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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Genie (Official Video) Reaction!

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Text Comments (1774)
D&B Nation (2 months ago)
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Alejandro Florez (9 hours ago)
Assassin Creek (18 hours ago)
D&B Nation listen to nba youngboy song solar eclipse it’s my favorite plz
D&B Nation next can you react to you the one by nba
Morgan Terry (10 days ago)
react to traumaztized and right or wrong and red rum an his 1st song he made 38 baby
2x gang & 2x family (22 days ago)
Big Glo109 no he is not youngboy is 18 he turn 19 in October
Sheena Frierson (3 hours ago)
Now is 18
James Waters (8 hours ago)
NBA young boy 18
noah chandler (8 hours ago)
Yes baddie Barbie and young boy did date
Dum Jhitt Von (20 hours ago)
React to yungeen ace betrayed plzzz
Aaron Combs (21 hours ago)
They need to put a warning in the intro for people with beat or Apple headphones
Tae4lyfe (1 day ago)
Ight stop saying that he is 18 we know now errbody done put it down there
nicole5lex (1 day ago)
NBA is18 that is last year
Zanai Harris (1 day ago)
I like this song it's fire
Tanyja Smith (2 days ago)
NBA youngboy is my cousin
Tanyja Smith (2 days ago)
Yes he did and he 18
martrell davis (3 days ago)
I'm nba brother
Maria Allen (3 days ago)
He is 18 that crime was when he was 17
Tay Tay (3 days ago)
He is 18 the news old
Yung Booty Clench (3 days ago)
Idk how folks still watch y'all after all y'all been exposed for
Allen Holman (4 days ago)
Yall definitely sleeping on NBA...guy makes nothing but hits
kathy sillik (4 days ago)
He is 18 now yes he did
Liljayjay 2k Gawd (4 days ago)
Nba youngboy going threw alot like
Briyae Leach (4 days ago)
Yes, he did mess with the catch me outside girl. But this song is about his ex girlfriend Jania because she stopped messing with him.
T-BONE WILLSON (5 days ago)
If you ever do a q and a can u answer this. Is b white or black
Elly Agustin (5 days ago)
Nba young boy genie is a good song ya just lame af and hear lame. Song
Zycoreya Scofield (5 days ago)
He’s 18 years old
Trails The last Gamer (5 days ago)
He did go out with Danielle bregoli and he is 18 but he was 17 when he released this video and he turns 19 this year
jay jj (6 days ago)
Notice how Bianca ain't take he eyes off the Young Boy not once
Santiago Valencia (6 days ago)
This song go hard so shut up dike and boy u like boys gay self
John Henderson (6 days ago)
Yeah they did.
Mr. Pizza (6 days ago)
React to NBA youngboy worth it
Jamarion Sligh (7 days ago)
Kaleb Hunter (7 days ago)
He is 18
Kaleb Hunter (7 days ago)
Genus 18
rage (7 days ago)
He 18
TH gold (7 days ago)
Why is your intro ear rape
Jenise Jones (8 days ago)
Hey nba Young boy is 18 but hey just use that in 2017 it is 2018
J Moe (8 days ago)
He is 18
Levi Johnson (8 days ago)
He is 18
TERRI TRAMMELL (8 days ago)
yea dey did
Live Life (8 days ago)
React to murder on my mind
Vernon Johnson (8 days ago)
he 18
RoboticBasket48 YT (8 days ago)
He is 18
Kyler paul (9 days ago)
nbayoungboy 18
D'Anthony Sherman (9 days ago)
Schrell Smith (10 days ago)
React to NBA young boy overdosed
Damon Webb Jr (10 days ago)
he messing with cash me out side when was 17
Louie2x Bape (10 days ago)
yea he 18
PREETYBOY CJ (11 days ago)
Nba youngboy is 18
Jer Yungboy (11 days ago)
He’s 18
Samuel McDonald (11 days ago)
Fred Mosely (11 days ago)
Can you give can you give me NBA youngboy number
Fred Mosely (11 days ago)
Can you give me NBA youngboy Facebook
Jessica Hingle (11 days ago)
Youngboy is 18 and yeah he is band from social media
Cheryl Petroff (11 days ago)
Yes they did he got her pregnant
Fefe Poole (12 days ago)
Babe can sing
ItzSidiki (12 days ago)
Dalijanae Willis (12 days ago)
Add me on Snapchat@puppystyle_2017
Daydaydayking 7534 (12 days ago)
He the best rapper no lie if my grandma died I would be just like him
Rodriquez Jones (12 days ago)
He 18 his birthday 10/20/1999
