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The Big, Fat Skinny Lie

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What takes more work than striving for skinny to beat the bellybutton challenge? Taking on The Body Image Challenge. Share this on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1LzFjkI Share this on Twitter: http://ctt.ec/hZQBq Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1l8JXv3 On the web: http://www.stuffmomnevertoldyou.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/momstuffpodcast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StuffMomNeverToldYou Google+: http://bit.ly/1kNchOQ Tumblr: http://stuffmomnevertoldyou.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/stuffmomnevertoldyou#
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Text Comments (405)
Edgygirl_msp_wzw (2 months ago)
I was born under weight have trouble gaining weight
DelusionDispeller (4 months ago)
glad you told us about the thigh gap thing. I had NO IDEA that it wasn't true. I guess I should have known from the idea that anorexic people seem to lack fat or muscle on that part of their thigh. You just really offered me some vindication! Thank you!
Wood Wood (8 months ago)
neat video
TheGodEmperorofMankind (8 months ago)
Thigh gap is a female or gay male invention, no man ever said 'look at that thigh gap' its not attractive at all, and it girls that are that skinny aren't attractive to the vast majority of men, sex is so much better with a women with a bit of meat on her and they look far sexier. I only ever noticed thigh gap because it became popular for some retarded reason. I'd rather have an ugly girl with a bit of meat than a skinny girl with a beautiful face. Virtually no man on earth like size zero chicks. And I'm an asshole so I'm not saying this to try and make you girls feel better.
shriya u (9 months ago)
I am chubby but can do the belly button thing. . . Oh well. Everything is BS . We're all unicorns.
Adrian Alonso (10 months ago)
Eat healthy workout and you should be fine
Teresa Lopez (1 year ago)
Thank you People Need This Can you help me understand friends who don't seem truthful
Mike28625 (1 year ago)
cello! Great channel! I enjoy your talks a great deal :-) Interesting topic. I wonder how much this has to do with parenting. I hear you explain your feelings about how you felt about the models in the catalogs. About immediately thinking you needed to be like them. As a male born in 78 I remember he-man and g.i. Joe were a big deal in my neighborhood. Stallone, Arnold, WWF, all that stuff. But my thoughts about them were that they looked funny because they didn't look like me. distinctively ridiculous, sorta? I looked like my dad and my dad resembled Santa and that was just fine, lol! I was an only child of a single father and he taught me from the start that everybody is shaped different and it has nothing to do with who we are inside. thanks again for the cool videos!
FluteGeek (1 year ago)
Lol, I'm 105 lb. at 5'3", and I can't touch my belly button from behind my back. I can visualize my doctor giving me the stink eye just for testing this "method" out. And I'm pretty sure I just pulled a muscle; damn, I need to work out.
Depressed_ Circles (1 year ago)
I was always and am still, naturally skinny. This was a huge problem during puberty because I was supposed to get boobs and hips and was told that my metabolism would slow down. This never really happened for me and I always felt like I was weird until I recently learned to love my body as it is.
doceigen (1 year ago)
I only date women who have thigh gaps. I find thinner women to be easier to cuddle and caress while standing, and to me that matters. Skinny women, are absolutely HOT! Fat chicks, are NOT!
Morikun Rinari (1 year ago)
The ridiculous thing about that "coins in the clavicle" challenge is that it only works if your have a particular bone structure. Now, while it is also dependent on how fat distributes around the body, it doesn't necessarily mean one has to be underweight in order to pull it off.
peter tuann (1 year ago)
those skinny challenges from China are so stupid, Chinese women are naturally skinny, non-athletic and rather prudish, so no American woman needs to compete against women from another culture, 9000 miles away.
Morikun Rinari (1 year ago)
Not to mention the drastically different BMIs and ideal range...
Awesome Person (1 year ago)
Fantastic video! Very inspiring especially your last point. I have to admit that the "belly only pregnancy" trend on Pinterest makes me scared for the health of the mothers and children. You didn't cover it but this reminds me of it. Oh and 13 year old me wanted to wear those amazing clothes in dEliahs too. But I was a size 16 and they didn't even make cute plus size clothes for teens back then sigh...
Tandreada (1 year ago)
Here's a great way to love yourself: every night, as you're standing in front of the mirror after a shower, make silly faces and poses, laugh, and then say, "I am so damn hot, even when I make those stupid faces." Then you go to sleep with a smile because of how silly you are for yourself and with yourself.
Wolf Claw (1 year ago)
Tandreada what if I take showers in the morning?
LivA (1 year ago)
I remember in year 6, I'd been vegetarian for a year and I was quite healthy for a 10 year old, these people came in and they were talking about being overweight and underweight and we got the letter back and it said I was 'very overweight' but they just measured your height and weight and said you were under over or a average weight. On my mums side all my relatives are and were taller and generally heavy. On my dads side they're very slim . My sister despite being more unhealthy then me is considered 'average weight' but I'm 'overweight' I know I'm overweight but that does not mean I'm in healthy for a lot of people it may but you can't simply say someone is or is not unhealthy
Jordan H (1 year ago)
I'm glad that I was lucky enough to learn this stuff young. Wish more people could.
