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Bydureon vs Victoza

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TheCoinDiva PR (2 months ago)
Today I got the first dose of Bydureon 2mg/vial. My sugar before the dose was 278 and 45 min after the dose was 157. I will be monitoring my sugar lavel today 2 more time so I can make sure my sugar levels are not to low. Thank you for the video and apologize my spelling.
Greg (5 months ago)
is he a medical doctor? man I'm getting old..
Jc Cohen (8 months ago)
bydureon bcise is WAY TO CANCEROUS
TheCoinDiva PR (2 months ago)
Why people are so scary of cancer? I'am using this product and God be with me because If I have to go, I go.
Quadria Mandler (7 months ago)
Jc Cohen is it? I was just about to inject.... 😱
mudassar hassan (1 year ago)
Which is better
hello hello (1 year ago)
Can you do some reviews of the highly possible but skeptical of a small population of people using or wanting to know about ampakines? Thx!
Debra T (1 year ago)
Victoza $900.00 per month taken daily. with insurance and that supposed coupon that says $25.00 brings the price with my insurance down to $796.00 per month out of pocket. I tried Bydureon, my blood sugar shot up over 300. Can't explain why, i gained 7 pounds in 7 days and a few other unpleasant side effects. Called Drs office repeatedly and no answer back at all. Both can kill you with thryroid cancer or you can get thyroid tumors. the Bydureon runs about 35.00 a dose or less, but i can't take it at all. i can't take insulin type diabetic drugs. I hope the manufactuers of these drugs have all the side effects listed. there is a cure for type 2 diabetes but insurance does not cover it and its very expensive. screw this shit. i was getting results of lower sugar with victoza, but i just can't afford it and they won't budge on the price. i hope they rot hell for over pricing a medication that causes cancer and many other side effects and has the nerve to charge $900.00 per month.
Sons of Apollo (1 year ago)
The thyroid tumors were a concern that appeared in the rat models, however humans have a different receptor profile than rats and this effect was not seen in humans. I was thinking about making a video about it at some point, just going over the history of the concern and what was studied and what happened to ultimately alleviate those concerns. There could be a few reasons why it didn't work, one of the more common ones for Bydureon is that it's a bit cumbersome to use and if the injection isn't done properly it may not work as effectively. This is generally why Victoza and Trulicity are more popular than Bydureon, much easier to use. It sounds like you have a plan with a significant deductible. The fine print of that program reads that it will pay up to a $100 a month and lower the copay to a minimum of $25. All the medications in the class are similarly priced, Trulicity is a little more generous with $150 a month, but it will still be very expensive. There are a few other options (if you are looking sugar reduction and weight loss) that may be more affordable for you. DDP-4 inhibitors have nearly the same effects as GLP-1s like Victoza, but they are slightly less effective. However they are about half the price, with similar copay programs. There are also SGLT-2 drugs that work by blocking the absorption of sugar in the Kidneys. I know Invokana has very generous program that pays up to I believe $3000 worth expenses including deductibles and are also less expensive than drugs like Victoza. Plenty of older drugs that are generic now and usually run $10 or less for a month's supply, but generally are weight gainers or weight neutral. You may want to ask you doctor if any of those might be suitable for your situation. I'm starting a new company on the 21st of this month that specializes in medication access. If you are still having issues at that time I may be able to look into this problem for you and help find an economical solution that will work with your insurance. Hope this was somewhat helpful.
see beare (1 year ago)
If you ever come back to this channel I'd like it if you gave us a way to contact you. I have some different questions about adderall and a few other drugs that I think you'd be able to answer. I hope you're doing well, take care.
Brandon Bright (1 year ago)
you need to do a vid on antidepressants (lexapro) specifically
Cal (1 year ago)
hey man you should keep uploading!
John Doe (1 year ago)
can you do a video on the effects of caffeine ?
yolo brent (1 year ago)
do prevagen the memory vitamin please
Sons of Apollo (1 year ago)
Sure thing.
Could you possibly do a video comparing amphetamine medication to methylphenidate and the differences and which are better?
Jason Koneman (3 months ago)
Desoxyn works really well.
rarabbara (1 year ago)
any info about methiphenidate analogues like 4f-mph? or similar aphetamine analogues?
paul carr (1 year ago)
ive taken victoza it didnt work
Zaid Yousif (2 years ago)
r u a pharmacist or a physician? I have a feeling that u r a pharmacist!!v u r information are very accurate!

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