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What We Think About God of War's Story, Its Ending And How Its Sequels Will Turn Out

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We discuss and analyze the game's story, ending and add in our thoughts and theories on what the sequels will be about. Thumbnail source: https://jnsvmli.deviantart.com/art/God-of-War-4-Wallpaper-JNSVMLI-630889233 - jnsvmli SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingBoltLive LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GamingBolt-241308979564/ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GamingBoltTweet
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Text Comments (716)
207Demo (8 hours ago)
Beautifully told. I’d like 10000x over if I could. YouTube needs more creators like you! Very well explained yet thorough and full of personality!! Loved it
Joe Lowe (10 hours ago)
Did I just figure it out? The end to ragnarock will be the beginning. Loki will travel back in time and have to kill Kretos before he kills baldor. Preventing ragnarock before it starts. But it doesn't mean Kretos has to stay dead....
They didn’t grow to be people.. they grew to be Gods 👀
aidakensuke (3 days ago)
Well, it was always a circle about sons killing fathers in GOW
luis flores (4 days ago)
What the frig!
Blaze 435 (5 days ago)
But if the World Serpent is from the future and he battled Thor does that mean that Kratos doesn’t kill Thos?
Matthew Lloyd (7 days ago)
Why do you keep referring to the aesir gods as the Vanir they're two different groups the aesir live in Asgard and are Thor Odin and so forth but the Vanir live in vanaheim which are freyas people so get them right
Ivica Androvic (7 days ago)
imagine in gow 5 the first boss is thor and he kills kratos and takes atreus (loki) as his new brother/son.... and then u play as atreus (loki is thors half brother)
Atreus betraying Kratos.......d't would be interesting. I wounder what would be Kratos's reaction?
Mike Zelik (9 days ago)
Lol time-travel 😂 funny way to piece the series together. Usually cheesy(!!), but it's a cool series anyway
apóvlitos (10 days ago)
I finally understand whats going on... Yes kratos will die but in real mythology kratos is called farbauti and he is the father of loki Loki is adopted by odin and what does odin do?.... Kills giants so loki (atreus) for the game will either see kratos (farbauti) die by the gods or kill him
BigShowGamer B (12 days ago)
Can anyone explain to me why a Atreus became like evil in the and then good again
Steve Regal (13 days ago)
Well if atraeus real name is loki then he will probably betray him the same way he betrayed Thor.
XGold ReaperX (13 days ago)
Cool Easter egg Thor's symbol is a swachstica and in gow2 they showed me it
Ron Weasley (13 days ago)
Scandinavian mythology or nordic mythology?
Brett Carlson (13 days ago)
Kratos IS TYR. TYR is who brought the giants together along with other mythologies around the globe to fight as one and find peace. Time Travel will be a huge factor and we will Find out Kratos is TYR. Just look at all the artificats in TYRs Temple. Crazy stuff
Overleveled (13 days ago)
I just came here to say...fuck this thumbnail....spoiler
ShoutOutBoxden (14 days ago)
U big fuckin asshole for putting g that in the title.
MonsterHunter (15 days ago)
Dont worry kratos can chance fate. BTW he even kill the sisters of fate in god of war 2....
Harlon Cote (15 days ago)
Odin changed the history books to give credit of great deeds to a frig, instead of freya. Stripping her of praise.
Eddie Thao (16 days ago)
I loved god of war because I have payed other games like ghost of Sparta and chain of Olympus. But then this new god of war was so much better cause it is open world game and unlike the other games but it's fun THOUGH.
peter anderson (19 days ago)
If they kill Kratos I'm never playing a God Of War game ever again. It will be more sad than Aurther Morgan's death
Eye One (20 days ago)
0:40 lol I like how he shows footage of all the dead giants in Jotunheim right before he gives a spoiler warning.
yazid -zh (21 days ago)
what if atreus dies in the next game & cratos travel through time to save him & gets killed insted
Mathias Rain (23 days ago)
I can't wait for God of War 5 it's going to be epic just like each and every GOW game is
abdellah bellali (24 days ago)
I think that loki is he one who saved kratos in GOW3 by controlling the time
armando esteban quito (24 days ago)
The problem is that ragnarock is 3 Winters ahead meaning that we won't see adult atreus, mostly teen
Feänor Evenstar (28 days ago)
Titans are not even giants in Greek mythology they were of average size equal to that of Zeus so Cronos, Atlas, Gaia, Promethus, they had the average height of humans or the Olympians not to be confused with actual giants or Cyclops.
BLooDY GaL (28 days ago)
you deserve more subscribers...
GetYourBoy (29 days ago)
Thanks for spoiling it unnecessarily in your title, dildo
Aravind Ar (30 days ago)
This video thumbnail spoiler ruined my game. Disliking the video!!
