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Toujeo...A Better Basal Insulin...Seriously?

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If you are looking for the video he made he took it down. Here is his channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/TCOYDtv
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tanuchenka (1 month ago)
Thank you for this careful and brave analysis...you are an admirable person! My diabeetus educator recommended Toujeo and my answer will be a firm NO! I look forward to hearing more of your reviews.
Jakkilinki Srujan (9 months ago)
I'm a doctor, and I completely agree what he says. I was taking to one of my patients who was also previously a medical representative for Sanofi. The only reason why TOUGEO was launched was to compete with TRESIBA (insulin Degludec) made by Novo Nordisk. There is NO difference between in efficacy between LANTUS & TOUJEO.
Frank Priv (11 months ago)
Son are you a Dr. ?
pietro facioni (1 year ago)
Toya Jackson (1 year ago)
He is speaking with some sense. My doctor changed my insulin to toujeo. I've been on it for a month and a half. I have been sick every since. I have nothing but heart palpitations my sugar won't go down. I was started on 16 units. I called my doctor and he told me if I have some of my novolin left to take 10 units on top of it. I feel like shit. I got so sick twice. I vomit all the time. This shit is a joke. I go walking and I'm so weak by the time I get done I'm so out of breath. I'm usually able to out walk my children. I'm 37 years old and I feel like I'm 70. Yesterday one of my children teacher told me I look tired. I'm usually full of energy and able to go to all of my children games. Since toujeo I've been missing their games. I've exhausted all of my sick days at work. WTH!
seilahqlq1 (2 months ago)
I know it's an old post, but how r u two (Toya Jackson and Rita Hall) doing right now? I changed from Lantus to Levemir (3 years ago) and now I'm on Tresiba (2 months), been using a third of the dosage and liking 'cause I inject once a day only. Had no side effects and from many diabetics foruns people seem to do well on Tresiba.
Rita Hall (7 months ago)
I also have heart palpitations with Toujeo and feel tired all the time. Going to doctor soon to get off it.
Michael A. Rodriguez (1 year ago)
mic Drop !! nice job . I'll stick to Lantus
Cptkarma6 (1 year ago)
Dude you are so misinformed ..... not sure of your credentials but it's scary the stuff you are saying.
Artur Nersisyan (2 years ago)
Afrezza is the only inhale insulin!!!!!
cliff261 (2 years ago)
Do Not Pass GO, Do Not Collect $200, Go Toujeo
Angela Mendoza (2 years ago)
you are not a medical professional. anyone watching this... Speak to your medical professional or a pharmacist who can give you true and accurate information. your pharmacist has no vested interest. They make the same hourly rate no matter which medication your doctor orders for you.
Levy A. Solarte L. (2 years ago)
What hapenned in diabetes type 2.???
Nicola Venturi (1 year ago)
may, many things...
Shane Watkins (2 years ago)
You sir, have so many misguided statements in your video, YOU should be arrested for false claims. I must ask, how many times have you applied to be a Drug Rep and were turned away? I think you seem a bit scorned and confused at the same time. I am extremely familiar with ALL insulin sold here in the US and your statements about the FDA rejecting studies is inaccurate to say the least. If you choose to attack one insulin why not attack all basal insulins on the market that have compared themselves to Lantus? You sir, are quite a bit of smoke and mirrors yourself, yet want others to believe your information as fact. Might I ask where your degree in micro-biology, chemistry, life-sciences, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, Medicine, Pharmacy or whatever your specialty is may have come from? You quoted T1DM studies and outcomes yet over 90% of diabetics are type 2. What were the results of the T2DM studies? You say Toujeo has the same label around the world, again you are wrong. Did you mention the insulin you endorsed did not "BEAT" Lantus in any of its studies? It also submitted to the FDA for non-inferiority to Lantus. Did you go over the rates of hypoglycemia and weight gain in their package insert? (if not, you may want to check that out) Did you mention the fact that everyone taking insulin has a good chance of creating antibodies to any and all exogenous analog insulin? Did you know Lantus had studies against NPH and those studies were non-inferiority trials? You seem to have an agenda by presenting information to paint this medication in a negative light when the other medication you endorsed is much more expensive with every click of the pen dial and