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DON’T EVER USE TURMERIC IF YOU’RE ON ANY OF THE FOLLOWING MEDICATIONS ★ Like us on FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/QmGQVT Please Subscribe To Our Channel And Also Share It With Your Friends Thank You: ************************************************************************ **DISCLAIMER** The materials and the information contained on Article Factory Channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. None of the information on our videos is a substitute for a diagnosis and treatment by your health professional. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care, provider.
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Dhananjay Patwardhan (4 hours ago)
moral of this story is stop taking chemicals, which only converts one disease to another, and rely on natural KNOWN medicine
Philip Weinstein (4 days ago)
msg TOO long... get to the point Most info useless!
Gabrielle Budd (4 days ago)
I was taking too much turmeric and I am on blood thinners I ended up with rectal bleeding severely. so be careful with alternative practices too much of a good thing can also be dangerous as the old saying goes everything in moderation is the best way to live
Gabrielle Budd (4 days ago)
I have never taken medications all my life I am now in my 70s and because of heart failure I died 38 minutes and was revived by the grace of God I was one out of a hundred that could survive such a death. they put me on blood thinners and a defibrillator. to keep me alive if I don't take these medications I surely will die again it regulates my heart rate. always ask your doctor before attempting any medication alternatives don't play doctor with life. eat right exercise walk more pray more it's good for the spirit and it helps to de-stress drink plenty of life-giving water so your body stays in balance. life is filled with stress it's hard to avoid, listen to your body it's sometimes speaks loud and clear avoid alcohol stop smoking and you'll have extra years to your life. I lived a very high-stress life didn't eat right tried to do all the good things even try to get a walk in between the stress and it took the best of me at the time this has been a wake-up call. all the medications really Just Keep Us Alive oh sure we get extra time in life and it's sometimes hard to survive when you have been bitten by the disability of its consequences. then you live in only survive. I believe that when it is our time we should freely go with the Lord to our new home where there's less stress and hate and anger like in this life with so much division people just don't know how to live happily anymore. searching to fill a void and I only get disappointed in the end. happiness only begins when you can love yourself and love those around you and pray and give God thanks for every day until he takes you home. all the remedies may only fill a void for a short time life is change and without change we cannot move forward.
Allison Herlihy (9 days ago)
It interacts with some antidepressants as well. Be careful supplementing if you are on any psych meds.
Nimmy Nimmy (9 days ago)
Pls don't spread wrong informations. In lndia turmeric is a very important ingredient in every dishes we make. Without turmeric all our dishes are incomplete.
johnp162 (11 days ago)
Try to find a “health care professional” that knows about proper diet, food allergy’s, good health in general. One who would not use these medications to begin with. Or check in to what you can do for yourself! Peace
jsa2001 (11 days ago)
I add black pepper and turmeric to egg ommletes and scrambled eggs.
Albina Kerwin (11 days ago)
It should be titled  stop all the rubbish that is in your prescription drugs and use Turmeric instead as well as natural vitame E and fish oil and eat a healthy diet with lots of good protein and only low carb vegetables
Myra Knight (13 days ago)
I take meds for my stomach that's in the list. I tried to drink turmeric tea the pain in my stomach and chest was awful my stomach felt raw for about 3 wks it was hard to eat or drink anything even though it helped with the imflamation I didn't like trading one pain for another especially that pain I was just about to try it again but this time mix some up for tea but at a lower dose to see would that help then I saw this....
Bman Bman (13 days ago)
Is there anything this won't help ????
Dagaan Galakticos (14 days ago)
What is the correct daily dose of turmeric? What is too much? I just watched a vid on how you can use too much turmeric. It would seem that if you take it daily as I do, then you might need less so as to maintain a reasonable amount in your system. I take losartan for high blood pressure. Also a statin for cholesterol. Also niacin and aspirin for the blood pressure. I saw an interesting vid from Dr. Eric Berg DC (good channel) on the body's need for more potassium and the benefits from that - including lower blood pressure. So, I'm taking 500 mm's a day of potassium. Now my blood pressure is so low that I've cut the losartan in half and will consider getting off it altogether if the numbers stay low. I've also started excercizing heavily at a gym and this has dramatically (along with all the other stuff I'm taking) lowered the BP, so that's a big factor. You can test your own BP and use it to guide you away from pharmaceuticals for BP. Too bad you can't test your own cholesterosl levels so as to try and do the same.
