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IF YOU POUR VINEGAR ON A PIECE OF BREAD, AND THROW IT IN THE TRASH CAN, WHAT HAPPENS THE NEXT DAY IS INCREDIBLE! ★ Like us on FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/QmGQVT Please Subscribe To Our Channel And Also Share It With Your Friends Thank You: ************************************************************************ **DISCLAIMER** The materials and the information contained on Article Factory Channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. None of the information on our videos is a substitute for a diagnosis and treatment by your health professional. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care, provider.
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Text Comments (310)
Deborah Smith (3 months ago)
Janice Griffin (3 months ago)
Thankyou for the tips. Have tried some but not others.
Anton Chigurh (3 months ago)
Yeah, try vinegar on your marble stair case.^^
Tovah (4 months ago)
What does “RECENT” smell like? Does it smell better than “PAST”?
Little D Proud American (4 months ago)
I soak my feet in apple vinegar for 15 min. I'm a type 2 diabetic it helps take the dryness & calluses away it sounds stupid but it works.
Ross Rain (4 months ago)
White distilled vinegar !rubbed on skin cancer will heal it! Go to Tony Pantalleresco on you tube . Great Herbalist👍
Nancy Fanelli (5 months ago)
I don't want to lose this page ....but I do have calls to make... Can this be saved? PS: IF u didn't guess..i am not completely smart yet about these things...forgive me!!! 😳😣🤔 I'll get there soon....learning more each day!!
Sheila Karch (5 months ago)
Well, I’m never cleaning with vinegar again and will discourage my neighbors from using it too. The very last thing I need in my life is for the fat guy across the street to have a “clear” house! OMG!!!! The nightmares!!! 🙈🤢🙀🙅🏼‍♀️
nick dispensa (5 months ago)
good job thank you
Doug Evans (5 months ago)
This is a keeper👍🧐
bill bo (5 months ago)
John Smith (5 months ago)
1. Turn of sound. 2. Move the slider bar 10mm  or 3/8" of an inch  and you can read he data without the robo voice.
Chayhe Ramirez (5 months ago)
great let me spray vinegar on my shirt so I could be smelling like a bottle of fucking hot sauce all fucking day. I'm guessing that it will leave a very unattractive smell on You by using this method so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless you just don't care what people think about you when they smell your sour smelling ass
Peter Pullen (5 months ago)
I had dull chips but after sprinkling them with vinegar ...wow how they shine
Neeraj (5 months ago)
1.55 "...if you have sticky residue in your partition, sprinkle vinegar then wipe with a napkin"
Creative Planet Janet (5 months ago)
Put vinegar bread slice in trash can. Voila! Fruitflies will magically appear!
fizbinsfire (5 months ago)
I did this and it grew into a chia pet. Wtf
carol29carnegie (5 months ago)
Straightens out wrinkles huh, wonder if it works on skin lol 😂
Dav RoZ (5 months ago)
The bin smells recent?
Michael O Neill (5 months ago)
Throw bread in to the trash can and feed a trashman for a day
Shahida Nisar (5 months ago)
There are people who are starving to death in the world and you are suggesting to throw a good piece of bread in to trash can to eliminate odor.
Johnny Smoke (5 months ago)
Oh pickles!
Dixie Ten Broeck (5 months ago)
Soggy video, voice and all. Too off-putting to complete.
DoubleDee (6 months ago)
And of course I want a recent bin.
628robair (6 months ago)
Refuse to watch videos with these fake voices.
Big Rhonda (6 months ago)
Did you know putting 2 tablespoons of cinnamon up your ass prevents the common cold. Now you know!
Phylip Henry Rees (6 months ago)
My mother used to clean the old iron bed frames every year with vinegar.
Edward Holohan (6 months ago)
Heidi Ullrich (6 months ago)
The bin smells recent? Hmmm.
