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Garlic spray to repel ticks?

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According to studies (as listed by the CDC) garlic can repel ticks. So can I reduce the number of ticks in my yard by spraying large amounts of garlic infused water. We shall see... CDC reviewed Tick repellents and pesticides: https://www.cdc.gov/lyme/prev/natural-repellents.html
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coolvideo28 (7 months ago)
Did it Work?
Punky Rooster (7 months ago)
+coolvideo28 I noticed a decrease in the amount of ticks in my backyard. But it was not as effective as frequently mowing your lawn very short.
Green Bay SixxString (9 months ago)
Buy some nematodes for your yard. They eat ticks. Check them out! Cedar oil definitely repels ticks. Natural Chemistry is pretty good, I just add extra cedar oil to it.
Punky Rooster (9 months ago)
Interesting, I was not familiar with this. So far, regular mowing seems to keep them out of the yard, but the nematodes might be a good additional measure.
charles foster (1 year ago)
Interesting for sure we have ticks in the back on reeds .I will for sure be interested in results .I do not think my sprayer will spray that although .I would need to blend it and strain it before adding to the sprayer .Changing my tip might work yours might be larger I am sure .Maybe chase some of the other bugs away .I agree loading your yard up with chemicals is not the way to go and with children also .Thank you for sharing your video and knowledge .
charles foster (1 year ago)
Any loss of them is great and I found and this is me lol. That stuff that is bad for human works fast but other that is not is slow to work but most of the time works .Maybe they try to overcome and find they can not so look for better places to strive .My neem oil is the same the first few sprays it moves some then on the 3 spray I see almost none in the garden .Love the idea the ticks for me are very strong I have not tried to rid myself of them I am still fighting with a long war with ants.I need to buy a ant eater nothing in my state eats these things .Now when I had guineas I had no ticks but as to owls and hawks over the years they removed most .I can not wait to see if it works .Thank you
Punky Rooster (1 year ago)
I did note a much smaller number of ticks on the lawn furniture for many days after the spray. But so far I've only tried this once so can't say for sure it helps. But I am trying any trick I can find!
Aaron Dos Sanchos (1 year ago)
Do y'all get biting flies there? We are near a forest and it seems that every evening they come out to eat anyone still outside until well after sunset. Going to be trying every home made fly/bug trap I can devise lol the fire ants and bird sized mosquitoes are tame compared to these tiny sadistic little flies lol
Punky Rooster (1 year ago)
Mosquitoes, biting black flies, and horseflies are all problems here. >:( My continuing research on ticks has exposed me to various ways to fight off other pesky insects, so I will surely be implementing controls for them as well. :)
Ben Clark (1 year ago)
I use ginger, garlic, and super hot peppers pureed in a cheesecloth bag as a spray. I steep the bag in the sprayer with a small amount of vegetable oil and a few drops of soap just to help the mixture stick. it definitely keeps vegetable and bamboo shoot losses to deer and critters at a minimum. keeps my aphid populations low and even seems to repel squash bugs. incidentally, I don't every notice ticks on my property. not sure if the spray is causation. But... And you'll definitely need to provide the garlic a filtration of some kind. It'll clog your sprayer something fierce. trust me. lol
Punky Rooster (1 year ago)
LOL! Yeah, I learned that garlic bit clogging issue REAL QUICK. :D And thank you for the recipe, I'll have to give it a try.
Ben Clark (1 year ago)
plenty of wandering cats here, but, never a cat/pepper problem. I'm not sprinkling pepper (I assume you're referring to ground black pepper). my dilute application of pepper/garlic/ginger is on my garden vegetables. it makes their flavor unpalatable without a quick wash first. I think the fragrance, which I can't smell, is a deterrent as well.
Aaron Dos Sanchos (1 year ago)
Ben Clark I would be careful about the hot pepper if you or your neighbors have outdoor cats... if they happen to get it in their eyes they will literally claw them out trying to get whatever is hurting them out. The old ladies in my grandmothers neighborhood used to put pepper all over their garden beds to keep pests out and to prevent cats from using them as a litter box... there's definitely been times that didn't work out well for the cat or their human families. I would think the same sort of thing could potentially happen if you are spraying hot pepper all over everything. Probably more so since it wouldn't be restricted to one area like a garden.
Ben Clark (1 year ago)
we have a good spider population still.
Artist Group (1 year ago)
Good luck, definitely keep us informed about your results.
Punky Rooster (1 year ago)
I noticed a significant decrease in ticks on the lawn furniture for many days after spraying. But I've only tried this once, so I can't say for sure that this was responsible. I will be sure to share updates! :)
TrollForge (1 year ago)
I would start with either fresh or powdered garlic, instead as they have no preservatives, which may affect the outcome.
Punky Rooster (1 year ago)
Good call.

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