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American Girls vs. European Women

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Are they really all that different? Or are stereotypes about how American and European women just that: stereotypes. Share this on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1Nroo33 Share this on Twitter: http://ctt.ec/o51JQ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1l8JXv3 On the web: http://www.stuffmomnevertoldyou.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/momstuffpodcast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StuffMomNeverToldYou Google+: http://bit.ly/1kNchOQ Tumblr: http://stuffmomnevertoldyou.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/stuffmomnevertoldyou# Sources: http://www.helsinki.fi/science/xantippa/wee/weetext/wee214.html http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1996-03-17/features/9603170034_1_european-women-work-and-family-family-income http://www.alternet.org/story/154970/5_countries_that_do_it_better%3A_how_sexual_prudery_makes_america_a_less_healthy_and_happy_place http://bigstory.ap.org/article/french-kiss-finally-enters-french-dictionary http://www.stuffmomnevertoldyou.com/podcasts/why-america-hates-maternity-leave/ http://www.theguardian.com/world/interactive/2012/jan/26/european-stereotypes-europa Join Cristen to get down to the business of being a woman and all the Stuff Mom Never Told You about bodies, boys and the female brain.
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John Hughes (4 days ago)
these well taught experts made me feel to have been educated here in the most ignorant way.
my guess is that every american women did a porn on xvideos.
BIG M 3472 (11 days ago)
you are soooooo hot!stop trying to explain things to idiots!
Mr Awesome (12 days ago)
American women and (Western) European women are two breeds of the same horrible western woman. The wealthier the nation and the bigger the welfare state, the more entitled, ungrateful, and useless the women are. Ever since they got the vote, they've been voting themselves to a free ride at mens expense. And they have no comprehension of concepts like loyalty, duty, obligation or responsibility.
John W (18 days ago)
The greatest virtue of American girls is that they put up with American guys.
Tromsat (1 month ago)
Americans have no culture, morals and identity so they are like barbarians.
Hussein Joudee (1 month ago)
Such a big head and chin .
James (1 month ago)
European girls > American girls
Mark Putt (1 month ago)
As a man, I took off 6 months off of work when my daughter was born. I used time on the books and then there was unpaid for remainder. Worked for the city. No, the whole country doesn't have a policy, I am surprised that England does and if it is paid, at full time on the job, I think I would go there and have about 10 kids...European women may get their roles better, in America, they think that sex is the main thing, and don't really think much further, especially if they have a career, the career comes first, then family, then man, then maybe God. Women don't have a clue about how to treat a man. Older women are not teaching them, there are no books. Just had read 50 ways to show a woman she is special. Many times in my life I have run across these. Never have seen them for women, except in Walmart line in a magazine. It is always about sex. Secularism sucks when it comes to relationship learning.
Unknown Unknown (1 month ago)
European woman are FAR superior. They are far more sexy . Far more friendly. Far less judgemental. Far less FAKE. I live in the us but have been with far more European woman than us woman. European woman WIN hands down. In every way shape and form. US WOMAN SUCK. FACT
both easily betray white men so
Aymenjen jen (2 months ago)
I love you Women of America
Arizona Sky (2 months ago)
Just ONE difference that always stands out to me between American and European is... seems many American women these days practice fake little girl voices... hence the title says it all . . . American "Girls" vs. European Women. Not to be too critical - just honest... Americans whether male or female can be some of the loudest people - usually they think others want to know what they are talking about when that's not at all the case... others are just trying to have their own convos.
Mythical Fantasies (2 months ago)
From French kissing to pussy licking.
Bitter ol James (2 months ago)
Why dont white people have lips ?
Moh Dell (2 months ago)
Why us woman is so stupid and unique .whoo like you !!.please tell me why
Clark Kent (3 months ago)
So... just white women then?
Ben Dover (3 months ago)
I tend to love American women actually, most of them at least whom are like you :D
Isaac Clarke (2 months ago)
Needle in a haystack, my friend. The more you travel to different places or countries, the more you realize that is the case.
Bob Wangor (3 months ago)
Dice it up anyway you want American women have no moral compass and are completely useless. I would never date another American woman as long as I live. Call me whatever you want I couldn't care less. Most American women will end up alone or miserable and unhappy with their cats do to their self centered unrealistic ideology.
