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💪 What To Eat On Protein Fasting Days For Gaining Muscle & Losing Fat

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Watch the video Eat NO Protein To Gain MORE Muscle: 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo1QV_gY_yY 20-Year proven formula for increasing testosterone, building more muscle and losing body fat: 👉 http://drsam.co/yt/MoreGainsNaturally Discover the only 4 ways to build muscle: 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6ZSOu2CinM Or go to: 1:02 What's protein fasting? 1:40 What you should eat 2:08 How much protein you need 2:42 Carbs 2:57 Fats 3:11 What to do if you want to gain more muscle 3:35 Macros for bulking 3:52 Macros for cutting 4:15 How to lose a ton of weight 4:56 Summary =============================================== 💪 What To Eat On Protein Fasting Days For Gaining Muscle & Losing Fat =============================================== What do I eat exactly on that one, no-protein day? Now, there will be a direct link below this video, in the “description” area, to watch the original video after you see this one. It’ll give you all the details. However, the short summary, just so you’re not totally lost today or you’re as a reminder for those that DID watch the original video… Is that you eat no protein at all for one day, for example on a Sunday. Then the rest of the week you eat protein, where you’ll increase the total amounts every 2 days. Thus, Mon/Tues -- then Wed/Thurs and finally, Fri/Sat And this is because you don’t want your body to adapt and this will increase protein synthesis, improve hormones and allow you to build more muscle and lose fat at the same time. What Should I Eat? So, let’s get start on what you should eat on this “protein-fasting” day, since you’ll be eating almost no protein. And this all depends on your goal and genetics. And I’ll give you 3 options - whether you want to: Gain more muscle Loss fat Or lose weight, super fast. Simple Numbers Just to make this easier for you to understand, I’m going to give you some simple numbers and you can adapt these to your own personal situation and goals. Let’s say you weight 200 lbs (about 90 kgs) and you’re eating 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, which is 200 grams daily and thus, about 800 calories (200 grams x 4 calories = 800 calories) On this “protein-fasting” day, I’ll use Sunday as the example, you’re NOT going to eat anything that’s primarily high in protein. This means no animal proteins (eggs, meats, fish, poultry, dairy, protein powders, etc.) This leaves you: Carbohydrates: The best being vegetables, fruits, white rice, yams/sweet potatoes and small amounts of oats. I’d stay away from quinoa and legumes, since they’re high in protein for carb source. Fats: The best being coconut, fish oils, avocados, macadamia, extra virgin olive oil, olives and walnuts. I’d stay away from all vegetable oils. GAIN MUSCLE If your goal is to gain muscle because maybe you’re “bulking” or your “skinny” and want to gain more weight, then my suggestion is to simple add in MORE carbs on this one day, based on what I recommended earlier. You’ll want to then replace the 800 calories of protein, with 800 calories of carbs and fats, but primarily carbs. So we can do 75%/25% and so, that would be 600 calories of carbs (150 grams) and 200 from fat (22 grams) LOSE FAT However, if you’re trying to mainly lose fat, then I would do the opposite. From the 800 calories that you are not eating from the protein, I’d do 75% from healthy fats, which is 600 calories (67 grams). And 25% from healthy carbs, which is 200 calories (50 grams). This is what I do actually and then on Monday when I “refeed”, BOTH my “protein sensitivity” and “carb sensitivity” has improved and I’ll eat more of those. LOSE WEIGHT FAST Finally, if you’re primary goal is to lose weight fast, then you can just eliminate the 800 calories of protein and eat NOTHING extra that one day and thus, it’s a big calorie deficit, which when done once weekly, can result in at least 1 lb of fat loss every month. And the best part is that this is just for ONE day a week. And since you won’t be making any other sacrifices towards your carbs and fats…. it won’t feel like a regular “deprivation” diet. #muscle #weightlifting #proteinsandmusclegrowth #cutting #bulking ======================================== ========================================­ Thank you for watching. Please feel free to comment, like or share with your friends. Subscribe to Dr.Sam Robbins's official Youtube channel http://drsam.co/yt/subscribe Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DrSamRobbins ========================================= Thanks DrSamRobbins
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Tho (13 days ago)
Thanks doc! I wish you’re happy in life cuz you deserve it for helping us for freee....
