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10 DEADLIEST Mountains In The World | LIST KING

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Text Comments (996)
Timothy Roper (6 minutes ago)
Ueli Steck also did the first solo climb of the south face of Annapurna I (in 28 hours).
Deepesh Adhy (6 hours ago)
How the Kanchenjunga lies in India
DiceKid2008 (5 days ago)
kanchanjunga is in nepal only
See Mig (5 days ago)
thx for the vid love:from pakistan
Sohail Ahmad (5 days ago)
If u dont have enough information about geography then don't talk about mountain nanga parbat is in Pakistan because kashmir is part of Pakistan
sophia verma (5 days ago)
lol you are saying kanchanjunga lies in both india and nepal...not even 1 percent of this mountain lies in india.
Nanga Parbat not in Kashmir, It is located in District Diamer, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan
Jonathan Mosher (6 days ago)
Kanchenjunga is 20%
Jonathan Mosher (6 days ago)
It's pronounced "Mackalloo"
Jonathan Mosher (6 days ago)
Actually, some of the 7000-meter peaks have much higher fatality rates than most of the ones listed going purely by %
Sunau Ssjdus (7 days ago)
I think it is hard to climb
Cong Sheng (8 days ago)
Mount Gongga???
geonerd (8 days ago)
Lazy, inaccurate garbage. The Daily Mail does better....
Muhammad Ahsan (9 days ago)
Nanga Parbat is in Pakistan too
ala sinistra (9 days ago)
Mountain Catamanio
kindly correct Nanga Parbat is in Gilgit Balistan Pakistan ,
moviemad56 (10 days ago)
Please learn to pronounce Nepal correctly - the A is a long sound like "ah", it doesn't rhyme with Paul.
Aquatic Borealis (11 days ago)
Well technically it would be far harder to climb Mauna Kea. Why? Because the base is at the bottom of the ocean. I estimate a 100% fatality on that one every time.
Hugo Stiglitz (16 days ago)
don't forget that anyone who climbs these mountains needs the help of a sherpa, and those sherpas that risk their lives everytime are badly underpaid. before you decide to climb one of these mountains, think about whose life you're risking aside from your own, and dig into your wallet to pay them far more than what their company will charge because they 100% deserve more. Give it to them directly too so the company can't take their cut for doing basically nothing.
m9078jk3 (16 days ago)
These are fun little hikes
Rio Hunziano (18 days ago)
What the fuck. Nanga parbat is Not in Kashmir it's in Diamer district of GilgitBaltistan Pakistan Indians claiming on Nepal's mountains as well as on K2 and Nanga parbat. Fuck off toilet less species.
bob bobbgarte (20 days ago)
2:49 see 10 people not 8
FaZe Approach (23 days ago)
Mount Everest is the tallest
Fysl Ch (24 days ago)
asshole nanga parbat is in pakistaan
Nangnurbu Sherpa (27 days ago)
I climbed Everest from Nepal side recently in spring.
Android User (27 days ago)
Probably the script is written by a fuck face Indian and read by an ignorant white fuck. Thats why has got all the locations wrong. Maybe as per the script guy, all the mountains, all oceans and all deserts are in india. Maybe Christopher columbus , Wniston Churchill and bill gates were also born in India.
Chitra Bhatt (27 days ago)
you should gather more knowledge before uploading these types of video kanchanjunga lies on north of Nepal so how can you say that it lies in nepal & india
Asad ali Khan (29 days ago)
Nanga parbat is in Pakistan
Aqib Waseem (30 days ago)
nanga parbat is in pakistan gilgit baltistan
Jeffrey Ferraro (1 month ago)
Just because a mountain is 8000m doesn't mean you climb 8000m.
Johan Schröder (1 month ago)
Real bullshit, dont know what you talking about
azfar Gilgitbaltistain (1 month ago)
Nanga parbat is in Gilgit baltistan district chilas Gilgit not in fucking Kashmir or endia mother fuckers
Amit sangroula (1 month ago)
kanchajauna is nepal not india
Fazal Mehmood (1 month ago)
Ueli Steck has passed away btw. Just in case you didn't know!