Barney Fife (16 days ago)
If your arms and legs fall off and you die, call your doctor immediately. Today’s treatment is a symptomatic approach not curative.
jeanette strauss (18 days ago)
This is a Lie...... please THIKNK. Thats the most Commons thing people take of medicin, and that is the most dangerous of you are on timeric.... !!!! Please THINK. This is from the goverment/Big Pharma... who do NOT want you to heal yourself with Nature Medicine... STAY ON TUMERIC AND GET RID OF BIG PHARMA ♥️🙏❤️🇩🇰
Frances Price (22 days ago)
Just SMOKE 2 BLUNTS & call me n the morning!!!
shravan kumar (24 days ago)
no medicine is required if u sit calm and relax
Batbara Spears (17 days ago)
Batbara Spears (17 days ago)
shravan kumar n
C B (25 days ago)
Talk about waiting to get to mother ******* point!
Pamela Biral (25 days ago)
I read your comments, the cavet is buyer beware, meaning herbs a spices are very powerful!!!!, And can do good things for your health. Trust me I wasn't on any drugs and I read a formula or recipe for gastro problems, went to the real bulk spice and extract etc, the nature expert asked me where got this formula, told her in the back to enden book. She was alarm she said if you take it you will be admitted to the emergency rm, I laugh, and said I want it anyway, so she gave me a fourth of what I wanted that was it. I took the much lesser dose, felt pretty good the first 2-4hrs, then I started to have servere pain, awful nasua, dizzy, finally upchucked, I was totally wishing to die!!!! Up all nite was so miserable kept throw......pain double up, but I was warned dupe I was , the nature doctor new her spices/herbs. She save my life had I taken what I showed her I would either had died or wish I had. Beware!!! When I took Omega which are anti platlet and anti cougulate, I got off plavics, no trouble, but told my cardiologist, he was ok with it. I been off plavics, still taking omega's etc. Herbs extracts, spices all natural things check out through you before you take in your body...good shopping. Research, research, then you can make a informed decision. Good day all you with inquiring minds.
Charles Stevenson (26 days ago)
Leprosy? !Huh?
Harry7656 (27 days ago)
With a wealth of information on the internet, there is no reason not to eat the right foods and take supplements instead of using chemical prescription drugs for illness and ailments. Hippocrates said, let thy food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be thy food.” Doctors receive zero education regarding food and their benefits, all their education comes from the pharma industry.
stephen nsubuga (29 days ago)
Iv been having stomach pains for God knows how long! They put me on Omeprazole and iv had it for years but pain keeps coming back! I was on YouTube yesterday, when i came accross this clip about what turmeric does when you drink it! So i got all ingredients they advised, have not even consulted my doctor, but went home, worked on my concoction as asked and drunk this concoction 1st time this morning, fresh turmeric, lemon, honey and water! Within a matter of like half an hour the pain is gone and the bloating! It is crazy! Am now wondering if i need to speak to my Gp and also stop taking Omeprazole which i avnt been taking for 3 days but was only taking simvstatins for my cholesterol!
Michele Eastman (30 days ago)
Having a jar of the honey/turmeric solution around would be helpful to someone that doesn't take those medications listed in case someone needs an antibiotic when the power goes off for the 6 months they have been talking about on some other videos.
Linda Lopez (30 days ago)
Here’s an idea dump some of the meds and take the turmeric 😗
john brandenburg (1 month ago)
Xing An (1 month ago)
You should take it together with and reduce your blood thinning and diabetes drugs.
Chuck Lewis (1 month ago)
Skip the first four and a half minutes then they get to the point.
Leon Leoncio (1 month ago)
Can take tumeric if diabetics
Basudha Ray (1 month ago)
I take medicine for high bp. Should I drink turmeric water?
Over the edge (1 month ago)
I use Xarelto, ( $ 500.) . Would turmeric replace Xarelto ?
