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THESE THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER TELL A WOMAN! ★ Like us on FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/QmGQVT Please Subscribe To Our Channel And Also Share It With Your Friends Thank You: ************************************************************************ **DISCLAIMER** The materials and the information contained on Article Factory Channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. None of the information on our videos is a substitute for a diagnosis and treatment by your health professional. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care, provider.
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Text Comments (320)
Targeted Individual (6 hours ago)
This is common sense that we all intuitively know.
jonh lewis (1 day ago)
Don't tell her yu love her
FazeWrecker (9 days ago)
10. "God that Stinks, like a 3 week old Salmon that's been left out in the sun! Think that is very important not to say, trust me from experience cause a slap in the face often offends
satheesan parambil (10 days ago)
Beter for you.
Nana Kwame (10 days ago)
Be the bad ass and they will always like u
Apple olma (11 days ago)
''dont ask her how many guys you slept with untill you are in deep relatinship''😂 To get that deep level should I wait my Entire life.
Apple olma (11 days ago)
if she is talking to many guys you are of course in secure
Apple olma (11 days ago)
if i am at work or with or “my time” friends I definitely say I talk to you later. I am not that kind of thing she can reach any time she wants
Mutarr Barry (11 days ago)
this absolutely interesting
Mutarr Barry (11 days ago)
this is really Make Sense s
Dmoney Ali (11 days ago)
This is made by a female
Ibrahim A Mansaray (13 days ago)
Don't tell her about you salary.
Donald Pharisee (13 days ago)
Never tell a woman your bank account. She might be interested in your finance than being with you.
Robin Rizk (14 days ago)
The samson (14 days ago)
If you are looking for a good woman go to church you got a better chances
William Hue (14 days ago)
Stuff I knew. But I fuck up sometimes. All stuff of the past though.
Pensacola Poker (14 days ago)
Blah bluh blah blah blah... fuck her and ghost the bitch...
X Res (14 days ago)
I like morning coffees response about the banks.
Sub- Zero (14 days ago)
I'm feeling headache, better off to bed now!!!
chengs group25 (15 days ago)
just pump and dump。..women are the lowest creature of society and will come out crashing like stock market and have zero value.....
Geoffrey George (17 days ago)
Most importantly don't tell them they r fat. Even when they are !😁
DJDonkeytron (17 days ago)
This is just plain misinformation to keep men guessing and keep some kind of power/control on the females side. Like any good lie there are truths mixed in for the appearance legitimacy.
Waruna Wijesuriya (17 days ago)
These advise are very one sided that makes a woman too self-centered. Do they really treat men this bad? I doubt so.. There are many women who understands individuality of the man they hang out with.. Some even are open enough to clear their doubts so that he will be at his best comfortably when they're on a date.. I think that exactly how it works for the better.. Or else if women start being this way, men could do their own too, which will not help to grow relationship, but rather make it just a "game" .. How about some articles about men's side..?
rthelionheart (18 days ago)
Tired of this horseshit, don't tell a woman this, don't tell a woman that...plenty of crap a man is required to do. No woman is worth all that much effort🤨
Jak Nassa (18 days ago)
To summarise it. In fact if the women makes you feel like asking all the above then your instinct is right good woman will focus at you. These are coty girls who does that and you should not expect a long term relationship bash LG be strong man and enjoy with them when they want to leave!? They will leave. with you being good or bad they will still leave and you are the winner because you never give your heart to them. Only a decent girls with high moral ground caring and loving also smart should take your heart.
nathan tran (19 days ago)
why 9 things..? there are many things you should never tell a woman
Raymond Torres (19 days ago)
Never tell a woman your credit card number
heat cliff (19 days ago)
The females is a nasty nice whore.
BoldStepTheatre (19 days ago)
Never rate yourself too low before a woman no matter what.🤔🤔
Hank Rola (19 days ago)
In a nutshell: 1. Act nice to them, but dont trust them. 2. Screen your words, before you speak to her, that is, dont speak freely to her.
Nasoro Amisi (20 days ago)
I need a girlfriend
Sergii Dalada (20 days ago)
All women have requested (sometimes tried to demand)my passwords,nobody wanted to give the space
Perla Ramos (20 days ago)
guys need to stop asking woman if they are virgins this question is very disrespectful especially when you both meet for first time in first place why would you care if she is or not virgin not all woman feel comfortable with this questions or looking for sex for the first date so respect woman if you're really interested in her be a nice gentleman accepting her no matter if she's virgin or not think about this and remember to treat woman good just like you want your sister or daughter to be treated
peter chez (20 days ago)
I just want to say one thing here, why only women, can you tell women what they always do or says to men, sometimes it´s a women who always first asking for Facebook or Phone password and sometime if you give her and ask her for her own, she will refused, just stop be one sided, Thanks.
