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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Genie (Official Video) Reaction!

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Text Comments (2375)
D&B Nation (6 months ago)
Subscribe To Our Family Vlog Channel: https://goo.gl/X8TXFy
Xavier Browner (15 days ago)
Listen to XXX
Elami Jones (22 days ago)
Josiah Massey (1 month ago)
Josiah Massey (1 month ago)
Destini Walton (1 month ago)
D&B Nation he's 18
Angela Colbert (2 days ago)
Yes she was his girlfriend
Orlando Patterson (2 days ago)
He 18
Theodore Isbell (3 days ago)
React to ride by NBA young boy
amari johnson (4 days ago)
ɦɛ 18 ɦɨs ɮɨʀtɦɖaʏ քassɛɖ
Walter Fair Jr. (5 days ago)
My dad love NBA young boy
rashad Adams (6 days ago)
NBA young boy no mentions
Alexis Gonzalez (8 days ago)
Do more young boy plzzzzzzzzz
Lisa Moore (8 days ago)
Young boy is my cuzen
Lillie Martin (9 days ago)
that’s y nobody sleep on young boy😫
Michael Cannon (9 days ago)
Shay Thompson (10 days ago)
He went to jail when he was 17
Shay Thompson (10 days ago)
He is 18
Jasmin Nesmith (10 days ago)
He is 19
Jasmin Nesmith (10 days ago)
They broke up
Kvng Davve (10 days ago)
Thats on the news before he turned 18 he was 17
jordyn analiese (12 days ago)
react to overdose by nba youngboy
Amy Shanice Gordon (12 days ago)
Young Boy 🔥 🔥
Fendy Pierre (13 days ago)
NBA Youngboy is 18 year old he turned 19 in October 20,1999
Denise Kent (13 days ago)
I Love your voice jayden
Delante Turner (20 days ago)
Youngboy 18
Shaun Harris (23 days ago)
React to ynw melly muder on my mind
Betts 07 (26 days ago)
nbayourgboy has been my favorite this is my song i know by hrat
Iceman Boy (28 days ago)
You is to
Iceman Boy (28 days ago)
Ashanti Taylor (28 days ago)
So extra
niv and liv bff (28 days ago)
I thought you guys we're gonna hate from the thumbnail
Queen Naija (29 days ago)
Y’all annoying
Gloria Eagletail (1 month ago)
this song sad and fire
DaMarius Lott (1 month ago)
NBA youngboy and bad baby daddy used to go out
WOP TV (1 month ago)
Go Crazy
Miracle Ellison (1 month ago)
Yes and he18
Gustavo Piechocki (1 month ago)
Yeah they messed around
monique Joseph (1 month ago)
He is 18 but he mad that song at 17
aalaya shorty (1 month ago)
That my song right there 🔥🔥
abigail ayalew (1 month ago)
He 18
abigail ayalew (1 month ago)
This song fireeeeee🔥🔥🔥
Xaviee Rimson (1 month ago)
He just 18
TheOnly Jayy (1 month ago)
he is 18 that just a old age they just wanted to put that.
Celena Grant (1 month ago)
Uperesa Samia (1 month ago)
Why Bianca look like she’s suppose to be a midget , she got that midget face.
Chanel Savoy (1 month ago)
Rhis my fav song btw I was singing the whole time
John Fultz (1 month ago)
Mocha man savage same
ronel asirus (1 month ago)
I love you thing
Alissa Andrade (1 month ago)
Danielle and kentralle date for a lil bit tho..
Luis Concepción (1 month ago)
Carmelo Ingram (1 month ago)
He 18 yea he did fw her
Jordan VanHorne (1 month ago)
Yes sir
Tazmar Wilson (1 month ago)
Best rapper in the world
Why the thumnail tho.thats annoying cuz it made me think I have to start throwing shade bc you were going to hate
His gf was a jackass
jboyrocks2004 (1 month ago)
Yall reaction boring asf
Delando Blair (1 month ago)
He’s 18
Xzavine Wardlaw (1 month ago)
he 18
Red (1 month ago)
NBA youngboy shining hard do it pls
Its Naymuney (1 month ago)
He is 18 that was an old charge
Cha Thomas (1 month ago)
Who no xxxtentacion
Taydagoat215 30 (1 month ago)
He’s 18 now he turns 19 in 3 months
J_Plays (1 month ago)
NBAYOUNGBOY says he going to kill himself before this Christmas i hope he don't kill himself because he has fire song
J_Plays (1 month ago)
NbAYoungBoy is my favorite rapper
Daveon Johnson (2 months ago)
0:57 had me Dead
Nahala Tucker (2 months ago)
Kentrel is his real name
drill kids gang (2 months ago)
Nba young boy ,is 18
dangerous kid (2 months ago)
When I saw the thumbnail I was mad asf
jerry summers (2 months ago)
he is 18
Anthony Gallop (2 months ago)
she bad lor cute ass gahhhh 😍😜😏
Young Russell (2 months ago)
Can you react to overdose
boosie king (2 months ago)
Do a quandorondo abg reaction
Shellyann Thompson (2 months ago)
yea he use to mess around with Danielle bregoli
lifeas monii (2 months ago)
1:55 yes they did😥
mj gaming (2 months ago)
He boutta die 1 more day he said it
Lil DT (2 months ago)
Did biannca say that n word skinny
Kennedy’s Channel (2 months ago)
Yes they were to Gather
Marcurama Senju (2 months ago)
Listen to his new snippet👹. Danger
Liljojo World (2 months ago)
Chris Corson (2 months ago)
Dumb bitch gotta attitude
Adolfo Macias (2 months ago)
You guys are stupid af
Chrostopher Jackson (2 months ago)
He is 18
keyeria knighten (2 months ago)
He 18 that’s old
Tishon is so cool (2 months ago)
He 18 im his fan Lol
Kenzie Bad (2 months ago)
Youngboy my bae 😜💕
Kenzie Bad (27 days ago)
Ran Stackzz well I’m not 😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️
Ran Stackzz (27 days ago)
Kenzie Bad you like 8 years old 😂
Kenzie Bad (1 month ago)
Achol Nagur no hoe
Achol Nagur (1 month ago)
You’re 10 years old...
Mazhyia Martin (2 months ago)
That's bae
Justice Lindsey (2 months ago)
He is 18 yes they used to mess around
Gaming with Ngb (2 months ago)
Uuuuuuuuuuu did beyonca say nigga
S&A NATION (2 months ago)
His 19
Kaleem Pierre (2 months ago)
He turned 18. This year
Carla Miller (2 months ago)
Nba bad but he can see kodak stille
Carla Miller (2 months ago)
Kodak ma bey
Andre Brown (2 months ago)
Why are they covering their ears anyway? 😐🤔
Keshia Butts (2 months ago)
He is 18
El Trapo (2 months ago)
Calm df down 😂😂😂😂
lowgunn ivey (2 months ago)
She look like a tweakers deadass😂
Yaphey Hart (2 months ago)
Y'ALL so cute
Nasjah Alsina (2 months ago)
He’s 18 now and yeah they use to talk
Khyree Carmon (2 months ago)
He is 18
lul kdubb (2 months ago)
NBA youngboy and cash me outside girl did date
alicia kelly (2 months ago)
phillip high ass hell (2 months ago)
Fuck yall that is a hit
Josh Hill (2 months ago)
He aten riht now
Josh Hill (2 months ago)
Beunk filling her self
Dshay Hunter (2 months ago)
No he's 18
Dshay Hunter (2 months ago)
He is 17 that's an old picture and a hold charge

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