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https://www.twitch.tv/skylent https://www.patreon.com/skylent DONATE https://goo.gl/zxz3Zj Today we will be talking about games that released or are soon to release but already have failing populations are maybe actually got canceled already. Dead on arrival games. Games that failed. Dead games. LAWBREAKERS GIGANTIC ABSOLVER MIRAGE ARCANE WARFARE HYPER UNIVERSE THE CULLING PROJECT GENOM THE AMAZING ETERNALS REFLEX ARENA GLORIA VICTIS HARDWARE PC: Graphics = GTX 970, CPU = CORE i7 3.6ghz CONSOLE :PS4, Nintendo Switch, Nvidia Shield
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Text Comments (155)
You prepaid Absolver? I got it for free. Made a video. Banished it to the library. "Let it Die" clone. Yuck. Just awful everything.
JRAK 123 (11 days ago)
would disagree with Absolver. I don't think you played it very much and possibly didn't understand the core aspect of it. The pve content is pretty much a large tutorial for the pvp. there is exceptional flexibility and customization of movesets and styles. The community went on to request more pve content - devs listened and now we got a tiered dungeon! maybe this should be top ten games "I didn't like" - which is fair enough.
Lustest (18 days ago)
bless should have made this list lol
Synns (19 days ago)
Gloria victis actually seems quite busy whenever I log in now, still being developed it is still early access after all
franky gaming (21 days ago)
only quit gigantic because of the news that it was closing.. it was sad.
Brenden H. (2 months ago)
I loved Mirage Arcane Warfare but for some reason my internet could never load the server list so I could never play the game, but before I got that internet I played the hell out of it and loved it. Sad to see it go :(
OmegaFox09 (2 months ago)
And fare thee well Gigantic RIP July 31
Meat Vegetable (2 months ago)
Absolver is still around alive and well, rare to not find people on steam.
Henrique Koscheck (2 months ago)
With the exception of two games - Gigantic (pile of hype) and Lawbreaker - None of these games are dead. And the ones that are dead were never released. I’m checking each of these games on steam and they all have received recent updates. If people are not interested then just say games no one plays. They’re not dead though!!! This video is a bait that could hurt these games if people don’t pay attention and don’t do their research.
Brenden H. (2 months ago)
Mirage: Arcane Warfare got removed from Steam because of the GDPR regulations, so that game is definitely dead :(
Skylent Games (2 months ago)
Gigantic was getting updates too while on the death bed. If there arent enough players to proper play the game, its dead.
wyatt mclean (2 months ago)
absolver is still pretty alive
Mr Mask (3 months ago)
Absolver, I wanted a refund 30 minutes in, it was disgusting.
נתן מתיקו (3 months ago)
Well you forgot tiger knight
CosmicWayfarer (4 months ago)
Gloria Victis is not free to play as you said my dude, it's 19.99. I really enjoy the game and maybe free to play could save it.
Skylent Games (4 months ago)
Early access wiol be free
Theyungcity23 (5 months ago)
Absolver is a fighting game. Fighting game players are on ps4. The steam pop is the niche of a niche genre and irrelevant. He's comparing it to fucking Dark Souls and he's talking exploration? It has more if not as much creativity as Tekken or Soul Calibure which has a tremendous opportunity for creativity. Most reviewers admit that they don't play fighters but this guy has no fighters on his channel and is pretending like he's the one genius who can get to the core of a fighting game's system with 2 hours of gameplay.
Alvemaster (6 months ago)
Lawbreakers shouldnt have died. It is really good with a good potential but no one gave it a chance
Josh T (6 months ago)
Most games that fail I feel... the developers just wanted them to fail. Or didn't care if they failed or succeeded.
nyapism (6 months ago)
gloria victis is still growing, in a reeeeeeeally slow pace. they did FINALLY! add in female character thou.
Nero McBrain (6 months ago)
LOL, Hyper Universe is still going strong right now.
