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CYBERPUNK 2077 - Official Reveal Trailer (E3 2018)

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CYBERPUNK 2077 - Official Reveal Trailer (E3 2018) ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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zombeeka (2 months ago)
Still can't wait for it! :D
JAKOB TOREL (7 months ago)
blade runner meets judge dread
Artur Siruk (7 months ago)
I LOVE WITCHER 3 and a lot of CDPR games but comparing this to Witcher 3 is dumb the best game you can compare this with is Dues Ex and the game in my opinion was an OK game not an amazing game but ok game
Adi Sadewa (7 months ago)
gta in the future
Gabriel Donaldson (7 months ago)
Where is my favorite witcher!?
blah (7 months ago)
I can understand that people really like the creators and it all sounds good, but the hype off of a trailer is still so silly to me. Its the reason that The Division and Watch Dogs were so hyped but those were meh games. Can we just wait for gameplay to judge games, please?
Drinner D (7 months ago)
I wonder if it's still likely to be first person?... man I hope not.
2 Brains (7 months ago)
Would rather have a new Witcher
seema rani (7 months ago)
Will it be available for ps4?
侍忍風 (7 months ago)
Alexandru Crimson (7 months ago)
One trailer was during night time and one during day time , people are freaking out :)))))))))))
Tewthpaste (7 months ago)
*looks gay. This is more like Grand Theft Auto: CyperPunk*
Derro Farm (7 months ago)
The format for this game is over 25years old,finally here.Fuck I feel old lol
Orion TheGamingRaptor (7 months ago)
Character customization ..... please.....
Dmitri Kirichenko (7 months ago)
CD Projeckt Red stock drop 4.26% just today look how much they are dropping since this trailer release they spike up then when no release date they drop like crazy 100% is due to because no release in sight for this will probably be 2020 date otherwise they would say release last quarter of 2019 give them plenty time to fix all stuff because no say i think minimum 2020 release
- Tricky's room - (7 months ago)
For those wondering the opening theme appears to be an instrumental version of: "Bullets" by Archive Your welcome!
Riley Bauman (7 months ago)
Fuck you Clickbait!!!!
Daniel Florez (7 months ago)
Why does he sound like merc the streamer
R2D2 (7 months ago)
Why it looks like this game is development back in the 80‘s?
mperry94 (7 months ago)
Why is everyone so quick to shit on a new I.P from the developers of the witcher series? Because the actual trailer is different from the 40 second teaser we got back in 2013? just give it a chance.
Failedpuberty6x (7 months ago)
Because some people will always complain. But also because so many gamers are losing what little faith they had in big developers and now even the developers who deliver get flak.
It's Ansari (7 months ago)
Ready Player 7 Imao!
Полная ,провальная чушь! После осмысленного Ведьмака этой панковской дряни оценки поставят ниже плинтуса, хватит уже нам штамповать рейдж-2, метро ,фаллаут, хочется приближенной к жизни фантастики, а не панк,треш, двинутые священники(метро) или нелепые-игрушечные костюмы силовой брони (фоллаут). Похоже лишь сталкер-2 сможет показать адекватную научную фантастику, а не школьный трешак на уровне Двинутого Макса.
Sameer gamer 4 life (7 months ago)
I am pretty hyped but the witcher 4 would have been the real shit
Daniel Hernández Cargol (7 months ago)
Not what I expected but it still looks decent to me
Dranzer Jetli (7 months ago)
Looks good a completely different thing compared to the Witcher 3 this is the same type of shit the horizon zero dawn game developers pulled a completely different experience hope this willbe even better than the Witcher 3
A Davis (7 months ago)
Won't cars all be self-driving by 2077?
ChionasGaming (7 months ago)
Even if the trailer didn't show any game play, but I still trust in CD Projekt, please let be in the quality of The Witcher 3.
F Schaumann (7 months ago)
the mood changed from dark gritty in the original reveal trailer to happy go trashy pop culture in this one....i really don`t like it.
Ben K (7 months ago)
Of all the 3 out of 4 trash studios bought, this is the studio that should buy, but no.
George Kelly (7 months ago)
This is what yall grandchild's society will be
Edbotikx (7 months ago)
We live in a phase of fabricated security, this will all be over soon. What comes next will shock you, trust me.
BroToPro (7 months ago)
there wont be a future the world will be gone
Moon Moon (7 months ago)
Pretty clean for a city below poverty rate IMO.
Moon Moon (7 months ago)
If this city would below poverty it would literally look like chicago, san francisco or la.
The Real Jesus Yeshua (7 months ago)
Moon Moon hahaha, guess too much poverty is a taboo that frightens them
NvDuke (7 months ago)
make it epic like witcher 3, though the trailer didn't stood out that much which it should and the game concept seems to be not at all what we saw in the first teaser ages back, but still have high hopes for this one, so please don't let us down ^^
Winch Largo (7 months ago)
WOW OMG thats was very impresive trailer and music
Бляяяяяяяяяя! Я ДОЖДАЛСЯ СУКА! Когда выйдет этот шедевр?