Tamara Scott (12 days ago)
NBA Young boy is my cousin on god💵💵💰💲💸 38baby shit
Tamara Scott (12 days ago)
He 18 it say because 2017
Latesha Robinson (13 days ago)
do overdose
Rickeyshia Felo (14 days ago)
That's my song that right there
Roderick Lang (14 days ago)
React to NBA youngboy some more
Mostwanted_Nini Boo (15 days ago)
He 18 now
queen naiji (15 days ago)
Bianca don't say nigga cause you are White in my eyes
youngpump 12 (15 days ago)
He's 18
Tawanda Rutledge (11 days ago)
His songs go hard andi love him so much all my heart he my number 1 fans and my love him and his songs 2017 and 2018 😀😀I love one say one ain't go ride for me it's make me cry but he still my fan I don't care what nobody say he a good raper he just need to keep his head hight and not down he is a good art and he need worry about him right now and also he needs to believe in he own self I love him so much all my heart he chooses be a rap that good he chooses to be a raper I am happy for him I just want he focus on him right now his fans love him so much and I love him his songs go hard and it's on fire and also he need to do the right thing in his life you know I just want him to do the right thing and not get his self and trouble he can do it by doing the right thing you know 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🤗🤗😎😎 all his fan love him I listen to his songs even day because he go hard ever my friend do my sister my mom do my cosins do only he because he got hard I don't listen to these other rap but him I just want him believe and his self do the right thing I don't want him hurt are messed up one he got going own right know his music
Chris Castilleja (15 days ago)
React to “Nicki Minaj” NBA Youngboy
Jaedon Murray (15 days ago)
That old news
F,uck It (16 days ago)
Nigga in the intro and shit you done fucked up my ears bruh
Kariyah Thomas (16 days ago)
They use to go to gether 😃😃
Travari Thompson (16 days ago)
Why do he keep rubbing his lup
Monae & MiJuan (16 days ago)
Yes he mess with Dainelle Bregoli
Jamari Coleman (16 days ago)
He's 18 the mug shot is old
dwight fowlks (16 days ago)
DEVON ' S CELL 281 - 858- 4784
jamorra moss (17 days ago)
Good job youngboy
jamorra moss (17 days ago)
jamorra moss (17 days ago)
he is 18
Janya kaufman (17 days ago)
React to NBA young overdose and nbayoung boy Nicki MInaj
Willis Thomas (17 days ago)
Aaliyah Myles (17 days ago)
Catch Me Outside And Youngboy Dated
Lawandra Green (17 days ago)
me and nba young boy have the same name but my name is kentrell brandon green his name is kentrell brandon garldon
Mayiah Wells (17 days ago)
He is 18 people if you look at his new songs you will find out
GloBoy Navy (17 days ago)
He at nene house
Justin Rodriguez (17 days ago)
You sold Mack a song of NBA young boy overdose
AJ SO COOL HENDRICKS (18 days ago)
my song this go hard
Its Launi (18 days ago)
Y’all jamming 😂
devonte gillings (19 days ago)
He eighteen that was long a go and he was seventeen
Darviae Gray (19 days ago)
That was his old charges
Darviae Gray (19 days ago)
NBA young boy not 17 anymore
He is 18
NFL nba nbanba (19 days ago)
He 18
NDS Boys (19 days ago)
Damien funny asl😂😂😂
Bria Tucker (19 days ago)
He was 17 now he 18 2018
Calise Sevion (19 days ago)
Go listen to nba youngboy nicki minaj or som
Christopher k (20 days ago)
Hes 19 the of news reports
Whitney Hudson (20 days ago)
He is 18 that’s just a Old video
golden fire (20 days ago)
He is 18 but he got banned for social media from pushing his girlfriend and then he did mess around with catch me outside Danielle but yeah he got banned from social media and then his girlfriend said you did not see him hit me one time one time
The Kings (20 days ago)
React to nba young boy overdose
magical subzero885 (20 days ago)
Bianca is also in perfectlaughs
A NUMBER NINE LARGE (20 days ago)
y'all annoying
PesoTV (20 days ago)
React to gravity it’s his best song hands down he said so himself

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