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Shadowverse (Free) First Impressions

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https://shadowverse.com/ This video can also be found at freemmostation.com Awesome anime inspired fantasy art? Unique class decks? Fast and furious matches? Yes, Yes, Yes!
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Text Comments (72)
Ace D (1 year ago)
Tig bits!!!!
Lloyd Nix (1 year ago)
I came for the boobs.
Kristaps Rieznieks (1 year ago)
Does mmo hunt remote have his canal now?
Kristaps Rieznieks (1 year ago)
+Skylent Shore Yey thx man
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
Yup it's this https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyo2qIKo9q0ukew4WHlw2mQ
Bai Laohu (1 year ago)
I'll check it out when they uncensor the english version. Yes I know there's a work around involving fiddling with the files, but I am not going through all that bullshit-easier to just not play.
Naos Stulos (1 year ago)
Game is smooth and fun. There is one problem though, when you get into PvP competition you will get steamrolled on occasion by whales who have purchased super decks. Used all of my starter packs to put together two decent decks and can hold my own for the most part. But ran up against a lower tier PvP battle where I was attacked by a guy who played 9 legendary tier cards to my 1. I was able to counter 8 of them but the 9th was LoD and got steamrolled by the Cataclysm Deck it gave him. If I outplay and out strategize a player I should win a card game, not still loose because they poured a boatload of cash into their deck to make it a super legendary filled juggernaut. Especially at a lower tier of PvP experience.
luk20000 (1 year ago)
16:10 you can click on the things to see what they do.
luk20000 (1 year ago)
15:45 as you can see you can also set the game to 60fps, no idea why thats not a default.
Shadow111111 (1 year ago)
Dude can I play with you?
Ren Lazkrovich (1 year ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the art for some of these cards came from Rage of Bahamut. Second game I've seen with those cards, haven't read description or gone thru whole vid right now, so idk if its same developer or something.
Ren Lazkrovich (1 year ago)
Revision Statement: Yup, same developer as RoB. Cygames.
Vawnderland (1 year ago)
The art I'm sure came from Aeria games, I recognize the cards from Pirate Maidens and Some similar CCG they had at the time. Edit: So I took a look at the Cygames company, I used to play Rage of Bahamut, and it seems the took the cards from the old game that failed.
Marie eve Beaudoin (1 year ago)
Rage of Bahamut is litterally one of the deck you can buy cards from
Vraska# (1 year ago)
omg the art style is so bad......makes me wanna puke
Renaiya (1 year ago)
Don't puke on your computer, you don't have enough money to fix it afterwards.
Vraska# (1 year ago)
Inklan Utterfield ?
Inklan Utterfield (1 year ago)
Bruh, you literally have a Yu Gi Oh profile pic. To each their own, though.
b0sse (1 year ago)
Such a fucking ripoff. Blizzard should sue.
Michelle Sanctuary (1 year ago)
this game is becoming even more popular
Karsh (1 year ago)
I am going to be "this guy". The original Japanese voice acting is far better. Also in the story mode, the English version is saying different stuff than they actually are saying in the original Japanese version.
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
Original voices will always be better!
Ryan Hanselman (1 year ago)
Ive been playing Shadowverse for about a week now, and I cant put it down. I was a hardcore Hearthstone player but this game has taken all my free time lately. Really high production values and not nearly as much frustrating RNG as Hearthstone. Lots of freebies when u start Shadowverse. Everyone who likes CCG's should give it a shot.
Nikolai Slivkin (1 year ago)
some of the art on the cards seems to be from rage of bahamut. that troll in particular. i must've seen it hundreds of times
Banana (1 year ago)
Nikolai Slivkin propably because they are made by the same company
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
People keep saying that so maybe that is where I felt the slight disconnect in artstyles.
SLAVIC BOIKO (1 year ago)
I got baited .. :D
Fiethsing (1 year ago)
Great review. Just so anyone interested knows, upon finishing the tutorial you get a lot of free packs, enough to make 1-2 competitive decks (search on reddit or discord for some netdecks). You also get free Arena tickets (called Take Two in Shadowverse) and if you finish the single player stories you get even more tickets. The game is pretty fun and has a lot of variety when it comes to decks. It's pretty friendly to new players and offers a lot of stuff for free which is nice.
CrazyChickenPenguin (1 year ago)
You can skip the tutorial and get the packs before. A lot of players do this, in order to check out what kind of legendaries (and how many) they get. If they don't get a good roll from the free packs, they do a "re-roll" (clear chace and install again). This has been done ever since the mobile version' release. However, it does not work like this on steam. BUT, you can reroll either on your mobile-version or on an app simulator for pc (like bluestacks) and then connect your mobile/bluestacks account with your steam account, which will OVERWRITE the progress (and free packs) you got on steam and replace it. It may sound a bit fishy, but it was really worth it (had to reroll twice, for decent cards)
Kudan (1 year ago)
I'm getting overwhelmed by all these good CCGs, i'm playing the Gwent closed beta and wanna try this one, but was already playing Hearthstone, Faeria and Duelyst, aaand wanna play Chronicle: Runescape, TES Legends, Hex...
