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DIRTY TRUTH OR DARE! *SUBSCRIBE* & TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS! : LIKE & SHARE TO SUPPORT! Comment down below even DIRTIER and CRAZIER truth and DARES for PART 2! SMASH the LIKE button, lets get 15,000 likes and we'll do the part 2! ~Message from Carley : get ready boyz, revenge prank on Ken coming soon ;) Check out the last video : DUCT TAPE PRANK ON SLEEPING GIRLFRIEND! *GONE WRONG* : https://goo.gl/16j3pe ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Business Email: bookofken@gmail.com Social Media: Instagram: http://instagram.com/BookOfKen Twitter: http://twitter.com/BookOfKen Snapchat: http://snapchat.com/add/BookOfKen Facebook: http://facebook.com/BookOfKen Carley's YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/BookOfCarley Carley's Instagram: http://instagram.com/BookOfCarley Carley's Snapchat: http://snapchat.com/add/BookOfCarley Carley's Twitter: http://twitter.com/BookOfCarley Carley's Facebook: http://facebook.com/BookOfCarley Follow our dog Oreo on Instagram: http://instagram.com/BookOfOreo ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Royalty Free Music by http://www.audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music https://player.epidemicsound.com
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BookOfKen (24 days ago)
Comment down below even DIRTIER and CRAZIER truth and DARES for PART 2! SMASH the LIKE button, lets get 15,000 likes and we'll do the part 2! ~Message from Carley : get ready boyz, revenge prank on Ken coming soon ;)
BRANDON SANCHEZ (2 hours ago)
BookOfKen Can you please do a video it's been 3 weeks
The Rocker (4 days ago)
I dare you to let oreo to pee on you
Water bottle backflip Orangevale
Pokemon IstheBest (7 days ago)
Did anybody notice Carly has a channel
Gay Bird (7 days ago)
I dare you guys to dry hump
Rayman Master 1 (1 hour ago)
Where r yall?
Hrithik Ramsoek (2 hours ago)
Pranks my friend how long
alpha wolf (3 hours ago)
It's been three weeks and no video... 😒
Recelyn Oro (6 hours ago)
Carley i dare you to kiss kens under arm
kevin the legend 27 (7 hours ago)
I find it funny all their videos have over 50k likes
Emilie Mascorro (7 hours ago)
Aw Oreo got sooo big <3
Neutral_ Gamez_2 (9 hours ago)
Neutral_ Gamez_2 (9 hours ago)
Ken said WHADDUYUMEAN...its from daequan..sorry im bad in english...im from philippinea
iiXylixer YT (9 hours ago)
Wow exactly 15k likes
Angelica O. Valde (13 hours ago)
Carley I dare you to lick ken's middle finger in 20 seconds. Like if you agree😁
Angelica O. Valde (13 hours ago)
Ken I dare you to kiss carley in 30 seconds. Like if you agree..😁
V.Chino Gomez (19 hours ago)
i know this has been 3 weeks but do a proposal prank on carley
Staceyk300010010 (20 hours ago)
Dare Kenny to dance in front of the window wearing only a thong.
Jaeden West (21 hours ago)
I dare u to strip carli down with your mouth
rania Rashid (21 hours ago)
Anne is a very bad thing
I dare ken too eat a whole can of sardines and then I dare Carley to kiss you after that.
Kiss someone random Carley or ken
Volturulzs Volture (1 day ago)
I dare you to post everyday.
Perfect 15K like !
Davon Burnett (1 day ago)
When are you ever going to go everyday please at least go like every other day like Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday and repeat like that or something like that so please at least close to everyday
ロボ (1 day ago)
Are you Thunder Girl?
Paige Young (1 day ago)
hey guys like if you want me too go around to all the big youtubers ant comment checkout the best couple on youtube book of ken 14/07/18 they are the best youtubers check them out you might learn something
Paige Young (1 day ago)
i also did it on live videos in chat
Mermaid Cove (1 day ago)
Are you guys ok y’all haven’t been posting
Giana Meyers (1 day ago)
Same with Zac efron
Harvey Ramirez (1 day ago)
no more new videos T_T
Ar Jay Ron De Gala (1 day ago)
I’m always watching your videos, I am just curious what your hoodie shirt called? I do love the style of the hoodies that you always wear on your videos 👍🏻
Camilo Camote (1 day ago)
I daré carly to cute her hair but short like if you aggre
Camilo Camote (1 day ago)
I dare Ken to to run to 19 People in underware and say i am a chiken
TheFartingUnicorn (2 days ago)
Carley I dare you to get pied by Ken
You silly Nugget (2 days ago)
Omg Oreo got HUGE
vera w (2 days ago)
Can someone of you do an I don:t want To have A baby EVER
Jasiah Cottrell (2 days ago)
#team Kennely
Epic SquidGAMES (2 days ago)
Hello? Where Are You Guys I never Heard From You Guys Since this VIDEO.
Hussam Master (2 days ago)
I der you to take off all of your clos
Kristina Delosreyes (2 days ago)
Dare:Lick my lips
Aidan Maynard (2 days ago)
Dare him to stick his finger up your nose and MAKE him lick it
Khloe Barnhill (2 days ago)
I dare Ken to lik the floor
Alan Magana (2 days ago)
Ever sence i seen your vids i was not able to stop watching them
Christopher Winegar (2 days ago)
Ken I DARE u to let Carly spit in your mouth.