Madeline White (1 year ago)
I used to be super skinny, but also flat-chested and had no butt. I hated it. Now I have curves, but also a muffin top. I hate it (less). You can't win.
iDerp :P (1 year ago)
When I was 12 I started losing weight. (I was around 5' 5") and I used to be 125 pounds until someone called me fat and I lost weight and now I'm 107 pounds. I'm underweight now and I'm having trouble gaining a little weight
LifeLikeSage (1 year ago)
Sorry but if you're saying that (for females) not having a space between your thighs is equally attractive to having one, you're wrong. Females with a space between their thighs usually have less fat, and are more physically attractive. And it isn't just my opinion, it's a widely held opinion of most males, like symmetrical faces being attractive, or being able to see collar bones.
LifeLikeSage (1 year ago)
+Jojo The Keeper  That's true, and that means they genetically can't compete with women who can have a gap (in physical attraction). The same way short males can't help but be short and can't compete with men that are tall (in physical attraction).
Jordan #00 (1 year ago)
LifeLikeSage Some girls just aren't built for them, their hips aren't big enough. I have a friend who weighs 90 pounds at 5 foot 3 and is anorexic but has no gap
iDerp :P (1 year ago)
I'm trying to get bigger thighs by doing squats but it's not working
lilj4818 (1 year ago)
I always thought the thigh gap was weird.. I certainly don't have one, and my five foot nothing, hundred pound soaking wet mother doesn't either.. Maybe that's just me though? Idk
iDerp :P (1 year ago)
When I first heard about a thigh gap I was like ok whatever but then I started becoming obsessed
owen walsh (1 year ago)
Just more liberal SJW trash
Nope Nope (1 year ago)
You know what I really hate about the "you have to be skinny to be pretty" beauty standard? The women that demonstrate this, the 5% of people who actually have that body in America, are normally TOO skinny and at an unhealthy weight. Many Plus sized women are actually the perfect weight. Not too skinny, not too fat. A good proportion makes ANYBODY beautiful when it comes to body physique. No, you don't have to be a stick. Women were built to have curves, breasts and hips, it's a well known fact, since, you know, you use those same breasts are normally used to feed tiny humans and the same bigger hips help with being pregnant so you should be proud of it!!!! It is a symbol that you are a female, and that sometimes, your not suppose to have a thigh gap. Everybody's body is different; embrace that difference! That difference make you your own person! No, you don't look like that skinny model. Because you aren't that skinny model! Your you! And if you don't have curves, embrace the fact that you are different from the crowd, your unique. Maybe I should stop rambling on and on, huh?
iDerp :P (1 year ago)
I'm a few pounds underweight (I don't know if I'm supposed to be 110 or 115) and it's hard for me to gain weight since I'm so obsessed with staying skinny
cat (1 year ago)
I'm 5'6 140lbs and i hate myself lol cause I'm fat and ugly, my thighs touch, I don't have big boobs (36C) even though they sound "big" but they don't look it. I hate that I'm this way but i can't help it lol there's no way of changing my mindset🙁...
Kerilynn Evans (1 year ago)
desisaur im 5'1 and 9 lbs
No Name 4 (1 year ago)
You're actually at a healthy BMI. You're weight is fine for your height.
iDerp :P (1 year ago)
I'm 5' 5" and 107 pounds. I'm underweight.
iDerp :P (1 year ago)
I WANT BIG BOOBS I WEAR LIKE A SIZE 32A and I've been growing my boobs for 4-5 years now and I'm basically flat chested :(
Em Sheppard (1 year ago)
desisaur I hope one day you will reach the point of self acceptance, and begin to love yourself. 💙🌼
mark (2 years ago)
society is the motor that drives our self loathing and what other people think, just like the way women perceive men and their penis size. we are a society that that is so consumed with what celebrities look like and where and what they do instead of just being our own person. so image issues are media driven and until people learn to not care what some celeb is wearing or doing the sooner they can focus on themselves.
Rachel Lynn (2 years ago)
I love going to the doctors because he is really funny and makes sure I know I'm perfectly healthy
iDerp :P (1 year ago)
I had an awkward trip to the doctor. I'd been lying to my mom about my weight so she thought I was heavier than I actually was, and then after she realized the truth, she lectured me about how I'm underweight and stuff and I begged her not to tell my dad cuz he's overprotective and he'd cry
theomorphia (2 years ago)
An English teacher from Australia. I use your vids and podcasts a lot! 💕
Agoraphobication (2 years ago)
Damn, this channel is awesome. I wish I could share this with all young women around the world. You're spreading a wonderful message, both here and in your other videos, of the importance of intellectual strength and curiosity about the world around you. As a fellow feminist and woman in a STEM field, I salute you.
iDerp :P (1 year ago)
Yes, she should be a motivational speaker
Exoclypse (2 years ago)
Haha I have a thigh gap and can do the bellybutton thingy!! I'm so pretty!!! except I'm a dude, thanks Obama
iDerp :P (1 year ago)
I can do the belly button thing too and I got a thigh gap
Hanna Johansson (2 years ago)
I love your videos!! Thank you for sharing all this I can really relate to from when I was in my teens!!!
