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This list ranks MMO on their story focus or role playing potential. If there is a game you think belongs on the list, let us know! Also, I'd really like a thumbs up, it helps get the video shared! If you thumbs down without commenting you probably didn't even watch the video. The Secret World Guild Wars 2 Elder Scrolls Online Final Fantasy 14 Runescape Star Wars The Old Republic Lord of the Rings Online Star Trek Online World of Warcraft Black Desert Online I made this video! Hi, my name is Skylent and I hope you had fun! This is my gaming channel where I stream, do reviews & first impressions, and also learn/teach on topics focused around video game culture in gaming podcast like videos! If you are a gamer like me, then follow along lets go on an adventure! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ★ Donations appear on the stream! ► https://goo.gl/vvslU1 LIVESTREAMS HERE ON YOUTUBE ALMOST EVERY DAY! SUBSCRIBE to LIVESTREAM ► https://goo.gl/a45j2m SPONSOR ► None Yet! Looking! Hello friends and family! I'm Skylent, an American streamer that focuses on helping people find new games to play while I play them myself! It takes a village though, so join me! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ D̲o̲n̲a̲t̲e̲ ♥ If you want to donate go here: https://twitch.streamlabs.com/skylent Donations show up on stream! Yes, even on YouTube though it says for Twitch! TOP DONATIONS: Based on individual donations. Keklore: $20.00 JetAxis:$20.00 Chanter: $11.00 SkylerTheDancer: $10.00 Rakuman:$9.99 ♥Patreon lets me stream more plz https://www.patreon.com/skylent PATREON DONORS: J.Bozlinski Keklore Rakuman NerroLT "What do my donations go towards?" Donations fund the stream. Want me to stream more often, newer games, and for longer periods of time? Then donate! I'd rather interact directly with subscribers than otherwise through my video production. The goal is to have about half my time spent streaming and the other half spent producing YouTube videos. Let's keep the hype alive! ➜ Invite a friend to the stream ➜ Share the stream on Facebook and Twitter when I'm live ➜ Follow me on Facebook and Twitter ➜ Watch and participate in chat when I go live Seriously! Keep the hype alive! Thanks friends! \[T]/ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Links YOUTUBE ➜ https://www.youtube.com/skylentgames TWITTER ➜ https://twitter.com/skylentshore FACEBOOK ➜ https://www.facebook.com/skylentgames/ DISCORD CHAT ➜ https://discord.gg/DTDvrqQ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Current subscriber goals: 100K - SILVER PLAYBUTTON HERE WE COME! Stream rules: All caps are a-ok! Be respectful of mods, other viewers and the streamer Keep the stream a positive environment English only (so everyone can understand!) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ HARDWARE PC: Graphics = GTX 970, CPU = CORE i7 3.6ghz CONSOLE :PS4, Nintendo Switch, Nvidia Shield
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Skylent Games (1 year ago)
What MMO has the best story telling?
St_Patrick (1 year ago)
nothing get even close to Elder Scroll Online
Secret world is very good and scary for me :)
Alex Aggelopoulos (1 year ago)
Skylent Shore ofc world of Warcraft
Timot Tarjan (1 year ago)
Eve Online
Manuel Ortiz (1 year ago)
Skylent Shore darkfall.
Thales Zanes (6 months ago)
FF should be higher because the story is really the focus of the game. It's concise, you get to know all you should, it's not just about expanding the universe like some others. ESO is kind of that, it reuses a lot of plots from other Elder Scrolls in a way the fans don't like this, it's not creative.
M M (8 months ago)
Sky, please, hurry, let's do a video about today' steam big special promotion sales!
Jack Black (11 months ago)
Best one i'd say is SWTOR, althouhg if you want F2P without too many ridiculose restrictions then its gonna be poor for you, since stuff like crafting are more subscriber/premium excusive, you get 1 crafting skill but alone its useless without others.