Yasir Ali (1 month ago)
Research before making video why you are providing wrong information ?
Mountain Madness (1 month ago)
Shishapangma is the easiest mountain to climb from those which are 8000+ meters high.
Man De Rijn (1 month ago)
Nice video mate! <3 Keep it up the good work!
sadam hussain kitab (1 month ago)
till now I thought Indians are dumb but from today I'm adding Pakistanis in that list. gilgit baltistan , pakistan occupied kashmir, indian occupied kashmir,Jammu,ladhak is all part of Jammu and kashmir it neither belongs to India nor to pakistan.
Binod Moktan (1 month ago)
Fucking kanchanjunga is in nepal u dont know mother fucker
Dhameer Govind (1 month ago)
Not accurate information.
Sutton Krier (1 month ago)
K2 is way more difficult than Everest
Ramit Rasaili (1 month ago)
fucking this video kanchanga is total in Nepal
The Silverbird gaming (1 month ago)
Wheres MT Everest
Kevin Raymond Khoo (1 month ago)
i thought 1st is mount everest..
Yousuf Virani (1 month ago)
#1 India, Poop mountain
Saeed Rehman (1 month ago)
wrong vide Nanga parbat is not in Kashmir - this video is biased vidoe - do not agree withe rating
Saeed Rehman (1 month ago)
wrong vide Nanga parbat is not in Kashmir - this video is biased vidoe - do not agree withe rating
Saeed Rehman (1 month ago)
wrong vide Nanga parbat is not in Kashmir - this video is biased vidoe - do not agree withe rating
pakistan mountain paradise
Riyan Ahmad (1 month ago)
Nanga perbat is is gilgit area pakistan.not in kashmir
Meiraj Sheikh (1 month ago)
We can see nanga Parbat from Gulamarg peak Kashmir. Quite clearly visible from there.
Lennart Höft (1 month ago)
khawa karpo has a fail rate from 100 %
Nbhai Kc (1 month ago)
Your infomation about MAKALU and KANCHENJUGA is wrong.. It is in NELAL only nepal not in china and india
Arvin W (1 month ago)
basically all the 8000m peaks...
Connor Hutchings (1 month ago)
Very misinformative. Nanga Parbat is in Canada, not Kashmir.
Jye Kennedy (1 month ago)
Wow most of this is bullshit it's hard to think they forgot the real most dangerous mountain in the world.
Skankpronger (1 month ago)
Everest not even in the top 10? it must be because of the sheer number of people who have climbed it by now compared to other famous peeks, everyone wants Everest on their resume
Umair Umair (1 month ago)
i am from Kashmir and Kashmir belongs to Pakistan
priyo das (1 month ago)
Everest ?????
Ali Imran Mani (1 month ago)
nanga parbat is in Pakistan...
Vincent Krause (1 month ago)
Absolutly wrong Sourh Face of daulaghiri was climbed by Tomaz Humar in an alpine Style Solo Push!
Sayani Dutta (1 month ago)
Salute the real heroes
Mazhar Musafir (1 month ago)
Moral of the story , If you like adventure vist Pakistan & Nepal 😃
shashank singh (1 month ago)
K2 is in india not in pakistan
Rudraa Gurung (1 month ago)
Kanchanhunga lies in Nepal not India and makalu also in nepal
Nick f (1 month ago)
People legit die everyday on Everest so really surprised it wasn’t on list
Mark Krok (2 months ago)
Crowley with todays equipment would have summoned Horus at all the summits
BotPotatoes (2 months ago)
Nanga parbat is not in kashmir it is gilgit baltistan ur information is wrong about it
Chris Elmer (2 months ago)
Woah, that shot at 3:32.