Lps Alle (2 days ago)
Makenna German (2 days ago)
I dare Carley to eat I spoon full mayo
Makenna German (1 hour ago)
Alyssa Carrrell (2 days ago)
Carley I dare u to draw on Ken. And u can draw or write anything u want
I&M ASMR (3 days ago)
You guys need to post more you guys don’t post enough and I love you guys
bach services (3 days ago)
new to this channel and already spent the last 4 hours watching your vids
Bryan Hall (3 days ago)
Ken I dare you to eat peanut butter off of Carley's toe
Em Stew (3 days ago)
I had to eat dog food at a science fair someone had dog food for there project and I did eat it so I know how it tastes
Ella Fritterz 27 (3 days ago)
James McDonald (3 days ago)
I dare ken to eat orea poo
Alex Jackson (4 days ago)
I tried dogfood once when i was 5 its disguisting
gage martin (4 days ago)
Tbh she probably liked the under wear on her face.
cool ninja (4 days ago)
I dare ken to lick wipe cream off her chest
Sheren O'Hara (4 days ago)
Oreos so big now awwww
Annie Clum (4 days ago)
He did it
Alva Bylund (4 days ago)
Can’t stop look at your videos, they are sooo funny!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💕
Alva Bylund (4 days ago)
Can’t stop look at your videos, they are sooo funny!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💕
Temyong Siralang (4 days ago)
2 weeks of waiting ....... be like 😱
Bienda Amelia (4 days ago)
I really want to see #carley make ken cry ..what I means is make a prank and make him cry
Five Nights at Cece's (4 days ago)
Ken I dare your to eat whipped cream from Carley's toe
prank dead please
Mad Mad (4 days ago)
Syed Shahzeb (4 days ago)
they re broked relationship
AMS R (4 days ago)
When are you guys going to upload again? :(
Kathy Hoang (4 days ago)
I dare Ken to lick Carly's feet
Cesar Davila (4 days ago)
Can u make more vids did u break up or something??
Jasmyn Santos (4 days ago)
Where are you guys going to upload another video
Robert the Infernape (5 days ago)
Don’t tell me you’ve stopped doing videos again
Harshal Jadhav (5 days ago)
Dare Carley kiss Ken's 🍌🍌🍌
MR. RYELL (5 days ago)
Dare:carely does the cinnamon powder challenge
Marialenaaa (5 days ago)
Guys I miss them:(
CriusGaming (5 days ago)
I want to see a prank where Ken pretends he's masturbating and let Carley catch him. I wonder what she'll think
martin snejbjerg (5 days ago)
hy you to i dare u to she ho can ete the biggest steak you can find in you citey if day have a steak chalens
Jay_games (5 days ago)
Dude she wants u to Mary here just do it be a man get on your knees and say will u Mary me I bet she will say yes just do it pls
iran vahid (5 days ago)
notification is on im happy to following you #teamkenny
Shaun The Gamer (5 days ago)
Carly I dare you to get fried tofu and dip it in the spiciest sauce you can find.
Cakemonster147 (6 days ago)
Looks like Carley is putting on weight
Lucila Ortega (6 days ago)
Carley I dare you to pretend that you are texting someone else while you are doing the game
Ken I dare you to lick the INSIDE of Carley's ear. 👅👂
MrPoker (6 days ago)
any other vids ?
ExperienceJumpers (6 days ago)
Make calling Carley another girls name pls
Amelia Stanphill (6 days ago)
I dare Ken to eat Oreos food for a whole week
Aljori Al-jabr (6 days ago)
I dare you both to post daily
Elle Hart (6 days ago)
I dare Ken to have Carly dye his hair hot pink!
Taco Queen 101 (6 days ago)
Who just stared at oreo the whole time he was there he was there
K7_ SKRUBS (6 days ago)
Dog food tastes good NAH JK JK JK
Reuntan Burks (6 days ago)
Carly I dare you to cut your hair
Jordan Martin (6 days ago)
I dare you to lick kens hair
GarBro Simmons (6 days ago)
I dare u to put a trash can on your head for the rest of the game
Zian GamingXL (7 days ago)
Where are the daily videos
Jewel Mills (7 days ago)
All you have to do is get a Tupperware and fill it with water and put his “phone” in the water and freeze it
what's the point in carleys channel she Has no content
Motu Patlu (7 days ago)
Girl whatsapp nomber send me
Random Smith (7 days ago)
Kens dare propose to Carley
Lillyah Jennings (7 days ago)
Also my dogs name is Oreo
Lillyah Jennings (7 days ago)
I dare ken to Cut Carly’s hair
lanzyuan aquino (7 days ago)
pls we want a new video...
JGV&CV BEST GUY (7 days ago)
martin snejbjerg (7 days ago)
hi you to i hop you r god and still together i men you haven't uploaded in to weeks i sow you video that you sad you broke up and it makes me sad you to r so cute together so i her bay give you +50 likes so you can get married. ps plus be careful that the pranks don't cost you relationship because maney youtube couples that mad a youtube prank war chanel have said it has stressed and cost their relationship so allways pot you relationship fest and youtube secent. menney god enegi and love from denmark
Hailey120189 (7 days ago)
Awwww Oreos so big now!!!!!
Goat Face (7 days ago)
I dare Ken to kiss Carly 😜

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