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Top 10 Best Free-to-play Steam Games 2018

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Text Comments (418)
Ender Spider (5 hours ago)
2:56 as bayrakları
safa7 bataineh (1 day ago)
good job
justplay games (1 day ago)
WTF and paladin and H1Z1
Dark Matser (1 day ago)
You forgot popular games: Doki-Doki, Warframe, Unturned, Dota, all that good stuff. They're free to play, you forgot research much :p
i cant find zulu europe
pikuzwe (1 day ago)
Also paladins
pikuzwe (1 day ago)
You forgot brawlhalla and line of sight
Adam The Pie guy (2 days ago)
try the demo for "underhero"
Mediocre Midlaner (3 days ago)
Those are the best? Imagine the worst
Ahmadpro MC (3 days ago)
I downloaded 1 game thanks :D
TSH Techs (4 days ago)
I didn't expect these games
Blaze Gaming (4 days ago)
Dota 2
Creativity 18 (4 days ago)
thanks man
Whatever (4 days ago)
why is there no paladins
Sebastian Gonzalez (5 days ago)
HEY, you forgot about... YA BOY BENDYYYYYYYYYY
Fairy Tail Member (5 days ago)
Dota? Warframe? Brawlhalla? cmon man...
Malaware (5 days ago)
My favorite games 1-Team fortress 2 2-Warframe 3-Creativerse 4-Planetside 2 5-Friday the 13th:Killer's puzzle 6-Fallout shelter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Try them!!
Decked Swift (5 days ago)
What the hell? These are shit.... -_- Bro there are so many better free games than this dude listed it hilarious.
τιm я (6 days ago)
are there no good free to Play offline games?
noobito (6 days ago)
Blank (6 days ago)
where is warframe ??
Zikto Brine (6 days ago)
none of this are interesting
Sharp Bend (6 days ago)
2:58 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Mr Syrian (7 days ago)
where is fucking sven coop !!!
Esraa Nawar (8 days ago)
how about robocraft it's​ a game where you make your own robot and use it to fight other online people
Black Squad should be on there
Java Zap (8 days ago)
Edson R (9 days ago)
For me... Well, I think it's OLDTV
Anurag Senapaty (9 days ago)
Star trek online ?
Viktor Kotsev (10 days ago)
Deathero (10 days ago)
1. Warframe 2. Vr Chat 3. Brawhlhalla 4. TF2 5. Paladins 6.Path Of Exile 7. Doki Dok literature 8. Fallout Shelter 9. Warthunder 10.Unturned 11. The cursed tower (Not the best but its still good)
Daniel Robins (11 days ago)
Team fortress 2 (TF2)
Abbadox 3 (12 days ago)
couldnt find Zula
Justin Edwards (12 days ago)
Your videos are so refreshing. Everything is so well done so there's nothing left for me to do besides enjoy the content. Thanks yall
Jake Trimble (12 days ago)
Where’s eve online?
Funny Eevee (13 days ago)
Semi-Average (13 days ago)
change it to Top 10 worst free to play games
Michaelkenji ochong (13 days ago)
Warframe? H1Z1? LAST MAN STANDING WAR THUNDER! PALADINS! what? you forget those! only good game on this video is World of warship this is better
Don van Breda (13 days ago)
what about team fortress 2
MiracleSven Games (13 days ago)
unturned is also a great one
Blue_Creeper3800 (13 days ago)
Brawlhalla better be on here
shadow channel 2 (13 days ago)
all of them suck
Mustache Cashdash (13 days ago)
its actually fucking sad that you think these are the best free games
micro capacitor (14 days ago)
Team Fortress 2
who rainzone (14 days ago)
these games are shit there are way better free to play games on steam these are like games you play on your smartphone
Miroslav Aleksic (14 days ago)
Tf2?Heavy Metal Machines?Block N Load?
VJ Perlas (14 days ago)
The day you upload this vid is my b-day
Eustass Kidd (14 days ago)
"Tree-like companion" Maybe Groot!?!?