Joel Miller (1 year ago)
How did Neverwinter not make this list? With the story being written by R.A. Salvatore, as well as their foundry system. Where players create their own quests and help buildvthe world. Neverwinter is steeped in lore and an amazing story. I should have made this list.
chris chris (1 year ago)
"an RPG that happens to be mmo." that's exactly why I stayed on ffxiv after giving up on many mmorpgs in a few hours. so many of them just make systems but forget to be actual games. you're flooded with ui elements and meaningless grinding and that's not engaging at all.
George Zachos (1 year ago)
The best storyline mmo is indeed the Secret World. I would put Swtor second, the interweaving storylines made it for me, and third i'd put Guild Wars 2. Great, ever evolving storyline. Anyhow, great list.
BroadcastNinjastar (1 year ago)
I wish my computer wasn't bullshit because I would go back to Gw2 in a heart beat. I love that game with all my heart.
Manuel Ortiz (1 year ago)
Darkfall we create our own story
Screen Tear (1 year ago)
We need Dark Souls MMO
Asher Flanagan (1 year ago)
If anyone is interested, I have put quite a few hours into some of the mmos on this list, so here's a opinion/fact quick pro/con of those that I've played extensively. World of Warcraft { Pros: MASSIVE world, tons and tons and tons of lore, probably the largest player base of any mmo. { Cons: Questing is boring, combat is dull, it is obviously a dated game in that it feels stiff, and is very linear though it tries to hide this with massive zones and set pieces. Star Wars The Old Republic { Pros: Fantastic narrative experience; you will honestly care about you character and his/her companions. It's heavily based in star wars lore and has some cool late-game mechanics. It even has dialogue wheels that influence lightside/darkside alignment. You can be a tyrannical Jedi or a kindly Sith, as weird as that sounds. { Cons: BORING quests. Seriously, no matter what you do it feels like a slog just to get to the next cut-scene and dialogue wheel. Like WoW combat but less extensive skills. It can look cartoon-ish at times which can ruin the gravitas of the moment. Runescape: { Pros: THE. BEST. QUESTS. IN. ANY. MMO. EVER. I cannot overstate this enough. Almost every single quest I've played in the game is fully voice acted, has active decision making, feels unique and hand-crafted, and provides an interesting experience from beginning to end. The progression system is also unique an is very similar to Skyrim's, resulting in very diverse builds. { Cons: CLUNKY. MOVEMENT. I wish it didn't weigh the game down so much but whenever I think "Runescape" I think of amazing story and the worst movement system in a game I've ever experienced. You click where you want your character to move to, similar to League of Legends, except most of the environments are very crowded with npcs and buildings so you CLICK ON THE MINI-MAP! I'm not kidding, I had to make it take up an entire fifth of my screen just so I could move around efficiently. It is annoying and I cannot think of a single reason why they haven't changed it to a more standard WASD or arrow-key movement system. Other than that not much else is bad unless you don't like cartoon polygon style graphics. It also has the same stale combat that most mmos do. Guild Wars 2: { Pros: The best mmo. I'm not exaggerating. The developers took a long, hard look and the genre and made a concentrated effort to fix almost every problem it has. 1. Quests are more loose and organic in that they provide a list of possible activities that you can choose to do until a bar is filled sand then you're done. For example the first quest for humans outside the tutorial is where you help a farmer by feeding cows, watering crops, fighting off worms, and repairing fences. You can do one or all of those things until the bar is filled and then you're rewarded. You don't even have to talk to anyone, just walk around until you see a bar and description appear in the right-hand corner of the screen and do that until you get your reward, then leave. Many are unique and fun. 2. You get exp from EVERYTHING! I'm not kidding, you could probably go on a hiking journey at level 1 and reach level 20 just from discovering new areas and filling out the map. Additionally there are tons of fun side activities wherever you go, my favorite of which are the vistas that entail challenging jumping puzzles that make creative use of the environment and reward out-of-the-box thinking. 3. Combat is by far the best of any mmo I've played. It's fast, fluid, dynamic, and challenging no matter your profession (class). 4. The story is there, it's deep, constantly being updated, and is fully voice-acted with cute little cinematics. You also actively make decisions that have branching effects adding additional variety to your experience. 5. The world itself is gorgeous and joy to explore. It feels more alive than other mmo worlds as NPCs will preform actions and have conversations amongst themselves, rather than just stand there waiting for the player. 6. They have a really unique and fun take on PvP. 7. Crafting in this game is more fun and rewarding than any other mmo I've played. 8. The character creator also deserves mention for not only is appearance customize-able to a wonderful degree but your character is also given a backstory that you decide that actually gets an entire questline devoted to it, so your character feels unique and not just another bland protagonist. My favorite is the human one because you choose not only which social strata you were born into but also a backstory and both have a dramatic impact on your character's story, making them feel more fleshed out and interesting. 9. One last thing I'll mention is that I bought the game four years ago, and I haven't played continually, but I can jump back in whenever I want because you buy the game once and it is yours from that moment onward. No subscription, ever. Now it's even free to play but some features are restricted if you do play for free. { Cons: I hate to admit it, but this game doesn't do a great job of explaining how it works. I would highly recommend reading a guide for first players if you plan on playing, unless you want to be horribly confused for the first hours you play. It's especially bad for other mmo players, ironically, as it has many of the same core systems but they've been changed by such a radical degree. I've heard that this game isn't as strong on the social front as other mmos, but I wouldn't know because I usually play mmos solo.
