your teletubby. No more playing " pick- a - booh!" with your belly.
Project Baby (16 days ago)
I can tell you’re a virgin
Zombyant Eetoutza (16 days ago)
No... just SHOW US... PLEASE
Zombyant Eetoutza (16 days ago)
7 inches???
Crystal Vrba (17 days ago)
My husband is overweight and I can feel that there is more under the fat... it’s not awkward. He is loosing weight and things are getting better 😉 if you know what I mean
Marena Nunya (17 days ago)
Why am i here, i'm female.
QueenMinks28 xD (17 days ago)
You're so freaking adorable lol
CasuallyTechie (17 days ago)
you look like buffed up tom Holland.
Victoria 17 (19 days ago)
Holy Jesus, his personality is so cute! Lol. My mom sent me this video. God, this was funny.
lammikins (19 days ago)
If there's no pic it didn't happen 😛
Pri vate (20 days ago)
I've always been an ok size. It does the job. But after losing some weight I can tell a slight difference. I'm not at my goal yet, but there is a positive difference noticed on both sides
Private Person (20 days ago)
Can u make a video and show us your penis LMAO cmon I want to see the thing that you say points out, are u circumcised? That would explain more...
big popaa (20 days ago)
I am having 7 inchies long and am over weight wt if i loss weight...😏
Makayla Register (21 days ago)
Bahaha youre to cute when youre blushing in an awkward situation
Dee (22 days ago)
Adorable 😂😅 ... this is the cutest thing ever love your shyness aauuuwww
Rooty Tooty (22 days ago)
"More of it is usable...." Immediate images of you and some other naked person looking down like, "Check out the new real estate I got!"
ilham gusmar (24 days ago)
You just talk about anyting arent you ? Haha love this video
Gamal Gonzalez (24 days ago)
It's not rocket science, less fat equals less pressure in your blood flow, less obstruction leads to more blood flow to your penis! More blood flow the bigger it gets until it reaches the muscle capacity that is! Lol I should use this as a sole motivator for loose the extra weight
Victoria Whitmore (25 days ago)
your so adorable
Uziel Gonzalez (27 days ago)
Tom Holland’s American brother?
Banana Pants Biscuits (27 days ago)
This was beautiful
Brandon King (30 days ago)
You act like such a bitch explaining it OMG 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ben Leininger (1 month ago)
RFMN Gaming (1 month ago)
“The amount that’s usable, and the amount that can be... *used*
MEGA (1 month ago)
dont u have pic before and now twice is bug number lol XXD JOKE
Justin Diaz (1 month ago)
Props to you buddy! I got that question when I lost weight too! haha
Tenticle Ass (1 month ago)
The layer of fat hides the lower part of your dick so lets say your dick is 5 inch if you loose 40 to 50 pounds it will show at least one more inch so after the fats gone your dick will go from 5 inch to 6
MythicalBellyRubber (1 month ago)
Thanks for being a G and having the talk with us lol.
YodaEconomics (1 month ago)
It's doesn't necessarily get bigger, just more visible. All the fat causes hidden penis. That's these skinny dudes are a lot more well endowed. By the way, congrats on the weight loss.
Eddie Tafoya (1 month ago)
Thank you.
SHAYAN ZAFAR (1 month ago)
Just say no ...and be over with it🤣🤣
Chris White (1 month ago)
For some reason I'm just finding you. Probably because I'm on a weight lose journey. This video made my day, even though it was uncomfortable for you. I'm so inspired by you!
Awhh you did your best, hun 😂💕 Such a good video and tastefully answered 👌🏻
stephen holmes (1 month ago)
Oh god 😂😂
Adrian Re (1 month ago)
Pics or it didn't happened ....
Jose Salsa (1 month ago)
I get u
mike simmins (1 month ago)
Your fuck'en stupid loosing weight does not make it bigger you just have a small one.🤣
karen piris (1 month ago)
well this was awkward 😂😂😂
Armando DABR (1 month ago)
Richard Marion (1 month ago)
I'm fat😞
Maranda Daye (1 month ago)
Well I have no idea why I watched this.. But, it is cool to see a guy that isn't trying to brag, and feels awkward talking about "that", instead of being a douche.
GorillaGaming (1 month ago)
this dude feels awkward .i understand that
DiddyKongVsLuigi (1 month ago)
Think of it like digging through sand for buried treasure. The sand being fat, and the treasure being 😏.
