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They Hide This Seed For More Than 100 Years Because It Can Cure Any Cancer In Just Few Days

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They Hide This Seed For More Than 100 Years Because It Can Cure Any Cancer In Just Few Days Subscriber channel Life Well Lived https://goo.gl/oJ3EdI for a better life Life Well Lived is a channel that offers free videos about natural remedies, home remedies, alternative medicine, physical health advice, mental health and care of our body. Disclaimer: Please consult a physician before beginning any treatment program or making any adjustment to your health care, diet, and/or lifestyle. Do not remove yourself from any prescribed medications or treatments without consulting your doctor. Any and all dietary supplements or nutritional products and treatments discussed on this video are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. The information contained in this video is for general information and for educational purposes only. Nothing contained in this video is or shall be or considered, or used as a substitute for, medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Users should always seek the advice of a physician with any questions regarding their health or medical condition. Never disregard, avoid, or delay obtaining medical advice or following the advice of a physician because of something you have seen or watch on this video.
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Text Comments (361)
Harm Timmerman (11 hours ago)
bitter apricot seed as well
Buck Spoon (23 hours ago)
Read Genesis 1 :29
Mary Motherofgod (2 days ago)
It’s like the vets when I stopped taking my dog to the vet be never got sick
Jared Green (3 days ago)
Grape seeds... there you go...
Zeledo Health (7 days ago)
i like grapes
JMAAS (9 days ago)
most grapes sold today are seedless...hmmmm i wonder why?
Sue McCarthy (10 days ago)
I've read also that apple seeds can also kill cancer cells. Although they also contain cyanide, taking enough of them can kill you too.
Radha Krishna (12 days ago)
This is nature's way to to heal Who in the hell prevents Be bold you are not subservient to anyone Man made money not god We all born nude die nude Money for nothing
Rob Walbridge (12 days ago)
That would explain why seedless grapes are pretty much all we can get in supermarkets
Mr305Maxxx (16 days ago)
Pharmaceutical Cartel
George Costanza (25 days ago)
Not for pregnant women , because beets has a laxative effect ,woman can loose a child .
Robert Puffer (27 days ago)
All seeds are great for your health. Why do you think we now only have "seedless" watermellon, grapes and other fruits?
Thangbawi Gangte (27 days ago)
Please tell me is this really cure cancer??
loose Burger (28 days ago)
Hey people, you can get GRAPE SEED EXTRACT from the health food store! !!! It's derived from the real thing (seeds if grapes) in the medicinal form🍇 Just call around to your local health food stores and ask if they carry it, look online, or search, search search. If you can't find seeded grapes at your grocery stores, purchase GRAPE SEED EXTRACT! (The inside of the seed extracted out) God bless
lynnygyvgvgv glacier (28 days ago)
Robot VOICES R Good!! Stop complaining. Some accents hard to understand. get mental health check up Give Thanks getting good news!!!
Brad Polmateer (1 month ago)
Grape seeds can get cure was a thing in the late 80s
Larry Scott (1 month ago)
Tripe video. Click bait
Cheryl C (1 month ago)
where do you get just beet root? Robo voice said beet root not beets
Jonathan Holland (1 month ago)
clickbait 101
zelen plav (1 month ago)
We used to eat the seeds and watermelon, pumpkin, squash seeds were dried in the oven with a little salt. People snacked on them.
brian conner (1 month ago)
Kill Illuminati
Imthegypsy Queen (1 month ago)
This is another bullshit video posted by the wonderful YouTube. This right here IS a flat out bold face fucking lie. Grape seeds do NOT kill cancer cells. I have 3 people close to me 2 that we’re younger than 50 and 1 over 50 that died from colon cancer, and lung cancer and they ate red grapes a few times a day. YouTube is as bad as the rest of the bullshit on the internet.
chrisrad (1 month ago)
you are hiding it as well. why dont you mention it in the title?
Eric Colon (1 month ago)
Should I boil the beets or blend them raw
Narine Do Brasil Ltda (1 month ago)
Grape seeds so as apple seeds and other fruit seed have high levels of hydrogen cyanade
Camille Palmer (1 month ago)
Grislie look up the reptilian extreem oath. It starts out an illusion it will be so vast it will excape there petception. Ive got news for them. They are in our sites, we see them, recognise them by there actions. Spread the word to ignite the wrath of the prime creator.
Michael Garcia (1 month ago)
They inject you with the cancer genes. When you're a kid and then when you get older they'll Bloom into cancer like a time capsule and then you don't know how you got it and they just blame it on food our family genetics Look up Mary's monkey and germ Warfare
Curtis Tisberger (1 month ago)
felicia stevenson (1 month ago)
So why put it up then...smh
tariq82072 ali (1 month ago)
useful video thanks i love nature,
Dieter Soegemeier (1 month ago)
At no time in history has kemo therapy ever cured cancer.
