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How to Make Chloroform

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In this video, I react bleach and acetone via the haloform reaction to synthesize chloroform. Chloroform is a very useful solvent and reagent, and I'll be using it in upcoming videos. This reaction is aptly named the "Haloform Reaction" because it produces a Haloform (a methane molecule where 3 of the hydrogen atoms have been replaced by a halogen). This reaction doesn't give great yields, but the reactants are so cheap that it is definitely an economically viable way to produce chloroform. Disposing of chloroform: Chloroform hydrolyzes in basic conditions, so just let the chloroform sit in the bleach bottles for a couple of weeks, allowing the basic conditions to break down the chloroform. After a couple of weeks, there will be only a tiny amount of chloroform left, and you can flush this down the drain with excess water. Link to UC235 video (he explains the mechanism of the reaction): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYbnNufX5-c Subscribe to TheChemistryShack: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheChemistryShack Contact me: My Channel Home Page: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheChemistryShack Follow me on Twitter: @TheChemShack Follow me on Google+ +TheChemistryShack
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the corbin show (16 days ago)
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narnder pal (1 month ago)
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Omveer Gujjar (1 month ago)
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Connor Hill (1 month ago)
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Bhuraji Patel (1 month ago)
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Prabhu Lal Keer (2 months ago)
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Jay Animations (2 months ago)
Hey dude, remember you helped me pass for one of my exams. I like your videos.
Leonard the Great Wizard (2 months ago)
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Rajen Rajwar (2 months ago)
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mickey purple (2 months ago)
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Abdullah Alosaimi (2 months ago)
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Parbat singh (2 months ago)
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Mago Mark (2 months ago)
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Sahib Saifi (3 months ago)
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TechkiV (3 months ago)
Is the destilation necessary?
liquid ice cuboids (3 months ago)
now make bromoform
brynnus (3 months ago)
what is the "chloroform" product before the distillation? is it useable?
Internet Kammerjäger (3 days ago)
Water, chloroform and leftover bleach.
Alfonso Demagistris (4 months ago)
Really, you got to be fucking kidding me! How to make chloroform? Don't you think some sick fuck is making this for the wrong reasons? I don't know, maybe I'm wrong?
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KMohammed KMohammed (4 months ago)
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Paul Lonardo (4 months ago)
I wonder how many serial killers used this to make their own...
Internet Kammerjäger (3 days ago)
Chloroform is shit for raping and kidnapping people. Way to slow.
AnimalLover (14 days ago)
I don't think many would actually use this cause chloroform takes 3-6 minutes to start taking affect.
Jaims Bond (4 months ago)
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Super Moon (4 months ago)
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Super Moon (4 months ago)
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Diana Smith (4 months ago)
K next teach us how to hold a rag over someones face and how to keep them still.
Prabhat Tiwari (25 days ago)
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Flamingo Sexylegs (5 months ago)
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itsumonihon (5 months ago)
i find it hilarious how many creepy indian guys are commenting on this video asking for additional instructions on how to purchase chloroform. not only did the instructions on how to make it fly over their head, they seem oblivious that they're posting on the internet with their real full names with their personal phone number. yeesh.
Yogeshwar Sharma (2 months ago)
itsumonihon btw fake information can be added to google accounts Sherlock
Yogeshwar Sharma (2 months ago)
itsumonihon Or you probably you saw just one comment and thought to yourself that it’ll be a good idea to to comment about ‘creepy indian guys’ so that you could get some likes Man get a life !
green (3 months ago)
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Kristian Johansson (5 months ago)
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liquid ice cuboids (2 months ago)
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Sugar~n~Spice (6 months ago)
My thoughts exactly! IDK why anyone (that isn't a chemist or doctor) would need this stuff.
Wannabe Scientist (8 months ago)
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thatonefucker (8 months ago)
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Collin Lindsay (8 months ago)
TheChemistryShack (8 months ago)
This is legitimately the only comment I've responded to in the past year
Arun Singh (9 months ago)
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Suresh Nandekar (9 months ago)
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Thomas D Harrell (9 months ago)
Hi I see you are working in your garage. You should use a fan to blow the fumes away from you. Just mild breeze will do. If the fumes of these chemicals are inhaled they cause cancer. A mask with activated charcoal - carbon filter would also be in order. Take care. Cancer sux.
mo mohammed (10 months ago)
Can I use iso propyl alcohol or any other kinds of acohol instead of methanol or Ethanol?
DJ Loot (10 months ago)
Don't let Bill Cosby watch this video...
The Jeffrey 27 (1 year ago)
Why haven't you uploaded in awhile?
Customer (3 months ago)
The Jeffrey 27 he got arrested for attepting to knock-out someone with the cloroform
Aziz Emad (1 year ago)
sorry guy no offense but you really sound like the nerd voice from ownage pranks
Customer (3 months ago)
Aziz Emad he has a chemistry channel what do you expect
darrin goodbrand (1 year ago)
if it doesn't knock. me out it's no good was going to try to get a sleep
Human Mechanic (1 year ago)
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James Bong (1 year ago)
Great video, very informative. However, I'm wondering why you distilled the chloroform instead of just filtering it out since I thought you removed the aqueous impurities by extraction and drying in calcium chloride?
