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Moocho granday stupid cottonwood removal 10 30 2016 (how not to remove a tree)

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Terry Hale (1 year ago)
Bummer of a bounce.
Jamie Koering (1 year ago)
Fucking awesome job how not to remove a tree my ass you did great bro that's a big tree
MiniM00se (1 year ago)
haha thanks pal. You werent there though man! It was a nightmare I only put in the good parts. No one wants to watch a video of me waiting 15 mins to make 1 cut while a bunch of nonsense is going on below me. I was wearing the wrong boots, those are wildland firefighting boots that are stiffer than a 16 year old at hooters. We had none of the right rigging gear, thats why i had to take out such small pieces which led to me being told to just drop logs which led to the window being broken at the end. With all the new gear I have though it should be no problem.

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