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Top 10 AWESOME Single Player Games of 2018 | Most Anticipated Games on PS4, Xbox, PC

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Metro Exodus, The Last of Us 2, Days Gone, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War 4, Spider Man, Kingdom Come Deliverance! Most Anticipated Single Player Games of 2018 (PS4, Xbox, PC). Which one you like? Playlist: 00:02 - Extinction (March 31,2018 - PS4, Xbox One, PC) 01:54 - Metro Exodus (2018 - PS4, Xbox One) 03:19 - The Last of Us 2 (2018 - PS4) 08:00 - Days Gone (June 30,2018 - PS4) 09:56 - Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018 - PS4, Xbox One) 10:20 - God of War 4 (Early 2018 - PS4) 11:34 - Vampyr ( Spring 2018 - PS4, Xbox One, PC) 13:02 - Ghost of Tsushima (2018 - PS4) 14:55 - Spider Man (2018 - PS4) 17:26 - Kingdom Come: Deliverance (February 13, 2018 - PS4, Xbox One, PC) See my latest videos: BlizzCon 2017 - All Cinematic Trailers (HD 1080p) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZpZr-T_Jv8 5 CINEMATIC New Game Trailers 2017 HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO-50PKcBgo [GMV] Legends Never Die - Best Epic Game Trailer of all TIME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KGLwHjtdqc
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Text Comments (1686)
Donatas Vaiginis (2 months ago)
the extincion game will come out on my birthday at march 31
Bowski aws (22 days ago)
Bad thing the game sucks
Adrián Rodríguez (1 month ago)
It's bullshit
mikey forester (1 month ago)
I knew it looked shit from the trailer
Bat Man (1 month ago)
I suppose that turned out to be a let down considering how hollow the gameplay way :-( hope you still had a good time on your birthday tho
Death Claw (1 month ago)
Sadly the game felt too boring and poorly made for me to enjoy. The trailer is friggin awesome though.
Johny depp (13 hours ago)
bhai ye batao ki ps4 me jab nayi game daalte hain to 20 -50gb update mangta hai ...kya ham wo update kiye bina sabhi games poora khel sakte hain.
1BuFo (18 hours ago)
Metro = Fallout Shit my Pants edition
Resinds .P (1 day ago)
Pc has shit games
GameJoni (2 days ago)
Good game
sanjana sati (3 days ago)
i love extention or last of us 2
Allen Logan (4 days ago)
When would these game makers gonna realize it that WE DONT WANT BEST GRAPHIC GAMES...We simply need most ENTERTAINING games. "Mark of the ninja" being a best example of such a game!
Joel Appiah (4 days ago)
annoying and sad thing is that most of these games looks no where near their trailer
Fam Flores (4 days ago)
Want to play extinction
Zayaan Bawany (5 days ago)
the first one looked like shrek 😆
Welther47 (6 days ago)
17:10 its luck for spiderman that guns only have 3 shot magasins haha
DefToNic GaMeR (6 days ago)
red dead redemption so good graphic and extincion is amzing game
TheSpoi (6 days ago)
man all the crappy games are on pc and all the cool ones like red dead redemption 2 are on ps4 and i really hate using my ps4 and if you dont like them you cant refund them
TheSpoi (6 days ago)
i mean we do have some good ones but ffs rockstar
nicky van haa (10 days ago)
extintion is boring imo though
TheScrub (10 days ago)
All PS4 games u stupid nonce where the PC love at
Ammar Ahmed (11 days ago)
I got ps4.....I have an advice for all PC and Xbox gamers to buy Ps4 because only exclusive titles have that reality what one is looking for.
Abhijeet Vaidya (11 days ago)
3:24 those sound effects and graphics , just fucked me
Troy Sousa-Semper (13 days ago)
No Xbox exclusives? So PS4 is the only console that can make dope exclusive games? Highly disappointed in Xbox for 2018 why did I switch from a PS4...
