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Text Comments (28)
Smoking oregano
Snorting sherbet sticks
Number 9 is nangz
William Heacock (2 years ago)
what about snorting altoids
PurpCanadian (2 years ago)
What is euphoria
Brendon (2 years ago)
Omg I was I dosing in arma and I didn't know holy fk
Brendon (2 years ago)
I just played so long until I zoned out
Brendon (2 years ago)
Lol wtf I just game till I zone out like one time I was a medic in arma and there was music playing in kavala and I zoned out reviving dead kids getting shot lock picking a heli hahaha
Paula Harris Baca (3 years ago)
Nutmeg gives a very headache-y high. I did see some signs of LSD-like shimmering and image distortion. But it wasn't worth it.
Paula Harris Baca (2 years ago)
+Feo About 2-3 hours. My best friend and I went to see a revival of "Bambi", I think, and it started from about 1/2 hour after I ingested it until the end of the film. It wasn't worth it. It was shimmery and subtle and gave me a monstrous headache. But when you are 24 you are curious. I recommend getting a tab of acid (as they used to call LSD) if you really want an entertaining experience. Just make sure you are with people you like or are in a happy environment. I recall watching a movie with Donald Sutherland or Elliott Gould (not MASH) or Sutherland's son in a movie and laughing myself silly as the TV and the livingroom did weird movements. My best friend said "you know what? This is just really annoying. I am leaving, I'll come back in a few hours." She hated watching me act like an idiot for three hours, laughing at jokes she didn't get. Was that helpful? Bottom line, nutmeg is a pale imitation of the better hallucinogenics and those can be horrible too. Them's jes' my personal observations. =P
Feo (2 years ago)
+Paula Harris Baca how long did it last?
Paula Harris Baca (3 years ago)
It's pronounced "po-porry" Not "pot-purry". Anyone who ever has seen an episode of Laugh-In will know that.
Matthew Whiting (3 years ago)
You shouldn't tel ppl where to get it
Kevin Baker (3 years ago)
i do the smarties
Le Fart Salex (3 years ago)
tye boyce (3 years ago)
Can't someone figure out how to make wood into LSD or bananas into 2c-b or something?? Fuck nutmeg and the only shit I'm going near is the the shit that has shrooms growing out of.
Ryan Grats (3 years ago)
hmm?I'm willing to eat catnip to relax. Talk about heart rate lowerers!
LostParadise (3 years ago)
A funny but strange way to get high is when you buy a new car. The fresh leather and all the adhesives used to keep the interior together supposedly gives you a high.
Leila Rose (3 years ago)
Time to get high now.
notsosilentmajority1 (3 years ago)
Excellent video but that #1 has me scared, lol. If that's true, it's time to legalize just about everything else and run for cover. It seems as humans we are definitely moving backwards, backsides first so to speak. Great job, thanks for the info..
QueuetoWin (3 years ago)
This video deserves a hell of a lot more views than it has
Stefen Colalillo (3 years ago)
What is the name of the song you used? It's great for background audio and would love to use it!
Saloom (1 year ago)
Stefen Colalillo darude - sandstorm
SOME TOKED SPONGE (3 years ago)
CS:GO is fun
MrZeroclan (3 years ago)
How did you get here
MrZeroclan (3 years ago)
True lem ftw
LuchKMProductions (3 years ago)
George Pierce (3 years ago)

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