Julian Störig (7 months ago)
I pretty much agree with you, but what you said about Absolver(the experience i mean, the netcode etc isnt genius) isn't true. It just follows more realistic aproach which you dont't happen to like.
SHREDDER2025 (7 months ago)
I'm going to have to strongly disagree with you with The Amazing Eternals. Sure it wasn't the most polished game but it was in alpha, yes alpha not beta. They only added a small monitizations to help with the development of the game (as bullshit as that sounds, it's how it was). The game was actually super fun and everyone that i played with enjoyed it, the game is not a cash grab and DE never intends games to be cash grabs. DE is a whole hearted company, they arent EA you know. Sure i may sound like a fanboy but my point still stands. plus TAE (the Amazing Eternals) is put on hold for a while, its not abandoned. They still want this game to be a thing.
λucas (8 months ago)
Let hough Motivate said that the January patch would be the last Gigantic patch, word has it that they will be removing the RAM limitation and possibly add a ranked system. I dunno, but I think that removing the ram limitation could bring in new players. I really hope it works out, as Gigantic is a really cool and really good game that I loved, but couldn't play because of some issue that prevented me from joining games. I have decided to re-download the game and give it another shot, and I hope you do too!
Alessandro Elmetto (8 months ago)
What do you meant that mirage arcane warfare is dead ? It is still on beta
Craft2299 (8 months ago)
Wholy disagree on your absolver take, it has a dark souls feel, but the gameplay is nothing like it. I was expecting you to say on the actual faults that the game has as said by many others, but I guess you completely missed the mark. I can get you did not like the game and that is actually fine. I havent found luke-warm receptions to absolver. It is either, hate or Love.
Jebeliddat (8 months ago)
The moment u said combat's creativity was stifled in Absolver AND there is more variety in dark souls combat i disliked haha. U rarely see 2 of the same combat deck at max level... unless u are in someones school. If u went in to absolver thinking it was like Dark souls pvp, thats already where u became biased. Absolver combat system isn't like anything we've ever seen. It's about timing and finesse as well as mastering every single mixup in your deck. And if THAT creativity is stifling then stick to hack and slashes but don't sway people away from this unique one of a kind game. Pve also was second over meeting people in the world as well as online combat trials, which is why it was only $30 as opposed to $60. I personally haven't played the other games on ur list but if its as skwed and misinformed as ur absolver review then idk what to think
missinginstereo 1 (8 months ago)
Top overwatch clones plus other online garbage is what this list it. How about Recore or other big titles that were actually hewvily pushed and fell on their ass instead of all this faff no one heard of.
Seragin (8 months ago)
dont try its just stupid to say "oh its a clone cuz there are guns in it" or "IT HAS A ROBOT ITS A CLONE!!"
SPCLSPRHERO (9 months ago)
2018. Absolver has a really big community on PS4 and a small community Steam / GoG. The game has enough players to find people that you've never played before and also has an extremely interactive community. Absolver has went through a hell of a lot of updates since release and continues to get new players. The game is far from dead if anything it's growing slowly. Don't like the game? Thats fine lol it's seriously not for everyone I'll admit but you're not limited, it takes a bit to actually figure that out. Back when it released i felt the same way but I got gud and well it's actually quite the opposite, shit I even make videos for it. This isn't dark souls and wasn't suppose to be nor is it for honor it's a fighting game with creation mechanics, by an Indie dev it's obviously going to be small but it's far from dead. It's something worth trying it's a game, play it and find out for yourself don't like it refund it. If anyone sees this comment and is interested in the game I'd direct them to the Ps4 community if they want alot of people to play against, PC community is small but it has a nice community and can find matches 24/7. just kind of an update on the game ^.^ from someone who plays on a regular.
Meat Vegetable (2 months ago)
Absolver is still alive and well, the free weekend injected some new life into it.