Isaac Clarke (2 months ago)
This man knows the way.
MegaRockstar48 (3 months ago)
My experience of American women is they are extremely vain and shallow. Could be the way they are brought up. Most of them complain about jocks and douche bags but remember in general it's the women who do "the picking" . So be less shallow and pick better men.
Fab French (4 months ago)
How can we compare one unique country with a continent of 50 different nations with totally different languages, cultures, origines, mentality, looks, climates, ways of life or, religions... even within the north and south of France people and mentalities are different, so you can imagine how it is different between here and, say, Finland or Russia...
magali Morris (4 months ago)
The European haven't got the same tradition ,culture. It is a continent not a country 😉
Azziza T (4 months ago)
April el (4 months ago)
American women are beautiful and all that
The Best of Discord (4 months ago)
Hm.. this should be removed. Think of Europe as being many different little countries.
11th Planet Agent 47 (4 months ago)
So they are more aggressive than american
Mich Ches (4 months ago)
Asian chicks are the sweetest and cutest.
Jesuslover Warrior (4 months ago)
You are a Prime example of a liberal disgust American women and why the moral compass and standard of Purity and honor has been thrown out the window
B A Ryan (5 months ago)
Americans literaly lean in to your face. The video lady is even doing it! I was in a relationship with an american lady. And visited the us a lot. I think yanks ARE a little coarser on average. But they also have a complex about it. They should just ( to borrow an Americanism) : chill.
Christina Harrell (5 months ago)
Who cares .....
Electro Man (5 months ago)
The thing about generalizations is they are general, not universally true but true in general (from that person's perspective). My opinion of American women is pretty low. Thanks to feminism and big daddy government.
Electro Man (5 months ago)
I don't know about European women, but American women are self entitled, spoiled, shallow money grubbers. Proof = phoney gender wage gap arguments. Proof = excessive divorce rate, mostly initiated by the woman... but the man pays. Proof = her 'list' requires good looks, wealth, intelligence.... aka status... then she divorces him. Very profitable.. Next victim please.
Amber Bittourna (5 months ago)
I’ve actually met one European women that told me it’s “a women’s job to satisfy men and the men are suppose to take care of the women” I’ve been dating a European man for 2 years and all the other European women I’ve met are very fashionable, more willing to get with a man, love designer stuff, and are very clique oriented.
Livin The Life (5 months ago)
Your just a sick ass American wench...the European women are so far ahead of you its unreal. In fact your not even close to their league.
southern sunny (6 months ago)
Truth, american girls do not speak a second language, but real women speak
John Doe (7 months ago)
In my opinion, ALL Western women are the same. They both tend to have horrible attitudes and act like they are better than everybody. There is a reason that 70% of American men aged 18-34 in the U.S. have never been married and are statistically likely to never be married. MGTOW is now becoming the new norm in the United States. If American women don't get their attitudes in check then they will end up alone. Case in point, I served this country in the military and got out and went to college. I found that the females at the university that I attended were some of the nastiest human beings that I have ever had the displeasure to be around in terms of their attitudes. In fact, this one woman even rolled her eyes at me for simply trying to engage her in friendly conversation. American women are a joke in my opinion.
Earth Lover (7 months ago)
It's very annoying how people try to change the definitions of terms over time SMH this video needs to be renamed. For the sole fact that an American is a copper colored Aboriginal indigenous being to the land.... Just because some Europeans came over here and never left doesn't make them American... The people you're talking about are still Europeans... Who happen to be us citizens... There's a difference between an American and a us citizen... They just live here on our land.
Max Gio (7 months ago)
Seduction in America has been dead for decades. Most American women couldn't see or understand romance if it hit them in the face. That's just not part of the culture.
علي ألكعبي (7 months ago)
Hello my name is Ali from Iraq. I want to marry a beautiful American girl and live with her in her country. Anyone who sees my comment calls me on the number of her husband and I have a true loving husband 009647825422142
علي ألكعبي (7 months ago)
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Jackalack313 M I didn't understand
Jack M (7 months ago)
علي ألكعبي open bob
pgthinker007 (7 months ago)
Yes, there is a big difference between American and European women. Many European women are more outgoing and friendly. When I lived in Europe, I had a Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, French, Spaniard and German girl-friends. American women have different mentality - if you are from another country or have an accent, they will stay away from you. Sometimes, they are arrogant, ignorant, and even rude. So, don't go to America. This is like another planet. You get old without friends and lonely.
