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10 DEADLIEST Mountains In The World | LIST KING

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Text Comments (1145)
Isk Freeride (16 hours ago)
where is the Eiger. it is very difficult and has killed a lot of people
Ammar Majid (19 hours ago)
Kashmir is Pakistan
Chiranjivi Aryal (2 days ago)
For the people who are wondering why mount Everest is not on the list is because this video is made on the base of percentage not the no of death..so far more than 4000 people scaled the summit of Everest and about 400 people died whereas only about 300 people summit K2 with about 80 people died trying..and also Everest is commercially guided and researched so it's more safe nowadays compare to other mountains
nepali thito (2 days ago)
Madarchod what about Annapurna??? 😂 😂 Nobody wants k2....
Eva Catalan (2 days ago)
Spider man is the best in climbing
Bryce Lunsford (3 days ago)
Why ain’t mt Everest on here tallest and kills way more people then all these mt
Pacifician Prashant (3 days ago)
One of the most dangerous mountain of the world is missed in your list and that is Mount Kailsh located in China.
Electro Boy (4 days ago)
fucking shitty titty@!!! sucking titty
brt dowke (5 days ago)
Jerzy Kukuczka !
Frank Zimmerman (7 days ago)
Olympus Mons is much higher than Everest, and also 100% fatal if you forget your pressurized space suit.
Anne Roberts (8 days ago)
There should be a video listing the ten most inaccurate websites.  There would  be a fair amount of competition but this one would be near the top.
Julian Bair (8 days ago)
jayram dahal (11 days ago)
how about everest??
jayram dahal (11 days ago)
wow love you from nepal thank you
Simon Wright (11 days ago)
ANNAPURA 1 AT 34% DEATH RATE looks nice
Kaveri RM (14 days ago)
Broad Peak, K2, Nanga Parbat legally belong to India.. They have been illegally occupied by terrorist country, Pakistan
Gabrial (10 days ago)
Really now you want to claim a mountain. Typical Indian mind at work...Grow Up Already...
I M FROM PAKISTAN (14 days ago)
This video, poor knowledge of geography
Kanwal Jeet (15 days ago)
Nanaga Parbat is not Gilgit Baltistan, not in Kashmir
Oscar Svensson (16 days ago)
Good video but you missed out on Mount Gongga. Up until 2018 24 people have made it to the summit in total and 37 have died. Between 2002 and 2013 (the last successful climb) no individual summited the mountain. http://www.sichuanmountainguide.com/minya-konka-range/mount-gongga.html
Jeremy Nelson (16 days ago)
None of them even look like a mountain. Need to get some more volcanos in here
Jeremy Nelson (16 days ago)
Who uses meters tho. Come on man feet is so much better
K2 🇵🇰 , Nanga. Parbat 🇵🇰 , Gasha brum ,🇵🇰 These are situated in my hometown " Gilgit Baltistan "
K2 and Nanga parbat , Gasha brum ، are situated in "Gilgit Baltistan " Pakistan . No India no China .no Kashmir
Roodly F Buts (17 days ago)
Original comments here
Indira Basnet Kc (18 days ago)
Fuck u bitch all mountain you mentioned are located only in Nepal neither China nor India.
Kiki's Kurls (19 days ago)
Pretty much all of the mountains of the Himalayas are the most dangerous. Got it👍🏾
Ronald Dump (19 days ago)
Fuck yer lists !!!
Abhishek (20 days ago)
Do all the top mountains lies in subcontinent?
shreejan shrestha (20 days ago)
Have you ever heard about The Machhapuchare (Fishtail Mountain) of Nepal!! Nobody has conquered it yet and you didn’t even mention it once. Its better to know nothing than to know it wrong.
Kabeer Hussain (20 days ago)
wrong information
Abraham Rivera (21 days ago)
Mount Everest isn’t in here??
Rishabh Gandhi (21 days ago)
K2 is in India not in pakistan
Nick Sangetta (21 days ago)
I know Longs Peak isnt in Nepal or Pakistan.. but there are currently 2 missing people on the mountain with a 3rd that already died this year. It's no joke.
StupidThingsW Stupid (23 days ago)
I wanna climb Manaslu
khnarry (24 days ago)
5:47 ………….I love that mountain ……………...
Frank Blangeard (25 days ago)
Ueli Steck is mentioned at 1:27. It should also be mentioned that he died trying to climb Nuptse in 2017.