Mr Ko4 (1 year ago)
haev you ever heard anything about Lineage 2 ?
Martin Ivanov (1 year ago)
swtor is number 1. theres nothing that is even close to its storytelling and dialogues
Michael Coffey (1 year ago)
So glad I subbed, really not enough channels showing love to the mmo genre and putting in the kind of quality well thought out in depth work you do. Looking forward to your back catalog.
Michael Coffey (1 year ago)
Great list and as a huge mmo and rpg fan subbed as well. Looking forward to catching up on the back catalog.
simmsman413 (1 year ago)
>> Skylent Shore << I play BlackDesert sense launch and I would say sir that the "amity game" is not even a foot note worth mentioning and as far as story (BD) is one of the worst mmos I've ever played. But besides that the game is really really lousy and extremely boring unless your a HUGE social butterfly ~ Also (BD) has life skills that you can grind, long story short it takes a very long time to level and most people are quitting because the game is such a grind and is the MOST unfriendly mmo to new players, a game you truly have to be in the clique from the start.. I pity anyone just starting out in that mmo! I would take it off the list but hey it's your video, thanks for the effort.. enjoyed it all the same!
MARKXMMXM0R0S (1 year ago)
MARKXMMXM0R0S (1 year ago)
Ovidiu Marcel (1 year ago)
skylent, would u make a first impression of Anarchy Online? XD
ionut chiosa (1 year ago)
The world is BD is great, but the story is crap. I tried reading the story ,quests, and even the knowledge you could find...more than once. It feels like it wasn't translated properly....all of it. That and all the horses parked in the city, ruined the immersion for me. I agree with the other games tough.
Darth Mcgee (1 year ago)
Yes with the updates ESO is a great game. They've addressed the complaints that lambasted it upon release. It's a great looking game with a solid story.
TheBlueGhoul (1 year ago)
i was able to play elder scrolls in high graphics with directx9 now i cant even play the game. you can say whatever you want to justify their reasons to stop supporting directx9 but it was not a good decision. in my perspective ''a person who have 40$ in crown's that was never able to use or refund!''
Marie eve Beaudoin (1 year ago)
Think eso will be first so far what I played is amazing,fresh,interesting and feel more like a online rpg than a mmo but would love to see something like it on the free2play side having buy2play side covered by guild wars 2 and eso
Kudan (1 year ago)
Bought The Secret World a while ago and haven't been able to play it. I'm really interested in the story.
RumbleAgentsReborn (1 year ago)
The Secret World = Best Puzzles in an MMO ever. My friend and I play it mostly for these, to solve those difficult riddles and what not. I mean...what game has you follow sewer covers to find the entrance to an Illuminati Hideout?! NONE.
Gabi Alex (1 year ago)
The player base is very mature, maybe because the game isn't really attractive for kids because of it's complexity and maybe because the mechanics that can scare them away. Now that I put it on this way, the mechanics are a good part. Only once in my month of playing I had to deal with a douchebag on global chat, at least other players were on my side, but that was only an isolated case. You may bump into elitists, but those can be avoided. I did my Nightmare Dungeons with guild mates or people from #noobmares because noobs acted more nicely and were whiling to listen. Even after I got experience and gear I chosen to play with them, even that it took longer, but were a better company.