Kosta Nenadic (13 days ago)
this guy uses fake subscribers , compare number of views he gets and his likes with his subscriber count.
Dr Sam Robbins (13 days ago)
that is simply not true
Cajun Canewt (13 days ago)
Great follow up video 👍🏻, thank you 🙏🏻
Civil_Boss (13 days ago)
Hi Dr Sam Robbins, I remember in one of your videos that you said to stay away from dairy, why is that?
Dr Sam Robbins (13 days ago)
One main reason I don't like it is that it has estrogen
pfeiffdog0811 (13 days ago)
You have proven to be an awesome doc but what may be going unnoticed by others is you are a marketing genius as well.
Dr Sam Robbins (13 days ago)
thank you
No body (13 days ago)
such a great work Dr. Keep it up.
De Fra Valdez (13 days ago)
Thank you doctor. Bless you :)
Mac Reeder (13 days ago)
This will help me a bunch! Thanks!
DESI FitnesS (13 days ago)
Dr sam robbins you are great 👍
LošMi (13 days ago)
Thank You again doc 😉
madhusudan pant (13 days ago)
Rj Maguiling (14 days ago)
Best youtuber
Dr Sam Robbins (13 days ago)
thank you
ATaco Master360 (14 days ago)
Dr. Sam Robbins I was wondering if you could do a video about how to get big and cut
Dr Sam Robbins (13 days ago)
those are 2 parts of bodybuilding... I'll see in the future, but I have plenty of videos on getting bigger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZCyLXBKWr0&list=PLkoAH5env5qVHZp3C8T1BQNuSrfnBZGzA
Rajesh kumar (14 days ago)
Thanx a lot sir u r doing a great job please never stop this
gaseoil lechantar (14 days ago)
But how can you eat 0 proteins since they are present in every carb and fat source?
gaseoil lechantar (14 days ago)
Dr Sam Robbins thank you sir
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
you don't have to eat 0 proteins... just not a lot, and especially no whey.
jacques lochard (14 days ago)
Very helpful as always!
Dr Sam Robbins (13 days ago)
please share it if you found it valuable!
Deborah Lescalleet (14 days ago)
Oh wow ... didn't Kno that
Assim Jalel (14 days ago)
Just great information from u dr.sam thank u so much
Dr Sam Robbins (13 days ago)
Zayn Hafiz (14 days ago)
Very good video thanks for uploading
Zayn Hafiz (14 days ago)
Dr Sam Robbins that’s ok 👍
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
thanks Zayn
Wilfri Castillo (14 days ago)
How to increase the penis length doctor
Brayan Lerma (13 days ago)
Is that even possible?
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
will post the video when it's finished Wilfri...
MarPalushi_ (14 days ago)
What school did you go to, to become a doctor
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
check this page: http://drsam.co/yt/mywebsite
Robert Karlsson (14 days ago)
Ahh the video👍👍 thx
freddy vs jason (14 days ago)
now listen..
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
Bob Silver (14 days ago)
Doc recommend me something. I am a silly man with a small dick so to compensate I would rather be a pussy. What should I do
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
you're sarcastic... I'm not replying to such comments
thank u dr .keep em coming u agraet man my bro u iadvise u to translate the video so that the Arabs can watch it i share thas video again thank u i live in Gaza
i love this video my bro ..God keep u video translion will bring u millions of views and u can help millions pepole
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
If there are a lot more requests for that language, I will translate it, but if not, it would be expensive to translate all my videos...
Fedlaoui Blancos (14 days ago)
Thank you Dr Sam very helpfull video
Simone Cole (14 days ago)
Dr Sam I need to lose my belly fat I dont want to lose my butt Helppp please
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
Tic Так (14 days ago)
Nobody else wants to say it so i will.We are still waiting for the ,,enlargement" video
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
:) I have a pre-planned schedule, but I'm working on the top 3 videos Tic Tak.