Yokito Toyama (1 year ago)
is there an option to change voice language?
DoomTone11 (1 year ago)
Unfortunately there's not an option per se, but you _can_ replace the files yourself. There is a guide on the steam forums. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=788439931
rusyaidi musa (1 year ago)
So its Heartstone, but with waifus?
movie stalker (1 year ago)
+Shadow111111 indeed ive reach 5k vials atleast 3 times and ive been playing since sponsored Kripp stream.
Shadow111111 (1 year ago)
plus less silly grinding for cards
Shadow111111 (1 year ago)
its way better with less rng shit
movie stalker (1 year ago)
+Tass Александр defently is.so much free stuff.the only thing its missing is win games gain gold.like HS when u win 3 games u get free g.so it would help farm rupies faster and not only rely on daily and missions
Way way less RNG than hearthstone, more interesting mechanics and more mechanics per expansion than Hearthstone brings, also way more generous with free content. I think it's the better game man
paulson79pl (1 year ago)
I played it right after it was released. Borring!!! Another GRM, cloning Hearthstone adding some features... but overall its same shit as Blizzard shit... And the dubbing pretty quick becomes an issue, same like very dumb, easy to predict story... Game is also money hungry... So I dont know, from where this excitement comes from?
Inukai (1 year ago)
+Warfoki " I'm just sick and tired of HS players" You moldy pillock. I'm not a HS player. The card text doesn't matter because it's about the underlying systems. The card text doesn't define the basic gameplay, the game systems do(you should read up on game design). I also said it's not just about the board but the entire rule system. Just a single phase, you can chose what to attack, other player can't do shit in your turn, 10 mana crystals(+1 per turn), shared keywords, board layout, etc. Read again, the prototypes for HS and SV were probably pretty much the same(except hero power/evolution). Your Doom/Cod example is retarded because I've already told you that they are entire different games if you strip the fluff away(different physics, game feel, etc) . Their basic game systems are different. I've also never said that SV " is just a clone with minor differences", damn your reading comprehension is really weak. I've said they share the same basic systems. SV certainly added their own stuff. That doesn't mean that SV started as HS clone. You seem resistent to logic. But I'm not going to keep wasting time on you. Have fun sitting on your little pink cloud, little fanboy.
Warfoki (1 year ago)
+Inukai I've never said that HS had no influence on SV. It certainly has. However, claiming that SV is simply a clone of HS with some minor differences "means that you are either blind or too young/dumb to" realise how silly that is. Oh, so card text and abilities magically don't count just because you say so? Sure, that's convenient to say for you. Nevermind that that's literally defines the gameplay, since, you know, it's a CARD game. Also, in both CoD and Doom you carry a big gun and clear out levels full of enemies while keeping your health level above zero. Jeez, they are totally the same if you strip away all the "fluff". I don't even know why Id hasn't sued with such a blatant copyright infringement right in front of them. /sarcasm I have played a few CCGs, although I'm not sure how is that relevant here, but okay. I've played MtG (admittedly very little, I didn't really like it), HS, Faeria, TES: Legends, SV, Astral heroes and  tried a bunch of others that I can't remember right now. This is not about whether you like SV or not. I could care less honestly. I'm just sick and tired of HS players calling every damn CCG on the market a HS clone, just because they have cards and a board. The same went on with WoW. after that came out people just called every other MMO a WoW clone without even knowing what features would those games had. Just like every ARPG is a "Diablo-clone". As if Blizzard would be the holy grail of originality.
Inukai (1 year ago)
+Warfoki Putt off your rose-colored glasses. You failed to read my post. I prefer SV over HS, for the reasons you mentioned. But I also can admit that SV cloned from HS. Nothing wrong with it. The base system stays the same. Just because the minion abilities are different doesnt mean that its an entire different game. Doom and CoD are completely different. They control differently and they use different physics and have a different feel. etc. The foundation is different. Strip all the fluff away and only implement only some basic stuff(a prototype if you will). Those shooter will be completely different. Do the same with SV and HS and you got nearly the exact same game! MtG is way different from HS and SV. Have you ever played any other ccg/tcg? I played more than a dozen! They are all different, rule and gameplay wise. Sure, many of them are using a variation of the "stack" and share some key words(like summoning sickness), but they are different! The only other clone offender on top of my head ist hex/mtg. Just because you make a clone, doesn't mean you can't add your own features/twist. That's totally fine. But going around and saying that SV is not based on HS means that you are either blind or too young/dumb to admit it.