Mainah Gruau (8 months ago)
I feel like in America there is a lot of romanticisation of European people, when in fact, we are far more alike then you think. The maternity care thing isn't really true, in a lot of countries. The whole sex thing is also totally false, at least in France. Also, you should probably stop treating Europe as a country, because there are a lot of cultural differences between European countries
Barbara Treadaway (8 months ago)
I'm American but I'm 100% European
七千转 (8 months ago)
PC culture made American women unattractive
Leon Reaper (8 months ago)
American women and European women are cut from the same cloth. Most are stuck up self-entitled bitches
bilal khan (8 months ago)
My love and vote for europe 💖
Perry Russoniello (8 months ago)
horrible and ignorant
vanslem6 (9 months ago)
Feminazi vs Normal human being.  Men find 3rd wave feminists repulsive.  We don't give a shit where you're from.
Rain Banz (9 months ago)
Part 2: It’s not women hating that’s going on here – it’s hating a system where the laws and divorce courts (women file for more divorces) are biased towards women and the kids are tussled in the middle. It’s hating a system where women are encouraged to be bitches to their men. It’s hating a system where women, who want to stay at home and watch the kids, now have to go out to work, and abandon them to child care, due to the competitive higher cost of living. It’s all so purposeless.
Rain Banz (9 months ago)
American women are mostly about, Obesity, pickiness, lack of hospitality, and lack of femininity – while eastern women (Russia, Ukraine, etc.) are, more often, the opposite. Also, western women want respect but most don’t deserve it. In order to be respected you have to show respect -- an unfathomable concept to many feminists. Western men are forced into a corner -- if women demand more then their share it’s considered fair, but if men only want their fair share it’s considered sexist or even illegal. That’s the way it goes.
J Batson (9 months ago)
European women are a mix of all European women. North and south. But the mixture has also turned into the minority and that makes American women a difference between pure bread and mixed. I personally think that mixed is not as nice looking. I bet that hurts.
confucius12012 (9 months ago)
Sorry to say this but American "women" are done. East European women want to actually be women while american broads want to be just "one of the guys". You body shame each other like no other country does. If your breasts get "too big" you immediately chop them off without thinking about it. You are constantly in relationships and think that having 6 boyfriends over the course of 3 years is "normal". You think that if you do anything by yourself(like going to the movies solo) you are "loser". American chicks are abso-fucking-lutely useless. You sucked up all the privileges of being an american woman and turned yourselves into complete fucking useless human beings. American women are boring beyond belief and seem to be getting less attractive as the years go by. I feel sorry for the average alpha male that has to put up with these vile american women. Beta dudes can just get fucked. Pussified men are destroying this country!
Jon Boner (9 months ago)
Simple, Western Girls are whores and don't know how to please their husband, the rest of women are in submissiveness to male dominance (In a perfect world). Edit: About the western women, American Women are the tragedy to womenkind in all of the Universes' histories.
H Fletcher (9 months ago)
European and US women are just the same , they are both European ,
Golden Era (9 months ago)
Don't think I will ever be able to date a woman in this country. It sucks but knowing the truth at 21 changes the way you see shit.
ken huff (9 months ago)
I don't know much about European women. I do know about American women. I have been traveling to Asia recently. American women don't know how to be feminine. Our culture is so messed up. Masculine women, feminine men. Got to love what the media has done to my country. I was happily married for 30 yrs. Trying to date here is impossible. Seems like there are no longer any feminine women in the United States. Guess I'll be traveling to hungary next.