Andrej Blagojevic (2 months ago)
Thank you ,ever since i saw this game i was hyped af i love the artstyle i love the feel and im happy to see the community is recaliming a so called dead game :D
The GhostHero (7 months ago)
SPCLSPRHERO I know, same thing with for honor, they claimed it was dead without even knowing anything about it
Solar (9 months ago)
absolver sorta revived itself, it releases updates and stuff, I thinks its fun
bumbertyr1 (9 months ago)
Curious to how Nexon did a Garbage publication of lawbreakers :o.
steve exe ru (9 months ago)
These look amazing Are they really bad I like that eternals shit
Slip of Death (9 months ago)
project genom is actually dead. believed me I checked and I also found out on reddit that the creators were trying to steal code from another creator without properly paying him.
ECCHIGODFTW Litty89 (10 months ago)
idk i like hyper universe. Its great to me
Quentin Jordan (7 months ago)
I just got into Hyper universe last week and haven't slowed down playing level 18 account now. If I seen this video before playing honestly it probably would have turned me away from it.
Lucas sena (9 months ago)
Vorpal Blade (10 months ago)
The Amazing Eternals looked interesting and pretty sad that it was cancelled before I could try it. The only issues I had with Gigantic was 1.) It felt pretty expensive. At least the founders packs did. 2.) It was “boring”, like not as engaging as other hero shooters. It is a shame that it isn’t doing well, though I wouldn’t call it dead. I also feel that having it on the Switch would do wonders. Nothing on Masters X Masters? A game that is in the middle of shutting down? Come on man.
Vorpal Blade (10 months ago)
Ahh...Then I change that statement to: Nothing on Master X Master? Come on man. Since the game was as dead as the games listed here, I would say more so than Gigantic.
Skylent Games (10 months ago)
+Vorpal Blade mxm announced closure after this video.
Barokai Rein (10 months ago)
Absolver isn't dead lol. I just went back to the game yesterday and it took me literally 3 seconds to find a match and I didn't run into same people all that often.
GhoulOfTheBEat (10 months ago)
Dark souls comparisons? 1 hour of game time? yeah that's bull tbh absolver has had a stable community for the last few months, with the only changes being more players. Us dark souls players are still here even though yknow were "straight outa there". And to say we havent done much with it? we have tournements, people streaming everyday. Youtube content going out. The games getting more content every month. Little by little ofc we have a 3v3 gamemode coming soon. Also the netcode has been fixed so if you have even potato internet the game should be playable. People with average internet wont really notice lag. compared to the other games on the list that are literally dead with no playerbase above maybe 20 absolver is doing pretty damn well. It's the one game on the list that will thrive if you give it a chance but if people with influence spread uninformed crap it'll stay the same yknow.
ItsMe Kirakie (9 months ago)
Dying or not, it’s nice to see at least one of these games get an update. As long as the devs are behind it and they continue to update their game, there’s still hope. I can only speak about Absolver since that’s the only one I’ve played. FFXIV manage to do it, so I still have hopes as someone who still can find some enjoyment out of it. (And yes, I know that Square is a giant. All I’m saying is that there is hope. Bubsy returned for goodness sake.)
ItsMe Kirakie (9 months ago)
Skylent Games Not attacking, just asking. Have taken Console players into consideration? I mean, I know it can be difficult to get console numbers. I’m just curious. Either way, I enjoy the game enough to play and go back to it every now and again.
Skylent Games (10 months ago)
+GhoulOfTheBEat Absolver is not doing "pretty damn well" now respond with a link to the steam charts and an apology.
Forgot Paladins in your list.
Wim Van der Straeten (10 months ago)
Interesting video. I don't agree with your view of "The amazing eternals" however. Sure, it had issues and it needed more polishing, but I really enjoyed playing it. It had a very interesting retro sci fi look and the gameplay was good. I think that it could have done well if it had been given more time.
mystic gohan (10 months ago)
Gigantic was solo good.Its a shame
StudentYaoi (10 months ago)
Sky, for you, which dead game was the most *painful* to watching it dying? *(for me, it was marvel heroes)
Skylent Games (10 months ago)
+StudentYaoi Gigantic. I actually was talking to hiring manager about joining for game capture artist at one point. I liked the game but it never went anywhere and lasted about a month after launch.