Warfoki (1 year ago)
+Inukai Yeah, that's "BS" as you'd say. Here's a list of unique gameplay features of HS: - hero powers - joust - inspire - weapons - traps - armor - tavern brawl And Shadowverse: - fairy-combo mechanic - spellboost - overflow - shadows - amulets - evolution - rush Aside of these, we have a different board size, healthpool and radically different deck building experience. Hearthstone favors aggro, Shadowverse favors snowballing and combo decks. Hearthstone has gimmicky solo add-ons that give lots of cards. Shadowverse has a story focused solo campaign that gives very few cards. Yes, there are similarities. There's a "face" that had to be killed to win, there's a board for both player, creatures usually have summoning sickness, and so forth. But those are staples of the genre, not specific to Heartstone. Hell, HS didn't even introduced any of those things, MTG had all of them years and and years earlier. Those are things that pretty much every CCG has in some form. The only exception I can think of right now is Faeria. And thus my previous example stands. I mean, if you look at, say the first Doom and any new CoD, they both share features like: - there's a healthbar - there's a gun model in the foreground - gameplay is centered around shooting a huge amount of enemies - you can carry a unrealistically huge amount of guns and ammo Hell, I could easily list more similarities there than I can between HS and SV, yet pretty much any sane gamer would laugh me out of the room if I seriously insisted on Infinite Warfare being a Doom clone. SV was inspired by (without silly quotation marks) MTG and other card games, sure. Games are not developed in a vacuum after all and SV has several veteran MTG players on their design team, so sure. But being a HS clone? Not a chance.
Inukai (1 year ago)
Your genre argument is BS. SV is obiously heavily "inspired" by HS. The mana generation, the game flow, heroes, minion stats/damage system, layout, etc. Take away the hero abilities and add evolutions and you basically got SV, game mechanic wise. Don't get me wrong, I like SV more than HS. The classes in SV are unique, with their own mechanics and they have an identity. It's also far less RNG-dependend. That doesn't change the fact that this game wouldn't exist without HS. It's a HS clone, but that doesn't mean a clone can't beat the original. If I were to clone myself and clone-me would have a well paid job, marry a beatiful woman and lives a well-balanced life,, while original me would fap all day while playing videogames, clone-me would be the superior version.
Crusty Sock (1 year ago)
Buttered toast.
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
Live your dreams Ed!
WeirdoPlayers (1 year ago)
thanks bro :D ima try this :D
Toma Kuroshi (1 year ago)
omg he's so fake
Anon ymous (1 year ago)
Achievement unlocked: Senpai has noticed you.
Toma Kuroshi (1 year ago)
oh some one get mad how cute <3
Rafuog (1 year ago)
you prick
Toma Kuroshi (1 year ago)
omg he reply i got you attention atleast :> guys HEY I GOT SKYLENT ATTENTION CAN YOU HEAR ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FANBOY SCREAM*
Kami Abdo (1 year ago)
not my type of games but nice video keep it up bro <3
Liesha Cichol (1 year ago)
From what I've seen in art book of some other card game, they commission bunch of artists to do illustrations just to cut down on time. Maybe this is one of those?
Shadow111111 (1 year ago)
yeah I was confused by the same art aswell :D
Liesha Cichol (1 year ago)
And why am I not that surprised by that revelation ^^;
posthumus Reis (1 year ago)
if you mean that the art is the same as rage of bahamut and granblue fantasy then actually because that this game creator is the same creator who make rage of bahamut and granblue fantasy
Cress (1 year ago)
yep now this one looks interesting.
Azz-Rushman (1 year ago)
Losaria's voice actor is amazing. I wish she was a playable character.
Yuen (1 year ago)
Played it since mobile. loved the game as it's anime style and darkness themes and those unique cards that have animated FX floating around it.
Yami Akio (1 year ago)
I saw this pop up for me on steam like 3 hours ago was gonna download it but meh I have MTG so didn't wanna grab another but I may lol
Matt Hatter (1 year ago)
lets do this right XD
Yami Akio (1 year ago)
lol true i downloaded it along with a FPS i found haven't got around to testing it yet
G. ShadowBroker (1 year ago)
It's free, so you don't lose much other than your time testing it. :)
abatmanfan12 (1 year ago)
cool vid, keep it up shaggy!
WillyG (1 year ago)
keep up the good work man, always a fan of your videos! 👍
Andreika42 (1 year ago)
Hey skylent your current video is kind of late in the night currently its 1.25am if you would like to grow id make your videos earlier at roughly 6-10 pm Gmt+0 your audience will widen as more countries can tune in and not strictly in america (North/South) although im not a youtuber id thought id tell you this as from a side perspecitve anyways keep fulling me until i fall asleep 👌

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