MyNewEra2012 (1 month ago)
Thank you for the video!!
cshula1 (1 month ago)
Info you’re looking for starts at 4:17
mzindyg007 (1 month ago)
Most doctors don't Know enough of the properties in natural occurring health ingredients to advice you properly. Because they can't look up Contraindications in a book yet.
mzindyg007 (1 month ago)
@Pat Cavanaugh Thread: the statement on the video was NOT"consult your physician" ...... it STATED " consult your Health Professional that is familiar with your prescriptions" Which is Like "No Duh" a responsible statement. I'm sure it was Purposely worded to Omit the "common" statement of consult your doctor or pharmacist 😝 Important Info in this video. It's Not the Tumeric but all the Chemicals called Rx-Medications and their side affects and intended affects that one has to be cautious of
land lady (1 month ago)
Since m drinking turmeric for 3mos already my hemorrhoid is getting well.also if I can't sleep I just drink turmeric too and make me fall asleep
F-150 (1 month ago)
Every time I mention something like turmeric to my doctor, he just gives me this blank stare, like a deer in the headlights.
rocky (1 month ago)
this video is a COMPLETE waste of time
Michael Daruna (1 month ago)
Common sense don't use whay people call medication! GOD already shows it's in the food HE gave us...herbs seeds plants fruits veggies...fermented! That simple, even better true faith in HIM...and you ask for HIS healing. JESUS CHRIST!
Robert Dixon (1 month ago)
Waste half the video is off topic.
R Hopzing (1 month ago)
Opening sentence says do not use tumeric if you take the following medications. You failed to support your thesis statement.
mikejhonson (1 month ago)
Lazy youtuber
Mark Snider (1 month ago)
This is great. There is pure info here that is lost elsewhere. I truly appreciate the invaluable advice. Thank you so much!
Mila Sheehan (5 days ago)
Mark Snider morning
Lone Wolf (1 month ago)
I am diabetic and my Dr. said i can take Turmeric
ed (1 month ago)
My God are there so many deseases in the world? If you dont want your time wasted skip first 5 minutes.
Ummu Naufal (1 month ago)
Conclusion is, if u want to take natural herbal like turmeric for your medication, then leave out drugs. Dont mix them both or taking both together. Because our body system can't take it.
Mina Delgado (1 month ago)
BE AFRAID. BE Very afraid. THE INFORMATION HERE IS ...SO SO SO DANGEROUS..This IS the internet..but this is DANGER; confusion ..conflicting info, even politics thrown in the mix. The average layperson will kill themselves following the wrong remedy..just because he's pro NRA? WHAT THE HELL? It's like I made a wrong turn into..The Twilight Zone! Scary!! on so many levels. SUGGESTION: 1. USE (most often) GOD GIVEN COMMON SENSE!! 2. READ! .EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE CONDITION ..YES!! USE THE INTERNET (not like this!!).NOT AS YOUR PRIMARY CARE DR. *** ONE PERSON DESCRIBES DIABETES AS HIS 'T2' HERE!! WHY NOT JUST SAY HIV..OR MY A1C..SURE. THEY RHYME!! SOUND GOOD? NO!! That's how this madness reads COMBINED..operative word here: COMBINED. 3. FIND A GOOD DOCTOR..GRANTED THIS IS NOT EASY!!! I'VE WORKED OVER 20 YEARS IN HOSPITAL...NOT EASY!! BUT DOABLE. IM LUCKY TO KNOW A FEW. FAMILY.. DR. FRIENDS, BROTHER...PARTNER ALL.. PHYSICIANS. SEVERAL DON'T USE ANY DRUGS..AT ALL!!! NO PILLS! .. PAIN MEDS..A NECESSITY BUT NOT TO THE POINT OF ADDICTION!!! THE OPIATES RX EPIDEMIC .DOCTORS WHO DON'T CARE IF YOU OVERDOSE & DIE (TAKING SINCE YOU HAD KNEE REPLACEMENT SURGERY 3 YRS AGO..STILL TAKING 10 MG.OF Percocet 5 x a day OR any Heroin based drug.) NOW ADDICT IN DENIAL. Junkies..60 and 70, 75 yrs old everywhere!! I'VE SEEN IT. SAD. IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT..THEY