Tami Koestomo (6 months ago)
"RECENT" or pleasant??? Please, can anyone out there tell me what "recent" smells like?
David Henderson (6 months ago)
I'm guessing English isn't your robot's first language.
ohayeye (6 months ago)
rich smith (6 months ago)
Stupid cow crap
Gary Riefle (6 months ago)
If you get bleach smell on your hands from using it, simply put a little vinegar on your hands. Both bleach and vinegar cancels each other's smell.
Smendrick Pepperell (6 months ago)
My healthcare provider charged me $5,000 for the appointment to discuss this food in the garbage idea. Now I have to kill people to get money to eat.
Antonio Trillianes (6 months ago)
I hate robotic voice fuck yours
Benjamin Dupuy (6 months ago)
Complain complain is all that is here, pitiful
dave 1 (6 months ago)
But your house will smell like a chipshop and make you permanently hungry yum 😂
Patricia Jones (6 months ago)
what can you do for your a1c if you have diabetes
Tania PinkSky (7 months ago)
The bin smells recent?
Linda todd (7 months ago)
How to put belt on John deer riding mower.
Holly Hughes (7 months ago)
Great idea 😎😎😎
Carrie Moore (7 months ago)
Depart it overnight and the bin will smell recent 😂 the narrator needs to be get better at English
Judy Berends (7 months ago)
USPortraits (7 months ago)
or you can substitute the bread and vinegar with broccoli beef leftovers, not. It's surprising how the aroma fills a room over night.
R K (8 months ago)
Ok, vinegar works on removing wrinkles or creased places in synthetic fabrics. It will also set a pleat if you spritz the fabric, iron in the pleat. Don’t know why or how this works but it does. Dilute vinegar with water and spot test.
ysindlaohm (8 months ago)
Thank you for all these comments. I haven't laughed this much in years!
wilsjane (1 month ago)
No one suggested that drinking a pint of vinegar a day would cure body odor. LMAO.
Melanie (6 months ago)
ysindlaohm ikr? 😆😅
ysindlaohm (8 months ago)
Maybe she should try gargling with it to get breath that smells "recent?"
Jane nChrist (8 months ago)
Don t poison your lymph glands, use A C vinegar as healthy , effective ,underarm deodorant.(no joke) BUT the translation to ENGLISH in this video was ..
D. Bird (8 months ago)
Seriously, how bad of a human voice must you have to cover it up with this creepy robotic sound?
Fen Let (8 months ago)
I pour vinegar on my computer to make it speak in shitty robotic voices
Sheila Kirwan (8 months ago)
Thanks so much for uploading
Angelina Meola (7 months ago)
Sheila Kirwan 8:
Robert Ganner (8 months ago)
These are the Droids your looking for...................
G Ferris (8 months ago)
interesting translation into so called English. For a while it's on point, then an odd addition/or deletion occurs. Wonder what the original language is.
Sidecar Bob (8 months ago)
No reason for this to be a video.
311819125 (8 months ago)
Why not just empty the smelly trash can - you should not leave it so long!
PR NOTHALL (8 months ago)
All compiled by a non native english speaker by the looks of the construction, and Why A Capital Letter For Every Word?. THAT is ignorant.
ozskipper (8 months ago)
NEVER Trust text to voice!!
Ihipera Walker (8 months ago)
Sex aids
Mike Lowry (8 months ago)
F'n robots 👎
penn707 (8 months ago)
Vinegar cures cancer.
Greg Johnson (9 months ago)
Computer-generated audio SUCKS
Patti (9 months ago)
Pour it on a paper towel and don't waste the bread.
arigatuxful (9 months ago)
arigatuxful (9 months ago)
Rubles MaeNaish (9 months ago)
Booo your voice SUCKS
allie fisher (9 months ago)
How can I stop my house smelling of vinegar.
Tamara Buckley (2 months ago)
Don't use the vinegar and it woun't smell of vinegar DUH
ima piledriver (9 months ago)
thousands are hungry and were suppose to though food away.