Paul Mag (10 months ago)
Lol gigantic came out ??? Damn when it's still in early access on Xbox ...
Nikola Masalkovski (10 months ago)
Dude what is wrong with u Mirage arcane warfare never failedits an awesome game its that u hate it bro
Paluxy L. (10 months ago)
It's easy to understand why so many games fail ......... I would never play a game with : - too fast combat - too much pvp - a "weird" artstye - first person view I got nothing against amine , but too many game developers try to make games with anime-like combat or artstye ....... in anime it works but in a game it looks awful , for example too fast moving , too high jumping , combat that is so fast that you got no idea what's going on . I have met many people that say they get headaches after playing games ............ a game should make someone feel good and not make sick . :(
infernal MED (10 months ago)
Give me one fucking nexon game that is good Fuck this company
Quentin Jordan (7 months ago)
I thought nexon was a publisher
ItsMe Kirakie (9 months ago)
infernal MED Mabinogi. Maybe? At first... Oh, MapleStory if that’s your cup-o-tea.
kevin boelhouwer (11 months ago)
Hunt horrors of the gilded age got me extremely excited... When i saw the new hunt showdown changes i was very dissappointed. Not everything has to copy overwatch or battlegrounds!
NONXZIZ (11 months ago)
Everyone if these games are online only games. im getting sick of it.
elin111 (7 months ago)
Hopefully they'll learn that online only games die quickly.
João (11 months ago)
So you are saying you put games in top10s that you yourself think are bad?
João (11 months ago)
No game deserves to be in a top 10 for 1 aspect, unless you are making a top 10 about that specific aspect. I say even calling Gigantic's hero roster "cool" would be apt maybe only for their art and nothing else, and that doesn't merit a spot in a top 10.
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
+João a game can do 1 thing well and deserve to make a list, like Gigantic being highly rated on my hero shooter list for having cool heroes, but as a whole its very lacking.
SmoothCriminal (11 months ago)
I didn't even know that half of these games ever existed.
Vaterpolista88 (11 months ago)
Albion online ? There was a hughe hipe and now i dont see almost nothing about the game!
Denrée Rare (11 months ago)
i dont think hype is good for games at all.
Austin West (11 months ago)
Netcode is your new favorite buzzword
Vishnu Vardhan (11 months ago)
Sooner or later Gigantic's RAM requirement will be lowered. A Ranked mode will be added. I'm damn sure that these changes with some optimizations will make Gigantic's player base bloom!
Vishnu Vardhan (11 months ago)
Also Gigantic didn't fail. The steam numbers are low but most of the player base is on Arc!
Stylishnotzed (11 months ago)
I feel like those new games that are coming out, wont have succes as much, people are stuck with competition games as:league of legends being the most popular one,csgo,dota 2,hots...
Boods and Stigs (11 months ago)
It was a real shame about Hyper Universe, just the absurd incompetence of the localization team.
Clive The Führer (11 months ago)
IOS br game *Guns Royale*
Nikko Ortiz (11 months ago)
Absolver? Game set that company on the map, was a critical success monetary wise. And was given great reviews...
i actually love absolver
Nikko Ortiz (11 months ago)
Skylent Games Yes, but did it make the company any money? Sloclap has said their two most recent games have funded themselves a few times over now. The servers are kinda hit or miss, but at least they are still strongly supporting the game with updates. For a relatively non-existent company, this game was a huge success
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
+Nikko Ortiz Lawbreakers got great reviews as well.
First Last (11 months ago)
gloriavictis is the one I still want to play... just because the numbers are low or it's a bit clunky ... don't write it off.  The market is flooded with too many options , thus spreading players thin.  Simply , ask what parts need to be smoothed out and maybe condense some maps for now.
ChaoticLegion01 (11 months ago)
Albion Online should go f2p, it sucks!
Eric Nick (11 months ago)
ChaoticLegion01 So should the Witcher 3.
omar sameh (11 months ago)
i saw tons of bad games with great developers make big success and saw great games with bad developers and make big failure
Sombra (11 months ago)
You forgot Paladins.
