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Work Day + My New Fitness Plan

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NEW 2 day vog where I show you my health routine to combat that "getting sick" feeling and talk about my new fitness goals and plan! Are you a small YouTuber/Instagrammer or want to be one? Let me be your manager/consultant! Check out my website: www.hannahashton.com Subscribe for more! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJwsikwg4uYS-N7xrsKvUmg My Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFwZutfqUGmN1Yc1YcROWkQ Twitter: @MsInnerBeauty2 SnapChat: Msinnerbeauty2 Instagram: Misshannahashton Spotify: Hannah Ashton Poshmark: Hannahashton2 Buisness inquiries: hannahashtonyt@gmail.com
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Siara Blondie DIY (1 year ago)
Boss babe life be like, can't get sick, got to much to do! I love la Croix too usually drink that while I'm filming, editing or basically anything 😂 I'm in theater too if you want you can DM me for tips on workouts that are great for musicals! I was in legally Blonde as Brooke Wyndham which was the workout girl so I had to get into shape for it! :)
Siara Blondie DIY (1 year ago)
HannahAshtonVlogs ok no prob 😊 ❤
HannahAshtonVlogs (1 year ago)
OMG yes! Please send me those! :)
Ashtin Parker (1 year ago)
old navy has the BEST ankle boots!!! I have them in every color and they’re super cute, comfy, and affordable :)
Chloe Lindahl (1 year ago)
Love the Edie earrings😉
Jas Magee (1 year ago)
Great vid and omg you're going to be rizzo😃 break a leg girl!
sijil o (1 year ago)
that was not a quick day , rock on
Jessica Restrepo (1 year ago)
Loved the vlog Hannah! Keep up all that you do!
Frankie Hemmings (1 year ago)
Where’s your fluffy sweater from? I think I need one in my life
lelele01 (1 year ago)
Loved this vlog Hannah and I don't wanna be rude or something but the challenge you made with josh is actually not that good of an idea...the bmi just takes your weight and your height into account and it doesn't say anything about your fitness level. If you train and build more muscle you may actually gain weight which would cause your bmi to be higher even though you reduced your body fat and got more fit. Do you understand what I mean? Don't want to be impolite, Han! <3
lelele01 (1 year ago)
HannahAshtonVlogs that's so good to hear, now I'm relieved! :)
HannahAshtonVlogs (1 year ago)
hey girl I totally understand where you're coming from but wanted to let you know that we both understand less weight doesn't mean healthier! I forgot to mention in the video I am measuring my muscle mass and am also just trying to feel better not necessarily weigh less. But yes thank you for your concern. ❤️
Rachel B (1 year ago)
i love your vlogs they make me wanna do stuff and be productive
Alexis Lovah (1 year ago)
make more vlogs plss lovee themm. maybe weekly vlogs or weekend in my life etc ?? Keep up the good work !! :)
ali graulty (1 year ago)
yess I love these vlogs!!
Grace Smith (1 year ago)
ah i missed your vlogs so so much!! they motivate me
Halle Jac (1 year ago)
Love these motivational vlogs!

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