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Antibiotic Treatment with Metronidazole / Flagyl

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Treatment with metronidazole (Flagyl) is common, and the basics of this antibiotic therapy are reviewed by Dr. Greg Hall.
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goodDrummerman (20 days ago)
Anyone taking this for C diff?
TTT Frank (1 month ago)
Good night Dr how long will it (metronidazole )take to cure an abscess
Anaksunamun # (1 month ago)
Can bv affect the metabolism of your body?
mister_micaela (1 month ago)
My pharmacist said that I shouldn't even use hand sanitizer while on Flagyl because of the possibility of alcohol getting in my system. But the thing is, does this apply for all other topical products I'm using that may contain alcohol? I went to the store and couldn't even find a shampoo or facial lotion that didn't contain any alcohol. Do you think the small amounts in beauty care products would trigger this nausea side effect? If so, how long does the nausea last for usually?
mister_micaela (1 month ago)
+Dr. Greg Hall I thought so. It seemed a little extreme. Thank you!
Dr. Greg Hall (1 month ago)
I think that is overly cautious advice. I wouldn't worry about the interaction between skin absorbed alcohol and metronidazole or any other antibiotic.
J Martin (2 months ago)
MAKES ME SLIGHTLY NAUSEOUS ALL THE TIME. MAKES ME FEEL SICK! Horrible drug. Taking for Diverticulitis. Ughhhh!!!
Haboon Omar (2 months ago)
I have bacterial vaginoisis and the doctor gave me flagyl and metronidazole but i missed my period I don't know why
Joyce Dyan (2 months ago)
Can i buy this medicine without Dr. prescription?
jon waite (3 months ago)
Am i ok to drink alcohol 24 hours BEFORE starting this medication?
Dr. Greg Hall (3 months ago)
Probably okay but check with the person prescribing the medicine.
what is metronidazole 600 doses
Ayuba Tanko (4 months ago)
Thank You for this post doctor. What power does this medication have over bad breath? someone was given this medication for intestine infection or diarrhea but it also stopped his bad breath for some days.
Dr. Greg Hall (4 months ago)
Probably some gum disease. I recommend a dentist and regular cleaning.
Shairni Khan (4 months ago)
I have been prescribed it for tooth And Gums .. metronidazole al 400 , did a deep cleaning and also During the entire antibiotic therapy course, I have to mix 1 sachet of OMNi-BiOTIC 10 (-5 g... for 10days
Akendrea Hampton (4 months ago)
I was prescribed flagyl 500mg ONCE a day for 7 days for a bacterial infection.... I’m worried that it’ll work because I’ve had it before and was prescribed 500mg for TWICE a day....
Preciousbaby Face (5 months ago)
How many hours apart should Metronidazole be taking on Google it say 6 hours
Dr. Greg Hall (4 months ago)
6 hours is fine.
cadence socasau (5 months ago)
i took flagyl when i had diverticulitis in 2015 and i just started a new dose today for 7 days because i’ve been having bowel cramps and pain for the last 6 months. my blood tests are all negative but my white blood cell count is slightly elevated. just a tiny bit. so she deduced i might have some lingering bacteria in my stomach. flagyl does taste horrible but i’ve never experienced any side effects on it. my body seems to tolerate it well.
Taste Radio (6 months ago)
I took flaggyl. Then later on took alcohol. Next morning I woke up thinking I had malaria coz I woz vomitting yellow stuff, like bile, the exact phenomenon I used to experience when I usually had malaria. Exactly what you talk about here. Took bad I'm watching this video after it all happenned. But at least now I will neeeeever repeat that.
Amanda Nieves (7 months ago)
So I don't have std does that mean I still can get HIV syphilis and the other one?
Dr. Greg Hall (4 months ago)
Check with your doctor.
caylub-_- (7 months ago)
Can you do a video on ciprofloxacin?