Crustation fish (2 years ago)
I think this goes for any age.
7amoodiii (2 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHA!! you are hilarious ! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos "congratulations you have a Flexible arm socket and will do quite well in YOGA"!!
Thomas Paine (2 years ago)
GOOD one ! .... eating normally is much better for your mind, than continually dieting.... ... you have an amazing smile!
oracleofdewphi (2 years ago)
Excellent video! These various metrics and challenges are so bizarre because everyone's body is different. I do have a slight thigh gap but I think it's mainly because of my skeletal structure. I have pretty wide hips just due to the shape of my bones. I can't do the belly button touching thing.
Ryenn Hayes (2 years ago)
I love your videos so much.
Jessie Bloodshot (2 years ago)
My school focused on obesity. why didn't they ever say anything about the other eating disorders
Amarins (2 years ago)
thank you very much, this actually helped me
Z Scientist (2 years ago)
As a straight man, I want to point out that I had never heard of or thought about thigh gaps until about one year ago, when the concept went viral. I have never found thigh gaps attractive or unattractive, and most of my straight male friends agree. I am actually shocked at how many of my female friends were aware of thigh gaps years ago, before the internet meme. I am perpetually shocked that almost all of my female friends have gone on diets. Men very often do criticize female bodies (which is awful), but it is interesting to see the thigh gap phenomenon, where men really don't seem to care in my experience. It is similar to anorexia nervosa (AN), where people starve themselves in order to look attractive, but they most often end up too skinny for most tastes and with a lack of libido from the hormonal changes associated with starvation. Male AN patients often cannot achieve an erection and female AN patients often do not menstruate, do not lubricate, and cannot orgasm. But ultimately, most of them will endorse sexual attractiveness as a reason they do not eat a healthy diet. It is not entirely fair to compare the pathological condition of AN to the frighteningly average condition of women wanting thigh gaps and going on unnecessary diets, especially during adolescence. But thigh gap obsession is one step down a dangerous path. I fully support the fact that you didn't mention what straight men find attractive in this video, because this video is about self esteem and the onslaught of unrealistic beauty standards coming from Madison Avenue advertising and causing rising levels of anorexia nervosa and bulimia. I just wanted to comment from a male perspective.
Sonja Anise (2 years ago)
Right on!
Kat Horton (2 years ago)
There is an interesting distopian book titled "Only Ever Yours" that is all about this subject, and shines a really harsh light on the damaging realities of unrealistic beauty standards, the danger of choosing your unborn child's sex, and misogyny. Its a fairly fast read, and one I think you would be very interested in.
minimooster (2 years ago)
I have a natural thigh gap, but my goal is to get rid of it by having really really muscular thighs. This may or may not have to do with my goal of becoming a professional competitive skier, which may clash with the astrophysicist agenda. Maybe I'm a bit over ambitious
iDerp :P (1 year ago)
I don't know if mine is natural, I got a thigh gap after I lost weight so...
Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe (2 years ago)
I also have a natural thigh gap. I hate it. I can pull off all the skinny "challenges" because i'm way to skinny. No one, who isn't a little person, should weigh 85-90 lbs at 33 but i'm told i'm told sexy BECAUSE of it. It's not sexy. It's unhealthy. If i could change my body i would. Curves are AWESOME!
Chrisgirl867 (2 years ago)
Best of luck hun! I wish we could trade
Lily Gordon (2 years ago)
+minimooster Not sure if troll or just overachiever
Coral Heart (2 years ago)
I am 11, i weigh 180 pounds... And i feel like shit. I dont know what am i supposed to do?! I was BORN overweight!
oracleofdewphi (2 years ago)
I'm sorry. That sounds difficult. You are worth so much more than your weight, though!
Riachi (2 years ago)
You would have to be extremely slim to have a thigh gap. Unfortunate.
oracleofdewphi (2 years ago)
I'm thin but not extremely so, and I have a small thigh gap. I think it's mainly a skeletal structure thing. My hips are proportionally wide.
