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OP Juan Shinobi Tricks & Tips! BLOCK N LOAD

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Would really appreciate some shares. I want this game and channel to take off XD steam:skylentshore
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Anton Paul (1 year ago)
the good old days when ninja was op
nicky pass (9 months ago)
it still is
Koko (1 year ago)
the good old days when ninja have unlimited smoke bomb xD
Anton Paul (1 year ago)
not how it was back then,a sarge could'nt even hit him,now i can even kilkl a ninja with sarge....but yeah still very O.P(get it?)
Alejandro 342 (1 year ago)
yandrak ! It's still to fucking good
Dan 123 (1 year ago)
You talk too fast, what, the bomb, you press F, what?! Create a huge explosion? How?
kf pw (1 year ago)
Dan 123 when you teleport,a bomb will be planted in your wake,the bomb that you made before teleporting will detonate the other bomb too.
Tootiy (1 year ago)
M Mk (2 years ago)
Hi I still suck as a shinobi I WANNA LEARN SO BAD D:
Shiro Neko (2 years ago)
how should i get the fixie juan
Parra (2 years ago)
1:19 , how do i get that skin? pls help me
TheTruthOfGaming (2 years ago)
now you can't throw smoke bombs like that you need to reload your katana
nightmare boonie (2 years ago)
you are good in this game
Shiny guy (2 years ago)
How o to climb
kf pw (1 year ago)
Shiny guy sprint at wall
AceDragneel (2 years ago)
davis eng (2 years ago)
Now op Juan shinobi can only throw his smoke bomb once before he has to reload the developers nerfed him because he was too op he is still op now though and the shrine only heals 70% of his health unlike the last 100%
Burtininkas (2 years ago)
hi, i love this tips and tricks video... so can you do same thing with other classes.. like dream genie....
Skylent Games (2 years ago)
+DJ fox'as oh thanks mate but I made this back in closed beta and at the time this video only had a hundred views and overall hype for the game instantly died when it was announced as buy to play (it is now free to play) so I stopped making videos because it was a waste of my time. Finding out all these tricks and making this video took way too much effort and time for just a few simple views. At least that is what I thought at the time but now that this channel is just for fun since I get paid to upload to other channels "freemmostation and attackgamingofficial" I might revisit a bit and do more tips and tricks.
jamie fuller (3 years ago)
So that's why the smoke bombs now reloa.... So you can't fly
George Solar (3 years ago)
loved it man this helped me loads
TheOllyfin (3 years ago)
hey dude  Great video i subbed :) Im all for the bnl community growing it would be good if you would like the join my project on making a community channel. Pm me if your interested 

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