Dolly Multitasking (1 year ago)
I have been taking this tablets for the last 3 days and it's driving me mad metronidazole 400mg I have Metallic taste Hear noises Dry mouth Dizzy Headache Fatigue Shaking legs Nausea Difficulties to concentrate / Fish memory oh god I can keep going... I thought I was getting crazy but I had read a lot and it seems to be normal :/ I can't wait to finish this tablets as I understand you need to take the complete treatment to get rid of the infection. Also the fact I can't drink alcohol in Xmas is sad :(
Jenny Loi (3 months ago)
I'm taking this right now and it feels like death. I have all of the same symptoms in addition to sensitivity to the sun and my listening comprehension is off. Did you take an anti-nausea med?
ade doyin (1 year ago)
I'm still dealing with the side effect till this day such an evilish drug i had it December 20, 2016, got gallstone kidney stone all sorts till this day still dealing with the side effect
Suad Gosalci (1 year ago)
Dear Dr. Hall, I have a 13 year old daughter and she is having this sinusitis infection, causing headache and eye pain. The doctor prescribed Amoksiklav antibiotics 625 mg dosage, Operil (nasal decongestant) and also Brufen (pain killer). She has a deviated nasal septum. We have found this video very helpful, however we have no info about the following: can metronidazole cause any side effects, since she is only 13? Is it safe if she takes both metronidazole & amoksiklav? Thank you very much for your help!
Suad Gosalci (1 year ago)
Dr. Greg Hall, Thank you for your advice. I will take her to get another opinion.
Dr. Greg Hall (1 year ago)
Difficult (and dangerous) to address. It is best for you follow her physicians' advice. If you are not sure, take her to another physician you trust, and get their advice.
Sofia The first (1 year ago)
Flagyl healed my amoeba since i was in my 6th grade.flagyl syrup.
Ryan Telford (1 year ago)
I'm freaking out now. Got my tooth abscess infection down to the size of a ping pong ball in my cheek. My entire left side of my face swole up nose eye chin throat cheek. Really bad really scary. But this last bit is stiff trying to get it shifted. Do you gave to take metronidazole with co-amoxiclav? As I have no metronidazole left and few co-amoxiclav left? Will it not work?
Ryan Telford (1 year ago)
KimaBabes100 oh. What do you think of metronidazole
KimaBabes100 (1 year ago)
Ryan Telford Lol sorry for misleading u. im taking it for a different cause I was just referring to us being twins due to the crazy side effects. I just might have it twice as bad since im under 115 lbs
Ryan Telford (1 year ago)
KimaBabes100 how are you getting on? Mine is cleared up. Metronidazole is amazing stuff. It just take a day or two to build up in your system. I found if they slice your gum. And you use warmth on the area, massaging, the infection can seep out the incision in your gum. And it wasn't pus for me, was clear liquid. Plenty of pain killers I needed. How long have u had it?
KimaBabes100 (1 year ago)
Ryan Telford my twin . we are both suffering
Ira Lewis (1 year ago)
Hey doctor can you get neck pain useing this pill
Marina McKinley (1 year ago)
I came here because I use it on my reptiles when they get sick. Got it. No booze for my tree boa. Understood.
maleka58 (1 year ago)
Was I given metronidazole gel for rosacea? it is called metrosa? Could you explain why? I don't drink LOL It does not say anything about alcohol on it although it is topical of course! . Your assistance would be appreciated. It does say to keep out of the sun! This may be impossible as I am a marine mamamal medic!!! I am always out in the sun and on boats and it gets quite hot!!!
maleka58 (1 year ago)
Thanks for your reply Greg. I spoke to my Dr today from home and he said I should be out in the sunshine LOL! So one presumes it will be ok!! It would otherwise be very difficult as in my job as I deal with wild mammals Turtles and stuff!!! I don't really get any shade as seals like to sunbath and Dolphins etc swim or tend to strand on the beaches when they are ill!! which could take hours medicating them before they can be refloated.
Dr. Greg Hall (1 year ago)
The antibiotic is topical and the bacteria is on (and/or in) the skin so no need to take in internally. Also no need to worry about alcohol. Antibiotics can increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun so I'm not sure what to tell you as far as your exposure. That may be a problem . . . Ask your doctor.
Nicholas Anguiano (1 year ago)
As he said "you will want to take it with OJ because its bitter" the pill was mid flight from my hand into my mouth and with no water in near sight. This will be one pill that I cant dry swallow lol.
Michelle Minor (2 years ago)
hey Dr hall ?? I got the gel for bv are u suppose to have a discharge of white clumps while taking or after taking
KimaBabes100 (1 year ago)
Michelle Minor did it clear up?
Praval Goel (2 years ago)
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Michelle Minor (2 years ago)
I figured it was the bad stuff coming out .I read other comments that did the same thang to others. some is white clumps and then the gel
Dr. Greg Hall (2 years ago)
Not really.  I would call your provider to follow up.  That doesn't sound right.
