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hot sauce challenge.

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me and my brother max are boing a hot sauce challenge we got all the hot sauce and put them in sauce then used a chip to eat it. The T.V was on in the background.
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NateDog Diamond (4 months ago)
Fernando Diaz (6 months ago)
Tycoon Master (6 months ago)
what up man long time no see.
Fernando Diaz (6 months ago)
tycoon Master bro it’s me Fernando Diaz from Gilbert elementary bro
Tycoon Master (6 months ago)
Tycoon Master (6 months ago)
ok we will try but it will be easy because i know what they all taste like we had sauce so its hard to tell what it was
Avix 217 (6 months ago)
Eat the hot sauce plane not with chips
Dominic Morris (6 months ago)
he cheated!!

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