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Adhd cookie

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po box #320 painesville ohio 44077 christine lowe
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judokarateboy (4 years ago)
Hi Christine, that was a really good video. Nice to hear U having Bit of a rant, makes me smile and I love listening to ur voice and accent, me being from UK. I do marvel at Ur Karate Black Belt skills, thanks for making yesterdays especially if U had migraine, that is not nice. Thought U did well with ur Roundhouse and Tornado Kicks S Ur still not 100 percent and U have said Ur Legs are still weak, yet there U are Jumpinv and Kicking. Wonderful watching U.
ProKarate (4 years ago)
You are my favorite.  Ignore the idiots.  Your videos are nice and appreciated and brighten up others days.
ZygoticGoose (4 years ago)
It's hilarious that your brother is the one with the best lotion in the house. lol  That's all I am going to say about that.  :)
isfj1009 (4 years ago)
10,000,0000,0000 "Likes" :)

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