CAN'T EVEN THINK! ONE MD said its like "walking around with needle tapping your arm for a fresh vein". WHAT!!? I'm like..WHAT! WHY? HE SAID "GREED" !! So...GO TO GOD Then.. Forget the guns! Grow a garden! SEARCH for a good conscientious, reputable well rounded! physician...driving a Prius!! Nothing wrong with a Benz or a Bentley for highly skilled neurosurgeon or famous plastic surgeon JUST NOT MICHAEL JACKSON'S!! You get it, right? Start with an apple a day..you know the rest. IT KEEPS THE DR. AWAY!! Because.. THEREIN LIES THE REAL CRIME .BIG PHARMA & UNETHICAL GREEDY DOCTORS. Its easy and fast and lots of $$$ . KNOWLEDGE OF ANATOMY, CHEMISTRY, HEREDITARY INFLUENCES, HORMONES, MEDS vs. FOOD ALLERGIES; all this matters.. I am not trying to undermine your recommendations nor promote Big pharm..guns or dissuade people from using internet. I know many drs, have family members as physicians and believe me, some do despise big pharma but respect real useful research and must USE some of the few life saving meds YOU CAN'T ACCESS READILY FROM A ROOT OR YOUR PANTRY. UPS from Africa or INDIA or get a common pigs intestine A SAP.. Is it the husk or the seed? Is it synthetic or actual thyroid gland of an animal? Lol! (I asked my family MD: IF I WERE STRANDED ON A DESERT ISLAND HOW WOULD I REGULATE MY HASHIMOTO THYROID SYNDROME?..WOULD I DIE? HE SAID: YOUR WOULD HAVE TO TACKLE A BIG WILD BOAR OR PIG..CUT OUT HIS THYROID..EAT IT RAW PREFERABLY. Lol lol. BUT PIGS CARRY Trichanosis Worm & Do it EVERY DAY!! OR GET A VERY LARGE FISH. .BUT YOU CAN'T SWIM..SO.
Steven James (1 month ago)
But God is not the author of CONFUSION" and we shouldn't be speaking to anyone else but God about the situation. Man has no idea what the created body needs. Nor can man heal the body of any disease. Thanks, so we'll just leave this one alone.
Erzsebet Deer (1 month ago)
Sony Bal. (1 month ago)
But My Mother Is A Daibettic Patient And As Being Indian We Use Turmeric In All Currys And Food So What To Do Reply Should My Mother Stop Eating Or Using Turmerics Please Do Reply???
Chiro Arcturus (1 month ago)
the title is wrong. It should read that if you're on the powerful healing effects of drinking Tumeric then don't get brainwashed into any poisonous acidic pharmaceuticals that create more disease in the human body, yet never heal a dam thing.
Rainie Williams (1 month ago)
i. Toooohate the info videos that take firever to get to the point i usually deleat when i see how long they are Whats the pint in that ?????? They just like to hear their own voices ????
Gripco1 (1 month ago)
antacids? Not at all, or not within a certain amount of time??
Hope Woods (1 month ago)
Okay. To bad. On blood thinners. Lol! Thanks for up load.
Tiffany Cancer (1 month ago)
Thank you cause I was going to try it with metformin. And i shouldn't.
Tiffany Cancer (30 days ago)
+Linda Lopez ok will add. thank u...
Linda Lopez (30 days ago)
Tiffany Cancer Better to stop the metformin continue the turmeric and also add 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon daily .Skip the nasty side effects of the metformin !
Marie Mccabe (1 month ago)
Sridharan Ramachandran (1 month ago)
Do not believe anything told in this video. Consult some honest friends who are practising medicine. Turmeric ginger available cheap in india. And it prevents and cure many diseases. Drug industry in u.s in fact the entire corporate sector in u.s have no moral values. They can't cheat in u.s. they developed by cheating underdeveloped countries like india. Now they are getting exposed. Their profits are minimised. So it is false propaganda to cheat u. Beware.
Endangered Species (1 month ago)
Not true. Turmeric is a boon and natural medicine.