Chris Ortiz (1 month ago)
I was upset I didn't get to kill at least Thor to be honest the fights vs the gods seemed lacking compared to other god of wars
Ku Playford Valls (1 month ago)
Does anybody know how old is Kratos? Also, how many years have passed between GOW 3 and the new one? Thanks
Adammatrix (1 month ago)
Thor comes fucks up kratos maybe even takes his arm and steals atreus or (loki) kratos time travels and findes feye again tells her the future because their can't be two kratos he changes his name to tyr and does what he does best fucks up the norse gods and saves arteus but at the time kratos gets struck down and dies in arteus's arms. This will be an experience playing kratos on his own trying to save his son going through so much hardache
Adammatrix (1 month ago)
Also the reason kratos survives is because kratos (tyr) saves himself and the story for GOW4 occurs
Ultra instinct Goku (1 month ago)
Kratos can still control time besides if someone does kill him he’d probably escape the underworld like he did like 3 times lmao he still has the power of time LMAOO
Andrew Hough (1 month ago)
Good vid, but small mistake: The Asgardians are not Vanir, they are Aesir. The Vanir are a different race of gods from Vanaheim, from which Freya comes. The Vanir and Aesir actually fight each other quite a bit, and it is the obvious cause of tension between Odin and Freya, so it is a small but significant detail.
Dreyden (1 month ago)
I thinkTyr is Kratos. He's trying to change what he once was.
kingsize (2 months ago)
We are ignoring the most important part about Tyr, he is the God of War. Wtf have we been playing all these years? Kratos is the GOW, Kratos is Tyr. First person to travel realm to realm, Kratos will turn into Tyr in the future of GOW. Why did the World Serpent recognize Atreus? Time travel. Did I just blow your mind.
JJ Woods (2 months ago)
Freya is the same person as Frig, in one of Mimirs story’s he says Odin refers to her as Frig instead of Freya because he doesn’t want to give her credit for good deeds or work she does in Azgaurd
King T’Challa (2 months ago)
I’m late to the party and just beat GOW such an amazing story!!! I already can’t wait for the next game which I know won’t be for another two or three years I’m sure 😫😫😫😫😫
Fledder Maus (2 months ago)
All the dead giants are bald for some reason. Easier to animate, I guess?
Edward Pagacita (2 months ago)
The"Nornjir", "Ragnarok" and "Yggdrasil" are born from "Ginumgagap", which means "Chaos" can trigger or alter them at any point.
TiltingArt (2 months ago)
Tbh personally I think the best twist into a sequel would be the one mentioned at the end of this video along with time travel. Not only because of the amazing story, but imagine traveling back to previous GOW places now with this graphics and development, and that twist being that Kratos, as he finds out that he is going to be betrayed by Atreus/Loki (as GOW seires emphasizes a lot in betrayal, there's also a mission in game where tells that a son stabbed his father in the back and you retrieve his dagger, and Kratos begins to feel really worried in that time) Kratos would travel to the past to bring an army to fight the Ragnarok and fight Odin & Thor. That would ALSO explain why THOR comes to Kratos at the end of the game, maybe he traveled back to stop what Kratos is about to do... But hey there's Loki there so maybe he would stop THOR and eventually LOKI could become arrogant and the betrayal may ocurr and Kratos wouldn't do anything because he knows that is meant to happen, and the fact that he did the same to Zeus & Kronos. And finally that could explain why TYR went back for Kratos, because in his current time he failed so as Loki, and eveything (that would also explain why the Serpent eats THOR statue very agressively, because ODIN and him won ) so TYR knows that only Loki's father would help him to encourage his true powers enough to maybe stop Odin & Thor... And if TYR could be a future Kratos, then maybe he just went back to make the things right with his son and re-write the story of what he might be living... and he chosed the time where Loki's mother was recently dead because she fought back with the Giants to stop what would eventually turn into the Ragnarok, ( the same that Kratos did in his realm, fight back to the Gods) but Kratos won, Loki's mother didn't... That's why TYR brought him to Midgard, smartly at the right time, also to stop Baldur who would be the only one that might stop Kratos or Tyr himself if Tyr is future Kratos... That is still a very hidden myth... Also the fact that Fay may bring vengeance to them and you would face her... Ok i'll just stop.. and tbh for longevity terms, this would be by FAR the best way to bring a sequel to this amazing story.
Greg Jones (2 months ago)
Kratos shouldn't die for other 3 more games. Please don't turn this into some Harry Potter ish.
Demon Sword (2 months ago)
I think kratos will kill arceus
DjunisBRE (1 month ago)
then you didnt follow the story carefully, after last battle with baldr kratos says that he would let artreus kill him
Tanveer Shahi (2 months ago)
so is Atreus really Kratos's son?