RumbleAgentsReborn (1 year ago)
Yea, the combat is something to definitely be desired, but then again...it helps weed out the weaklings of the player base. While our secret world population may be dwindling, the ones who are here to support the game really give it their all to keep the game going strong and make it a great experience. I haven't run into a single rude person so far, most asked if I needed help running a dungeon or if I could help them with a puzzle lol.
Gabi Alex (1 year ago)
And I thought that Digging Deeper was a real challenge. But no, beside translating few word from Latin and find a certain biblical verse, I had other missions to translate texts from foreign languages, learn the Morse code, found certain info about specific books of specific editions in real life, decode hidden messages using the Caesarean chipper or binary codes, learn about a constellation, match the right songs and a lot of crazy irl research. Damn, I loved spending hours on a single mission and get worthy reward for it. One downside of this game is the mechanics that can be clunky at start, but you get used to it fast. Also I have to critique some historical facts that they got wrong about some countries and the fake accents. Also the name of an NPC is still spelled wrong even that I've pointed it to the staff years ago, I know it because that NPC as same nationality as mine and he's name starts with an "O" not a "D". Beside all of those, the game is amazing and it worth the money and all the countless hours spend in it. Also most MMOs should have their Gatekeeper to separate noobs from the end game dungeons until they learn something about the game mechanics and realize that they actually knew nothing about it until that point.
mrnegrocheese2 (1 year ago)
RIGHT?!?! You actually have to work for it, not just kill 10 enemies, then BAM quest is done lol.
Grzegorz Cebera (1 year ago)
Cinematics and "story" don't make a good RPG, they break the immersion. The main aim of RPGs is to through the gameplay make you feel as if you are your avatar and you fit into the world somehow. The cinematics take you away from your character in stead of letting you experience what is happening through it and story like campaign in GW2 leads you through a series events that u cant affect and that every player will go through.
It'sMeJamesE (1 year ago)
DC Universe Online has some pretty good story
Grey Crimson (1 year ago)
I like this list, someday i'm planning to renter Elder Scrolls Online, RuneScape and World of Warcraft and get into The Secret World and Black Desert Online with a few updates of course, Lord of the Rings Online though i'm definitely getting into someday, updates or not and the same actually goes for The Secret World, i could play it as it is too but when i have more time, i might consider the same for Final Fantasy 14 but it's difficult to even get in the game for me..
randomguy8196 (1 year ago)
WoW's story insults my intelligence.
Rick Harrison (1 year ago)
make a video about mmorpg for mobile devices
MARKXMMXM0R0S (1 year ago)
Rick Harrison GARBAGE ALL
salma thabet (1 year ago)
I am happy that i came across this video , great job .
Forrest Tilghman (1 year ago)
top lost in terms of story that makes you kind of feel immerse. 1. star wars the old republic 2. final fantasy 14 3. guild wars 2 4.wow 5.the secret world 6. Neverwinter 7. ESO 8. lord of the rings online 9. blade and soul. going to put that one in cause there is overall story to it. simple Japanese one but yes 10. guild wars 1. these are not in order at all. made it within a 1 min
Forrest Tilghman (1 year ago)
not going to lie this story MMO lick kind of grey. first off really black desert!? that's not even. MMorpg in terms of story. it's simply just there. more of a grindy sandbox game. star wars the old republic in terms of story is the most engaging and story rich. what other MMO game has fully voice acting and makes you choose who you wanna be in that story. have loads of comps and also have story such. man I could go on here but your places you put these games and your list but you can tell you did you even play most these games that much or far. this title should be called top MMO with cool features and story elements lol not what all has the most engaging written story.
Marie eve Beaudoin (1 year ago)
Eso say hi
Simpatico (1 year ago)
Not gonna lie. That title is cancer.