Bakuramutsa David (20 days ago)
97 percent of ladies do not know what they want, so guys ignore them.
hh kk (20 days ago)
Its totally diff this days ,
Juan Cervantes-zamora (20 days ago)
Sagar Khokale (21 days ago)
Girls should also follow this .....y only boys
Sophia Lennon (22 days ago)
I is a women i is undercover
ALVAREZ 28 (1 month ago)
Women you have to love them even though i hate them sometimes
Infarlock (1 month ago)
When it's the opposite: "oh m god, she's so cute, she cares for you" bla bla bla
Don Kelly (1 month ago)
Bro dress nice and clean tell them lies they will start following you like dogs believe me woman don't need truth. I had been telling them truth it don't favour me
Waruna Wijesuriya (17 days ago)
Sometimes this is right. If you don't tell the truth, don't tell lies either.. Just present then what they're expecting to see.. Screen your words before you speak.. Read her face, not what you hear..
Darryl Carter (1 month ago)
This is like catering to a Child.
Abhi Abhishek (1 month ago)
Really helpful will stop now only
bbjo producer (1 month ago)
I did almost everything u mentioned and two dayz later we broke up
Donnie Luc (1 month ago)
1st date or 100th date; never ask her to marry you. They'll break you and leave you penniless!
deusdeo david (1 month ago)
I think a Snake also said something to Eva about money
nathan kabugu (1 month ago)
One word "nonsense"
Marcos Juan (1 month ago)
Feministic bullshit... MGTOW rules
Uchenna Ndego (1 month ago)
1 and 2 reasons rubbish reasons...
hAiLmetAL (1 month ago)
Never trust a woman
Hot Fuzz (2 months ago)
#1. Never tell anything to a woman Fuck she might use your SSID info just so that crazy bitch can use against you.
M.C. Squared (2 months ago)
WARNING a high level of BS has been detected in this video!
M.C. Squared (2 months ago)
Proof that women are bs!
Truth (2 months ago)
Never tell a woman your address.
Paul Farquharson (2 months ago)
Bullshit....! Brain washing
All Total Coaching (2 months ago)
this is the best advice for manginas - i will give you one tip if you dont know where and when to say No you are Done
adjusted minds (2 months ago)
This are 9 things you should never tell a bitch not a woman
AVERY TATE (3 months ago)
Same stuff for women. Stop calling I'm at work. Lol Evil azzes
Ronald Malcolm (3 months ago)
10. Sure, you can stay with me while your apartment is being fixed; 11. Yes, I'll sign the birth certificate.
quantumphaser (3 months ago)
What a load of Tripe!
QueavoGold TheDon (4 months ago)
Always have your own female friends...If she has man friends..Easy*She will see the threat then she will fall in line!
Waruna Wijesuriya (17 days ago)
Somewhat right. Jealousy is natural, but we must assure there is no imbalance!
the notorious Samoka (4 months ago)
Guys never ask a fish how to catch a fish as a fisherman
FRED Miranda (4 months ago)
Hahahah my man told me he wanted a family an children with me and wanted me to move in with him...i told him he'll no.. . I thought he was crazy but we ended up being together for 2 years already... We are still together with 2 babies
Anthony Raskin (4 months ago)
Like owning a dog or some sort of pet fuck them bitch act right
Phil (4 months ago)
Sheesh. A relationship is a two way street but all we ever hear about is the man who has to constantly bend over backwards. Just get a dog or a cat, it's easier (and cheaper).
Jason M (4 months ago)
🤣🤣#4. Don't ask her how many men she's slept with until you're deep in the relationship and find out there's been over 250 deep in HER.
Philip Trimble (4 months ago)
These suggestions would be fine if you the female reciprocated upon them, so many double standards. Then you wonder why the mgtow movement is growing exponentially.
MGTOW SPIRITUAL (4 months ago)
Fuck her
Chukwukadavid Ogbonna (4 months ago)
Kama TV com
Nico Bellick (5 months ago)
I dont need the hassle. My dog is loyal.
