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ESPN Jalen Rose: The Rise Of Euro Step Feature (Dwyane Wade & Manu Ginobili)

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Text Comments (230)
Jayson William (17 days ago)
The Afro-Step... Shit been around since Elgin Baylor. Stop letting cultures steal our shit...
A.Paris Films (29 days ago)
The Origin of the Euro Step https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTEfg7Z5nzk
MrTjbears54 (1 month ago)
Wade Euro Is Way Faster And Smoother
khaydaerin (2 months ago)
Technical vs Explosive
Jayson William (17 days ago)
Unathletic v athletic Slow v quick So-so v very fuckin good manu < D WADE
Habibur Rahman (2 months ago)
Ginobili perfected it and everyone copied him after that. Especially harden and westbrook
beni mayele (3 months ago)
Basketball version of step over
Tierre Jevon (3 months ago)
Neither of these guys invented the Eurostep and the shit didn’t originate in Europe. It’s doing a TREMENDOUS disservice to the game to even say that BS. It’s another reason why Elgin Baylor is so under appreciated. He was doing the later step back in the 50s. I’m not saying he invented the move, but he was destroying guys with this moves before Ginobili or the other European guy was even a thought in the 80s. Not to mention the HOF players that used the move decades prior to that.
Jonathan Cambel (4 months ago)
DWade Eurostep is on athletic side. Ginobili eurostep is more on finesse side
Jayson William (17 days ago)
Aka unathletic...
Madelyn Tipon (6 months ago)
James Harden just put it to the higher level.
Kyrie English (7 months ago)
Jalen Rose likes the Euro because it is the only move Kobe didn't do to him. #81pts
Matt Williams (7 months ago)
They took advantage of the NBA giving two steps. This is the result.
andrei joseph (7 months ago)
They didn’t know that the best is not even in that list. THE BEARD
Sonamor (8 months ago)
Please explain to me how this is not blatant traveling. so because the first "step" isnt really a step, its part of the previous "gathering step" it makes it okay to go 2 and 1/2 steps without dribbling? While holding the ball with both hands in some instances? Forgive me, cause i know nothing about basketball
Gray Man (8 months ago)
Chris Paul said DWade is the best in Europe step. Do you agree?
Suween Kannangara (8 months ago)
both james harden's and Manu's 2 step is very smooth, Wade had an explosive eurostep due to his dynamic style of play.
Norwel De Guzman (8 months ago)
dwade: hey kg wanna see some magic? kg:ok dwade:look...now you see me"' now you dont
Paradocx Jordan (8 months ago)
Westbrook has the sickest euro step right now. He should be in this..
FAN BOi (8 months ago)
Manu is the best d wade second best way to defend it is back up
Kahl E.Cattn (8 months ago)
Many have don the euro step decade's b4 wade & manu. The originals were tha best
rafael gutierrez (8 months ago)
typical soccer movement, very argentine.
Forever Purple N Gold (8 months ago)
If you jump off one foot and lands on the other foot it's travelling lol
sky_vhille (9 months ago)
harden was the best of them all!!!
Exhauztee (9 months ago)
KIDS quit it! Ignorant wee's "Wade is more explosive than Harden and Ginobli is more crafty" STOP THESE NONSENSE! explosive vs crafty = CRAFTY wins explosive = can do it effectively or so called as flashily crafty = can do almost everything, every angle, every situation, different steps that isnt usual. BETTER? Harden (X) Wade (X) Ginobili ( /) Consecutive step usage = Ginobili (every game back when he was younger and hungry). He's the master of Euro step after the one that bought it to NBA Talking about dunks look out his dunks on his prime , he will go through every defense hole no matter who u were back in his days.
jonathan paul (10 months ago)
James harden is the best euro stepper
Duane Doldrum (11 months ago)
Come on guys just admit it. Just because Manu popularized it doesn't mean his eurostep is better. Wade's eurostep is just as deceptive but more cleaner and smoother.
No it isn't.
D W (11 months ago)
Fat Jalen
MJ Cruz (11 months ago)
Manu no brainer
Popoy Villanueva (11 months ago)
Manu king of eurostep
Guido Kaczka (11 months ago)
Manu is the King of euro step and Bosh know it 😂
Smb (1 year ago)
Euro Step- Ruined the NBA. You can't just invent a move in the NBA that literally ignores the number one rule of basketball. You control the ball by dribbling it.......... This is Not a gather, this is taking two steps with the ball already in the KID'S hands.
Dricx Dricx (1 year ago)
Rodan how fucking stupid are you? obviously you don't even play bball.
Black7od (1 year ago)
Greek Freak has a great eurostep.