Joe Antko (2 years ago)
Dr. Hall, Thank you for taking the time for your presentation regarding metronidazole (Flagyl). I was unaware of the alcohol related negative effects. ManyThanks and Best Regards
Maverick Valasote (1 year ago)
thanks for this info doc... but i was too late.... if i had only seen this video earlier.....
Dr. Greg Hall (2 years ago)
No problem.  Thanks for reaching out.
Trina Tenney (2 years ago)
i was told i have this staphlococcus but now this new doctor gave me valtrex flagyl 500 mg it tells me it can make cancer in mice and rats i have a bad heart it stops and goes again liven passed 2 kinds of cancer lukeima been one it tells me i souldn't take it then so what do i do next she will not talk to me all i get is i know what i'm doing ?????? the doc from center of infections told me it had tobe an iv antibotic to try and kill it off so now i am wondering whos to go with
Ezrajoy Mauile (2 years ago)
doc. can i ask what mg of metrondazole can i take? im 20 years old . because i take 500 mg. it is okay? thanks please answer
KimaBabes100 (1 year ago)
Ezrajoy Mauile what were your results?
KimaBabes100 (1 year ago)
Ezrajoy Mauile what were your results?
Daisy K (2 years ago)
just got one after my teeth implant got infected. I looked up this metronidazole on Google and it has like 100 side affects all of them one worst than the other. but I have to take it along amoxiciline my dentist said if I want my bone graft to heal .
TexasSmoking (6 months ago)
Daisy K how did that go for you. Its been nothing but a hell ride for me taking this poison
DC Empowerment (2 years ago)
well the reviews had me horrified. now after dr hall's explanation i am certain those reviews were from people trying to drink alcohol.
deedea fant (2 years ago)
what if the bill dont work
Alena Flanders (2 years ago)
thank you. my doctor prescribed it and pretty much sent me out the door. thank you for taking the time to help inform people. I will probably be looking for a new obgyn who will at least take a minute to explain things to me. especially the very specific no alcohol reason. of course I read the directions and wouldn't drink during the time I am taking it but it's good to know I need to wait at least 2-3 days as that is NOT in the instructions.
Rachel Lodkey (2 years ago)
can i crush these pills ???
Michelle Minor (2 years ago)
Rachel Lodkey I wouldn't crush it .probably will be worse lol
Dr. Greg Hall (2 years ago)
Sure, but the taste will be worse. It shouldn't make a difference.
Shaquana Mcclendon (2 years ago)
can they prescribe me somthing else it's hard to swallow in then makes me throw up
ShansoBlessed blessed (2 years ago)
can humans use the one you can buy from the pet website 500 mg
Maddie B (2 years ago)
You are lovely.
USAMovieTrailers (2 years ago)
WOW, this service is good! It is my third order. I am satisfied with quality of products and service. Just type " dpwpills fg2016 " on google.
Billy Mackie (2 years ago)
Is a drink which is <=0.05% abv "alcohol free" ok to have a bottle or two?
TheGoldenlegend1 (2 years ago)
Hi I find it difficult to swallow the entire Flagyl 500 mg pill. is it okay for me to cut it into pieces and swallow them one by one?
Dr. Greg Hall (2 years ago)
Sure, but expect the very bitter taste.
ashleigh christian (2 years ago)
Thank you for this video x
Tiffany Llamas (3 years ago)
can I take this medication while breastfeeding?
Dr. Greg Hall (3 years ago)
+Tiffany Llamas It's best to direct that question to your OB.
Dr. Greg Hall (3 years ago)
I would call the person who prescribed the medication, and ask them. ASAP.
Ryan Telford (1 year ago)
Gregory Hall does metronidazole work on its own?????? Or does it need co-amoxiclav
NaturallyBlessedWomb (3 years ago)
Doctor I was prescribed this while in my first trimester by mouth twice a day for 7days. Now I'm having light cramps, headaches, upset stomach and green loose stool. Should I continue to take this? I want to stop taking it too many side effects that are scaring me. Please Help
KimaBabes100 (1 year ago)
NaturallyBlessedWomb what wad the result?
brandon workman (3 years ago)
Im glad I watched this .. I thought the no drinking was just a suggestion. like on a lot of other medication. and I was going to risk it.. Thanks for saving the day.after I finish  with them . What is a safe amount of time until I can drink?