MasterofPlay7 (2 months ago)
too bad I can't play this on my comp, the graphic looks fking amzing on my alienware 13r oled
Jill Valentine (2 months ago)
Fuck no
DanielLike5Pie (2 months ago)
Would Baldur really be dead since Kratos already snapped his neck at the start of the game and he still survived
Slavic Stan Thanos Fish (2 months ago)
If Kratos brings the giants to fight in Ragnorak hmmm, I feel like I got Deju Vu.
Nathan Pearson (2 months ago)
In the game Mimir says Frig is Freya and Freya is Frig. Odin changed her name so that all of her glory would go to Frig as being a different god but they were actually the same god. Also Oddin is not a Vanir he is Aesir. Frigg/Freya in mythology are both portrayed as being Vanir and married to Oddin. Also to back up them being the same is that although Frigg had such a high rank in the Aesir god's there are very sparse accounts of her in the mythos. So this would be why the game has chosen for them to be the same person.
Ez Pz (2 months ago)
Get to the point, we don’t need a summary of the whole damn game
Mike S (2 months ago)
I think tyr is kratos from the future.
Logan Collier (2 months ago)
Why show Jotunheim before the spoiler warning. It's literally the last thing you do in the game.
Lei Solaita (2 months ago)
I saw Freya burn the arrows...and said...he still has the Arrowhead on his chest...hmmmmmm
JOHN WICK (2 months ago)
i LIKE MARVEL but i gotta admit GOW plot on Norse Mythology is impeccable ,THOR RAGNAROK i hate it
Nordic Journeys (3 months ago)
You do know the gods such as odin are the aesir not the vanir right?
Ancient Godxx (3 months ago)
Did anybody else notice how Loki’s eyes lit up when he summoned the world serpent to attack Thalmur
alex12345887 (3 months ago)
Kratos should get mind conroled and kill that kid and kill all the gods again in rage
alex12345887 (3 months ago)
Fuuuuck you
alex12345887 (3 months ago)
Kratos is not beening replaced
charbel chagoury (3 months ago)
atreus kills kratos in the future game, as Kratos said "I would let you kill me if that lets you live" then mural when you see kratos dead
Merrimour The Red (3 months ago)
The Nephilim are returning ... I pray Yahshua יהושע Jesus the Son and Yahuah YAH יהוה God the Father in Heaven Please protect us all
gkhnylmz53 (3 months ago)
You will missed maybe... Mimir says "Freya visited me and she is looking to own wings for fight." I thing Freya accept any sacrifice for own revenge. Freya makes target Kratos and Thor or Odin kills Kratos. Atreus will see own father dead and saves Wolfs for ragnarok. After Kratos really dead, Atreus will fuck up gods and all realms with ragnarok for revenge. Theory 2 - Atreus makes time travel for revenge. As him loki, fight with own snake child odin and thor. On last scene, kratos died and atreus crying or yelling or something idk. But i know this... On the wall, he walking with 3 wolfs. So maybe this is come rangarok after Atreus saving wolfs. Theory 3 - Feya dont tell truth. Magni and Modi tells Atreus "you will be our new brother after kill him (kratos)"... This is so weird but why she dont tell real name of laufey? Its seems to be (maybe) before time travel, loki is exist but kratos dont know about loki's real life. But laufey(feya) did...
I Was Born On January (3 months ago)
I Swear If Atreus Kills Kratos Or Kratos Will Die In GoW5 The Story Will Be All Boring Because You Know... That Means The Cycle Just Keep Repeating (Im Sorry About My English Lol)
John Middleton (3 months ago)
You stated that it stayed true to Norse Mythology as well as made a great god of war game at the same time, about 6 times
Adam Jensen (3 months ago)
Interesting thing about time travel in this game and future games. I've got a theory that adult Loki travels back in time to god of war 4... When atreus almost dies and kratos takes him to freya, at one point nearing freyas house you hear that somebody summoned the world serpent, you hear the horn, only no mention is ever made of this again, we never find out who summoned the snake... I theorize that adult Loki, knowing he was unconscious and sick as a child, used this opportunity to talk to the snake. This could create a back to the future moment in the next game where theres some reason we need to time travel back to the GOW4 timeline and need to avoid bumping into our younger selves...
aryan mishra (3 months ago)
what if this is the curse of kratos like as his father zeus betrayed the titans for the throne even he shall die with the same curse ?
1DayVd (3 months ago)
Loki's symbol is 2 snakes biting each others tail also so in the future when he gives birth to the world serpent there will be 2 (the one from the future who was sent back in time and the one from now )
Janssen Calalang (3 months ago)
I think atreus time travels and resurrects kratos at the end of gow3.