Josh T (6 months ago)
What if I told you... both games are steadily failing and both communities are looking for the next genre successor. I enjoyed Paladins a lot too. But compared to its initial release, the hype goes down and goes down quickly. Especially that one patch where nearly all their biggest YouTubers said it was turning into a cash grab. That hurt a bit.
A Z (6 months ago)
25000 daily players on Paladins on a daily basis how does that make this list u stupid creature?
Sombra He did forget about Paladins.
So What (11 months ago)
ok that is just BS and u know it, OW and dying come on dude XD
Archnid 001 (11 months ago)
@Sombra Overwatch is dying because of its toxic community.
Denca (11 months ago)
Gigantic didn't completely fail there's still a lot of players playing it. Also why the hell are you complaining about a 60 fps cap hell some people are willing to play games on 20 fps. And I'm willing to bet as soon as they remove the 6 GB ram limitation which has been confirmed to be coming really soon as they said in a recent stream there's gonna be lots of players coming to play
Teddy Vain (10 months ago)
Taka He isn't actually hurt by it. Also, a human's eye is not capped at 60FPS--that's a myth. Playing at above 60 can damage your eyes, sure, just as playing at 60 can. It does not make it any more dangerous.
Vilifica (11 months ago)
Gigantic is dead. I paid for the founder pack, and the queues are insanely long. Coupled with the 0 feedback to the community and no balance vs adding new heroes ruined it.
Apollo The Ringmaster (11 months ago)
Skylent Games also I really like your videos and opinions but really your going to play the victim card now? Your a critic take criticism or others opinions like one. Like really "why does everyone attack me" come on man that is just sad
Apollo The Ringmaster (11 months ago)
The human eyes are capped at 60fps fun fact, playing above 60 can damage your eyes
Denca (11 months ago)
Skylent Games I wouldn't describe my comment as attacking you it's just a different opinion and ok yeah u were right gj skylent. Though if you're wondering why people tend to attack you it could be because most of your videos about games have a negative opinion
IndarkLove (11 months ago)
Nosgoth failed, Cloud Pirates failed.
Meat Vegetable (2 months ago)
Nosgoth I would say was SquareEnix shoving it onto their weird platform and a lot of people having to rebuy the game because it didn't have much if any steam integration.
animefreak5219 (9 months ago)
Nosgoth was great. D:
Tazer MeDown (9 months ago)
miss nosgoth too D:
Ulfric Stormcloak (10 months ago)
i loved nosgoth
Junkrat TheMadman (10 months ago)
I miss nosgoth
evan sanderson. (11 months ago)
I just HAD to make sure the culling was on here.
Derpy Birdie (11 months ago)
Absolvers didn't fail at all really, Have 200 hours on it ticking up, Why call a game dead when allot of people still get entertainment value out of it?
Eric Nick (11 months ago)
Skylent Games The very definition of cancer. I literally can't take you serious.
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
+Vikko2 these games are hopeless. Let it be known. It is why I made the video.
Vikko2 (11 months ago)
Skylent Games But brawler games that are obviously niche like For Honor and Absolver, the launch numbers are always horribly inflated. They become extremely overhyped and even the developers of Absolver in particular told people to not get too excited over things like the story or the size of the world, but aspects like those get overhyped anyway. Absolver was never meant to have and keep launch numbers at all, there was just no way a game like it could ever hold huge numbers because it isn't built to appeal to a large audience. It didn't even have a large Dev team nor a full retail price. On the other hand, For Honor essentially failed because it was a huge budget game that tries to appeal to both hardcore gamers and casual ones alike, leading to a lot of development and balancing problems. The current population most likely did not reach company expectations due to the cost it likely took to produce the game and the amount of staff assigned to the project. The game that a lot of the brawlers are compared to, Dark Souls was destined to be a niche game- gameplay wise- but people's obsession over a 'hard game' and it's extremely well crafted story and environments are what carried it through. These online adversarial multiplayer games don't have that virtue. Many of these games technically weren't even dead on arrival. By the logic you use (launch vs current pop) without considering a projected expectation, most (not all) of these games were dead before they even came out, by the logic used, since it was inevitably going to have a low population in the first place- and we don't know what every company expected the active population to be (aside from games that legitimately shut down). If you asked me, a game only truly fails if it doesn't meet a developer's projected expectations. And while I'm not bashing the video necessarily, videos like these are what prevent games from regaining a population and growing out of their failure due to media outlets giving dying games a widespread reputation for being utterly hopeless, unsalvageable failures.
