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Get Fit - (Sitting Exercises)

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Doris Miller (16 days ago)
Thank you good work out.:)
Gina Deliz (23 days ago)
Music ? Love it!
i4niable (1 month ago)
One of the best sitting exercises. ..Thanks a lot
Carrol Lindsay (1 month ago)
Can you purchase a stretch band from what store? I want the stretch band according to strength levels.
Carrol Lindsay (1 month ago)
What a joy to find this utube station this morning my body is beginning to feel great. The instructor is awesome. I will continue to watch these video on utube God bless.
Julie Schuessler (3 months ago)
Lots of beneficial exercises but saw seatd inversion (leaning straight forward) where student can fall forward and break neck. Also saw double leg lifts which are contrainidicated for this group as it puts too much stress on lower back.
Flordeliza N (6 months ago)
Thank you for this video exercise. It helps me so much. The benefits are so good for me. I am always looking forward doing it everyday. I'm a senior and this is the best exercise I have ever have.
Sparmar (5 months ago)
Rajesh Hasabnis (6 months ago)
Very good exercises. It is for all ages and not for only age group in video. Thanks.
Carrol Lindsay (1 month ago)
I am only sorry that I did not explore before today, theses exercises are excellent for senior but for other age groups. My million step challenge ends 9/30 I walked half of the million next year my goal is one million plus for diabetes.
Core Cubed2 (8 months ago)
These are great exercises for seniors with limited mobility. Additional tips to help seniors stay fit are available in this article: https://comprehensivenc.com/try-elderly-exercise-ideas-help-seniors-thrive/
Borys Kruglov (5 years ago)
Hello! I'm Megan.I did -10 lbs last one month.Go to aidadiet.com
Flordeliza N (6 months ago)
4 Borys Kruglov

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