ALMOST X (14 days ago)
Red dead
LUCKY MEDIA (14 days ago)
aslam o alikum there is no game downlod links
Geiko Gecko (14 days ago)
Extinction is shite lol
erik b (15 days ago)
F*ck I need to buy a PS4
Jack Za (17 days ago)
Tsuhima = a fat neckbreard weeaboo's wet dream.
Tom Hanks (20 days ago)
Humayl King (20 days ago)
Days gone is best
antersaaji (21 days ago)
why the fuck there are much more games on ps4 than on pc
Live on Me (22 days ago)
I subscribed to your video are Amazing
David Markvart (23 days ago)
kingdome come, biggest history project of my country for young peoples, best game ever
Zeco - Ninja (23 days ago)
Awesome Games
Eli spaceham (23 days ago)
You said you only use the axe in god of war but later in the game you get the chain blades.
Dentysta Statysta (24 days ago)
what a load of nonsense. get an executive job if you want a challenge. being a pathetic game playing manchild is well... pathetic lol ;D
Dentysta Statysta (14 days ago)
lol keep playing man-child.
Geiko Gecko (14 days ago)
Dentysta Statysta KYS you slow-all nosense piece of shit. You think your a fucking god because you don't play video games?! Please bitch just do the world a favor and blow your brains out. Dumbass
sahil puri (24 days ago)
all games are pretty cool and i'm wait for launching
HMS Daedalus (24 days ago)
You mean 10 awesome *PLAYSTATION* single player games of 2018
CodmasterLE (25 days ago)
6:39 fucking help her shes being strangled and hes just watching
Jaq Hass (26 days ago)
You do realise the target audience for the spiderman games is 13 years old and younger? Right?
AWARE GAMER! (26 days ago)
Extinction is shit
Mintu Dolui (27 days ago)
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ANIMATED CHANNEL (28 days ago)
game seekers check it out you will loved it :https://youtu.be/6WPgjbPO7os
Jayhob Ackluhammad (28 days ago)
18:00 fucking awesome (hopefully)
Jayhob Ackluhammad (28 days ago)
14:15 wow this looks sick 14:26 who is that the mongloids of the west? Genghis khan??
Jayhob Ackluhammad (28 days ago)
can't believe god of war 2018 is only for ps4. who the fuck is gonna go out and buy a 300 dollar console just to play that game? i wouldn't even torrent such a good lookin game like that and i torrent fucking everything lmfao fuck
Jayhob Ackluhammad (28 days ago)
red dead redemption 2!!!!!!
Jayhob Ackluhammad (28 days ago)
7:49 that is beyond a fucking jacked girl. the posture of this girl is 100% man like im actually jealous i don't have that athletic functional look. look at that rear view jesus
Jayhob Ackluhammad (28 days ago)
i hate those games that are basically movies. but the last of us is god like
Bogdan 96 (29 days ago)
So much garbage this year already...
AZTRAND (29 days ago)
John B (1 month ago)
except last of us 2 isn't coming out this year most likely next year and dayz gone has been delayed to the beginning of next year as well
CDm8 (1 month ago)
Ghost of tsushima will actually make me buy a ps4 lol
sreejith s (1 month ago)
Batman in spiderman suit in day light
Dominic Commisso (1 month ago)
Correction: "10 AWESOME cinematics for games that are actually shit"
Salim Dagdoug (1 month ago)
Extinction bad gameplay and the game only 2gb XD
ToreDL87 (1 month ago)
"games of 2018", proceeds to list games most of which are not yet released. So when it turns out one of them is delayed till next year or maybe even cancelled... You will commit harakiri to keep your honor? xD
GAMEOST (1 month ago)
Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn XD
the last of us is gotta the best thing .
thats nice vid
James OG364 (1 month ago)
Bruh where the fuck is kingdom hearts 3 the wait for that game is longer than all these games combined
Potatis Guden (1 month ago)
i want extincoin so im gonna buy it, but im 11 so i cant
Selva Kumar (1 month ago)
how can download this all games free download ???
Silent G (1 month ago)
Very nice video!
Aalex Bonchev (1 month ago)
I'm happy because God of war 4 (The 2018 one) got released on my birthday (today) and i got it on my birthday too
moze shmx (1 month ago)
Extinction tops it for me ..