Dr. Greg Hall (3 years ago)
Stay strong. You'll get through.
FonzBigDenver Gaming (10 months ago)
Dr. Greg Hall thank you sir
Rishav Laha (2 years ago)
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CarlosMoncada (2 years ago)
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ValValentine (3 years ago)
Is skin peeling a side effect?
ValValentine (3 years ago)
I'm going through the worst right now with this thing
Tiffany Hall (1 year ago)
Thank you im good now thank you lord😉
ValValentine (1 year ago)
Tiffany Hall omg girl I will pray for you! Think positive it's going to be okay!!!!
Tiffany Hall (1 year ago)
ValValentine I'm going threw it now and it seems and feel like my vagina is gonna fall right of i don't know if it's working or not but it feels bad down the and I'm really depressed about it lord help me😩😌
ValValentine (3 years ago)
+Brian Marchand thanks it's over now thank God!!!!
Brian Marchand (3 years ago)
I threw mine in the garbage after experiencing ExremeNausea,depression,fatigue,loss of appetite,no energy,weakness,metallic taste in my mouth,Night sweats,cannot go to work!!!Flagyl should not be prescibed to those who get the side effects. It says it takes 44 hrs for them to get out of the system and am now 12hrs after and counting. Good luck.
Goh moh teng (3 years ago)
Thanks, a great help to someone ignorant , like me , here in Malaysia. You've ideed, done a good deed to all.
AUGUSTO REYES (3 years ago)
f pMinociclyne. mg.r
4TheRecord (3 years ago)
I'm on 200mg of Metronidazole and 500mg of Amoxicillin and it seems to take a while before the anti biotics start to kill the pain. The pain killers I took didn't seem to be having any effect. In one 24 hour period I had taken 12 tablets of Sodium Ibuprofen 200mg, 10 Co-Codamol with paracetamol 12/500mg and 3 tablets of standard Ibuprofen. The only thing which managed to save me from taking anymore was getting something to "smoke". Without that I probably would have taken more since the pain was just too much to bear. I'm certainly not recommending for people to "smoke" this type of medicine but if you are faced with the situation I was in I believe it makes for a good last resort. Better to smoke the herb rather than overdose on toxic levels of paracetamol and it reduced the pain to levels I could manage. It may not work for everyone but it certainly worked for me. What's your take on the herb being used for this kind of pain relief? Are their any plans to create versions of this herb minus side effects which could help reduce nerve and dental pain?
Alexa Hoover (3 years ago)
I was prescribed Flagyl while I had a stomach ulcer...and it was awful!!!! I threw up every 15 minutes for 24 hours...couldn't keep anything down. I hate this drug, but now I have to take it again and I'm scared my body will have some freak reaction just as I did before. But do you blame me?!! Flagyl is very harsh. Be warned! If you have tummy issues...don't take!!!!
Digital Mayhem Gaming (3 years ago)
Thank you for this video. I just started taking this.
Chris M (4 years ago)
I believe I was overdosed on Metronidazole.  I was prescribed to take 250mg of metronidazole 3 times daily for 30 days.  I am now experiencing worse reactions than I had before taking the pills.  Is there anyway to recover from this?
donchissy (4 years ago)
Dy Hall, thanks for the insight...I remember taking flagyl as a child, and whenever a see the word flagyl, the first word that comes to my mouth is BITTER!
Jacek Gawecki (4 years ago)
This is hands down one of the most horrible tasting pills I've ever taken. Unfortunately it also gave me a lot of side effects like, metal taste in the mouth, dry mouth, fatigue, lack of appetite - you name it. Thanks for the info Doc.
Akpos (1 year ago)
There are several factors in solving rosacea pain at home. One plan I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Natural remedy blueprint (check it out on google) definately the most useful resource that I've seen. Check out the unbelievable info .
Wolf (1 year ago)
Jacek Gawecki u feel u, I had to stop taking it after 10 days, made me feel like poo and felt like I was walking in dream
Tiffany Hall (1 year ago)
Jacek Gawecki me also
DJShearer (4 years ago)
Hi Greg, thanks for the video. Are you able to tell me how effective Flagyl is against Blastocystis? I've been struggling with all kinds of issues for the last five years and finally a nutritionist has found the problem, but she is treating me with natural products, which I am losing faith in, so I plan to go back to the doctors that failed me, armed with my test results, to ask for the correct treatment.