Tila Hernández (7 months ago)
se bien pero todavia falta mucho tiempo a ver que pasa para ese entonces ya vendere mi xbox 360 la voy a extraña mucho cuando termine en el 2019 :( y eso no pase nada malo
Ali Taimoor (7 months ago)
DaKussh (7 months ago)
That's just LA in 5 years
mram3610 (7 months ago)
DaKussh lmao I know right. LA already had most of it... The violence, prostitution you all know what I mean
Patty cake villian (7 months ago)
Look alive
Revolutionary Gaming69 (7 months ago)
I'm no longer hyped for this game because of this trailer. I thought it was gonna be a futuristic dark and gritty underground world filled with violence, thievery, prostitution, corruption, and starvation. Not whatever this is
V I C E (7 months ago)
What we see in the trailer is the surface of the city, what we will see in game will be far more violent i think
aweir (7 months ago)
are you stupid?
nmoy650 (7 months ago)
It's because the visual direction for this trailer looks like some trendy action packed flick with COD futuristic vibes, unlike the teaser was more mysterious and darker tone, like blade runner esqe. Or ghost in the shell vibes.
Wyatt James (7 months ago)
that’s exactly what we were shown in the trailer
mram3610 (7 months ago)
Revolutionary Gaming69 it still could be. They will probably have all of that but they wanted to show some. CDPR likes to keep us guessing. Also if that's all it was in sure people would find a reason to bitch about that as well
Farens (7 months ago)
best game ever... after witcher 3)))
RedPanda (7 months ago)
Some kind of Ready Player One. I like it.
BuckThe Gamingkid (7 months ago)
Jesse AshMar (7 months ago)
thegreen few book*
BuckThe Gamingkid (7 months ago)
are you that dumb to compare this to a movie?
Wilson Henriquez (7 months ago)
can we just get the witcher 4 please!!!
Gamingdragon (7 months ago)
witcher is a very difficult franchise to make and cdproject said they planned on a trilogy when they released witcher 1 .
Dmitri Kirichenko (7 months ago)
Guy from CD project red said witcher is trilogy say they are tired from working withers the last 10 years and are moving away from witcher style game witcher 4 may release one day but i think atleast 5-10 years or more take
Niels Bernardino (7 months ago)
Gamingdragon (7 months ago)
Wilson Henriquez Witcher was a trilogy ............
Stoic44 (7 months ago)
Ill wait for the GOTY in 2020 for next gen consoles...
Zefram Cochrane (7 months ago)
Lol. Looks nothing like that teaser from years back but all the fanboys are still gonna defend it. Face it, they are definitely not delivering the same fucking game we saw.
blah (7 months ago)
If you are waiting to see, then YOU care.
Alex Gordon (7 months ago)
Yeah it looks nothing like that teaser from years back which made me love it even more, now I can't wait to play it.
Reece Burns (7 months ago)
Well you're a bit picky what's wrong with this ?
Caesar (7 months ago)
God STFU, who is defending it. The trailer we saw was a claw lady on her knees about to get shot in the head by a guy with night vision goggles. Comparing that to this and you say it looks nothing like the teaser? The teaser showed nothing. Explain what you mean because right now you sound like a moron.
BlassReiter1100cc (7 months ago)
Then don't talk shit if you're too soft to back that shit up.
oneasterisk (7 months ago)
Trauma Team International! yesssss
E Wright (7 months ago)
Release date 2078
Marcelo Muela (7 months ago)
Dmitri Kirichenko (7 months ago)
This will be like the movie you will never see which will only release in 2115 this will be the game you never play
MRM 70 (7 months ago)
That would be one year too late
Drinner D (7 months ago)
+E Wright, word to that. I have already made arrangements to have my head frozen.
mram3610 (7 months ago)
E Wright lmao I know right
CrossfireGlitcher11 (7 months ago)
Wait, Ready Player One look a like!,!?
Caesar (7 months ago)
Daniel Moung when and fo you like truffles?
Caesar (7 months ago)
Cyber punk scene existed way before the book inspired Player One movie you ignorant idiot.
Daniel Moung (7 months ago)
Are you Fucking kidding me? Comparing one of the most anticipated upcoming games thars been in development for years to a stupid Fucking movie?
likemydripTV (7 months ago)
Imot Army (7 months ago)
XISTIXmusic (7 months ago)
Fuuck yesss boi, so hyped for this
KENPACHI zaraki#S216 (7 months ago)
BR AQUI PORRA,10/6/2018
zaydolla1 (7 months ago)
Holy sht that car though omg the lights I want this I want this now like now now aren’t we lucky spoiled brats
Kampfarsch (7 months ago)

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