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The Walking Dead Official Story Trailer #3 (Open-World Zombie Game 2018)

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The Walking Dead Grant Story Cinematic Trailer (Open-World Zombie Game 2018) Subscribe Now ➜ https://goo.gl/wiBNvo subscribe for the latest PS4, Xbox One and PC, Gameplay, Trailers, Walkthrough and Games News.
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Text Comments (575)
video mega (8 hours ago)
imran Khan (13 hours ago)
hohohohoho fly (16 hours ago)
Jack Tom (23 hours ago)
Poor old man But cool!
Suhail Ansari (1 day ago)
Osm Gjb oudhm
Kurnia Hidayat (1 day ago)
Aziz Keprok (1 day ago)
Serem banget!
Sanjeev Kumar (2 days ago)
ت ت (3 days ago)
اف يملل
Krishna Rajput (3 days ago)
bryan jadie (3 days ago)
open world?i can play online with my friends and its free?then IM IN!
ruru maru (4 days ago)
Is this a real story it is so scary
Widad Ha (4 days ago)
Bill ?is that You?
bazoo rajput (4 days ago)
mi youva zombie
JENSON BOLOSAN (4 days ago)
im realy scared that a zombie like zombie
Alisha Pascual (5 days ago)
Soso sad
Jonathan Larimore (6 days ago)
I just love how he is talking to that zomnie like its nothing xD
Shemmy tobanma (6 days ago)
It will be more interesting if his Clementine grandson
grupinho da alegria (7 days ago)
Andrea Cicchiello (7 days ago)
Wana Fiz (7 days ago)
This videon best,!
Zohrab Terzian (7 days ago)
So scary yes or no
Aamir Aamir (7 days ago)
Muhdor Alaydrus (7 days ago)
raej wketgis rtje
Adjacent Films22 (8 days ago)
1 minute: Ugh, there's too much zombie crap! I'm of it! The next: OMG!!! I LOVE ZOMBIES!!!
Keomany Boutdara (8 days ago)
The Zombies 🧟‍♂️
Cheick Traore (8 days ago)
Il est vilain
Reyna Salazar (8 days ago)
Why did you kill the zombie
This grandpa is very cool😎😎😎😎
Krisnan sari (8 days ago)
Miu Boss (8 days ago)
Wow don't you know to mead
Sharokina Araceli (8 days ago)
player (9 days ago)
Alex Smx (9 days ago)
he is remembering me Kenny :/
naglisful (9 days ago)
dark psycho gaming (9 days ago)
Lol this is grandpa
Hasymake 96 (9 days ago)
The best video/youtuber
k3bbabar9_rob tvm (9 days ago)
Bibhas Mohanta (9 days ago)
sooooo quite
Falyn Kendall (9 days ago)
WOW this was so sad poor man
Grillijononhirmu (10 days ago)
That car is exactly like the strangers car that Lee and his friends took the supplies from in The Walking Dead 1 episode 2.
Cesar Berlanga (10 days ago)
Que es un juego que😐💲
Comments section - 85% = man children crying that there is no game play and say the gameplay is probably shit 15% = Are actually patient and cannot wait for the game to come out.
this is just a cinematic, the game won't be like this
TÜRK OYUNCU (10 days ago)
Awesome !!!!
Silvercraft By Dayang (10 days ago)
Restu Ramadanu (10 days ago)
anjay bisa gitu yah😂
RAPTORX OFICIAL (10 days ago)
Dinara Tyrsn (10 days ago)
Hoàng.A (10 days ago)
Bill <3
Nazim Maulana (10 days ago)
That was the pink Teddy from mercy hospital heist on payday the heist DLC
Ples Tesyen (11 days ago)
Kue sih judule apa
Realrosesarered MSP (11 days ago)
so sad but scary lol I'm going to papar
what gta 5 referet
Rein Myer (11 days ago)
ohh hes gonna die
Rein Myer (11 days ago)
why the zombie is not aeting him right
Jackson Felipe Felipe (11 days ago)
The rwis lhw
Dika 456 (11 days ago)
Van Tran (11 days ago)
Nery Ferreira (10 days ago)
Van Tran hello hola
Arief Ifan (11 days ago)
Lokesh Kumar (11 days ago)
Icha Rosnawati (11 days ago)
Thu Nguyen (11 days ago)
So scared :(
Wih zonbie megerikan sekali sampek aku tak bise tidok
Magda Nowak (13 days ago)
Furious (13 days ago)
Walker had no right hand and teeth.
Mousumi Chanda (14 days ago)
It was scary
Ha Le (14 days ago)
Woa tuyệt
joel jimenez (14 days ago)
looks nice but i never like that from nowhere there always comes a hored of zombies
Firdaus Dhaues (14 days ago)
Firdaus Dhaues (14 days ago)
Luis Yela (15 days ago)
Game of cinema ?
Richard Hek (15 days ago)
The zombie apocalypse has started in India!!
callenger InEstonia (16 days ago)
wow its funny
chug 245 (17 days ago)
1:56 that car it’s in amezing world of Gumbul is this cartoon now
Zombies are krepee 😰
KEISHA AURA CINTA (17 days ago)
Gerry_ (18 days ago)
Turns out bill didn’t die
DragonSuper Dab (19 days ago)
Alba Perdon (19 days ago)
Y like how. This old man with. A zombie what the heck 😂😂😂😂😂😂
prianti 83 (19 days ago)
this sit last game kita bener bener gila
ElRenGamer (19 days ago)
Sub spanish pls
TheConfusedCZ (20 days ago)
Is the voice actor the main character from the Red Green Show?
Sebi Petrila (22 days ago)
I just hariwabord......😊
Anku Bamm (22 days ago)
What is meant by fps game
Carlos Vazquez (22 days ago)
Why is bill in the walking dead I thought he was in left 4 dead
rahul kamble (23 days ago)
Akdam Baykar
Franck Bordeloup (24 days ago)
Bon lui... Comment dire... Il est dans le mal ! 😂😂
didi money (24 days ago)
shahil malik (24 days ago)
متى صدور العبة
Don Ur0n (25 days ago)
Me acorde de el episodio donde merle pone musica fuerte en el auto y vienen todos los zombies a amontonarse
Ashok Samal (25 days ago)
Micale dance
Rakesh Giri (25 days ago)
Ramesh Chavan (25 days ago)
Ritika Sharma (3 days ago)
Ramesh Chavan h
veeranjaneyulu a (25 days ago)
Rahul Ghayal (25 days ago)
Rahul Ghayal
Rahul Ghayal (25 days ago)
Rahul Ghayal
Pro Gamer Jip (25 days ago)
Coole videos
Pro Gamer Jip (25 days ago)
Ieuk kanaal
Quỳnh Nguyễn (25 days ago)
Có ai việt điểm danh Cho hỏi chưngf nào ra phim

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