Mark Jayson David (1 year ago)
what's that thing wade put on his shoe? at 0:30
Brandon Moore (1 year ago)
James Harden best euro
Amy Mendez (1 year ago)
i euro stepped the border
Frosty (1 year ago)
What was he putting on his shoes at the beginning
Ricky Moss (1 year ago)
Manu is the king of flopping that's his signature move him and lebron
Ricky Moss (1 year ago)
Wade's euro-step is more saucy and flashy than ginobli's ginobli did it first.. Wade took it to the next level..
Alex Young (1 year ago)
Manu made it famous though, and he is the KING of the Eurostep.
Ben Meyer (1 year ago)
Why tf he look like nick cannon im 20 years
Finn The Human (1 year ago)
kobe scored 81 pts on jalen rose
JohnnyDemarco (1 year ago)
Wades is better because he was more intimidating as an attacker. Defenders were more hesitant with Wade which made his eurostep that much more effective.
Justin 2k (1 year ago)
All these people saying harden is better are 12 year olds
Little Birdie (1 year ago)
Ali Productions (1 year ago)
and thanks for watching too! I hope you subscribe and turn on notifications :)
Lambert Benally (1 year ago)
It's a travel
Ali Productions (1 year ago)
and thanks for watching too! I hope you subscribe and turn on notifications :)
Taemoata Fong (1 year ago)
Harden has taken the euro step to another level. He uses some form of a euro step in most of his drives to the basket. He has added many jukes and fakes to the euro before he gathers the ball and takes his 2 steps. mesmerizing I do recall seeing Manu really utilizing the Euro step as an offensive weapon early on. Before Wade was on the scene
Ali Productions (1 year ago)
And thanks for watching too! I appreciate you I hope you subscribe and turn on notifications :)
Kal Baker (1 year ago)
Jalen Rose dress like a Steve Harvey collection model! Man get a tailor man
Ali Productions (1 year ago)
And thanks for watching too! I appreciate you I hope you subscribe and turn on notifications :)
* RobGoCrazy (1 year ago)
Easily Wade
Ali Productions (1 year ago)
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booby b (1 year ago)
Love how it takes a european to simply invent going around your opponent or not running in a straight line.
Ali Productions (1 year ago)
Lmaooooo Thanks for watching tho homie! I hope you subscribe bro!! Id love to see you on my newer videos
Hank H (1 year ago)
age stopped him
Ali Productions (1 year ago)
This is 100% true. Thanks for watching tho homie! I hope you subscribe bro!! Id love to see you on my newer videos
MatrixPatience (1 year ago)
harden is the goat
Ali Productions (1 year ago)
Lmaoo HARDEN IS NASTY BRO Also I hope you check out my latest videos! Please subscribe for more content in the future :)
Tony Gambino (1 year ago)
Why is this the Euro-step? Its just taking 2 steps.
Ali Productions (1 year ago)
Everything is considered a EuroStep now a days haha Btw I just uploaded a new video to this channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zmb0la-NnIs … … Flag this message Delete this message Check it out! Thanks so much, man!
jorge sepulveda (1 year ago)
That move in my opinion, can also be applied in futbol (soccer) ... Messi does something very similar! I'd say is a simple move, hard to pull off, but extremely effective in both sports.
Connor Murphy (2 years ago)
Harden does it a lot like Manu.
me ir (2 years ago)
I swear to God a kid on my high school team has a nastier euro step than both combined. I don't see anyone in the NBA defending it, maybe he could make it to the NBA just with that move
In7eleo (1 year ago)
What's his name
csyd22 (1 year ago)
Why da fuccc you lyin, song playing
Miguel Gonzalez (2 years ago)
em why But can he do the "reverse euro step"?
okanhawk (2 years ago)
Sure buddy. where's the tape?
Donnie Kane (2 years ago)
Been trying to master the euro step since I was a kid man!
BestGamer_2016 (2 years ago)
Did he say KD? 2:58
Alec Bayeur (2 years ago)
BestGamer_2016 KG
retr0Gamer18 (2 years ago)
James harden has the best euro step
William Jackson (11 months ago)
+Mal R (iNTERNATIONAL MAL) he absolutely was doing it when he first came in. youtube has old games. even 30 min highlight videos of the 06 Finals(all Wade). if you want to root for Euro players watch out for Luka. Hes a 6'8 Manu but with no minutes restriction or health to prolong. next year we might see what what Manu under star minutes would have been.
Joseph Rhee (11 months ago)
probably travels the best doing it out of everyone.
Mal R (1 year ago)
You must be young...I think of Ginobili when I hear "euro step" Actually didn't even know wade was in the conversation as one of the "best" euro steps...I doubt he was doing it during his first few years. I watched a lot of ball and never seen him do it during the time that Manu was.