Teddy Vain (11 months ago)
+Derpy Birdie Think of it this way: you're a developer and you've spent years developing what you thought was going to be one of the greatest products you have ever taken part in creating. You release it and soon afterward, despite immense publicity from Twitch, you only have between a hundred and two hundred people playing on average (with a peak of 482 in the last THIRTY days). Then you look at other titles in your general genre, who had not received the same public exposure, but have your peak number of players as their average number of players. That's quite the definition of dead.
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
+Derpy Birdie current pop vs launch pop.
RaxorX (11 months ago)
While I really liked Absolver and got my money’s worth, the game is just not as fun as other fighting games.
Eric Nick (11 months ago)
RaxorX true For Honor is better.
Islands Of Nyne Moments (11 months ago)
im excited for islands of nyne its a battle royal game , and you ask me why another battle royal , this one feels different it has different maps different guns (medieval (in the future there will be a map with only medieval guns allowed , the actual time guns and futuristic ones) and rlly like how the devs are doing the progress i have heard they almost dont sleep , i will support this game
kevin boelhouwer (11 months ago)
SunLED what is a medieval gun? Not being mean just wanna know what the games about
TheFerociousGamer (11 months ago)
I feel bad for gigantic after all the troubles it went through to be finished it's sad to see the player count going down
FatalWalkerFilms (9 months ago)
I'm a bit behind in Gaming news....okay a lot more then a bit....but did it ever launch for more then windows 10? cuz i heard a while ago that there were plans for it to come out for like win 7 and 8 and all that. I knew it shut down, idk WHEN, but i knew it did... i just wanna know if it ever made it past windows 10...if not that could have contributed to their problems since there are more people using win7 and 8 then there are people using windows 10.
Emcredible (10 months ago)
Their studio got shut down by their owner (Perfect World Ent') good game stuck in development for far too long
The Dank Zombie Soul (11 months ago)
Absolver isn't limiting or stifling at all maybe if you didn't spend time learning much atks from a.i or people or lvling up much yeah maybe but once you're at a descent lvl have all slots unlocked and have learned a good amount of atks it is in no way like you put it off as, not to mention it is a indie game made by like 6 people of course it wouldn't be that grandiose. It is still being updated and fixed plus pc recently just got a new update too with new features give it time jeez.
AbyssFiend (10 months ago)
I think you didn't really understand the combat in the game by looks of it. The issue with the game is just that besides duels, there really isn't anything to do and if it's all mostly instanced, people will grow tired of it pretty quickly. I love the combat in the game because there is a shitload of ways to outplay your opponent, but I guess you never really saw that side of the game by playing it for 2 hours and I also never had more than 2 people lag out of the hundreds I've versed.
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
+Slumber studio I didnt need to throw a single punch to instantly see most of the problems the game had. They were glaring. Suboptimal netcode and poor performance out of the gate in a fighting game. Micro zones. No story. And with my first attacks, I only felt awkward and sluggish. Btw all my duels everyone spammed attacks, and this is coming from a For Honor player.
RumbleAgentsReborn (11 months ago)
I spoke with him personally about it. At the time, he did say that it should be refunded, at least until the networking gets fixed, which has only just recently happened. Though he is right, the numbers did die quite a lot. This is coming from a guy who absolutely loves this game, and is also sad to see how the playerbase has lowered, but I am accepting of what he has to say about it.