Roronoa Zoro (3 months ago)
That's genius. And that'll explain why kratos dies if he does. Bc Atreus turned on him and he said in this game if it came down to kratos life or Atreus he said he would lay down his life for his son
Ferry Gunadi (3 months ago)
And because atreus' quiver is broken, he shouldn't be able to help Kratos in the final fight against Baldur, at least he should be shooting much slower for his quiver rope isn't in the best shape. A missed detail indeed.
Steve Fernandez (3 months ago)
The ending feels like people are arteus will kill kratos but all we do is see kratos head on arteus lap it looks like he mourns and cries or a guess the chains will be his
Simon Farre (3 months ago)
I think you are mixing up The vanir and aesir. The aesirs are odin, thor etc, and freya is vanir for example
Simon Farre (3 months ago)
Wait a minute Ragnarök is not just between vanir and jotun its The aesir gods too.
Simon Farre (3 months ago)
I am a proud scand and I approve of this message :)
Lester Rivera (3 months ago)
You kept saying the “Vanir”, Freya is a Vanir goddess. She’s the only Vanir deity in the game. The Odin and the rest of Asgard are Aesir gods.
Charlie Vazquez (4 months ago)
I’ve always thought that kratos will end up killing Atreus for being evil
Samir Khan (4 months ago)
The thumbnail is a spoiler you jackass
DANA SAEED (4 months ago)
there is only two thing that realy realy realy bothered the fuck of me: 1 why this god of war 4 didn't begun after the end credit scene of god of war 3???????? and 2: how the hell is kratos is still alive who revived him and how did he get to norse myth????????? thats the only thing that i have problem with. please answer ....
rafarga1980 (4 months ago)
Kratos is a master of changing his fate. He doesn't believe in fate. He even killed the Sisters of Fate 🙃
Kobie Jones (4 months ago)
So this boi betrayed Kratos
Yaser Alsinnari (4 months ago)
wow remove thumbnail of video cuz of spoilers idiot
Fire Hawk (4 months ago)
Kratos killed the giants in GOW3 trying to kill Zeus
Nerf Gaming (4 months ago)
I'm saying that Thor will kill loki and Kratos will lose everything again and go after the god's again
Shyamsundar Rajan (4 months ago)
Know the difference between Vanir and Aesir before making a full video down voted
The Golden Emperor (4 months ago)
Im honestly confused i have so many questions
Kelvin Msangi99 (4 months ago)
guys what if bauldur comes back to life after odin goes and brings him back to life inorder for him to rule after ragnarok
Garry Rominger (4 months ago)
How does one explain how Thor has his hammer already even though Loki is directly involved in it being made?
Ravi Chauhan (4 months ago)
From where Jotnar Shrines animated clips are from? at 1:15 and 7 23?
Macar (4 months ago)
Atreus will never kill Kratos, the entire game is about breaking the cycle. Not to mention Kratos is a huge draw. ALSO if Atreus becomes more Greek-ish like his father then there can be too many one-liners to pass up. "You may be able to wrestle the world serpent to a stand still, but what about a Spartan?" "Loki, how could you do this?" "The name is Atreus."
Jeyel DC (20 days ago)
Damn that quote
Toxic Porcupine (4 months ago)
So after the Norse trilogy can we get a Egyptian trilogy with ancient Egyptian gods. Greek, Norse, Egyptian.
jack chester (4 months ago)
You know the aesir and Vanir were different sets of gods yeah? The aesir were the gods of the heavens while the Vanir where more like druids gods of the earth. They all originated from the same giant the name slips my mind but Odin and his 2 brothers murdered him and created the 9 realms from his corpse. Fun fact apparently the dwarves of svartelhiem grew from the maggots that feasted on this giants corpse. No joke. It's funny how odin and his brothers killed there maker just like zues, Hades and posiedon did the same to cronos and the other titans. Lots of similarities between Norse and greek mythology.
Lynda Kymberly (4 months ago)
if thor dies in ragnarok, then that means loki is left to die from a big purple dude with a powerful glove that is the envy of kratos lol
Maya's Corner (4 months ago)
I don't get how you go to thor's hammer in the game and it's huge but then at the end it's little on his belt
Keegan Michael (4 months ago)
What's up with the cinematic of Atreus fighting wolves? Genuine question.
Grinning Atom38 (4 months ago)
The Future of this series is going to be amazing
Vadim Manuilov (4 months ago)
There are only two games I can call a masterpiece: The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt and God of War 4
mr. lebowski (4 months ago)
I like how they call the aiseir god vaneir gods smh these guys fucked up
OgKacey (4 months ago)

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