MatrixPatience (1 year ago)
retr0Gamer18 exactly
Steve C (2 years ago)
My favorite is the euro step to a dunk in a fast break. Durant does that move really well.
the jalen rose. where he breaks your career cause he cant play worth shit
Kolong Enos (2 years ago)
hell na kd do euro better
trebledc (2 years ago)
i like Dwayne Wade steps very intimidating you can't just see his next step.
Krystal Laurence (2 years ago)
i love it :)
SportsTalkYoutube (2 years ago)
Dwayne is the best
Daniels Daddy (2 years ago)
I was named after Jalen Rose
G Graham (2 years ago)
mike time (2 years ago)
James harden took that to another level
C.D.F (2 years ago)
James Hogrden takes 30 shots to score 25 points lol
Barstool Blues (2 years ago)
+mike time No...Wade is the king of the eurostep.
Joseph Gerolaga (2 years ago)
> just watch manu the scientist here in youtube..
foxfire1112 (2 years ago)
James Harden
C.D.F (2 years ago)
his name is James Hogrden, he a fucking ball hog that likes bricks
wong nigel (2 years ago)
+foxfire1112 harden step is for drawing foul
jow14281 (2 years ago)
+ispd123 haren is doing his own thing called travellin james like mentor lebron the king!
Aesthetic XxX (2 years ago)
Yes but D Wade and Ginobli was the ones that started before Harden
foxfire1112 (2 years ago)
+Poke Player wade is explosive. Manu is shifty, but harden's euro is smooth af
Selfish Stockton (2 years ago)
Jalen Rose a fool for this one.
The Dream Merchant (1 year ago)
Who gon stop me now???
JiiBr1L (2 years ago)
wade !
Jerryras (3 years ago)
James Harden has the best Eurostep
Guido Kaczka (11 months ago)
Yeah and Shaq is better at 3pt than Curry
Barstool Blues (2 years ago)
+Jerryras Bullshit...Wade's is by far the best.
Aesthetic XxX (2 years ago)
Wade is more explosive than Harden and Ginobli is more crafty
Black Dracula (2 years ago)
dude harden really smh u must be blind
Terrell Cole (2 years ago)
+MonoTown2025 Well yeah it is good but Wade's is better.Thats all I was saying.
Jerryras (3 years ago)
James Harden has the best Eurostep
Ben Wallace (2 years ago)
+sunnyboy8644 you're the idiot
Chris Haugan (2 years ago)
his is pretty good but not the best
sunnyboy8644 (2 years ago)
not even close idiot..
John Jack (2 years ago)
Not even
Chicco Barcenas (3 years ago)
0:50 where can i buy those poster ?
flame1113 (3 years ago)
Diego Santana (3 years ago)
dwades eurostep looking so smooth
Eat Shiit (3 years ago)
dwade > manu > james harden
Bucket Central (3 years ago)
Jalen Rose does not know what his talking about whatsoever pissed me off is he said his going to the LAB you don't go to the LAB to learn history go to the LAB to learn situations, tendencies, and when to do things...  His over there like HAHAHAHAHA BOOM! KG got fooled but not breaking down how he got fooled come on JR thumbs down
Ericson Viernes (4 years ago)
James Harden the Euro 3step😂😂😂✌✌✌ 👊 But Harden is best for now?😂
Rey David Gamboa (4 years ago)
I wonder why it took so long to grow from Sarunas Marciulionis to the likes of Ginobili and Dwyane Wade. Killer move on the court
Tierre Jevon (3 months ago)
Elgin Baylor, Dr. J, and many others were using the move in the league long before Saurunas Marciulionis ever came to the NBA.
John Jack (2 years ago)
Because they made it look great again.
Maurice Penright (4 years ago)
Elgin baylor the originator of the lateral step
thejay1221 (4 years ago)
Jalen Rose is a fucking loser. I wonder how many takes it took him to speak correctly
A J (2 years ago)
education doesn't equate to intelligence. you're a prime example of this. he's successful in what he does and it seems like he's happy. who are you to knock someone? i'de bet my bottom dollar that you aren't half as successful as he is. The guy has been a meaningful part of the game for over two decades and he isn't broke. He's doing something right.
Malaquias Popocateptl (3 years ago)
Eh, troll harder.
Aiden Chung (4 years ago)
haha, whatever, Jalen is awesome!
thejay1221 (4 years ago)
+Luke Gaul Being poor is not an excuse to be uneducated. 
Luke Gaul (4 years ago)
My point was just that he doesn't necessarily deserve to be insulted when you consider the societal pool hes been brought up in, i.e NBA players. Guys like Javale McGee make Jalen look like a genius!