Jenny Hesford (9 months ago)
How to crochet and get the edges straight
DooLittle Maccarrone (9 months ago)
My wife always talks this way...and she knows everything
Diego Atkinson (9 months ago)
Butt Head
Ronaldreganfan (9 months ago)
Let me guess ——— you get a dry piece of bread that smells like vinegar?
Patrice White (9 months ago)
Mix vinegar and water and you will have the best coochie cleaner
Ramon Galvez (9 months ago)
I dont agree with the wrinkle shirt spray with vinegar, i'd rather iron them than wearing a sour shirt.
Mark Rice (9 months ago)
Go to sleep with your hand in a bucket of water. ..
Jimmy Key (9 months ago)
LaserFalcon (9 months ago)
This is very dangerous, will cause blindness and wrinkly skin.
DeeJay28 (9 months ago)
For wrinkles...You can smell like salt&vinegar potato chips!😣😄
miapdx (9 months ago)
Take your smelly garbage out. Put it in the dumpster. Your house now smells better. You're welcome.
Deb Mar (9 months ago)
I didn't understand the fly repellent use at all.
David (9 months ago)
Never mind the robotic voice, who wrote this illiterate tripe?
Joe Bloggs (9 months ago)
Have I got a "recent" bin smell for you !
BarbaraBastron (10 months ago)
Really bad English.
A9 (10 months ago)
Nena Elliott (10 months ago)
Some really great tips but excruciating to listen to the canned voice. Don't think I'll subscribe.
Johnny Mann (10 months ago)
Jesus breathe stunk an they put V in it's Mouth. Wow that is Universeablly One therapy
Bobby Flowers (10 months ago)
Wow. I had to stop about one minute in. Couldn't tolerate the computer voice. Also couldn't take the bad English usage, "smells recent" and "want your home to be impeccably clear" are improper word usage. And why is EVERY word starting with a CAPITAL letter? I couldn't take this article seriously.
Linda Graveman (6 months ago)
Bobby Flowers grow up
Lori Dennis (10 months ago)
Aaahhhhh shut up.
Geezzist (10 months ago)
Your trash bin will smell “recent”! WTF?
Toni Klemp (10 months ago)
Get rid of the robotic voice
Annie Williams (10 months ago)
Let me tell you a thing or two my mother used to clean with vinegar she did her windows with newspaper she put a cup in white towels and white clothes vinegar is great it gets out odor you put a cup of vinegar up on your refrigerator it will take out odors and the one with the glass and the fruit flies it works great there are all sorts of things you can do with vinegar it is not a joke these are all remedies that people used to use back in the day it's very good for cleaning with and also baking soda matter fact people that doesn't want chemicals in their house these are the things they use but this is old-school and it truly does work try it yourself
Mary Decker (5 months ago)
Patsea Sm
Lynn (6 months ago)
Yes, vinegar has many uses around the house.
Patsea Smith (7 months ago)
Annie Williams 8
Bob Taylor (10 months ago)
Who puts vinegar on a salad? I drink at least a quart of it every day and a quart of oil
Dennis Haffner (10 months ago)
Hospitals used 'vinegar to sanitize many areas of the hospital.
Anthony Zell (10 months ago)
The smell that come from my trash can is far more pleasurable than the stench of vinegar.
Nashville Tennessee (10 months ago)
This robotic voice must go! Ridiculous
Vicki Felber (10 months ago)
I think if you wear garlic clove soaked invinegsr all evil erased. Many myths.
Stan .Rarick (10 months ago)
I like my bin smelling recent. Nothing worse than an old-fashioned smelling bin!
rickster348 (11 months ago)
- what does recent smell like?
Vicki Felber (10 months ago)
What doesrecent dmell like i want to knoe as well.
tom simunsen (1 year ago)
so you can use vinegar as a cleaner as long as you add your cleaner with it........

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