Aleyna Erkişi (1 month ago)
Extinction looks like a mixture of prince of persia and shingeki no kyojin
beasthunt (1 month ago)
Kingond Come Deliverance made me laugh. It's a great and beautiful game but it was a mess at launch and in many ways is still and unoptomized mess. But I love that game.
Himanshu Goswami (1 month ago)
hey! which is the best Game????
Stone Muzza (1 month ago)
cant wait for the new metro
BIG.BO520 (1 month ago)
i cant wait for days gone
Max Bernhardt (1 month ago)
Remember when games took place BEFORE the apocalypse?
Karzan Khoshnaw (1 month ago)
if you really really like singleplayer games and you have an Xbox please kill your self
Nerezza (1 month ago)
Extinction looks boring. Assassin's Creed crossed with Shadow of War and it looks like a Pixar film. Whoopee.
FreezeTV (1 month ago)
The new Spiderman looks like a batman arkham game tbh
Tachanka 368 (1 month ago)
I like metro exodus and vampyr
mourad milano123 (1 month ago)
Why the trailer of days gone made me cry ....:(
It's Avocado (1 month ago)
the last of us omggggg
Sebastian Araneda (1 month ago)
the last of us canchatamara me mueroo
Sneaky Bastard (1 month ago)
Kaisergun (1 month ago)
Don't say they're awesome if they're not even out yet. Hype is a cancer that's killing gaming.
daniyal movies (1 month ago)
the green monster look a like hulk in thor ragnagok
QuietGuy21 (1 month ago)
The last of us 2 is looking 2 good right now
VPmusic station (1 month ago)
Any body recommend a nice game to me..
GAMEOST (1 month ago)
Pornstar Lifestyle (1 month ago)
That's why I chose PlayStation 👾👾👾👾👾👾
Xion Kun (1 month ago)
If that was Ellie in the Last of Us 2, then she looks like a buff ass dude...
Lyrikal Styles (1 month ago)
Metro Last of us 2 Red dead redemption 2 Vampyr God of war Kingdom come Spider-Man That samurai game Im def playing them, wow great to see some gems cause I haven't played games in a while
Kakashiih (1 month ago)
Syed Dastagir (1 month ago)
Tell me 1st game of the video it shows that launch on 31march 2018 EXTINCTION game tell me soon please
FlownXp (1 month ago)
Where the fuck is KINGDOM HEARTS III?
Pat (1 month ago)
I can already feel the lag.....
Ármin Tóth (1 month ago)
cant wait to see the Russian metro again :D
Guillermo Gamboa (1 month ago)
4:01 new roblox death meme
JB M (1 month ago)
all i see is trailers, which if we learned anything, will not tell how awesome a game will be. would've been better if it was 10 awesome games you can get on steam right now.
I dont like games where some animated cartoon character does all the actions for me. I want it from MY view/perspective. I dont want to be a distant third person I want to be the first person to watch the world unfold before my eyes, not behind the back of some funny looking made up cartoon after all its me that is the hero.
Ziggy (1 month ago)
Extinction look like dat shit finna be hard as hell, it better have multiplayer or something.
Pablo espinola (1 month ago)
Extintion aka attack on titan.....now they are green and mean, i cant wait to the part tha protagonist turns into a giant troll too ....... god...... even the city is between big walls... at least the tita.. i i i mean the trolls had clothes
uju ozurumba (1 month ago)
Rehan Khan (1 month ago)
puchingballz (1 month ago)
is metro exodus song 28 days later movie soundtrack?
Taoma H (1 month ago)
PS4 rules since crypto-mining killed PC gaming.
Richard Fajardo (1 month ago)
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Brandon Alan (1 month ago)
More flashy trailers made with computers that don't actually run the games. Some seem promising though. I'm just tired of the post-apocalyptic settings...really tired. I'm not asking for rainbows and unicorn farts, but why do so many games have to be so bleak?
Syed Dastagir (1 month ago)
Today is April 1 extinction is launch or not??

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