Lily Gordon (2 years ago)
+Riachi Or have a wide pelvis
adri (2 years ago)
It's sad cause me and my friend both are very very skinny (not anorexic) but we both think were fat... we eat ALOTTTT XD its embarrassing but we both have a fast metabolism thanks to genetics.. but ive never heard of a thigh gap until some girl came up to me and said "Oh my god your so skinny you have a thigh gap!" I hate it. Theres nothing special about it.. and sometimes it can look gross (i have one and this is just my opinion) but it suits some people, like me but id be the same and fine without one.! (: I think big thighs are beautiful and so are small ones.
zupergozer (2 years ago)
Maybe the problem is that girls spend too much time on the weightscale and in front of the mirror instead of just getting good eating habits together with training habits, no weird hocus pocus bullshit, a Caloric deficit is the only proper way to lose weight. Though of course that deficit shouldn't be too much that you're basically starving yourself
iDerp :P (1 year ago)
I know from experience that it's hard to not obsess over your weight and body once you become self concious.
Plain Popcorn (2 years ago)
+zupergozer I know you probably mean "exercise" when you say gym but my point also is that if you live a healthy active life you will not need to go to the gym in the first place, or be subscribed to anything or buy equipment of any kind. Also quick fixes are highly profitable and marketable (pills, juices, shakes, bars, expensive specialty exercise programs) when simply living a healthy active lifestyle (where you travel by bicycle or by foot and take stairs instead of elevators) is not marketable at all. Not saying you can't take the car ever or that there aren't other ways of increasing calories burned, but you know just simple doable things.
zupergozer (2 years ago)
+Plain Popcorn Yeah precisely, people want to much miracle bullshit. If you keep going to the gym consistently with a healthy diet along with it then it will do wonders for you. None of this starving yourself swallowing pills bullshit
Plain Popcorn (2 years ago)
+zupergozer It's a problem because a lot of people think looking healthy (for whatever they think looks healthy) is more important to being healthy (but tbh being healthy comes with a side effect of looking better as well) and because of that mentality people choose weight loss methods that are temporary, damaging and doomed for failure. Everything is about diet (example; magazines) instead of lifestyle changes. Leading a healthy life is seen as a non-direct way to beauty and crash dieting as the direct way. The world is on its head. SNAFU.
911FANGS (2 years ago)
mornaftniteeve (2 years ago)
was this spoken word LOL
Gina Lekasdottir (2 years ago)
Coins in your clavicle? Unless you are naturally thin, shrinking down to that thinness sounds unhealthy
Jessica Boissonneault (2 years ago)
nastythomashobbs (2 years ago)
Good points but keep in mind it is women not men who have these ridiculously high beauty standards.
John NoNameGibbon (2 years ago)
Yeah, I don't think they want to hear that.
Wagner27 William (2 years ago)
Okay lady's guys could careless if you have a thigh gap. at least most guys anyway. most guys even like someone subcutaneous belly fat. very few guys actually like the hard look on women.
CMC Carpentry (2 years ago)
So sexy
jen L (2 years ago)
Society killed the teenager
Yann G (2 years ago)
A question for women: Why do you concern yourself so much with your looks ?
SunBeast66 (2 years ago)
+oracleofdewphi I never said women weren't entitled to be just as picky.
oracleofdewphi (2 years ago)
+SunBeast66 I don't think men have a right to be any pickier than women do about looks. I've been told that I look good, and I'd want an attractive guy. +Yann G No, my parents are great. I meant that society implicitly teaches people that a woman's worth is defined by her beauty and her appeal to men.
Yann G (2 years ago)
+oracleofdewphi  by who ? you must have terrible parents o.o
SunBeast66 (2 years ago)
Also, men are very visual creatures. If you want one, you have to look good enough for his standards.
oracleofdewphi (2 years ago)
We're taught that our worth is defined by our looks.
PandaThePerson (2 years ago)
So what does it mean if I can do that stupid belly button thing with my right arm but not my left?
zi zi (2 years ago)
this really helped me a lot
maikethepiper (2 years ago)
My arms are too short for that. Lol.
CarolineC (3 years ago)
I have been watching your videos for a little less than a year and I just have to say you are amazing!! I think you would be a great motivational speaker or at least someone who should have a ted talk. You speak so eloquently and always make me (and hopefully many others) feel comfortable in my own skin.
Kendall Goode (3 years ago)
I did the belly button challenge... and succeeded. lol I didn't know my arms were that long
Mr.StrangeLove (3 years ago)
That's ridiculous, and rather mediocre.
Lissi Atchley (3 years ago)
lol I guess according to the belly button challenge I'm skinny
Samantha Hardy (3 years ago)
My boyfriends grandma always tells me that I'm too "fat" and that if I keep it up I'm going to be as "big" as my boyfriends mom 😔
drink bleach baby (3 years ago)
Society here to make u feel like 💩 and tell u what's wrong with u. My society tells me i have to have a big butt, pretty face , really skinny. Or else ppl wont take me seriously. I had one person litterly refuse to talk to me and when he was forced to he refused to look me in the face. Because i had acne.
N7 Fury Operative (3 years ago)
I have a very fast metabolism and can't gain weight (I'm around 48kg while my some of my other class mates are around 70 and 80) and I feel the pressure to gain weight, to have my thighs touch, to have a larger behind, to have large hips. I get called things like skelton and anorexic. I think society needs a change.