Today I Got Time Cuz (14 days ago)
Great video, was literally wondering all week what to do and this answered my question. Thanks Dr Sam Robbins
Today I Got Time Cuz (14 days ago)
Dr Sam Robbins Much appreciated, very grateful for your information.
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
I'm glad I could help you
Anirban Deb (14 days ago)
Thank you sir
ilgrandepaperino74 (14 days ago)
No proteins on rest day, right? Thanks.
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
yes! You're welcome, and please share this video if you found it valuable!
manav sharma (14 days ago)
Thank you so much Dr Sam Robin's for answering my quesion in this video!!! Make video on bloating stomach liver issue all stomach related problems gas acidity all the time and joints and knee leg pain!!!!
Terry Sapstead (14 days ago)
i would like a video on the stomach ,liver etc , if you could please.
manav sharma (14 days ago)
Sure I'll share with all in India! Salute to you sir for helping!!!!
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
I will after I answer other people's requests Manav. However, if there are more requests for thos issues, they get to the top of my list. And also, I'd appreciate it if you could share this video with 1 friend... thank you!
Nefarious Vurse (14 days ago)
I don't understand this ..... I'll just consume whey protein every week and just eat whatever is healthy
InfiniteDuck kk (14 days ago)
Nefarious Vurse does it help?
Nishant Varma (14 days ago)
What are some good fat sources easily available which have little to no protein?
Nishant Varma (14 days ago)
Dr Sam Robbins Oh cool, thanks.
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
they have a low protein percentage in them
Nishant Varma (14 days ago)
Dr Sam Robbins I did and I was waiting for this one since you did the last video, I made this comment since I thought nuts were also a good source of protein and won't be that great for protein fasting.
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
have you watched the video Nishant... those are mentioned there
8-bit Grand Dad (14 days ago)
That all sounds great, I wonder if I can just fast for 24h and have the benefits of protein fasting once a week, thanks doc! ♥
stroshow5 (13 days ago)
Why do u want to starve ur self bro
cool28990 (14 days ago)
Yes he just mentioned it in the video?
3,14 Sic (14 days ago)
is it a problem with brown rice whole grain? i saw that you dont mention about it in your videos , dr; and in this video you chose white rice , why
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
here's why I recommend white rice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qwwql8pkLI
Stainless Steel (14 days ago)
Your videos are pure gold Doc, keep em coming!!
cool28990 (14 days ago)
Right now.
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
thank you! And please share this video with 1 friend!
I AM PAIN (14 days ago)
Very nice thank you !
Raj Achalkhamb (14 days ago)
Hi sir I order alpha virial ..paid the fees ..but how track where is my product
Raj Achalkhamb (14 days ago)
Dr Sam Robbins thank u so much dr sam
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
Please go to www.HFLsupport.com and email, live chat or call with your issue. Thank you for your order!
Raj Achalkhamb (14 days ago)
I don't get any email from ur website ..I just have order number ..I pay throw paypal
Scarack Truther (14 days ago)
Hello! I love you content and I appreciate your work for helping others to have a healthier Life Style! I'm 14 years old I have been lifting weights for 10 months so far and seen the results and strength increase. My question is, is doing a full body workout 3x a week better for muscle mass? Or a split workout routine for 5× a week?
music lover (14 days ago)
who else is watching brasil v belgium
Walter White (13 days ago)
music lover me
Max R (13 days ago)
music lover. Brasil lost, totally irrelavent of the Dr's video, pay attention.
Random guy Facts (14 days ago)
music lover only u😂😂
Siim Land (14 days ago)
Just do regular fasting and you'll get more results....
john jingleheimer (14 days ago)
You're right slim . People used to barely eat before farming
TheWarIsWithin (14 days ago)
Siim Land subbed to your channel. Good info 👍
boitahaki (14 days ago)
He made a video about it
Zaivode S (14 days ago)
1st comment <3
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)
that's definitely better Elizabeth... and thank you!
Tumbleweed Moon777 (14 days ago)
Also i need to add your videos are so helpful.
Tumbleweed Moon777 (14 days ago)
Zaivode S does not matter who's first How about awesome video ty for posting!!
Dr Sam Robbins (14 days ago)

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