again, no better than Lantus. Here is the truth, all basal insulin works! They can all lower A1c but the difference is in the insulin journey for the patient. Would the patient like taking an insulin bid (twice a day) when there are once daily options available? If hypoglycemia is a concern for a patient (and always is) would they not prefer an insulin that shows lower rates in the PI? Weight is a concern for most diabetic patients (again, because most are type 2 and have higher BMI). Would patients prefer an insulin that shows lower amounts of weight gain? Unfortunately, most patients/customers for insulins do not read and compare Package Inserts for medications in the same class, such as analog basal insulins. You are trying to guide people away from something that may provide them with a better insulin experience all because you THINK you know what's best for everyone. You are not a Health Care Provider or educated on all insulins available or you would have shared more information from other PI's. You are a sham, a hack, a half-a$$ Doctor that received his degree from Google University. You seem fairly educated or at least show the potential to be, so move out of mom's basement, quit making youtube videos about things you know nothing about, and pursue that medical degree you long for. Best of luck, feed your mom's cats, move out of the basement, live long, and prosper!
Bianca (3 months ago)
Finally someone to shut this no soul loser up. My hats off to you sir
Mahmoud Saber (1 year ago)
instead of insulting the guy, why don't you argue back with clear solid evidence in each of his raised points. Toujeo was approved for non inferiority but it's not any better, or worse either except that patient needed to take more units of insulin than those took lantus. this is from the clinical trial in the package insert.
skirts365 (2 years ago)
Fuck off both of you are Pharma peddlers. Are you a damn Episcopalian? Member of any "by invitation only" groups?
Ryan Staudacher (2 years ago)
+Sons of Apollo Apparently not 😂
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
Do they teach about paragraphs?
Bronzepony4u (2 years ago)
Wow! Elvis has left the building. Cheers!
Michael A. Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Bronzepony4u mic drop ..
ronbear25 (2 years ago)
If you're not diabetic and you don't take insulin, please don't comment on diabetic products. Can you post your degree that proves you know anything about any of the medical terminology using?
tanuchenka (11 days ago)
you're not making any sense. Read what he wrote. Can you post your degree that proves you know anything about the English language?
Bianca (3 months ago)
So you get your info from doctor oz? Think for yourself for once. 😅
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+ronbear25 This channel uses facts, studies, and most importantly FDA approved package inserts. The very point of this video is that a doctor is espousing accolades about a drug, for which;he is paid, with absolutely no evidence. I';m no auto mechanic, but whenever I go to one, I go with a skeptical mind and I find that I get better results for my money. I ask questions, I compare what they are saying to what I do know and what information is available to me and ask myself weather it makes sense. In the current state of things, you cannot trust someone at face value. Dr Oz is a doctor and a published one at that, do you trust what he says about all those fat burning silly products? He's a doctor. Commercial interests have polluted the medical system in such a way that it is difficult to accept people's credentials at face value anymore when talking about pharmaceuticals. Which is why I don't use my credentials. I use FDA approved package inserts, next studies from reputable sources, and lastly scientific principals. There are good doctors, there are bad doctors, and there are snakes like this one that will use their degree to part you from your money. Edit: Looks like he took down his video. I guess he must have changed his mind on what a fantastic product Toujeo is.
Shawna Hood (2 years ago)
Thank you for taking the time to share. :)
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+Shawna Hood No problem! Glad I could be of service.
Adam Aleksis (2 years ago)
Nice job of explaining a complex topic in a simple yet non reductive manner.
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+Adam Aleksis Thanks, glad to help.
Turbo Kitty (2 years ago)
Because the FDA is no longer a Federally controlled entity, because Big Pharma can buy their way in, because only 2 Big Pharma Corporations are providing America with the prescriptions they need ... WE ARE ALREADY FUCKED
skirts365 (2 years ago)
All PILGRIMS SOCIETY owned interests.

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