I y a n a (3 years ago)
Cesar Villegas (3 years ago)
This is an issue that affects men and women, rigth now Im 220 Pounds, when just a few years ago I was 185 pounds, I used to excercise a lot and I had a decent atractive body, but I started taking medication that made me gain quite a lot of weigth, and I´ve been trying to lose ir but doesn´t seem to work, this may be for diferent reasons, but the point is that even tho I am healthy by most standards (blood presure, heart rate, and Im kind of strong) the psycological figth that you have everyday with yourself and meeting society standards of beauty is quite challenging, being bombarded every day by models (as a man) who clearly use steroids (they dont need to get super big to be using them) or get enormous amounts of plastic surgery and they claim everything is "natural" really gets to the notions of what is realistic and what is not, and this takes a toll on a lot of people (sorry for bad english)
LeDubKitty (3 years ago)
I learned thigh gaps were a thing when I was 17 and my bf said his friend thought girls who's thighs touched were gross. I was 5 lbs under weight and I had anything but a thigh gap. I thought to myself "Is that seriously a thing? Like he does realize that's most of the human race." Thigh gaps are cute, no thigh gaps are cute... but fact of the matter is most of us aren't built for them and they do not indicate health or body fat percentage in any way.
Ben C (3 years ago)
when it comes to love, it doesnt even matter. love will make anyone more attractive then some beauty challenge ever could.
Liz Anders (3 years ago)
As a woman myself, I feel like there's a lot of pressure put on us to look like the 'perfect' cookie-cutter woman. Even though I don't look like the perfect woman I'm still very confident about my body, people always try to tell me about all my flaws they try to put me down, and I always tell them this, "If I didn't already know about my flaws, how do you think I could be comfortable with them?"
sonya edelman (3 years ago)
I love this.
Lord Kittens McTavish (3 years ago)
Check your thin privilege, Cristen. It must be SO hard being a skinny, white girl in America.
John NoNameGibbon (2 years ago)
+Devil Child I think it as sarcasm. Though, I do find it odd how rich white girls are the first to self-victimize.
Alive and Dead (2 years ago)
Wow. What a lovely person you are! (sarcasm)
KaylaNoelle1 (3 years ago)
My thigh gap made me drop my phone when I tried to put it in my lap 2/10 would not recommend .. and before thigh gaps were "cool" I had people call me "bow legged" or "chicken legs" there is literally no winning, apparently females just should not have legs at all or something because every size of leg is wrong.
John NoNameGibbon (2 years ago)
Women are cruel to each other. What makes me cringe is when they try to frame it as though it's men or something. If you want to fetishize a feature, go ahead. But don't blame me for it when you feel bad.
Eirik Schølseth (2 years ago)
+KaylaNoelle1 if having sex with you feels like that...I'm in 😀😂
John Something (2 years ago)
+KaylaNoelle1 "I had people call me "bow legged" or "chicken legs" there is literally no winning, apparently females just should not have legs at all or something because every size of leg is wrong." The people who like thigh gaps are not the people who like thicker thighs. It's true. There is no winning. But not because you're a woman. There's no winning, because there are 7 billion people on the planet. Everybody has different preferences in what they prefer. You will never please all of them. Guys have to deal with this shit too. It's not a gender thing. It's a human being thing. You'll never please everybody. So why try? Just do what makes you happy and ignore the haters.
KaylaNoelle1 (2 years ago)
+Bo Bi wtf yeah having sex breaks and re-fuses your bones differently because that makes sense! classic idiots! lol
Bo Bi (2 years ago)
+KaylaNoelle1 Well it initially ment that if you have a thigh gap you were not virgin and then it evolved into "you have a thigh gap because they f-ed you a lot". Of course the people who have made all that up had no knolege in human anatomy.
CHASTITY (3 years ago)
I'm not fat.. But I'm not skinny, ya feel? 14, 110 lb
giggleberry13b (3 years ago)
Wonderful video. It is awesome to see someone supporting self love. Thank you!
PrincessKLS (3 years ago)
I remember when I was 13, I felt I was fat but like I am now, lol.  What I find so confusing about navigating body image even as a 31 year old woman is that in social media, we get mixed messages of thinspo, fatspo, and fitspo. I've always been a little chubby and curvy but I never experienced fat hate to such a high extent on or offline until I was at the 200 lb mark and above. I struggle with the idea of getting better so I can get below the 200 lb mark again.  I am trying, I eat healthier in some respects then I did back when I first gotten to the 200 lb mark but I still struggle to be stricter with my portions, dividing up a good balance between health food and junk food and getting motivated to exercise is so hard for me. I never wanted to be fat but I remember growing up in a culture and family (it could be because I'm from the south as well) that there was a stigma against thinness in the case of skinny women were automatically seen as more vain, bitchy, and shallow. Obviously I know that to be a false idealism, but growing up in American culture, you get so many mixed messages on body image and how to display that it can be traumatizing for young girls who are just learning all these ideals for the first time.  I don't know how women in America handled their body image and health issues before the explosion of the media but as someone who grew up mostly in the late 90s to early 2000s and noticing the difference in media delivery in the 2010s, this era of American culture seems quite tough.
