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CRAZY 22 KILL SOLO vs SQUADS GAME!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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New Fortnite Battle Royale video featuring a 22 kill solo squad win with Typical Gamer! ► SUBSCRIBE! ► http://bit.ly/SubToTG ► OFFICIAL MERCH! ► https://typical.store Sponsor to unlock emotes: https://gaming.youtube.com/TypicalGamer?action=sponsor Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/typicalgamer Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/typicalgameryt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/typicalgamer Let's keep the comment section AWESOME to make sure everyone has a good time! Be sure to thumbs up great comments and ignore negative ones. With your help we can continue to build a great community. Thanks and enjoy!
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Text Comments (647)
S Smith (3 months ago)
you look so different without glasses
Anne paredes (4 months ago)
woah im just new haha
oTeqno (5 months ago)
all the other comments are like nice you are the best but in my opinion that was such a boring video i just watched a guy kill a squad then not get another kill for 10 mins then just spam an rpg everywhere and get 18 more kills nothing exciting at all
My hiest kills is 14
Typical Gamer (6 months ago)
X you're Savage
Kenney G (7 months ago)
make another house flipper plz
SWS Stevenson (7 months ago)
I love your 40 inch brat being slapped over my face while I gargle your glorious testicles in my mouth papi
Argho Zone (7 months ago)
Please promote my channel plz..
Alex G. Lopez (7 months ago)
El que sea mexicano que se suscriba a mi canal jaja
Sunil Sheehmar (7 months ago)
This is Crazy
Kymani Malone (7 months ago)
Grinch napkins Canberra
Kymani Malone (7 months ago)
What don't you talk you look like Singapore because you don't talk to
Kymani Malone (7 months ago)
How old are you son of
Alfonso Lopez (7 months ago)
your better then ninja the best tg your cool
Iammaxitaxi (7 months ago)
I wonder if Typical Gamer pins comments
nick Aguilar (7 months ago)
Cheating pussies!
Lena Gaming (7 months ago)
This is like the best fortnite player ever !! Skip Ninja .
Zalem (7 months ago)
Its been so long i havent watched you And im back! when i was watching you i didnt have an account and you had like 2 million subscibers well now you grown a lot i hope you get to 10 million to get that diamond play button :) Keep going through this road its making you go up faster to 10 million!
DeaD -_-MaN (7 months ago)
You is monster
Wicked Josh (7 months ago)
He’s not better than ninja this whole game was rpg spamming
Hunter Anders (8 months ago)
Hey typical gamer are u my grandpa
sincere baker (8 months ago)
TG you are better than ninja
Rollaxkin Terry (8 months ago)
Deaquan would smoke this brother
Shane o sullivan (8 months ago)
Julian playz (8 months ago)
You suck
Panda playz (8 months ago)
Ali Ibrahim (8 months ago)
Zachary123123 Chastain (8 months ago)
Do more gta
dragod williams (8 months ago)
Nice and spicy
Henry Fong (8 months ago)
TG the best 😄😃
Wagly 4 (8 months ago)
U are beter than ninja
fortnite Yt (8 months ago)
Can you play on ps4?🤔
VolantBurrito88 Gman (8 months ago)
tg the best YouTuber in the world 😎😎😎🐵🐢
Paul Ogunmwonyi (8 months ago)
Er ma gurd
TGFU Thiefs (8 months ago)
Jayden Layne (8 months ago)
Are you related to NINJA 😨😨😨😨😨
bonnie dextraze (8 months ago)
you are the best at fortnite
preston kent (8 months ago)
You talked
dj Samuel (8 months ago)
GTA 5 zombie mode season one episode 25
VAISHNAV PRAKASH (8 months ago)
NiTrizzl (8 months ago)
Damn man that was awesome gg
Zoom Flash (8 months ago)
You are sooooooooooo goooooooood in this game
jonathan molina (8 months ago)
first time your doing a regular no stream video
Rickie Pellum (8 months ago)
The god
Rickie Pellum (8 months ago)
Great game
Russ Freed (8 months ago)
🔥🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 🔥
KingKai24 (8 months ago)
The skin brings luck
Caleb Brooks (8 months ago)
Hey tip do tou play need for speed rivals can you do some driving of yoh do🤓
Dj Music (8 months ago)
Jessica Leonard (8 months ago)
That is a crazy warm up!!!
Horatio Teran (8 months ago)
TG u should upload ur crew 2 footage👍
L Jackson (8 months ago)
Honard Grandston (8 months ago)
Tg the great
Michael Poitras (8 months ago)
Satnam Dhillon (8 months ago)
Can you do clips like these?
Mathmagician (8 months ago)
I came 4.7 million subscribers ago
jrdp2578 (8 months ago)
3 players in a row at the beginning
TheFaded Children (8 months ago)
Your honesty better than ninja because he doesn’t even get usually that amount of kills
SleekRaspberry (8 months ago)
Tg you should upload more stream highlights like this for people that can’t catch the stream and look at the views
Lightning Gaming (8 months ago)
TG, where's your glasses?
Lightning Gaming (8 months ago)
I just got a ten kill game!
Wanda Lee (8 months ago)
From the future
Dalton Leblanc (8 months ago)
Gg indeed
Orie Charles (8 months ago)
From steam
xxchillkingxx xx (8 months ago)
I absolutely love the streams. But its moments like this that make u think...whos man in this!?!
Sacfinest44 (8 months ago)
Broke up
Sacfinest44 (8 months ago)
I'm from the stream you recongnize this face the team Epiphany Ryan but Epiphany broke updated
Callum Robertson (8 months ago)
from stream. you killed it bro, keep it up
Falco Lebanarow (8 months ago)
From the stream
Anthony Egner (8 months ago)
From stream
jacob chircop (8 months ago)
From stream great kills love your vids
Mre Mann (8 months ago)
From live stream
Michael A (8 months ago)
Nice win Im from stream
donebygirl (8 months ago)
Saw this live, still watched video. Came from stream to comment this.
Coral Garcia (8 months ago)
Live stream is awesome!!!! Great game
Diego Cruz (8 months ago)
From Stream
ronaldo meade (8 months ago)
I am from stream👋👍 lots of love TG
Adonay10gamer 13 (8 months ago)
from the live stream
KillingFever90 (8 months ago)
Nice 22 squad kill GG TG! BTW love your vids and streams!
Iddy_Dat_Boi (8 months ago)
Hey from the stream
It’z a me fakinbacon21 (8 months ago)
Legend 11 (8 months ago)
From stream but I just watched this
kareem abdelmoniem (8 months ago)
I am from the stream hello
Chris 7 (8 months ago)
Dang this is a banger close to ninja score 32
David A (8 months ago)
I'm from the stream
Mustafe Abdikarim (8 months ago)
I am from The stream
Sebatty 12 (8 months ago)
Im from the stream
SAVAJMSTER26 (8 months ago)
I’m from da stream
Chase Bizelia (8 months ago)
Hey Tg i came from the stream grew video ur too thicc boi
uknown A (8 months ago)
dang you good from stream.
ib Sankoh (8 months ago)
Am watching the live videos right now
Elite Kb (8 months ago)
From stream Andre
CHRISTIAN Flynt (8 months ago)
From the stream
Kyle Decelis (8 months ago)
I am from stream TG 😍You are the best❤
Boothy Games (8 months ago)
I’m from the stream love the vid your incredible
Dagen Dean (8 months ago)
From Stream
John Powell (8 months ago)
From the stream ....
Cheesy Brothers (8 months ago)
From the stream!
Jonjon Del (8 months ago)
im from the stream i did what you said to do lol

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