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"VRCHAT" My First Time

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https://www.patreon.com/skylent DISCORD: https://discord.gg/jx7cYPW http://store.steampowered.com/app/438100/VRChat/ Fuel the fire with PLAYER ONE COFFEE! http://playeronecoffee.refr.cc/skylent Join our growing community as you explore, play, and help craft the future of social VR. Create worlds and custom avatars. Welcome to VRChat. Chat using full spatialized 3-d audio in a wide variety of environments. Use emotes, emoji, and hand gestures to communicate fully with your entire body. We have avatars with incredible technology, including mouths that realistically match your speech and eyes that actually look at you. Our full IK system tracks when you lean or crouch. All in all, VRChat has the most expressive avatars around! HARDWARE PC: Graphics = GTX 970, CPU = CORE i7 3.6ghz CONSOLE :PS4, Nintendo Switch, Nvidia Shield
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Text Comments (104)
-Lettuce - (2 months ago)
Wait vrchat is on the switch?!
where we droppin boyz? (2 months ago)
at 1:09 I thought it was a pump shotgun
Kiby Cat (5 months ago)
Marry me
Kiby Cat (5 months ago)
How and where do you play this
Shadow Bonnilina (6 months ago)
do you know de wea
BaconLocks (7 months ago)
WAIT?? VRChat is on Nintendo Switch???!!!
PRISTIN TWICE (7 months ago)
Is it on ps4?!?
fabwys wysocki (8 months ago)
For what is the vrchat for ps4 or pc
fabwys wysocki (8 months ago)
Skylent Games thx
Skylent Games (8 months ago)
+fabwys wysocki pc
Bones (8 months ago)
Is that Johnbone singing Deadly King?
That One 8itch (8 months ago)
How much does it cost lmao
L A V A (6 months ago)
$0 ¥0 £0 €0 it’s free in every country
Da Boi (9 months ago)
Can you only play this w a computer or can you play on ps4 ?
Freya Av Metall (9 months ago)
Where did you get your avatar from?
Blue Gaming (9 months ago)
No Ugandan knuckles wow XD
Prosper uwazie (9 months ago)
What's the name of the hentai
GamerTalks (9 months ago)
This is basically the OASIS from Ready Player One but so much funnier.
yuri tarded (9 months ago)
Is this for PS4 ?
Meme Lord (9 months ago)
What hentai was the avatar from
James Tomlin (8 months ago)
Meme Lord look up shygirl and minus8, m8
Crunch Munch (9 months ago)
Wait.. VR chat free?
its bills (9 months ago)
Is this on ps4?
John Suraci (9 months ago)
Whats the hentai
Skylent Games (9 months ago)
+John Suraci its spicy look up shygirl pron
Jeebles (9 months ago)
epic skin my man
FuzzyNarwhal (9 months ago)
"Have you seen this hentai?" "Not intentionally the first time." ... The first time? lol
Sketch it's (9 months ago)
3Names Every90Days (9 months ago)
Mike Knuckles (9 months ago)
Help a brudda out to get a pc i have no pc i need pc to play dis game.
3Names Every90Days (9 months ago)
We neva freeze!
Mike Knuckles (9 months ago)
No you do nut understand. I NEEEEEED TO PLAY THIS GAME.
Darn (9 months ago)
i swear to god i saw you in the avatar hall
Jmull 31 (9 months ago)
Young Dynamo (9 months ago)
Can yiu get vrchat okn ps4? And if so do i need ps vr?
Mechs (7 months ago)
Prosper uwazie or is it somewhere in the Playstation Store
Mechs (7 months ago)
Prosper uwazie but where do you go to find "VRChat" on PS4?
Prosper uwazie (9 months ago)
Don't need a vr set
Prosper uwazie (9 months ago)
Yes and no
somewhataddicted (9 months ago)
its me joshy yes and yes
crim somreaf5555 (9 months ago)
squibalingu had a cute voice most likely it was a voice changer
Noob Gamer (9 months ago)
Is this available on ps4?
JustBelowAverage (9 months ago)
Noob Gamer No, pc only
Ugandan Knuckles (9 months ago)
What console is this game on?
JustBelowAverage (9 months ago)
00 7 PC
Erudite (9 months ago)
I have so many questions... mainly HOW?!?! How does the game allow people to use so many art and character models???
WarningPageGaming (9 months ago)
Wish it was on ps4
Chris Pedrosa (9 months ago)
Vrchat was a mistake
Malachi Robinson (9 months ago)
Can you play this on Ps4?
Chris Pedrosa (9 months ago)
PC only
Existential-He (9 months ago)
Im laughing so had
Existential-He (9 months ago)
lol hard i meant hard
Taylor Duncan (9 months ago)
Haha! I'm honored to have been in your first time video of VRChat!
Anthony Rogers (9 months ago)
Wonder if anyone made any models for Floops Fooglies from Spy Kids to see if anyone would recognize them.