DJShearer (4 years ago)
After I told my doctor what the problem was he looked at me and said, 'well what do you want me to do about it?' He knew nothing about Blastocystis, and he offered me a course of Metronidazole just because I said that other people had been treated with it...I turned it down because I didn't have faith in the doctors decision being the right one.
Dr. Greg Hall (4 years ago)
Thanks for the question.  Returning to you physician for treatment with an approved medication is a good choice, and metronidazole may be one of them. Your doctor will look at a number of options to treat you.  Hope things work out the way you want!
ANOINTED QUEEN (4 years ago)
Hello Dr.Greg. Pls I want to knw if having irregular period could be as a result of having bacterial vaginosis(BV)? I ve bn through several medical check ups regarding this issue,no problem was found to be d reason for d irregular period and at the moment bn taking a vaginal tablet for BV treatment. Thnx alot.
ANOINTED QUEEN (4 years ago)
+Gregory Hall Loads of thnx Dr Gregory.I appreciate ur response. God bless YOU.
Dr. Greg Hall (4 years ago)
Any kind of infection or inflammation can effect the metabolic balance in the reproductive system, so yes, having bacterial vaginosis can effect regularity of your monthly cycle. Does it actually effect a lot of women? No. Could it? Yes. Some women have irregular periods all of their reproductive lives, so there doesn't have to be a reason, or anything "wrong".  It may be just the way you are. 
medicinesl87 (4 years ago)
Thank you very much. Very helpful!
Dr. Greg Hall (4 years ago)
Thanks for your comments.  Because of the variability inherent in people / patients, no one outcome or side effect happens to everyone (good or bad). Nausea with GI upset is a common (>10%) side effect with Flagyl and mixing another substance that can cause nausea (alcohol) just increases the likelihood. I have reviewed your link and that article is convincing that what "we've" been saying has at the least been overstating the incidence of the antabuse effect. I re-reviewed the package insert and no specific percentages are given for the alcohol interaction. There is no question that some people get violently ill when mixing amoxicillin and alcohol (I don't), and someone got ill mixing Flagyl and alcohol. . . and their reaction is legendary! Based on your research, go ahead and give it a try!! Everyone gives the Flagyl - alcohol talk when it is prescribed, but we may be either overstating it, or just plain wrong. Thanks again David, and keep me posted.
Joyce Dyan (2 months ago)
Dr. Hall Can i buy this medicine without prescription?
Krissy - (3 years ago)
I have been prescribed flagyl a few times for dental abcess. I drank a few wines when I was on them and had no side effects at all. Every one person is an individual, I guess I am one of the lucky ones where flagyl dosent upset my insides when having some alcohol.
David (4 years ago)
Dr. Greg Hall (4 years ago)
Great link!
David (4 years ago)
I had a case of Entamoeba Histolytica years ago when I was in Nicaragua for which I was given Flagyl. I had just finished medical school and I did some research  after turning down multiple $0.50 drinks with 20 year old rum.  I found a small double blind study where participants on Flagyl (I don't remember the dose) were given ethanol IV (to a blood concentration of >.01 I think). None of the participants had disulfiram like reactions. I can't find it right now unfortunately, but I found another article http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10676835. I'd like to know your and others opinions because I have H. Pylori and I'm deciding whether or not to delay my treatment until after New Years Eve. I've talked to people who've taken and drank and had no reaction (who I believe) and I've read similar stories on the internet. I've also seen stories on the internet of people who've had a full blown disulfiram like reaction with nausea, vomiting, flushing and the like. I'd love to know what your opinion is
ijojoi159 (5 years ago)
Would this successfully clear parasitic worms?
TR808 (7 months ago)
ijojoi159 wtf
Dr. Greg Hall (5 years ago)
Yes it could.
OhSoExAlTeD (5 years ago)
could this cause yeast infection too
Cambo Nadian (5 years ago)
Dr how many this medication should kill all d parasite? Dr gave me almost like 10 days r so.
Dr. Greg Hall (5 years ago)
Sounds like a good idea to see your doctor. Good luck and thanks for watching!!
ali tiger (8 months ago)
Dr. Greg Hall please can you tell me any procedure for extracted flagel ...
Teacher Forever (5 years ago)
Stopped taking this a week ago and head still hurts! I will be seeing doctor soon because I hope I do not have encephalopathy which has been shown in some studies of this drug!

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