Joey (1 month ago)
Bro I noticed this too after going from 315 to 185 pounds 😂😂😂 I was like UHHHHH WAIT OKAY THIS IS A THING 😂
Timothy Hawkins (1 month ago)
This guy is great! I'm so inspired by his fight. Keep it up.
rastamiller (1 month ago)
Just say you’re dicks bigger and leave 😂
Hankster (1 month ago)
You are adorable then & now. Im just glad youre happier & healthy. So in other words, you lost your FUPA & now you're all Penis😛
zanyat H (1 month ago)
Hahaha 😂😂😂😂
Redhaired (1 month ago)
you shouldn't be embarrassed talking about this. this is so natural
RJ (1 month ago)
"I never measured it"... you liar, everyone does at least once XD I'm for sure gonna again in a few lbs time
koolboy83 (1 month ago)
I was 410 pounds and I’ve 120 pounds in one year and yes, you do get more inches. I had around 4 inches now I have 7. I’m prettu sure I will get more if I keep loosing more and even more if I get rid of the extra skin. Pretty sure I can get up to 14 or 15 inches. I think this guy doesn’t know how to express himself I was able to tell you all this in a comment. That’s it.
koolboy83 (1 month ago)
Forward to 2:05 everything before is just euuhh ahhh euhh ahhh euhh well... euhh.. well... aghh... euhh... Complete waste of time and lenght of video.
Violet Dreamer (1 month ago)
He’s adorable, I’m glad I subscribed!
Amirah Aziz (1 month ago)
U talk too much. It could of be 5 min video !
_killin.it_ (1 month ago)
NO joke... my boyfriend and I were discussing this a couple weeks ago in comparison to women and men losing fat in that area.
Madi Malone (1 month ago)
His uncomfortable laugh is the cutest thing 😊👍🏼
Aidan Dugan (1 month ago)
I'm a lesbian, why am I here?
Jordan Price (1 month ago)
One thing for sure is you have some massive balls. To set in front of a camera and be that open takes a lot of courage.
Mark Moore (1 month ago)
Ok I have to admit the topic grabbed my curiosity. After that I thought you're so humble. You approach the topic really well, candidly honest. Thank you for taking the time to be yourself and share. It gives me more insight to just another surprise comes with weight loss.
Paula C. Study Fairy (1 month ago)
Btw: the myth that fat guys are better in bed IS A MYTH. Period.
Paula C. Study Fairy (1 month ago)
If you have gone like “YESSSS IT DIDDDD” imagine how many guys would have gone in fitness journeys LIKE THIS⚡️
Abdelkader Elbachir (1 month ago)
Girl just come down !!!! 😐😕
Manny Galindo (1 month ago)
“It’s no big deal.. it’s just real life” lol
Boris (1 month ago)
How did I get here....?
i bite Bagels (1 month ago)
Curiosity killed the cat
Joey _ (1 month ago)
100% awkwardly adorable. Lolol Great job choosing your words carefully. I can't believe people ask you this. I wonder if they still do. Just found you a few days ago, and you're just the sweetest guy. Congrats on your amazing weight loss. You must have extended your life by at least 30 years! 😊
Alex Orion (1 month ago)
This is adorable 😂😂
Jordan Robinson (1 month ago)
“The thing that’s pointing out” 😂😂😂 love it
DPS1216789 (1 month ago)
Can we see it !!! JK
Wilfred John (1 month ago)
The fats is not there anymore to hide a couple of inches so it looks longer and you can now use that area that was lost. 😊
yuup ! (1 month ago)
Curiosity kills the cat but satisfaction brought it back xD just saying tho
raul sisa gomez (1 month ago)
I wanna see your pines
Jenna Tandy (1 month ago)
Did someone actually ask this?! I’m concerned about how much people actually learned about anatomy in their science class or sex education.
Shawn Charton (2 months ago)
Watching you be this uncomfortable is pretty hysterical. Pics or it didn't happen. :-)
Abramo V (2 months ago)
Your awkwardness made this the funniest video I've seen all week.
Nicole Martineau (2 months ago)
Na it's not weird for me 😝
Serina Harvey (2 months ago)
I love how awkward he is while answering this question. Like you can tell he's trying be professional and explain this to the best of his abilities but this is such a personal question that its a challenge to just get thru it. Sweetie its ok your doin great super glad i subbed tho😂!
Mikka (2 months ago)
what the fuck is this video? is it even a question? ofc it isn't.
Terry CH (2 months ago)
It is normal to be awkward about it but making the video is helpful to get used to that topic. Your body when you were overweight was a personal problem and your P. is a part of your body so it is all normal. So what I understood is that with shrinking your body mass the Penis appears in its normal size but it seems to you that is bigger because you have been comparing it with the volume of your overweight body and now you compare it with something much smaller. I would say that practically counts as getting bigger because, as you said, more of it can be used and you are more capable of doing what you gotta do with it😁😁😁😁

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