Slumber studio (11 months ago)
he only streamed the game once and said to refund it in the end of stream. there is no way he can learn all atk moves in the game with that short amount of time. I agree with you. it is just not his type of game I should say
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
We can try and make excuses all day but in the end the numbers speak for themselves. If it is always the players fault, and a game has no players, I guess to "elitist" who continue to play the games must be the only ones who can see the glory that the game is. IMO it's the opposite, you are the few people who can actually NOT see the faults the game glares into other players eyes clearly.
SamuraiMotoko (11 months ago)
Im not sure if in a world where 1 get can get all the millions of players... after some of thouse games, there is no place for others multiplayer games to be successful
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
PUBG isn't perfect but it is made by the guy who basically popularized the entire genre, and even though it isn't perfect, it is the most complete BR game out there. However, that is where Fortnite jumps in, with true polish out of the gate with some unique mechanic twists AND already on consoles! However, pretty much every other BR game is going to fall apart and even PUBG if it never fixes its issues that other newer BR games are willing to tackle it seems.
SamuraiMotoko (11 months ago)
I dont really feel pubg is perfect, and at least for the moment it have tons of millions of players. its just how it is.
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
With so much competition these games needed to be perfect, and in many ways they obviously cut corners and players can see it and rather play the super unique games or the super polished games.
lyry 19 (11 months ago)
Stop being that negative with the amazing eternals You know you're one of the main reasons it shut down :/ And, if it were really a cash-grab, would they have refund their players, would they? But remember, they said that they might come back to it in the future It had a lot of players loving it, or just looking forward to it, but you were extremely negative about it, I mean, you played it for an hour, I can't remember, but I don't think you even earned any card nor the deck creator I loved TAE It was like warframe: it could only get better over time But, like, remember closed beta warframe? Look at it now TAE is nowhere close to how early access the early warframe looked like, it sounded promising :/ All that is pretty sad
Samurai (11 days ago)
it was trash end of story lol
A wild potato appeared (5 months ago)
The original intent why it got shutdown cause the game sound awesome of paper but when they made it they sorta went back on their decision well on what i heard
Toufiq Aziz (11 months ago)
I dont think digital extreme really bothered about opinions from a small channel like this lol.The game had some big issue but its definitely not a cash grab like this guy here says...I think they already make alot money from warframe.
samprice1 (11 months ago)
Hey, just want to interject here, while your video on the topic doesn't have a massive viewcount , it ranks quite highly in youtube's video search, so people who were considering the game probably saw it and got turned off. That being said the game's a total piece of shit lmao, I just disagreed with that inference
Joshua Dixon (11 months ago)
Lol, dev upset coz his game was trash. Sky's just calling it as he sees it
lacunarikain2 (11 months ago)
Lawbreakers would be decent as F2P with a loot box/skin model
A wild potato appeared (5 months ago)
Satoro you only played 2 games of paladins? That means all those games are bot games you didnt play with real ppl its like that until youre lvl 5 like in LoL
Satoro (10 months ago)
Lawbreakers was suppose to be f2p. I remember i bookmarked it because of that. I don't like paladins for some reason, I get bored and log out after 1-2 games. And Lawbreakers looked perfect as game id play to get some rest from overwatch. Than they switched to b2p and i immediately thought "FU I'll just play something else greedy bastards" (I instantly assumed b2p with micro transactions like f2p game since it was SUPPOSE TO be f2p). Stopped following the new and basically forgot about it. They probably lost a lot of potential player base right there.
FacePwn64 (11 months ago)
lacunarikain2 Have you seen the game after they increased health overalll and added health regen? The playerbase itself has a faster time-to-kill now. It managed to alienate the few people who wanted to stay with it.
Teddy Vain (11 months ago)
I believe TERA somewhat gained back what it lost, after going F2P right? I've never paid attention to its numbers since I'm not a player, put I definitely heard a lot more about it once it changed its model, in various corners of the interwebz.
Skylent Games (11 months ago)
I thought so, but I don't know a case of a game going f2p after dropping its entire population and then actually grew past where it was previously.

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