Adeel Abdullah (2 months ago)
Correction.. k2 and nanga parbat is in pakistan.
HULKEN1UP (8 days ago)
Fatality rate is number of dead to number of successful summits not attempts. The people who died in the snowstorm were not mountaineers but mainly trekkers doing the Circuit. And then off cause all the geographical errors. Just delete this crap!
How I Create (2 months ago)
Nanga parbat is in gilgit baltistan pakistan not in indian occupied kashmir. As gilgit baltistan is not a part of kashmir.
Faizan Sajid (2 months ago)
Nanga parbat is located in Pakistan provience Gilgit baldistan and K2 is also located in pakistan . Yes the 30% of korakaram range is in china but both nanga and k2 the main mountains of korakaram range locate in pakistan.
A.Rehman Raza (2 months ago)
Correction! Nanga Parbat is in Pakistan
jeff wackenthal (2 months ago)
Mountains are not deadly...just stupid climbers died there...Let mountains alone dont go there !
Judge Parker (2 months ago)
Stop with that Metric crappola
Muhammad Uzair (2 months ago)
Nanga Parbat İs In Pakistan
Gert Buur (2 months ago)
Outdoor Sport Channel® www.outdoorsportchanneltv.com
Martin David (2 months ago)
Thank you for all that information. Have a good day ahead.
amrit parajuli (2 months ago)
Kanchanganja is in Nepal not in India
cool Potato_kid dude (2 months ago)
ALAN LAWRENCE (2 months ago)
They all sound like cool places to commit suicide... and I mean really cool.
Everthing for pakistan (2 months ago)
WTF is this . . First correct ur information nanga parbat is located in gilgit baltistan,Pakistani . . . .and also kashmir is our love and a part of Pakistan
John K Lindgren (2 months ago)
*Thanks, Merci for using METRIC system aka METRICATION. Fuck Feet, Miles, Inches, Stones and POUNDS “LBS” = Lot of Bull Shit! Fahrenheit, too. Bangkok Johnnie CarSanook Media Thailand (officially Metric Country like the rest of the WORLD except USA and the corrupt, backward Burma aka Myanmar and Liberia) GO METRIC THINK ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN!*
Tobias Gyger (2 months ago)
The deadliest Mountain (absolute number) is the Matterhorn with over 500 people.
Taimoor Khan (2 months ago)
Ohooo k2 is in mumbai 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rytham Tamu (2 months ago)
Non of the mountain come under India so plz stop giving wrong information as Nepal🇳🇵/India .....it’s completely under only In Nepal 🇳🇵 ok
Salwa Shah (2 months ago)
Arvind Sharma (2 months ago)
azam shah (2 months ago)
K2 is full of death 4 out of 1 die in climbing k2
MR. Pomiri (2 months ago)
Wrong information about nanga parbat. It's in gilgit Pakistan and it's 7th largest in the world and more dangerous to climb then k2 or mount Everest.
Nain Abbas (2 months ago)
naga parbat is in Pakistan
Saim videos (2 months ago)
Nanga Parbat is in Pakistan 🇵🇰
Asad Ullah Khan (2 months ago)
K2 has the highest fatality rate it's never been summited in winter ever. And is the most dangerous mountain ever. And secondly nanga parbat is in Pakistan. Do your research kid!
Asif Shahwani (2 months ago)
nanga parbat is n pakistan.....u fool
my pakistan (2 months ago)
Nang parbat is situated in district astore ND diamer of Pakistan it's not in Kashmir...
Ciara Vevo (2 months ago)
Nanga parbat is in gilgit baltistan bitch there is no other side of K2 bitch it’s also in gilgit baltistan (Pakistan)
Shakeel Abbas (2 months ago)
I request the admin to rectify the error, Naga Parbat is not situated in Kashmir but its situated in GilGit-Baltistan.
sky fire (2 months ago)
Not a single person has ever climbed mt kailash
Ankit Bhatia (2 months ago)

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