Judy Wray (2 months ago)
You gotta love it when a natural alternative is sponsored by a chemical medication such as was in the commercial at the beginning of the video
ulfat riaz (2 months ago)
why dont you just get to the f point
Ray Patrick (2 months ago)
Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Apple Cider Vinegar, Curry leaves, Cumin Seed, garlic, lemon, pure honey, sea salt, black pepper, pandan leaves.. natural herbs and spices + enough water + balanced diet+ regular exercise and a positive mind (meditation, music, having a good time with family and friends).. Less time on the bloody tablet or phone = happy and healthy life. Period.
Joan Moore (2 days ago)
Albina Kerwin (11 days ago)
Excellent advice.
Bree Stone (2 months ago)
I got a cold and had a nasty sore throat took acv mixed with turmeric black pepper lime with warm water and killed all the bacteria in my throat and now it feels beautiful.
shippi uddin (2 months ago)
Behold Israel
J K (2 months ago)
The one they didn't mention is iron supplements. If you have anemia and you're taking iron pills, don't take turmeric at the same time. Turmeric binds to iron and removes it from your body. I believe that it caused my anemia to get worse. Many people take turmeric supplements to lower their already high levels of iron. So, if you are right on the low end of normal, turmeric might end up causing you to become anemic if you don't make up for it by taking an iron supplement to increase your iron uptake. I currently take liver pills to increase my iron intake.
Olga Ramos (2 months ago)
Quien me robó mi vida capituló 270
Othmar Mitterhauser (2 months ago)
My morning drink on an empty stomach: 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder+a little black pepper+1/4 tsp pressed garlic+1/4 tsp pressed ginger+some lime juice all mixed in a glass of warm water. I also on blood pressure tablets (exforge 5mg) and Athenanol. No side effects a after doing this for the last 10 month. 74 and happy
Donna Franks (2 months ago)
Pharmaceutical co., doctors, insurance companies ALL are driven by the love of money. It's not health and care but big business that the Bible calls sorcery. It's in the Revelations. We are being programmed to depend upon the world for everything instead of our Creator. Herbs, oils, and such have always been used for healing . I'm a Christian. We must share the Good News. 🕇🕇🕇
Donna Franks (2 months ago)
Strong's Concordance pharmakeia: the use of medicine, drugs or spells Original Word: φαρμακεία, ας, ἡ Transliteration: pharmakeia Phonetic Spelling: (far-mak-i'-ah) Definition: the use of medicine, drugs or spells Usage: magic, sorcery, enchantment.
Connie Wolf (2 months ago)
Very good info but WAY TOO long!!
ravegmp (2 months ago)
Pretty much every medication
Obdulia Fuller (3 months ago)
Medication. If. You eat turmeric in your. Food you do. Not. Need medication of. Any. Can
Lg Mayes (3 months ago)
I have turmeric daily...so far...no leprosy...
DivineJ (3 months ago)
It is the prescription drugs you have to watch and stay away from. Make the move from man made synthetic drugs to herbs, roots and anything from nature. Most things from nature have few if not any side effects. Generally you would have to ingest huge amounts in order to feel any effects or become toxic. These things actually heal and have long term positive effects unlike taking pills over and over again which are short term and often mask the real trigger for the illness or dis-ease.
ROBERT RUGG (1 month ago)
45sunp (3 months ago)
How a bout making a video of what other vitamins you can and cannot take when taking turmeric As well please and thank you.
Linda M (3 months ago)
can using turmeric turn your skin yellow?
Kerry Talam (3 months ago)
Get to the freakin' point, bot!
Jean Santiago (3 months ago)
9 on
Ashish Pandit (3 months ago)
Fuck you..... Nonsense utter nonsense
hjshmuel (3 months ago)
TY Carole Sloan! l save you valuable time 1 blood thinners 2antacids 3 diabetes medication Now you can move onto the next thing
Ocilia Canton (3 months ago)
I am going to be sincere and honest to all of you out there. I've been taking Turmeric for about 15 yrs learned about it from a friend who from India he's from Bangladesh . its used as an antiseptic and antibiotic on its own nothing added. I use it for inflammation of my ankles and feet works great. Before this, I could not wear closed shoes now for many years I wear tennis shoes and ballerinas etcetera  It has to be a very bright mustard color with no brown undertones I will never stop using it, alone or combined with other herbs like Moringa, Cinnamon and to many to write here.