Mike Whitaker (1 month ago)
robot voice kills this vid.... #norobotvoiceplz
Jazleen Podraza (1 month ago)
skip to 3:20, it gets to the point
myppnu (2 months ago)
Love the message, Hate the delivery...
agiidibolo (2 months ago)
Suzette Hinton (2 months ago)
Nature holds the answer to most of our health problems. My Sister prescribed by her doctor to take METFORMIN because her cholesterol is high, this drugs is for DIABETES patient, how come she prescribed this to my sister?? That's how they play games. I understand METFORMIN is already banned here.
Vero Sercanto (1 month ago)
Tell her to go on low carb high good sat fats diet https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb
Bushun Hakhu (2 months ago)
William Castleberry (2 months ago)
is that the reason for seedless grapes?????????????
Terry I (2 months ago)
Many cures for cancer have been found , they have been hushed up because the cancer industry is a billion dollar business ! You can grow cancer cures without paying out all your money to the vampires !
igspal (2 months ago)
And, to those AGREEING W/THE GLOBAL ELITISTS (believing that the earth needs to be depopulated): overpopulationisamyth.com
igspal (2 months ago)
To those complaining about robotic voices on videos...I believe it's used because either the uploader has an accent &/or the uploader is (UNDERSTANDABLY) worried about being targeted by BIG PHARMA/GLOBAL ELITISTS!
igspal (2 months ago)
I've read about this drink before, but have always had THESE 3 questions: 1) Should ALL the vegetables be raw (even the potatoes)? 2) Should the skins be removed from any of the vegetables? 3) Shouldn't EATING these foods be better than drinking them, since blending breaks down most of their fiber content?
Mathew Idicula (2 months ago)
Grapes are hypbrid that now available in market ; are seedless. Easy to use as raisins in baking. But we miss the seeds that could eat with fresh grapes.
Such as state (2 months ago)
I’ve always eaten the seeds in grapes simply because I was too lazy to spit them out, my laziness killed cancer cells yay
Kirabo Gloria (28 days ago)
Chandra Napier (1 month ago)
Shylo Duffy it’s okay to eat most seed, except apple seeds. They’re okay in small amounts but enough has cyanide.
Shylo Duffy (1 month ago)
Me too I eat all seeds from fruits and like you I do so cause I'm to lazy to spit it out into a garbage never seemed to hurt us, that's forsure ...
Dorian Philotheates (2 months ago)
Regular ‘consummation’ of beetroot may lead to divorce...
H (2 months ago)
really? How do u know have u tested it lok
Sheeps And Neeps (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing 👍❤
Julie Tapper (3 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this video
Ronda Leistiko (3 months ago)
Mushrooms are proven to be a cure for cancers
Kathleen Renata (3 months ago)
God is watching & He will deal with them on judgement day unless all concerned repent & receive Jesus before then.
I am just a mom (3 months ago)
Can I use canned veggies? I live in Alaska
BoomBoom82 Burnham (3 months ago)
Of course they conveniently leave out the dosage instructions
Ipso Facto (3 months ago)
Wild blackberry seeds, apple seeds, apricot kernels and pear seeds are very good too.
Kathleen Sutherland (3 months ago)
That why graphes are produce with no seeds. God gave us plants with seeds to reproduce next generations for food.
KJ Stewart (3 months ago)
WTF is with the measurements. Put it in layman's terms
KJ Stewart (3 months ago)
Doesn't help lymphoma cancer
KJ Stewart (3 months ago)
Grow ur own food. Man has screwed with it way to much. It's not even food.wake up
Basanti Moza (3 months ago)
PL in Hindi
Cata S (4 months ago)
Rudolf Breuss is the austrian doctor
Dryna (4 months ago)
I hear chia seeds do the same
niall441 (4 months ago)
They have been selling Grape seed extract at Health stores for many years!!
Ovalbugmann (2 months ago)
thanks! yes grape seed extract
Tee Ro (4 months ago)
It says, "beetra."
Ra Burns (4 months ago)
Stupid computer voice ..what a dumb ass
Darkhorsearmor (5 months ago)
Sorry if I don’t trust a computer voice for things like this
Peter Ingemar (5 months ago)
You also just try to make millions of dollar
Sarge (5 months ago)
I knew this years ago and when I publicized it they killed me.
Kathy Paaaina (6 months ago)
Aloha I have thousands of Grape seeds shaped like a heart how many hugs and prayers from me 2 U from Hawaii
Terry Buggage (7 months ago)
A wonderful report so I shared it .
merncat75 (7 months ago)
Weird, I not only read an article over 15 years ago about grape seed extract curing cervical cancer but I later met a woman who swears grape seed extract stopped her breast cancer from progressing
Zyryo Zyxjynlor (7 months ago)
that's bullshit! the seeds will never heal cancer in just a couple of days. it would take months to really work with this remedy. go crawl under a rock with your misleading words!!!
george george (7 months ago)
Peopl ed learn to grow gmo free fruits and veggies at home,,you can do it all year long in your house,,,not all but many,,buy a cheap led light and a grow tent if space is limited, ,there are small grow set ups that can grow several veggies in up to a dedicated room or basement, ,you cam farm more than enough food for two families, ,snd have fun doing it ,and learn alot in the process,,,in our lifetime you might have to know these skills anyway so stay ahead of the curve,,start small see what you like share with friends, ,have them grow some and you grow different veggies and share,, now imagine what ten people can grow and share, ,,power in knowledge, ,power in numbers, ,,let's stick together because who wants to be unprepared, ,,,,better to have and not need. Than to need and not have,,,,govt is not our friend anymore,,,,don't expect the govt to help out in a major crisis, ,,they are people to and will take care of their own ,,not you and me,, and I'm not one of the coo coo's either,,just someone with insight and a little leaked info,, ,prepare your children, us old folks will be gone soon, our knowledge and history will also be gone if we don't pass down these basic skills,,, thanks all, ,
Ajit Kapadia (7 months ago)
Clear explanation. God bless U.