Fa Gyu (14 days ago)
Thomas Prevoo (15 days ago)
Robocraft, War Thunder, DC Universe online. I know they're older but they are really good
gargi rane (15 days ago)
Team fortress 2
Krispin CZ (16 days ago)
World of Warships ? What about Warthunder ?
nitin nikam (16 days ago)
No Paladin and warframe?
jacob caswell (16 days ago)
To be honest you really should have got sponsored by a game and not something thats probibly a virus.
MasterDoge10110 (17 days ago)
No one realised Zula Europe is a csgo rip off?
vyytox (17 days ago)
I think there should be the game "Battlerite"
Shivam Rajput (17 days ago)
EMILY THORBURN (17 days ago)
these are all bad games
Kamie Jordan 23 (17 days ago)
i thought zula europe was good but its not in the fucking store
_ AngelBladeXD _ (18 days ago)
question where is Doki adoki literatureclub bro it's 2018 't forget that
Hoolybee R (18 days ago)
Doki-Doki Literature Club...
God Of Sound (18 days ago)
TheKingXD (20 days ago)
Number 0 : Warframe
PUPPIES!!! (20 days ago)
I was expecting doki doki literature club
cazet gamez (20 days ago)
supersucc (21 days ago)
yhe stole that intro from CWA Gaming
x defi (21 days ago)
trove duelyst
GWEN Reprise (22 days ago)
Gee, lot of turn based strategy games on this list. Did you even try to do a little digging, or did you just pick based on bias and opinion? Granted most top 10s are biassed towards some genres, but this one is utterly ridiculous. At least 6 of the 10 games had to deal with "turn based strategy." Have you even heard of Team Fortress 2? WarFace? WarFrame? Hell, even Unturned is a better game, than most of the games on this list. Like ffs
A gamer that sucks (22 days ago)
Where is warframe?
Richard Batky (23 days ago)
Crap list. You avoided all the best games and said some of the better ones which are still from the bad games list. You have like 20-30 games better than these including warframe , paladins , dota2 , team fortress, planetside 2 , yugioh, dc universe online and many others which should've obviously been in a top 30 or maybe even 50 best f2p steam games list. If you wanna make a good list of the best f2p steam games at least make a decent list with decent games not what you think is good because half the games you have here are crap. Like someone said, smells like a sponsored video, at least state it in the video if that's the case.
MLG Baconator (25 days ago)
couldnt find zula
akrobat 222 (25 days ago)
Dixie Marie (25 days ago)
Dota is top free steam game
Tec Bangla Youtube24 (25 days ago)
Mineguy05 YT (25 days ago)
I have not seen this video but I hate your opinion because I am a stupid steriotipical internet user troll guy!
Mãe Kd meu pornô? (26 days ago)
Good Template!
Verilux III (27 days ago)
dont fucking bother with the dummy experiment that game is cancer
Raf Melgarejo (27 days ago)
I can't find the Zula game.
Kid (27 days ago)
ur list games sucks mines better TF2
LMG Mook (27 days ago)
all these games are thrash wtf
KpopFeels MyJams (28 days ago)
santiago games (28 days ago)
zula doesnt work
Rc Roldan (29 days ago)
how about dota 2
Danny Diaz (29 days ago)
Wtf where is Warframe
Meyu186 (29 days ago)
Warframe, Paladins, Robocraft, Unturned, Dirty Bomb... where are those???!
Raul Holland (1 month ago)
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Hristijana Mateska (1 month ago)
Zula must be at number 1
Colin Edenfield (1 month ago)
couldn't find that Zula game
JFroMG (1 month ago)
Was gonna watch this video until I saw that the entire discription was places to just donate. You scumbag
no more room in hell
help4343 (1 month ago)
So The Dave Cullen Show is your gaming channel and Computing Forever is your politics channel? Okay, then...
P3P3 (1 month ago)
Where is my tf2???
matomas225 gaming-hack (1 month ago)
all games are shit lol go back to dota 2 and csgo :D
Sammysam Sam (1 month ago)
lyry 19 (1 month ago)
Why is everyone talking about warframe? We all know frame fighter is far superior. And the upcoming grand theft venus will destroy it.
WolfGamerAwesomeBoy (1 month ago)
*Fortnite* !!
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