Mahshid Dashti (3 months ago)
What I make is turmeric cinnamon ginger honey and lemon and dash of pepper so good
Jacqueline B Tocci (4 months ago)
If you have cancer it is one of the best cancer killers with pepper give up the meds!
Foxiepaws ACAnderson (4 months ago)
I wish all these weirdo channels with bad electronic voices (the same bad electronic voice as a matter of fact) would just give up. If you are on medication that precludes any food, your General Practitioner or whatever normal primary health care doctors are known as in your part of the world, will have told you or will have added a note for the dispensing pharmacist to make sure you have all the information. Nobody needs the anonymous scaremongering these crap channels seem to thrive on!
Rebecca (4 months ago)
Omg an 8 minute video with an irritating robotic voice to say something that could’ve taken 30 seconds. “Hey turmeric might screw you up if you take these meds, use caution ask a professional and remember what works for one person might kill the person next to you”
April Aries (4 months ago)
i will try turmeric asap coz i am suffering from eczema,GERD,blurring vission,and numbness of my feet
Laxminarayan Bohra (4 months ago)
It would have been better if u have divided the video in two parts i e when to use and when not
Gary Shields (4 months ago)
I know a man who swears by it when mixed with coconut oil to reverse Alzheimer when it is used with medication. If you have Alzheimer's it maybe from excessive alunimum in the body. Silica found in Horsetail will remove the alunimum from the brain. Then take turmeric with coconut oil for the brain & Hemp Oil which is so thin it's transdermal(is easily absorbed by the skin.) It also has all 20 amino acids needed by the body to metabolize proteins into new tissue. GABA & Tyrozine are needed by the brain & found in hemp oil.
andrewj44 (4 months ago)
Jesus get to the point of the title! We already know what Tumeric is used for!
Jim NORRIS (4 months ago)
Stop eating foods with corn SYRUP,soy products. Stop take sweeten low.are other fake sugars.stop eating all that posions foods you buy in the supermarket.
maddog (4 months ago)
just stop taking meds! pharma means poison! in greek
Martin Heath (4 months ago)
Another video generated entirely by A.I. algorithm for the purpose of gathering viewing figures. Following the success of supermarkets with their self checkout machines, the A.I. developers behind these entirely machine generated videos are looking to market their technology as a replacement for real doctors surgeries if the public can be demonstrated to be on board in sufficient numbers. There's hundreds of these on YouTube now but don't worry, the computer voice is always a dead giveaway
paul myers (4 months ago)
Never mind buying expensive capsules,just buy powdered turmeric add a teaspoon to a glass of milk with a teaspoon of honey and a few twists of black pepper,done, delicious ,we'll sort of!
okie musgogee (4 months ago)
After reading comments, maybe the correct thing to do would be take turmeric like every other day, in moderation?
Mariah Cox (4 months ago)
Well I'm just f<《ked.my doctor told me to use this so I'm on half of these meds.but I'm still going to eat turmeric.i just don't eat a crap load.
Jesica Baguis (4 months ago)
What about nerve? I take medication for numb feet & hand,like pregabalin, VTB1B6B12?.. Is it dangerous? If i take turmeric?
Jennifer Matthews (4 months ago)
title @abt.4:25
Suzanne (4 months ago)
Miki Smith (4 months ago)
Madan kumar (4 months ago)
Tumeric is used in India since ages. It is used daily in my home even now and it is a very common product in India. It benefits are immense. Pharmaceutical industry will be at loss, so they bound to spread wrong information to create fear.
Gopi Nath (4 months ago)
These are naturally remedies.
TxAmerican (4 months ago)
Funny thing, tonight I used turmeric for the first time and ran across this video. Glad none of the 2 to 3 drugs I occasionally have to take for RA are on the list.
lucy bond (5 months ago)
Another "video" with a printed screen and someone reading it out loud. Why have a video ?
Brenda Russell (4 months ago)
Well, it's not "somebody" reading the text, but "something". That voice was computer-generated, if ever I heard one. Very objectionable. But I agree: if all the video consists of is scrolling text, why bother?

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