JOE F (7 months ago)
which seed?
Mary Privett (7 months ago)
I feel. you should take care of you
tallmikb croft (7 months ago)
And now YOU can have it for only $19.99 (plus $28.95 Ship+handling). Just call 1-800- I'm gullible
Barbi Button (7 months ago)
I suspect that the seedless fruits like watermelon, grapes, etc were put on the market for a reason. Just like they made apricot seeds illegal in theU.S. They cure cancer. They cannot make money on healthy people so they keep us sick with flouride, GMO foods, vaccines, microwaves, EMF waves, smart meters, chemtrails, big pharma, etc etc etc.
Lauren (16 days ago)
So find a neighbor with an apricot tree and beg to pick apricots! I did and made many quarts of canned apricot puree as well as cracking the pits to get the seeds lay on paper towels to dry completely for several days and put in fridge. I munch a few every week.
Nidia Taylor (1 month ago)
So Damn sad
Mr305Maxxx (2 months ago)
+Andrea Muehlbacher Do your research.
Mr Frontbottom (2 months ago)
Its the first ive heard that apricot seeds are illegal in the usa, im about to buy a load of apricot seeds for health reasons.
Andrea Muehlbacher (2 months ago)
So what can we eat without poison than ??
Doloris Seeley (8 months ago)
OK what if you don't have a gall bladder. when blending this do l use the whole plant or the beet and root. please get back to me soon
emir yasin (9 months ago)
And that is reason why almost grapes available in the market are seedless. they genetically modified the grape fruits.
Ginger Ella (9 months ago)
My mother had breast cancer and ate “almond kernels” or “bitter almonds”. Cancer free for almost 50 years now!
Shahine Brown (2 months ago)
Ginger Ella
dee miller (9 months ago)
Very helpful
Klevin Kowalski (9 months ago)
How dare you say that anything can cure cancer in a few days! How cruel and irresponsible. Fuck you.
Calvin smith (9 months ago)
Might have been more believable if it was a human voice
Betty Adkisson (9 months ago)
Thank you for the help. Because I've been trying to lower cholesterol& raise bones. God bless you. And cancer runs in my family.
David Smith (9 months ago)
So that's why they introduced the seedless options!!!
teng mad (9 months ago)
Who made this, a beet farmer?
jan9th1977 (9 months ago)
The people that want to control you and everyone want you to die for population control, they are the mentally ill , ones
Rholson Roberts (9 months ago)
Who gives a shit what voice is used as long as you can understand what does it matter??
Tee Ro (4 months ago)
Possibly because audiences respond to and relate better to "humans" than machines.
Anthony John (7 months ago)
Well said mate .... well said
Leroy Stingley (9 months ago)
Just Like Carburetors The Can Give A Car Over 100 Miles A Gallon Oil Companies Have Killed Over Them?
Robert Brunston (9 months ago)
Thank you.
Jean Warech (9 months ago)
Big Pharma wants us to die, it’s part of the population control agenda! Bill Gates plays a big part in this agenda. It’s all part of their plan. The elite bastards!!
lane1953 (1 month ago)
Nope. Big pharma don't want you to die in fact they want you to live as long as possible so they can keep selling you drugs. If you die they don't make anymore money off you.
ted marshall (2 months ago)
Maybe Bill Gates should do us all a favour and volunteer to go first. :-)
kc30058 (9 months ago)
There are many, many cures for cancer. This man in the video is hardly the first person to cure cancer. The US usually kills those people so who knows how many there are. The latest is Dr. Sebi!
Jonathan Holland (1 month ago)
exactly total clickbait looser so called video
ramesh chinapan (9 months ago)
Cancer can be cured. I personally have helped many cancer patients recovered from their cancers. Medical scientist has made it simpler now as making a supplement from the extract of grape seeds and enhance it with a mixture of other high anti oxidants fruit extracts. Go to my website and get the supplements RESERVE. PM me +6597430836.
Lourdes Angayen (9 months ago)
How to extract grape seed?
IronheadOfScroteus (9 months ago)
Hm, the grape seeds look like nutsacks.
Edgar Milson (9 months ago)
Cannabis cures cancer. Many stories on YouTube.
magicbuskey (9 months ago)
Sarah MayWest (9 months ago)
some idiot has a patent on seeds right?
Ann Prince (10 months ago)
they are taking the seeds out of the grapes very hard to find with seeds now
Ginseng Road (10 months ago)
narrator: Stephen Hawkins
Leslie Andrews (10 months ago)
Where can I buy real grapes with seeds in them?

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