Susan Thapa (26 days ago)
Kanchunga is in nepal please correct it
khan suliman (27 days ago)
Kashmir is also part of Pakistan and under of Pakistan 😎😎
Itso Ez (27 days ago)
Sheeeeet, I could do a slow jog up dem mountains piece o cake.
FENIXdeiBB (27 days ago)
If you talk about great archievement on the Shisha Pangma you must talk about the first winter ascent by Simone Moro & Piotr Morawski in 2005...And if you talk about K2 you MUST mention the first ascent made by italian team in 1954
DS Negi (28 days ago)
I agree from your list but Everest did not make place in 10
Mhz Mrko (29 days ago)
Pakistan Nepal have most highest and dangoures mountains in the world.the beauty of nature🇵🇰
tera baap (29 days ago)
I disliked this vadio.it contain wrong information
Muhammad Ilyas (1 month ago)
This guy has the worst geography knowledge .... you should have paid attention in school idiot
ruma Dutta (1 month ago)
Where is everest? From darjeeling, kanchanghangha is soooooo close.
John Johnston (1 month ago)
Well i'm surprised MT Everest never made the list lol
Solo Titan (1 month ago)
this piece of shit guy have 0 knowledge about pakistan stupid guy nanga parbat is located in PAKISTANNNNNNNN
PACMAN (1 month ago)
Rich Glanzer (1 month ago)
I climbed Red Rock in Vegas. Really treacherous. We had no guides like they do at Mt. Everest. I made it out alive. Hero.
Ned (1 month ago)
To add to your dozens of errors Shishapangma is not in Nepal. It lies entirely within Tibet.
Nishanth Rao (1 month ago)
I don't understand why Mt. Kailash is not there in this list. No person ever has made it to that peak
Freddie Mercury (1 month ago)
So you're telling me -there's a chance for me to climb Everest- Everest is the easy one. Nice
Green tech (1 month ago)
Nanga parbat is in my hometown (Gilgit Baltistan).the jewel of pakistan not in kashmir
N D (1 month ago)
Its tibet and nepal or india or Pakistan...for god sake stop mentioning china here
Pixel Eyes (1 month ago)
Nanga Parbat lies just south of the Indus River in the Diamer District of Gilgit–Baltistan in Pakistan. Not far to the north is the western end of the Karakoram range. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanga_Parbat
SpeedBridgeBoiii (1 month ago)
annapurna III???
damijan leskovar (1 month ago)
damijan leskovar (1 month ago)
better read this two articles ... south face of daulaghiri climbed twice by slovenians , once with tomaz humar in alpine style ...
damijan leskovar (1 month ago)
The south face proper saw its first ascent in 1981. On October 15, after nearly two weeks of reconnaissance, Yugoslavians Stane Belak Srauf, Cene Bercic and Emil Tratnik started out from a base camp at 3924 meters. The trio climbed for five days on the right side of the south face before joining the Southeast Ridge route at the rock band at 7185 meters. They continued up the ridge for four more days, reaching their 7950-meter high point near the junction of the Southeast and Northeast ridges (the mountain’s normal route, climbed in 1960 by a predominantly Swiss expedition for the first ascent). In increasingly unstable weather and leaving behind their tent, food and stove, they began their descent of the northeast ridge. Four days of open bivouacs in strong storms followed before they reached the base of the mountain. By the time they regained safety in the village of Kali Pani, they had gone six days without food.
damijan leskovar (1 month ago)
Usman Ramzan (1 month ago)
You should to make that video after getting proper knowledge as others are claiming "Nanga Parbat" is in Pakistan although Kashmir is also a part of Pakistan.
بشارت تنہا (1 month ago)
For your kind information nanaga parbat in Switzerland 😀😀😀😀😀
Faheem Khan (1 month ago)
haha k2 challenges you....
Master Illusions (1 month ago)
Nanga Parbat means naked mountain not killer mountain
Aniket Basnet (1 month ago)
What about Mt .Kailash??
Shirshak Subedi (1 month ago)
nepals mountain region doesnt lies to the india side only china lies in the north mountain side... please correct this
Mubashar Ahmad (1 month ago)
A dislike for false info!! You earned it youself! Congratulations :)
Varun B (1 month ago)
All these mountains are in India...now keep fighting
floridaboy slim (1 month ago)
I think I'll just stay here and drink
michael young (1 month ago)
Why are they deadly.... poison or teeth
Hazard David (1 month ago)
Nanga Parbat is on Planet Earth...so pls shut up everyone...
mang chao (1 month ago)
Minya Konka have over 60% fatality rate……
Scott Olson (1 month ago)
Was it just me or was the music too upbeat to be put behind talks about fatalities?
altarush (1 month ago)
That mountain where climbers disappear must have fallen off mountain or in a crevasse or been attacked by something. Hope, it is not an animal or some mythical beast.
bina lama (1 month ago)
nepal jay nepal
bina lama (1 month ago)
our country has the most highest mountains
Sushant Kayastha (1 month ago)
Except top 2 Top highest mountain are included in nepal
Sushant Kayastha (1 month ago)
Wait what Mount everest not included...Are U joking man???
