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Getting Started in Block N Load Tips for New Players

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steam: skylentshore This is a video talking about some important concepts that need to be understood before you really get deep into the game. Until you learn these things, your teammates might hate you.
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Text Comments (34)
Bloxer Gamer (28 days ago)
just got it
Bloxer Gamer (27 days ago)
hello skylent games can you tell me your Block N Load username
Red DINO (11 months ago)
Whats the psuh to talk button?
Tristqn Ejdjeh (1 year ago)
3:51 "tons of deeps" xD
Light Professional (1 year ago)
i always play Nigel for me it's the best i mine blocks i go to the highest spot and build a little base and shoot from there
Kreios Noctis (1 year ago)
yea nude i mean node
99% (1 year ago)
This game is so much different
Qwertie asdf (1 year ago)
Just like 5 words you said should help me ALOT!
M Mk (2 years ago)
team game LMAO tell that to the other assholes , I always get dumbasses who charge with nigel, tonys that can't place a turret correctly and the worst of all the defensive cogwheels im serious I've seen people like that. I'm not a pro or something but srsly a nigel who runs right into the enemy base ? a defensive cogwheel ? WTF. ..
Tomita (1 year ago)
i dont choose role i just defend or attack depending on situation
Parra (2 years ago)
Hey Shore, where did u get that skin on OP JUAN SHINOBI??
Tomita (1 year ago)
ok plat is better than skin
xxskullxfirexx (2 years ago)
+Cyke aw crap
Procsetor (2 years ago)
+xxskullxfirexx Cuz it was a reward a long time ago
xxskullxfirexx (2 years ago)
ikr it doesnt show up on the store
Tomita (2 years ago)
BrinosaurasGaming (2 years ago)
I'm watching this vid on October 2015 :)
ved ikke lol (6 months ago)
2018 o.O
Tomita (1 year ago)
Nut42069 (2 years ago)
im watching in 2016
POODS (2 years ago)
Me too , i just watched it ;)
01Jayden01 (3 years ago)
May i play with you sometime? im fairly new to this game and you seem really cool (i dont got a working mic though but i do type fastish and pay attention to chat very well)
Kain Wark (2 years ago)
same sadly, haven't played in 3 weeks :(
Snooprat TV (2 years ago)
+Kain Wark Yes, but with the recent lack of updates and free to play model i'm slowly starting to hate it.
Kain Wark (2 years ago)
+Bouffe Ton Galil ! do YOU still play?
Snooprat TV (2 years ago)
+01Jayden01 Do you still play the game?
Daniel Allen (3 years ago)
Have you considered Livestreaming Yet, as i dont think anyone else livestreams this game yet it could be quite successful and you could give direct tips etc to all who need whatever they need
Skylent Games (3 years ago)
I've given it thought but Block N Load is not incredibly popular.

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