SunBeast66 (2 years ago)
It takes a long time to reset your appetite but it's definitely possible. What I've been doing over the last 2-3 years is carefully read the label of everything I eat. If it's got trans fats, hydrogenated fats, huge amounts of sugar or ingredients I can't pronounce, I tell myself I do not need to eat it and I put it back. Sometimes I cave and buy it anyway, but then physically feel like shit afterwards because junk food makes me feel like that. Keeping a diary of how your body feels with various foods may help. I tried the 5:2 diet for 2 months, it made me realise how little food I actually need to keep going on a normal day. I haven't kept it up cause college makes me hungry all the time for whatever reason, but I've less desire to eat junk food. I lose weight if I have 3 healthy meals a day of a reasonable portion size. Doing a full calorie count for an average day might help motivate you to be more careful what you eat.
Frieda Livery (3 years ago)
Thank you.
Camila Gisselle (3 years ago)
When I first noticed a thigh gap on a girl, it was my first week of middle school and I thought she looked weird. Like, I thought maybe the jeans were squeezing her thighs and vagina inwards or something.
brokenstitch (3 years ago)
Not too bad a message, and a good point has been made here. Thought you were going to talk about the Obesity Paradox and the fact that obese people generally live longer then the rest of us. Fitness Standards and Medical Standards aren't even close to being the same. Women who follow Fitness Standards risk more then just their lives, they risk their ability to have kids and to even bear children. Sad fact of underweight women: They face the same risks as the morbidly obese and more. One of those more, is that they're more likely to have a miscarriage. It hurts more to have lost something you thought you had, then something you never had at all.
Stacy Rapp (3 years ago)
Cristen, So true! We should be more concerned with who we are than if our legs touch. So difficult to grasp and hold to when most daily social messages say otherwise. I have so many prayers for my nieces and the generations to come.
Jay C. (3 years ago)
Is this poetry? Sounds like it to me :o
Getting Fit In Indy (3 years ago)
I love this! We look closer in age than some YouTubers I have seen (I am 35...not 15 anymore!) and I couldn't agree with this more!! I have been a size 10 in my adult life as well as a 20...and my own channel is about body positivity and after YEARS of yo yo dieting, yes I am a bit heavier now (thanks to fertility meds, which is a whole different subject)... But I see these "challenges" and the whole "thigh gap" crap and do nothing but laugh! I will admit, I tried the bellt button challenge for about a half second...but my right hand fingers barely even graze my left side of my body! Let alone getting around to the front!! But it also makes me sad because too many teenagers, girls AND boys have such horrible body images in the media that they feel they need attain which is physically impossible because MOST human bodies are not made that way. Nobody wants to embrace differences...we need to teach our teenagers there isn't just one body type...race gender, size, etc...
timewasteland (3 years ago)
I know many who think big thighs are very attractive.
kylee Reneé (1 year ago)
+brokenstitch I am 15 years old and I did you whole test and my thighs didn't touch. I also drop food between my legs on accident and my thighs have never chaffed and the thighs in my pants aren't wore out
brokenstitch (1 year ago)
+kylee morris How old are you, and what's your definition of a thigh gap? More to the point, if you're young, what I'm stating or likely stated about this subject doesn't apply to you yet. If you're old, personal experience fails to trump the overall norm. Statistically speaking thigh gaps are rare, you're more likely to be anti-social or borderline, and here's the kicker: You're more likely to be schizophrenic than hold a thigh gap. I'm not talking trash, please don't take it as such, it's just a rare medical occurrence. Most likely, your definition of thigh gap verses a real thigh gap, is deviated. Stand up, put your ankles and knees together so that they touch. Ankle touches ankle, knee touches knee. Is there a complete gap between the area rising up from your knees to your pelvis? If the answer is no, then you don't hold a thigh gap.
brokenstitch (1 year ago)
+John NoNameGibbon Why did you wait so long to reply back, would be my first question. Would also respond to what you stated in  different manner, however I'm Japanese and you're stating nonsense that i know to be flat out false. The majority of your assumptions, or what I'm inferring from your assumptions about me are false. I was a Musician and a DJ for many years, was also married at one point and even have progeny. You're not really going to pull the I'm more knowledgeable than thou off with me on this subject. Here's a good and related question: How many of your friends are Swingers? (I'm not one, and I'm one of the only ones in my local peer group that's stayed free of STIs and STDs. Granted I probably have genital warts.) Anyway, no worries. Best guess is that you're another intelligent silly or worse, well, maybe from another perspective better, an ignorant idiot. If you don't know why I'm stating this, it's because you seem to believe you're superior than I without knowing my background. Would reread through the previous comments to see if I were even directing what I stated at you but why bother. You're obviously not being genuine in an attempt at educating anyone, just another person spouting off information one knows you didn't spend any real time researching.
kylee Reneé (1 year ago)
+John NoNameGibbon honestly same
John NoNameGibbon (1 year ago)
+kylee morris Thank you. I call myself a true liberal. Hated by both the left and the right.