Isaac Clarke (2 months ago)
Traveling often broadens the mind and going from country to country really does give you an insight on the pros and cons of the world around you. In this case, I agree. American women are a lost cause sadly. I just feel bad for them at this point.
eetbeezkoo9 (10 months ago)
I personally think American women are great. I saw some of the best looking women in Massachusetts (Boston area), Florida, and California. In the summer months they all hit the beach in their bikinis and are generally fun to talk to and get to know. To be honest, I wouldn't mind if they put bananas up their butts and had me eat them lol
Anti Hypocrite (10 months ago)
American women over flatter their selves and what their self on a pedestal and now that intelligent when they do that just by the last election when Hillary Clinton was running for president they thought Hillary Clinton was all that and Hillary Clinton is nothing but addictive to war and walking all over the American people's rights as long as she gets wealthy doing it. And the American women are not that intelligent because they had one of the best Lady candidate president as Dr. Jill stein and she believes in people's rights and doesn't believe in war and wasting money but the American women are so stupid they were voting for Hillary Clinton because they are nothing but feminists fascists and the cells and they screwed up America of town of it. I would say that Bernie Bro's and Lady's were the most intelligent people that did not vote for Hillary Clinton and the DNC backs stabbed Bernie Sanders they voted for the most intelligent woman to go ahead as a president that was Jill stein but now the idiots feminists fascists had a vote for Hillary Clinton . So a big majority of American women are not that intelligent and are some of the biggest manipulators and use sex as a weapon to get what they want and they don't get what they want they just go buy a dildo or become lesbians. And as the American woman in a nutshell and they screwed over America with their narrow little minds and we have Donald Trump .
Sean Joudee (10 months ago)
American women look good on the outside but their vaginas are rotten from the inside very nasty vile evil sluts .
tothboy01 (10 months ago)
American women are fat, Mcdonald's fetishizing obese feminazi sluts. European women are skinny, libtarded fascist cretins. Fuck Western women. I only date Russians and East Asians.
Anton Chigurh (10 months ago)
If you say that women from Europe are more open about sex and changing partners more often than american "girls" ( that already ticks me off,..."guuuurls") then that is YOUR stereotype. Many european's stereotype is the exact opposite. They believe american "girls" are dumb as a loaf of bread, can't cook or do anything else in a household and the only thing they are trained for is to give good bj s on the backseat and talk with little girl's voices, because that attracts men. Basically:" If you are good in bed, then that's all you need, to be successful in life". Marry rich, get divorced at least three times and take what you can get. Always ask for jewelries when asked for presents, because they are easy to carry when jumping ship next time.
Michael Skinner (10 months ago)
Some just seem more mature emotionally
Stormy (11 months ago)
Are we forgetting that American women are whores who idolize people like Kim Kardashian (a girl who has done porn and has no true talent in any aspect) American girls are mini Kardashians
Anton Chigurh (10 months ago)
Stormy : Hello from Germany. I am sorry, but I have to agree with you. This matches 100% with my stereotypes about american women.
BillyD (11 months ago)
This woman’s presentation is really irritating and she’s unattractive to boot. At least get someone hot to do this.
OmegaSnake94 (11 months ago)
I wanna thank communist feminists for allowing soviet infiltration in they're ranks and damming us all to hell, with socialism. How to fuck up a nation 101.
Tione London (11 months ago)
The title is cringe as fuck!
Anderson Dias (11 months ago)
Hi everyone! My name is Anderson, I'm from Brazil, 33 years and I looking for American woman to married me. My whatsapp number is +55 21 966234982 Kisses
Chase Westwood (11 months ago)
I find that US women have unobtainable standards for the nice men who will treat them right
Sasha Animation (11 months ago)
Look im european and im a girl not a woman im under 18 OK
Rasmus Vohlakari (11 months ago)
EU does not represent the european folk, it is an Anti-white monopoly that the traitor Merkel leads
ATRAIU (11 months ago)
being around the world i can definetly say ameican women are feminist not feminen. they are also fat, no bulshit the fat count is increasing tremendously like its some sorta fashion statement.
Darth MGTOW (11 months ago)
I love European women. Romanian women are my favourite at the moment...
karim sido (11 months ago)
Ilove amrican girl
Aidid Rashed Efat (1 year ago)
This is so complicated when you watch it this way. I see some asshole men still commenting sexist words about women's liberation. Those men are so scared of their female colleagues may be.
Jacob Alexander (1 year ago)
European woman are world better than American woman
Mark Putt (1 month ago)
when used up, it is a matter of preference.
keneth smith (5 months ago)
why would you say that ?