Claude Reyes (5 months ago)
Dont tell her your bank account information
Jibon Jyoti Basista (5 months ago)
In Today's GENERATION Girls Can't be trusted Coz Girls R FUCKING BITCHES🖕🖕
#1 if she's talking to 100 guys I'm sorry my friend your with the wrong person again. If you argue with her over little thing the next she will find another man to date because she's already talking to 100 guys and you will be crying like a bitch. My friend don't put your own self in trap. Now days you will never find a girl who truly loves u. It doesn't exist anymore my G. Work get money do something else instead of getting bitches.. Your hurting you own self by doing this kind of stuffs..
Rocky Boon (5 months ago)
Don't lell her, I love you. Its a sign of weakness and desperation.
Edwin (5 months ago)
"Am in love." Just couldn't add that tiny blip of an "I" could you? Stopped watching right then and there.
Lusiny Swaray (5 months ago)
What about the other way around?
king rudd (5 months ago)
these rules are all designed to make the slut happy. and cover her sins and bad behavior. she wants you to give her anything she wants and give her no accountability. So if you don't she will call you insecure. well the US government asks all kinds of questions and nobody tries to shame the military for managing national security! to ignor her slut behavior and lies is to by definition allow insecurity in ur marriage or fling etc. HOLD THESE BITCHES ACCOUNTABLE,=!! DONT NOT ALLOW THEN TO BE SECRETIVE AND LIE ETC. most have many men ans secret lives involving drugs prostitution and worse! just think of WENDY WISCONSIN!! ALL WOMEN LIE!!! AND THEY SHAME YOU BITCH MOAN AND WHINE UNTIL YOU ARE FORCED TO BELEIVE THEM OR THEY GET THEIR WAY. DONT DO IT. DONT FUCK THEM AND DONT ALLOW THEM TO MAKE A CHUMP OF YOU, THATS THE MORAL OF THIS VIDEO, --RED PILLS DONT 4GET
king rudd (5 months ago)
another feminist plug video!
Anton Trifonov (5 months ago)
pump and dump her and never say a thing...her powerful mind will be so powerful after that. LOL
L.Pasteur (5 months ago)
Addendum: "I'm broke." "Your sister/friend room mate is really beautiful." "Wow, that's a pretty big plate you're eating."
Reggie Coleman (5 months ago)
All that that was said and apply to the woman also not just a man that applies to the woman to so let that be known.
Daryl Strawberry (5 months ago)
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MrLacp (5 months ago)
One-way doormat guide.
Marope Tsita (5 months ago)
Peter J. Andros (5 months ago)
Honestly, this is advice for children, teenagers. Adults, like 25 and over, who've been around the block, who've seen a lot, know a lot. It 2 people can't speak to truth, they're game players, made for each other; if one does and one doesn't, they need to move on. Of course it's always possible each person speaks from the heart truthfully and that's always a possible win-win. In any case, a relationship is always a crap shot.
Zz Z (5 months ago)
This seems like better advice for women, not men 🤔.. definitely
dotto ibrahim91 (5 months ago)
these theories try only to make men to be ruled by their girlfriends. as my girlfriend I can't be afraid of asking anything especially when I see something is wrong. take an example I'm dating a girl but suddenly she changes and becomes careless about. why don't I ask her whether she still loves me or not. stop laying, find other interesting stories which are positive.
Waruna Wijesuriya (17 days ago)
Imagine if vise versa. Then the man will face a blue murder with questions even on a date! No matter how crowded the place where they are..
Private User (5 months ago)
Is it just me or are women all geared around making a cuk out of us guys? I'd rather be single than deal with some bitch like this.
El Taco Mex (5 months ago)
Basically let the bitch suck and swallow all the cocks and balls she can handle and you as a Man, need to be a gentleman, understand be there for her and support her. 🤣🤣🤣 fucking awesome, sounds like a great fucking trade off. Lose your self respect for her company
RallyRuss 215 (5 months ago)
Never tell a woman you have an 8 inch dick or bigger you might scare her away.