Hey man, I just discovered your channel (through nilered) and I really enjoyed this video. I noticed you haven't made anything since, but I hope to see some new stuff soon (hopefully it's just the school year and during the summer we might see something new?). Subscribed, of course.
Sam Glover (1 year ago)
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Cruz Lujan (1 year ago)
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Z M (6 months ago)
I hope you die a horrible painful death
safebuffalo 8907 (11 months ago)
Cruz Lujan wtf
nathan rash (1 year ago)
I realize that it is exaggerated but can cloraform really disorient and/or knock you out I can't actually get an answer anywhere
Elijah Williams (1 year ago)
I am interested in starting my own Chemistry Channel and was curious as to where you purchase your Chemicals and your equipment. I have been able to find most equipment but not all of it.
leonardo f (1 year ago)
Is it possible to use 97% ethanol? For stabilization?
mo mohammed (10 months ago)
mo mohammed (10 months ago)
zwclose7 yea what about isopropyl alcohol can i use it instead of ethanor or methanol?
Lemtil (11 months ago)
Methanol has other names, methyl alcohol, and methyl hydrate. It's available at most hardware stores. NileRed has a video on making anhydrous ethanol, if you're worried about using azeotropic ethanol. But at the 1% addition of 97% ethanol you're looking at a possibly negligible water contamination(a couple thousandths of a percent, which is preferable to degeneration, and they're immiscible anyways).
zwclose7 (1 year ago)
What about isopropyl alcohol?
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North Viking (1 year ago)
Question, can you use anything else to stabilize it? And would the methanol be poisonous if the chloroform was used as a anesthetic?
A7AL3 5 (1 year ago)
Please, Sendo me in this comment the step by step production of chloroform.
New Generation (1 year ago)
So this would not be good to knock out my goats to ban them? We ban the boys as soon as there nuts drop I'm looking for a cheap easy way to help make this pain less for them. The vet tells me not to worry about it that they don't feel pain and I call BS on that. Let me know what your opinion is on how safe it would be for a 1 time uses but I would not be able to take it as far as you did I would not be able to dry it as you do.
Laughing Sküll (1 year ago)
You all are in FBI list
TheNerdyFarmer Guy (1 year ago)
So this should work with calcium hypochlorite right?
Internet Kammerjäger (3 days ago)
dan mac (1 year ago)
how to make the most bomb DMT brother!!! Please show us how
Kripesh Kamkar (1 month ago)
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Some Guy (6 months ago)
Kinn Lao what?
Kinn Lao (1 year ago)
dan mac terrorist acts, yo gonna die Fag.
the rougemillenial (1 year ago)
it's not that hard actually. Just react indole-3-(ethylbromide) with diethanolamine. I'm working on a prep from wintergreen oil as the indole ethyl bromide is a precursor to strychnine via the varderwall process.
James Bell (1 year ago)
dan mac haha
Jean-François Payeur (1 year ago)
Thanks for your help. I want to make some to disolve PLA in hard to reach metal pieces. Before making it, just came to my mind that I may be stuck with it after usage. Abit of googling point out there is no safe way to dispose exept specialized companies. any tought?
Jean-François Payeur (1 year ago)
Sorry my chemistry class is so far Away Last question You add 87.7g of acetone Volumic Mass is 0.79 Total 111ml Aprox What I see in the video ... Total is ok :) Acetone Molar Mass 58g/Mol = 87.7 / 58 = 1.5mol You said you base this on a 3 Mol of acetone because2 recipient ... Total is ok :) But now , we should have 3 time this in NaClO to balence reaction Plus a litle more 3 x 1.5mol = 4.5mol molar mass of NaClO is 74.4 74.4x4.5 = 337g At 8.25 % by wt . this is 4kg of Bleach ... I must do something wrong !
Jean-François Payeur (1 year ago)
TheChemistryShack ho yes fair enought. I wasnt that wrong
TheChemistryShack (1 year ago)
A gallon of water (specfic gravity ~ 1) is 3.79 kg, so a gallon of bleach, with a specific gravity closer to 1.1, should easily be enough
Jean-François Payeur (1 year ago)
1:00 Audio , You are using 2 liters of Bleach ?
TheChemistryShack (1 year ago)
Should be 2 gallons! Thank you! Suprisingly you're the first to notice!
Jean-François Payeur (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for posting ! Litle question 1:00 Jug are 3.57L each 1:49 Writen 7.28L of Bleach (2jugs minus 150 ml from each) 3.57L x 2 = 7.14L ... 3.57L - 150ml =3.42L 3.42L * 2 = 6.84L I dont find the way to sum up to your 7.28L comment
TheChemistryShack (1 year ago)
Each jug is a gallon. 1 gal = 3.79 L 3.79 (2) = 7.58 7.58 - (0.15)(2) = 7.28 L
the rougemillenial (1 year ago)
when is the next video coming out?
Prabhat Tiwari (25 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_MoNbdB7fUfkFyluN381nQ?sub_confirmation=1 Please Share,Like and comment and don't forget to subscribe I need your support Regards Prabhat Tiwari +91-8527454362 call or whatsapp
Utpal Dey (10 months ago)
TheChemistryShack wow please more chloroform video upload
TheChemistryShack (1 year ago)
I've been really busy with school and haven't had hardly any time to film or edit videos. I do have one that I am editing though and another reactionI am working on (it seems to be pretty finicky though and I've had several tries without success).

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