Vixax (1 year ago)
I play The Secret World, and first time i trid it, i was kinda surprised how cool it were to play, people are kinda friendly helpful in this game
Anton Mochalin (1 year ago)
Why isn't Wildstar on this list? I still remember how I first got to Avra Darkos lair. And the Lopp marriage. And Victor Lazarin's story and how I did quests for him. And how I first met Drusera...
Nicolás Colombo (1 year ago)
No Path of Exile. Shame on you...
MARKXMMXM0R0S (1 year ago)
Nicolás Colombo POE ARPG
Zyntrax Pablax (1 year ago)
shots fired :D
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
Shame on me? SHAME? You are the one who qualifies it as an MMO.
Espur (1 year ago)
waiting (1 year ago)
That subscriber to viewer ratio lol. most of your videos average 1k views yet 25k subs? LOL? kinda obvious you bought them
chris chris (1 year ago)
I've subbed to this channel months ago but I'm only watching this now. just because you're subbed to a channel doesn't mean you gonna watch every videos the guy makes.
NiteShadow (1 year ago)
@waiting PewDiePie the biggest Youtuber on the planet has over 50 million subscribers but he gets no where near that number in views.Please do your research instead of needlessly hating on some peoples hard work
randomguy8196 (1 year ago)
Also subscribers don't necessarily watch every video.
Christos Karsanidis (1 year ago)
TotalBiscuit also has a lot of subs but much less viewers. I don't think it's accurate enough, also i think it registers only when ppl watch a video from start to end or something. Overall, non important in this case imo.
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
Because he is getting a lot of upvotes, if you look at my social blade stats = https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/skylentgames you can see my views and subs are completely tied together. Don't randomly accuse people without doing the most basic of research. You don't even know that subs generally only make up a VERY small percentage of overall views. Get a life child.
Seraphina (1 year ago)
i'm getting so annoyed at EVERY top 10 game w/e list of w/e that has come out in the past few months. it's always the same games over and over like BRUH
chris chris (1 year ago)
Brand X did u actually watch the video?
Brand X (1 year ago)
Because, sadly, we're not getting new games that are good :( Especially MMO RPG wise. Though I think the list should have included FFXIV
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
Seraphina (1 year ago)
Oh no I wasn't talking about you lol. I mean in general, every list usually contains the same games
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
Let me just invent 10 games you've never heard of. Also, I have done extremely unique lists that no one else has done ever before, and yet no one watched them. Still, this lists concept with ranking MMO based on RPG content is unique-ish.
MaliciousMisari (1 year ago)
I agree except of one thing...Eso deserved 1 cuz damn the Story is huge and good as fuck! And unlike other Games the Story gets better with any greater Update like Morrowind which comes in June i think? Btw how did ya Overwatch matches goes last Stream?
RoboHobo (6 months ago)
its is not good they fucked up the lore form elder scrolls
Nanbopally (1 year ago)
MaliciousMisari joke. Games turned into a "power level dailies, skip content, just farm dungeons out of story sequence so its all meaningless events in dungeon".
Gabi Alex (1 year ago)
ESO is the game I'm active in right now. I used to hate it for the mess it was at launch, but after many updates they made it really enjoyable. It's far from perfect, but in it's current state is one of the best MMOs I ever played. I even used to say that Black Desert was a more closer experience to a TES game than ESO.
MaliciousMisari (1 year ago)
Skylent Shore Kay this is true...And nice! Hope u will do it soon again maybe when i dont have to work xD
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
ESO is big but I have a bias toward more "unique" worlds, ESO is very traditional with its art and many of its tropes but it is indeed massive and delivers its story pretty good, but I like the delivery of GW2 "episodic" and The Secret World "very meta" more. Overwatch matches were fine played with subs and had fun!
Stedysteel Sted (1 year ago)
this is rare i had To stop scrolling down on comments cause there was no more of them ahead
Khadeem Afflick (1 year ago)
i agree secret world did a good job with their story and all the puzzles quests are hard af
Detham (1 year ago)
yeah google is hard af
Kael Rhain (1 year ago)
Star trek is good, but the grounds combat damn is so cluncky. I totally want to play ESO, ,will try to buy it after i renew my old vcard. Gw2, i played a lot of it, never brought the expansion tho i felt that they left the game to die and come back from time to time to take money from it with an "expansion", dev team abandoned like half the ideas they said they will implement. The secret world is really good and unique, but again, like star trek the combat is so off putting that is a big nuisance, it would be nice if Devs fixed it.