Tony Per (5 months ago)
9 thing things you should ignore about this video... 1, As a Alfa Man you must tactfully tell the Bitch from the start how it is, so she bend to your to your wind... and NOT the other way round like most feminised-guys out their, it is Very Unattractive Quality to have as a man, females are NOT attracted to Beta’s And NEVER trust a females as they are naturally tend to lie or distort the truth... 2, if you end a conversation suddenly, do just that and give her NO reason or explanation, this tell her that you are NOT answerable to her... you must do this at the start, so she knows that’s just your way and you will NOT change, but you can let her think that you might compromise, but don’t only let her think that, cause this exactly what she will do, but in this case you beat her to the punch... don’t be fool by her stories or sweet smile or by her kiss or anything else... Be the Alfa around her... 3, if you want her invite for a week day evening drink at the local bar and order alcohol for her some Shots like ‘Jagermeister’ and soft drink for you as you will be driving and then tell her your 3day rule that if she doesn’t ‘Give it Up’ in the first three dates, if not, you are not going to wast your time with her, and remember never take her to your place or tell your private details (cause she might be a psycho from the film Fatal Attraction) pay more than £40($40) for dinner so make sure you eat before you meet and this way you spend less by ordering a salad, and this forces her to order something light and if she she order something real expensive, you eat your food excuse yourself to the toilet but you make a discreet exist after paying for your salad... remember aim of the game is to beat her to the punch or bed which ever comes first... 🤣, and if you bed her make sure to bang her good so she comes for more females likes good hard sex at the beginning... If she doesn’t then you know she is NOT for you... 4, you don’t need to ask her how many guys she slept with cause she will lie, so judge her by her oral skills, no I don’t mean conversational skills... Remember all females are slut at heart and now most are true Hypergamous Slags... 5, you don’t need to call her after the first three dates, if you bang her good she will be the one chasing you... in any case you will have a line of girls line up to do your 3 day rule game... Think of females like the useless creature like a cats, not loyal and come and go when it pleases... so remember drinks 6, no need to ask her ‘do you like me’, she should be grateful that she has your company and paying for the date, and remember you are Alfa’, and you got other dates lined up and look forward to them... Remember today’s females are toxic to man health it’s all about Emasculation by the Vile 3rd wave Feminism and about Gynocentrism, Hypergamous is superficial games to demonising men, so today’s man have to be extremely carful, otherwise the female Friend your life and turn it upside down by allegations of rape and sexual assault... yes it is a minefield... 7, If she is texting at the beginning, it might be the case she is telling a friend that she arrived safely, so ignore it, but if she is constantly texting during the date in which case (it’s respectful), Just excuse yourself to the toilet and make a quick getaway... Remember You safety is number one, don’t worry about her she has the law on her side... 8, Hey hey dude why do you need her password WTF seriously, remember you are ALFA and you got all those dates lined up, so why do you need her ‘personal especially if you just starting... wtf... and remember aim of the game is to be freer you and you don’t need or want some old slags ‘personal’... remember you are NOT the desperate one but she is at 33+ of age with her ovaries drying-shrinking and already hitting the wall, what you don’t want is her hitting you with Child maintenance... so remember to take your own condoms and take them with you when you leave her, as you don’t want unwanted surprises... Remember you are ALFA MAN... 9, oh nooooo, She She better look good all the time at the earlier stage of relationship because you can’t be bothered with ugly bitches, look after themselves do not take pride off their appearance she better look good all the time at the earlier stage of relationship because you can’t be bothered... I got News for you ugly bitches, take pride of in your appearance and vaginal smell https://youtu.be/nt__aLaHQuw 😷 or the man is OUT, Men do NOT want sex killer... So get with the program or get OUT you ugly old Hypergamous Whores... 🤣🤣🤣... Stay safe to all my brothers out there... It is not my intention to cause any kind of harassment or abuse, My only intention is to provide alternative view point and comment which is for educational and informative reason only...
Milly Madzingo (5 months ago)
I will dump a guy who dose not give me his bank details and dose not say anything about marriage
Robin Rizk (13 days ago)
You're a whore
Mr. Authentic (5 months ago)
All bad.. Always ask a women about how many guys she slept with. Always get a hoe fax for your own safety. Most girls these days are great liars and role players. Remember men its the woman trying too get the ring not us.
gregory maloney (5 months ago)
Bullshit u don't know what the hell ur talking about
Joe George (6 months ago)
Lol. First it says don't be insecure but the second one lets the woman be insecure. Gotchya. Lol
Plasma Heat (6 months ago)
Never tell a woman the truth .... NEVER !!
Don Kelly (1 month ago)
One of the best comment here, bro they love lies if u want to get any woman u want dress nice and tell them lies
Edward trigga (5 months ago)
Plasma Dogg exactly homie never eeeeever
sailent Dkhar (6 months ago)
jackie muetsi (6 months ago)
TheSushiraw (6 months ago)
And always get a kiss at least on first date, if this is not the case... Tell her you don't go to a second date with WOMEN who don't kiss on first date. 😀

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