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Helping people with multiple sclerosis cope with ataxia

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Wendy Hendrie, Specialist Physiotherapist in MS at Norwich MS Centre, introduces 'Helping people with multiple sclerosis cope with ataxia', a seminar delivered at the MS Trust conference, 5 November 2013. What is ataxia? 0:05 How does ataxia affect people with MS? 01:00 Can ataxia be treated? If so, how? 02:25 A restorative/rehabilitation approach 03:00 Compensatory strategies 04:14 Mobility problems 04:42 (walking sticks/crutches 05:25, trekking poles 05:50, weighting mobility aids 06:13, axial weighting 06:48, core stability aids 07:40, temperature control solutions 08:00) Upper limb problems 08:54: (weighting 09:28, lycra 10:16, cooling 11:10, peripheral vision 11:50, overshooting 12:55, sensory attraction 13:38) Postural problems 14:30
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Chrissie Scott (13 days ago)
I would give real life demonstrations

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