Doug Spencer (1 year ago)
Eastern European/Russian women must have completely different diets to Western (US and British mainly) woman because the percentage of them that aren't fat in some misshapen way is much smaller than the west. Literally every girl you pass in a standard British market town clearly can't keep her mouth out of the cookie tin... waddling about like some dinosaur with tree trunk legs and a gut. This is made worse because perhaps every 1 in 50 will be OKAY and because of that they think they have been ordained by the Gods and strut about as if they're owed something. You have to go London to see women that actually bother to look after themselves... all these girls in the east need is decent dental care and they're smack bang 100% superior.
polygamous1 Sozou (1 year ago)
its things i like n dislike in both European n american women, so its no such thing as one better than the other but they are different in many ways but not one better than the other
WC (1 year ago)
Why are you comparing a Country to a Continent
Shawn Spencer (1 year ago)
Stop. Non-American women are superior to American woman by miles. American women are too politicized to be considered even slightly normal anymore.
John Hooper (1 year ago)
The most annoying thing about american girls/women ARE THEIR VOICES... they sound so harsh and loud and screaming..
Dia Jasin (1 year ago)
Europe is my city.
Blu man (1 year ago)
hormon disorder that is America kapitalistic nation
Blu man (1 year ago)
I see gmo in you
Walrus Bellhop (1 year ago)
Do you see the type of women American men must put up with? Conceited, dumb as a stump, with rarely any cultural value at all. No wonder we start all the wars!
DarkMouse01 pl (1 year ago)
jakie to jest KURWA żałosne
Glinkling Smearnops (1 year ago)
Compared to most European women, most American and English females are girls. Most European women get more interesting as they get older; a forty-something European woman is quite the experience. Most America and English n girls get nastier as they get older; a forty-something American or English woman has hit the wall and becomes increasingly shrill and vituperative. A European woman forever - and an Anglo/American, never.
KrOjah 1 (1 year ago)
Eastern Euro + central Women are hotter. By a fair margin. UK and USA are mostly ugly.
Reinis Martinsons (1 year ago)
Because europe is just scandinavia
Green Mustardgas (1 year ago)
American women aren`t desirable in europe (never were) since we think they puffy obese, foolish & nothing special.
Henry Wright (9 months ago)
Dethrone Idiocy so TRUE ! I don’t blame European men wanting a non American girl they are a mess
How we believe in online dating nowadays we cant because so many fake sites and apps that's why we are created this app from since 2001 MM App http://bit.ly/2rF76Rj In a relationship you can't just do what you want, you always have to think about the other person and that's what people don't understand. Sign Up here To meet your love…
The Motherfucker (1 year ago)
😰Oh!!.. Actually, Girls & Womens are differents.. A girls = Still virgin. And a Womens = A girls after having fun with me, hon 😘
WILLY LYNCH (1 year ago)
"Girls" "women"? Is there a reason why you chose those words?
The man with no name (1 year ago)
American women are fat and uglier than eurobabes
Matt Brown (1 year ago)
SJW rhetoric to the maxium degree allowed by the FDA. Wow, that was a waste of time.
Morgenstern (1 year ago)
In from "europe" i find American girls beautiful and sexy
James (1 month ago)
They are but like Henry Wright said American girls might be more beautiful & hotter but they're shallow whores/sluts. European girls ( I cant generalise though) are more decent, down to earth & are NOT whores, there are some bitches but less whorish than American girls
Henry Wright (9 months ago)
Morgenstern they might look like that but in the inside they not who they seem too be most American girls are whores trust me I’m in the u.s and girls here are a mess you don’t want to step into there doors my friend
4000 clovers (1 year ago)
I'll settle this for all, since I'm American but lived 12 years of my life in Europe (3 different countries), so naturally also traveled all over the continent too. NEITHER OF YOU ARE SUPERIOR. Men...you want great women, friendly, beautiful, caring, still a bit old-fashioned, but also forward and intelligent enough to hold their own in a conversation?? Go to South America. Particularly, I recommend Brazil or Colombia. Latin women got 'em all beat, hands down. Personally, I don't even find much difference between American and European women. All generalizations of course.
Duk Dux (1 year ago)
People in usa are just european refugees
normal bhamshoe (1 year ago)
Last I remember Americans are illegial Europeans
normal bhamshoe (1 year ago)
They all same. They all hoes
john moore (1 year ago)
mugda kumtalob (1 year ago)
Hoes are hoes..

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