Matthew (4 years ago)
upayjay1 (4 years ago)
Guys like Bernard King and George Gervin were doing the "Eurostep" way before Šarūnas Marčiulionis..... smh People
Black7od (1 year ago)
Black7od (3 years ago)
+upayjay1 The eurostep is a streetball move. I remember a lot of people used that move growing up.
+David P Well I guess they did use it but was nothing more than improvising. It wasnt even an official move that had a name it was all improvisation by the players.
David P (3 years ago)
Yea I can believe that especially about ice
Show me proof.
Sneakerama17 (4 years ago)
Who else besides dwade can dunk off of a euro...
Mal R (1 year ago)
John Wall, BeastBrook
taj singh (3 years ago)
Lunch Box (3 years ago)
The Greek Freak.
·BDSTRÁX· (4 years ago)
Manu Ginobili, young fella. 
rjspurs20 (4 years ago)
Wade and harden copied manu. Manu made it famous
+L.G. Enterprises Actually it was a handball move before a basketball move.
Ricky Moss (1 year ago)
Wade took it to the next level tho.. his euro step is very saucy
Steve (1 year ago)
Tony Gambino he didn't say who did it first, because the video says Sarunas was the one to bring it over from Europe. He said Manu made the move famous. Which is true. When someone uses the euro step, people (even NBA announcers) say they hit them with that Ginobli
Rafael Rodriguez (1 year ago)
did you watch the video?
Tony Gambino (1 year ago)
The first to do it was Sarunas Marcilunus
bpaolomartin (4 years ago)
what is d wade putting on his shoe ??? pls answer
Lukas Calov (4 years ago)
1-dont put Harden in the same sentance with D Wade and Manu 2-I think d wade is better not cuz he is a better player but becouse it looks easier smoother and almost never failed unlike manus
JaeL (20 days ago)
+ASAP Ferg manu blocked harden
JaeL (20 days ago)
to correct you, manu isnt an orthodox type of player thats why hes difficult to guard unlike other nba players. your just basing it of on coolness and and smoothness you didnt see how manu played and use the euro. in martial arts i could probably put manus version as drunken style because its difficult to predict unlike the any orthodox type of player.
Jay's luggage (8 months ago)
Harden is the freakin truth...just not defensively😂😂😂
zoezoe (10 months ago)
Jewel Mendoza nah not prime wade harden great but prime wade was something out of this world
zoezoe (10 months ago)
Lukas Calov except shooting thats it after that everything better
Johnson Tang (4 years ago)
Hardeb euro step is so unsmoothly
The Boxing Scholar (4 years ago)
Manu Ginobli euro-stepped all over the Pistons in the Finals. I believe it was 2005, and Ginobli should have won the Finals MVP.
Najee Simons (8 months ago)
The Boxing Scholar He should have won finals MVP
Big larry morris (1 year ago)
Marz916 so true fam
thaxcutioner#1 (2 years ago)
+Marz916 Manu first pulled it off on national TV against Shaq after he crossed over Kobe in the closeout game of the 2003 series. Shaq didn't know WTF happened, lol.
Ismayel Walker (4 years ago)
lol yess
Raven Cabrera (4 years ago)
they are the best in euro 
BlueHundred (4 years ago)
Harden's one of the best in the league at it too
Andrey Serenio (11 months ago)
ginobli and wade
UP Nerom (1 year ago)
Ty Bladuz whos 3rd?
Ty Bladuz (4 years ago)
yeah like the 4th best at it
spursbucswhitesoxfan (4 years ago)
To all you morons who say that Wade is better (he may be btw) than Ginobili because he dunks at the end of the Euro Step.....you need to watch more Spurs games.  I've seen Ginobili dunk at the end at least 100 times.  Wade may be better...but not because Manu can't dunk. 
websurfer955 (1 year ago)
Manu had a couple nice dunks in playoffs this year, and he's like 39!
Lucho MM99 (1 year ago)
back in the day manu was a real dunker tho
Maximiliano (2 years ago)
spursbucswhitesoxfan u are fucking right.
John Zaffarese (5 years ago)
Louie Damaso (5 years ago)
Chloe Kho (4 years ago)
Hi are u using smart keyboard pro?? Mine isn't that responsive after I changed my phone..
DeAndre Drummond (5 years ago)
Wade's euro step dunk is awesome!!
Mayokun Esan (5 years ago)
Ok y u telling me yo wait u should since u don't believe he will just on of em doubters.
nrb628 (5 years ago)
/watch?v=XJR0iThx4w8 Let me know when Wade pulls that off at 36.
Morsel z (5 years ago)
Wade and Harden copied Manu. But Harden has the best euro step/side step.
ElKekely (5 years ago)
wade copied manu, both of them do it great
dequazique (5 years ago)
manu fo sure

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