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How to Make Chloroform

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In this video, I react bleach and acetone via the haloform reaction to synthesize chloroform. Chloroform is a very useful solvent and reagent, and I'll be using it in upcoming videos. This reaction is aptly named the "Haloform Reaction" because it produces a Haloform (a methane molecule where 3 of the hydrogen atoms have been replaced by a halogen). This reaction doesn't give great yields, but the reactants are so cheap that it is definitely an economically viable way to produce chloroform. Disposing of chloroform: Chloroform hydrolyzes in basic conditions, so just let the chloroform sit in the bleach bottles for a couple of weeks, allowing the basic conditions to break down the chloroform. After a couple of weeks, there will be only a tiny amount of chloroform left, and you can flush this down the drain with excess water. Link to UC235 video (he explains the mechanism of the reaction): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYbnNufX5-c Subscribe to TheChemistryShack: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheChemistryShack Contact me: My Channel Home Page: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheChemistryShack Follow me on Twitter: @TheChemShack Follow me on Google+ +TheChemistryShack
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Ankit Panghal (1 day ago)
It's language is not understanding
Alex Wong (5 days ago)
Chloroform is NOT flammable, though. Mono and dichloro methanes, yes very, tri and tetra, will not undergo combustion unless mixed with another solvent that is.
Bernhard Blietz (7 days ago)
what do you seperate by distilling?
Alex Alvarez (11 days ago)
How to get put on the FBI watchlist
Dax Marshall (14 days ago)
What's it smell like ?
Horizon (13 days ago)
Dax Marshall I once sniffed its, a VERY strong ammonia/bleach smell
Joe (14 days ago)
*_F.B.I. open up!_*
Brandon Clarke (15 days ago)
"Good.... Good.... Good" - Mr Burns voice
Barry Bryant (16 days ago)
This was great , ill try this on my ex
D. C. (16 days ago)
stop doing this, you are going to kill someone, maybe indirectly - have you tried chlorine and ammonia?
D. C. (16 days ago)
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LaurP8 (17 days ago)
Casey Anthony's favorite YouTube video.
kaz kk (18 days ago)
Chemistry is so complicated . Even small projects need great knowledge
Fernando Rizo (19 days ago)
poet 247 (20 days ago)
Someone turn this dude in to the neighborhood watch
poet 247 (20 days ago)
Why in the hell would you want to teach these freaks out there how to make freaking chloroform? Are you nuts? You should offer an email address for them to email for instructions then turn their asses in to the FBI.
leptonsoup337 (21 days ago)
I am pretty sure that chloroform isn't flammable just as dichloromethane and carbon tetrachloride are not flammable on their own.
ViralTaco (21 days ago)
Trichloromethane reacts with air to form: phosgene, dichloromethane, formyl chloride, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen chloride. None of which you want to be breathing. If you're interested in getting high I would recommend weed.
Frosch Reiniger (22 days ago)
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Ritesh Singhal (22 days ago)
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Life Is XP Waste (23 days ago)
In our next episode. How to remove a bra from the unconscious......
Sydney Hudnall (23 days ago)
Education.... for what?
Gadolini Rutherfordium (26 days ago)
Now you can do the good old (does this smell like chloroform?) prank.
Bill Cosby sent me here
Gabe Mckenzie (27 days ago)
this kind of should be taken down. Chances are there's a lot of horny pedophiles watching this video...
Tim Tom (28 days ago)
Pedophilia time.
DukeCyrus (28 days ago)
He sounds an awful lot like Nile red
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yamaha rider (29 days ago)
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Russo Tragik (30 days ago)
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Drake Docson (1 month ago)
Very cool!!!
Brian Tunzi (1 month ago)
Used for cleaning off oils and such & that's that !
sepp seppelmann (18 days ago)
One day my cat catched a mouse So i put the mouse in a jar added 3 drops of chloroform and the mice died in less than 3 minutes.
Buttery Skater (1 month ago)
I passed my chemistry class and i got like 50% of he said
BlyndSDragon (1 month ago)
Does this smell like chloroform to you?
ViralTaco (18 days ago)
85gbod (1 month ago)
Ok stupid question but WTF would ya ever use chloroform for.
ViralTaco (18 days ago)
As a solvent or to make Teflon. You can use Deuterated chloroform for NMR spectroscopy. Which is pretty much the same molecule where the hydrogen is replaced with Deuterium.
Jade Mendias (21 days ago)
Effective solvent
Jason Genova (22 days ago)
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Voilin (1 month ago)
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T U R K - 1 8 2 Of course!
T U R K - 1 8 2 (1 month ago)
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Joseph Ybarra (1 month ago)
What about LSD?
Dan Mollus (1 month ago)
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Mihajlo Petkovic (1 month ago)
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Ben L (2 months ago)
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TechkiV (5 months ago)
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★TheodoroApollo ★ (5 months ago)
now make bromoform
brynnus (5 months ago)
what is the "chloroform" product before the distillation? is it useable?
Internet Kammerjäger (2 months ago)
Water, chloroform and leftover bleach.
Alfonso Demagistris (6 months ago)
Really, you got to be fucking kidding me! How to make chloroform? Don't you think some sick fuck is making this for the wrong reasons? I don't know, maybe I'm wrong?
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Internet Kammerjäger (2 months ago)
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AnimalLover (2 months ago)
I don't think many would actually use this cause chloroform takes 3-6 minutes to start taking affect.
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