Meghana Manjunath (3 years ago)
Why didn't I have this channel when I was younger? I love your videos and I wish I could make my mom hear this everytime she makes a comment on my weight. Thank you, Cristen! That was really powerful! :)
Alison Potter (3 years ago)
my 8 year old daughter is a child size 8 (I'm Australian, so i think that is a size 4 in the US) and is getting picked on at school for being "to skinny" which isn't the case, our family just never eats fast food. I tell her that she should stay away from people that are ugly on the inside.
Mr. Meeseeks (3 years ago)
As someone with a long, long history of eating disordered and self hate, this is SO important. What you've said is so important and took me years of therapy to understand. You are NOT your size. You are a human with thoughts and emotions and to be frank our bodies are mainly just a vehicle for our minds- adorn you body how you wish, sure, but what really matters is keeping it healthy so you can stay around longer.
m1nt3a (3 years ago)
The bikini bridge thing started on 4chan as a way to 'troll' teenage girls. Anyway, good video.
KristinNirvana (3 years ago)
I'm so glad you didn't skinny bash! When talking about things like this, people often go the other way and bash those who DO have thigh gaps and whatnot, and act like they are unnatural, gross, unattainable, not real etc., and make those who do have them feel like ugly freaks etc. thus doing the same thing these people are supposedly fighting against.
Danae Fields (3 years ago)
Thank you! Exactly what I needed to hear right now!! (And 20 years ago) :)
Beth Nowell (3 years ago)
Love you bae ^_^
Artyom Arty (3 years ago)
thigh gaps are sexy. The reason we men find thigh gaps sexy deals with the unconscious. I'd rather not go into detail, but basically a women having a thigh gap means shes fit and thin and healthy.  Sure, there are thin and sexy women without thigh gaps, but there arent any fatties unhealthy women with thigh gaps Moreover, the way this loving thigh gap concept functions, is we guys love beautiful women. But most thin beautiful women have thigh gaps because they are thin (again, not all but most) hence its a subcoscious message to us that something pertaining to a beautiful woman which is present in another woman makes her beautiful. Moreover again, alot of women dont have thigh gaps but rather appear they do when they spread their legs. The photo shown in the video is of a bitch simply placing her thighs together. If she were to slightly spread her legs, she might seem to have a thigh gap this isnt really a thigh gap question, its more of a fit and healthy and THIN question. An answer to which is obvious: Yes we men, in significant majority, only love thin women
noor abdikadir (3 years ago)
Hi this is my first day running into your channel and i love it soo much!!! I think you should have more subs because your video's are so damn entertaining,helpful,good quality and all the above!!!  Liked and Subbed I wish you the best in your future for this channel! Jazakallahu Karun (May Allah reward you with good)
Shannon Wiggins (3 years ago)
Those "thinspiration" photos shown in this video kind of make me want to throw up. Your bones should not be sticking out that much, please eat some more.
My0hMy012 (3 years ago)
Cristen I love your passion! Thank you for continually supporting body positive view points through your videos!
mcol3 (3 years ago)
I think this was your best video in quite a while! Very much to the point and very heartfelt.
SomeHowSomeOne (3 years ago)
I consider myself to have a very slim waist but I can't do the "#bellybottonchallenge". I call bullshit!
SunBeast66 (2 years ago)
My waist is 28" and I can do it, but then again, most of my joints bend a little bit backwards.
lourdes soto (3 years ago)
I love your videos. Can u talk about why is it taboo or socially awkward for a tall woman to date a short man. I'm talking to this guy who is the most wonderful man ever. But he may be a foot shorter than me. I like him a lot but I don't know how to get over the height gap.
DaBrainFarts (3 years ago)
I feel this. I cannot get a six pack. I've been working out for months. I have grown muscle mass. I can see it. Just not a six pack. And I am trying to accept that I will never get one and not look in great shape, but still be physically healthy. And being overweight is genetic so I'm fighting that too.
Max Chang (3 years ago)
Dammit! I guess I am not fit for yoga...
brokenstitch (2 years ago)
You could look up traumatic brain injury as it applies to left frontal lobe damage as well. The only thing I've really noticed is that my brain censor seems to be turned off.
brokenstitch (2 years ago)
+Octoberfurst No chips on the shoulder, but a bullet to the brain didn't help. I shot myself with a .32 on on Sunday the 10th of 2013. Sat/Lied around for 2 days until someone called the cops for a welfare check. Injury was from the neck proliferating from the top of the left side of my skull. My intellect is intact, however my personality and memory is severely damaged. I know what I know and react as such. Given what I know of Yoga, its roots and origins I'm not going to be nice and kind to the practitioners. Plus this is YouTube and it's on the internet. I could've posted something far worse and I didn't. This is a rough place is the skin is thin. These aren't exactly real world problems either. These are head space problems, something people of whom live in fairy tales get caught up in. Then again some care for the entertainment value. No worries, I'm one of them.