Garma Auth (9 months ago)
omg this is the future
FirstSwordCorvus (9 months ago)
Luckily you didn't meet the sociopaths of VR chat lol, at least from what I saw in the video
FirstSwordCorvus (9 months ago)
Role playing? It's sort of like playing pretend as kids except we make up our own characters and stories for them. As for sociopaths? Uh bloodthirsty killers they generally are and since we can't die from things happening in VR chat it's ok to act out violent and homicidal tendencies
Blockistic (9 months ago)
can you like actually describe it
FirstSwordCorvus (9 months ago)
Though Nurfee is the creepiest dude on VR chat, he's the perverted creepy guy of VR chat. People find him funny oddly enough. And I'm happy as long as I don't meet him, to each their own I guess, also seems like being creepy is ok in VR chat cause most people in the game are just role playing or screwing around
Boom Boom Boy (9 months ago)
😂😂 this is awesome stuff , record these for this can be made into a documentary for VR love 50 years into the future
Bux Head (9 months ago)
what was the name of skylents avatar?
Jasmine A. (8 months ago)
Except for 6:35 where his avatar is Zazz from Sonic Lost World.
368 Music (9 months ago)
Bux Head (9 months ago)
Thank you ahahahaha
Skylent Games (9 months ago)
+Bux Head shygirl
Sairyou Cryioh (9 months ago)
what's uhh... the model he used from..?
popin jimbo (1 month ago)
+9_Bucks it's shygal
ImHealthyWC (9 months ago)
Violet Lips There is also a porn gif of it. "Shy Girl 1 Up" PR something
Violet Lips (9 months ago)
Custom made model based on a design made by a hentai artist called minus8
Boom Boom Boy (9 months ago)
9_Bucks it's soooo cute x3
9_Bucks (9 months ago)
Sounds like a custom made Shygirl model of some kind. He's got good taste.
Flycap (9 months ago)
Crunchy ass!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!
Nostromo (9 months ago)
That's some fucked up shit right there dude! Now we know the answer to why aliens won't reveal themselves to us...
R4iNz (9 months ago)
Next time turn off Personal Space so that people just won't disappear when u r next to them
AlexEnPls (9 months ago)
Well I'm glad to be part of your first time tough *smirk*
Kristopher Giliun (9 months ago)
man i thinking of buying VR for this shit ;DDDDDDDDDD
ViewtifulTV (9 months ago)
I hear this game is filled with trolling and cringe.
EH Miguel (8 months ago)
A funner version of the real world.
robert paulsen (9 months ago)
10/10 - IGN
Kristopher Giliun (9 months ago)
Perfect game.
Nano852 (9 months ago)
1980: "I bet there will be flying cars in the future" 2017: 2:24
Matthew Montoya (9 months ago)
I'm so glad I downloaded this game. What sites to do you get your models from?
patyos2 (9 months ago)
I mostly play the minigame modes on VRchat got really into ctf too
GameHype17 (9 months ago)
patyos2 is this pc only?
Creative Lightning (9 months ago)
THE LOGIC ONLY ZONE (9 months ago)
This is awesome. I would love to see more interaction between characters, and the ability yo upload your own models, but it seems pretty good so far.
Mortally Challenged (9 months ago)
99% sure you can upload your own models in this game, which is how most of the weebs get their models
EagleScopes (9 months ago)
Anyone from the stream ?
David PT (9 months ago)
This was so cool yesterday mate haha :)
David PT (9 months ago)
Ayyyy my messages showed up in the video at the end :D
Norberto Peres (9 months ago)
Do more😐
Gyle (9 months ago)
I playing that until 3am last night, bruh VRChat is the perfect place to meet new people and friend man. Its so damn fun
BuildLancer (9 months ago)
XD i need this now!
Taylor Duncan (9 months ago)
Its better to get it through the website. For uploading characters, anyway.
DD RION (9 months ago)
Lmao its full of cancer. I love it. F2p on steam.
xMckingwill (9 months ago)
Interesting how " ready player one" movie is about to come out and the world isn't that far off from achieving a VR world
xMckingwill (9 months ago)
wraith dino yup I say give it a decade and we would be at that level VR chat and VR in general is the first step
wraith dino (9 months ago)
xMckingwill not in the way of that movie it seams like the movie is kinda going for a sao type system which is on a hole new level than this.
okay so let me get this right.. you get friends by being home and "play" this game? THE FUTURE IS AWESOME!
AppleTherapy (9 months ago)
Shakiah Johnson True. Now that I read back on that
Shakiah Johnson (9 months ago)
AppleTherapy I think he thought you meant normal as in go and talk to an irl person normal
AppleTherapy (9 months ago)
enlightened otaku Its fun for multiple reasons. I love going in there to hear people play their instraments and just laugh at the charecters they use. Its very emersive if you use a VR headset. Its great to try if you have lots of money to spare for the rift.
enlightened otaku (9 months ago)
AppleTherapy where's the fun in that?
AppleTherapy (9 months ago)
TheCakeIzALie gaming/music and you can get some social skills if you talk to normal people.
Shribble11 (9 months ago)
*gasp* a shy girl in the thumbnail.

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