Sushant Kayastha (1 month ago)
+Neville Longbottom bro sorry u wrote easiest after all
Neville Longbottom (1 month ago)
+Sushant Kayastha Yeah because it's the most climbed peak there. And there aren't many deaths compared to the climbers. I didn't wrote it's easy man, use ur brain.
Sushant Kayastha (1 month ago)
+Neville Longbottom how it can be easy...many people die while climbing ...after all it's highest peak in the world..
Neville Longbottom (1 month ago)
Because it's one of the easiest 8000s to climb?!
marqde1 (1 month ago)
Makalu pronounce as in Mac n cheese. What about Mt Washington? Not the one in Cincinnati, but the one in New Hampshire.
Anonym (1 month ago)
Nanga Parbat is in the Alps omg
Ultimate gamer 360 (1 month ago)
What about kilamanjaro
You there! (1 month ago)
Nanga Parbat, K2, and the other one comes in India or you can say Pakistan occupied Kashmir. But dosent matter, everything comes in Indian sub-continent. All mountain have ancient Indian names accept K2 and Everest
Boogaloos Pro (1 month ago)
I thought Mount Everest would be in this video🤔🤔🤔
Avaria (1 month ago)
I love Pakistan cause it is more beautiful than Switzerland and other European countries.
Josh Kjoelen (1 month ago)
Could you give us some sources for these fatality rates lol just random numbers
Muhammad Abbas (1 month ago)
There is no another peaks of gilgit baltistan
SULLTAN & khan (1 month ago)
bro nanga pabat mountin in Pakistan
Eric Gould (1 month ago)
this is ridiculously fact-checked - poor job guys...
Nepal <3
I M FROM PAKISTAN (1 month ago)
Pakistan, Switzerland of Asia
Leisure Club (1 month ago)
Correct your information #3 Nanga Perbat is in Gilgit BALTISTAN .. which is Part of Pakistan....
sagar das (1 month ago)
K2 is in INDIA.
Zalruff Veladimir (1 month ago)
Shameful person K2 is in Pakistan not in China i am Russian and worked 5 year's Pakistan mountains K2 nanga parpat gilgit and other sides🇵🇰🇵🇰❤️🇷🇺🇷🇺⛺️🏕🏔🏔⛰🏔🏔🛰🛰🇵🇰🇷🇺
Rauley Shar (13 days ago)
Gilgit is a disputed reason. After India/Pakistan war, it will be back part of India. FREE TIBET!
khan suliman (27 days ago)
Zalruff veladimir you are 100%right broo always many many welcome I love you broo😍😍😎😎☺☺❤❤🤗🤗
Joe Pepe (1 month ago)
This is like listening to a bunch or retards arguing quantum physic properties..
Mad Wax (1 month ago)
ok everyone calm down and show bobs and vagene
miranda Cheng (1 month ago)
Idiot! K2 is located on the border between China and Pakistan
Murad Ali Khan (1 month ago)
Nanga parbut is Pakistan okkk
ZAZI SAMADI (1 month ago)
Hassan Khan (2 months ago)
Sucks information ever.
Benjithemin (2 months ago)
It gets more dangerous when the idiots climb mountains.
Gag (2 months ago)
My Ararat🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲❤️⛰️
Magical World 2 (2 months ago)
Hahaha ye Indian itna kun jal rahy hain samjh ye nahi a raha....
Eternal Goof (2 months ago)
The fatality-rate is _not_ the ratio between deaths and climbing trials, it is the ratio between deaths and successful summits. So, in theory there are fatality-rates above 100% possible while - at the same time - a fatality-rate of 50% doesn't mean that every second climber dies. Exampel: 100 trials with 10 successful summits and the loss of 5 climbers leads to a fatality-rate of 50%, while effectively "only" 5% of all climbers suffered death.
zohaib khan (2 months ago)
nanga parbat is in gilgit baltistan not in kshmir

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