Octoberfurst (2 years ago)
+brokenstitch I appreciated the video you shared. It was both disheartening and informative. But why did you have to be so arrogant and condescending to Maria Ribeiro? Was it really necessary to call her a "fool" and say she was "talking shit'? You could have gotten your point across much more civilly. Why the chip on your shoulder?
brokenstitch (3 years ago)
+Maria Ribeiro I'm going to assume that your just talking shit. I've got a tattoo of a Buddha on my arm, as well as tattoo's of Pali and Sanskrit, both of which I read. Did you know that Buddhist monks molest little children? That this practice is so common in China and India that no one even bats an eye at it? http://www.elephantjournal.com/2013/06/what-lies-beneath-the-robes-are-buddhist-monasteries-suitable-places-for-children-adele-wilde-blavatsky/ Why am citing that and telling you this? It's not because this is an age old practice, which it definitely is. It's because you're fool that thinks you know and you don't. あなたはバカです。
Maria Ribeiro (3 years ago)
+brokenstitch eer... I'm going to assume you have no clue what yoga is ;)
Maya Rain (3 years ago)
Sometimes I think that beauty  standards are in place to keep women too preoccupied to forward themselves in the workplace and in society.
John Something (1 year ago)
I do think that it may have had an effect in more areas than simply Asia and Europe. Yes, black people have dark skin, but if they are out in the sun, it does become darker. Elites in Africa do often have skin tones that are less dark than others. But I do agree that it likely didn't have much effect in Africa. But it could have had much effect in the Middleast(including Egypt) and/or India.
John NoNameGibbon (1 year ago)
+John Something Only in Europe and parts of Asia where staying out of the sun makes you paler. Nowadays motherfuckers use that to explain it _everywhere_. lol Black and Arab/brown people can stay indoors all they want, you aren't getting any paler. The color is locked. So that's not the real cause. It only explains why whites like it and some parts of Asia. And even Asians aren't actually all that pale naturally, they use bleach a lot. It's in all their skin care products now. I'd say the logic is just that European is better. Europeans idolizing European looks is fine by me, in fact, I think most people should idolize their groups features above all and everything else should not be given as much emphasis. Fat chance, though. That's why I hate people who claim not to see race or that it's a ll a clever construct. They ignore some really basic stuff in doing that. So I have always scuffed at that. IT's obviously real, it only effects your looks, but appearances are extremely important to people.
John Something (1 year ago)
Doesn't that also tend to go back in time to the fact that paler skin was a sign of wealth? Because common people had to labor for a living, and their skin would naturally darken in the sun. So in many places across the world, lighter skin tones were looked upon favorably, because it signified wealth and status.
John NoNameGibbon (1 year ago)
_Also, there is evidence to suggest that sometimes "beauty standards" tend to follow what is rare, or unusual._ Some, yes. But I wouldn't take that too far either. But I agree. I do believe in beauty standards, though. In India and Arabia, white was considered ugly. Now look at them after colonization. They all prefer white people.
John Something (1 year ago)
"the myth that fat women were adored some 2000 years ago is just that, a myth, created by liberals who would prefer world to be that way, but it wasnt." True, but the reason why, is because the subjects of sculpture and art were typically wealthy women. Wealthy women were plumper due to having the means to eat more and work less. Also, being slightly overweight has been viewed positively in the past, but again, only because it was a sign of wealth. Average women were not overweight, because they did not eat like wealthier women and they worked physical labor throughout the day. Also, there is evidence to suggest that sometimes "beauty standards" tend to follow what is rare, or unusual. So, in a time when most women were skinny, plumper women may have been seen as ideal. But in a time when most women are overweight like today, then thinner might be the ideal. At least this has some influence.
Theresa Bajorek (3 years ago)
My dear friend Olivia is suuuuuuper tiny, I'm talking 5ft even, size zero tiny. And as naturally thin as she is - whether or not she wants to be - not even Olivia has a thigh gap. We were discussing this thigh-gap phenomena this past weekend and it occured very quickly to us that media has been playing around with women's ideals of beauty to make a quick buck, with the trend of high hair in the victorian era, to the "fattening" ads of the thirties and forties, to modern thigh gaps and belly button challenges. Too often women are the centre of this harsh media light because historically we have torn one another down in social situations that men have. I think it's important to have friends in our lives that can understand what media does to us subconsciously and can bring one another up when we fall into a self loathing rut. Olivia and I may never look like the other, but reminding each other that we don't have to is a great first step to accepting our own bodies

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