Kael Rhain (1 year ago)
Yee, hope they fix all that, the game itself is fun, but some things went in the wrong direction.
Riccardo Tavano (1 year ago)
Actually for GW2 they're implementing a lot of stuff and the story is especially kicking right now after a quite big "dead" period. Story is good (albeit still a bit short, but meh...can't ask too much honestly for a pre update every two months that deliver a new map+ story and many rewards each time), the endgame finally got fairly challenging and the general content output is better than ever. But yes, HoT was a truly rushed mess, probably due to some third party pressure and so on. It's pretty clear that the nature of the xpac was actually a LS content that had to be released with time, but then due to some reasons everything went nuts and gg. HoT served. It probably hurt more GW2 than the good it did...hope that they can recover the blow with the next one and offer a good deal for new and returning players.
HerrSaturn (1 year ago)
... sadly this list lacks Dragon Quest X. Okay, okay.. it is Japanese only. Sorry :)
Maschinengeist (1 year ago)
I don't want to nitpick here and maybe it's just my opinion but I feel like "MMORPG with extensive lore/background" might have been a more suitable title than "Story Based MMORPG" because it's mildly confusing. I did not play all of those games but BDO has a very weak actual story and you seem to focus on other mechanics anyways or even because of that. As for Star Trek Online, you talk about the universe without even mentioning all the story arcs that you can play, of which some are actually pretty good and feature some of the original characters from the shows with their respective voice actors. So overall, the video is not quite what I expected.
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
BDO has a lot of story within the conversation system and between the different characters. It's tutorial is horrible and too cheesy. Literally what I said in the video. It isn't just about the story, it is how it is delivered too through mechanics which is why I directly relate it to the RPG genre as a whole. Sorry I allot only so much time per item and do the whole video in a single take, I'll miss some details, these aren't full reviews but I probably should have mentioned what you wrote.
Sage Pirotess (1 year ago)
Good list, Really missed Bless Online. I say its in top three. Check it out
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
It's not out yet. I can't. These are all playable right now.
Skittery Disk (1 year ago)
Blade and Soul story was fantastic. Surprised it isn't in here.
Paluxy L. (1 year ago)
I play Blade and Soul daily since january 2016 and the game is just mediocre , everything is so fast and only about gearing up . The world in the game is too small , while you play you will not have real exploration or adventures . One of the worst things is that if you play a dungeon in a group all just run , most of the players want to do dungeons as fast as possible and if it takes just few minutes longer they start to complain and call you noob . After you complete the story there is not much to do than upgrade the gear , to upgrade you need a lot gold and many rare materials ........... btw , some people complete the whole story in just 2 days .
Stedysteel Sted (1 year ago)
Skittery Disk read the letter CRICEKT!
Lodewijk Vogels (1 year ago)
I think ESO should be first cause the lore of ESO is huge
RoboHobo (6 months ago)
its also wrong
chris chris (1 year ago)
lore isn't story...a common mistake that a lot of western developers make...
Riccardo Tavano (1 year ago)
Kinda, yeah. But i don't think it would deserve first place anyway mainly because the studio already had a shitton amount of lore ready from a well enstabilished series. This is just to say that the amount of work that they had to put in lore was much less than what other devs studios had to do. And still no...TSW deserve that first place anyway. The whole game revolves around the story and it's lore. It's everywhere. From main story to stuff around. The immersion is insane in that game, the enviroment devs really made an exceptional job with it....plus you get stuff like investigative quests and so on.
TheBlueGhoul (1 year ago)
Lodewijk Vogels (1 year ago)
Elder scrolls online doesn't support graphics cards that are lower then directx 11 anymore. When it just launched u could play with directx 9, not anymore
Skaianet (1 year ago)
A mass effect MMO would be great.
MultiDarkZen (1 year ago)
Oh boy, first to the party! :D

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