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Sandra Bullock Googled Herself - Here's What Happened

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Sandra Bullock was at a loss when she was trying to come up with her acceptance speech for the Palm Springs International Film Festival awards gala. So she decided to turn to Google to learn more about who she is. Watch to find out what the "mediocre" and "over 40" actress learned about herself, thanks to Internet commenters. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Entertainment! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugartv Visit our website for more celebrity and entertainment news! http://www.popsugar.com Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/PopSugar Get the latest updates via Twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/popsugar
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Text Comments (2291)
Lance Parker (14 hours ago)
Her only mistake was shacking with that abject idiot, Jesse James. But we've all made that kind of mistake...at least once.
SOROS SOROS (2 days ago)
Sandar Bullock is smokin hot..
Thomengel (2 days ago)
This is why she is one of the best actresses in the business. She will never take herself serious.
Eduardo Tzuke (3 days ago)
I Just Love Her
Colin Mathura-Jeffree (3 days ago)
shes a legend Id love to lunch with....Mexican food...
Gena Rowlands: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
mohlodi tshimollo (8 days ago)
I love this lady, her and Halle Berry are my best actresses of all time.
Ehsan Khaibar (9 days ago)
She is really pretty, so professional, I love all her movies. She said something really wise, and she is right, unfortunately people won't write positive till their negetive view doesn't finish. Useless negetive points are writen like the "over 40, over 40, ..." ...
Paul Rivers (9 days ago)
She's a transgender wake-up people
Shelly Watson (10 days ago)
Comments can be so cruel and not hold any merit. It seems as if there sole purpose is simply to hurt others and how sad of an existence they must be living in. . Sandra is a class act all the way and phenomenal at her craft
Zayn Ali (12 days ago)
She has been my crush since i was 11 till this day am 31 she is sooo pretty funny she is sooooooo delicious
JPThe Hoff (13 days ago)
If you’re a guy and think this woman is not beautiful, you’re gay ;-)
A. Armiento (13 days ago)
Sandra Bullock still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Just Smashing (14 days ago)
Beautiful woman
loubna bouziane (15 days ago)
Always skipped this video because of the dress.
Ndiscatseyesic2 (15 days ago)
I just love Sandra
Marilyn Groves (16 days ago)
What an amazing speech...I watch everything she does anyway...she's great.
faithannmundell (16 days ago)
Always one of my favorites!
Ian Brooke (17 days ago)
A class act, a classy actor and a very classy speech.
Rose Agaatsz (18 days ago)
Sandra Bullock one of my favorite and gorgeous actress ! 👀
fw1421 (18 days ago)
I wonder who wrote it for her?
Sarah (18 days ago)
This is a couple of years and yet people are just getting meaner and meaner on the internet
Maya Lig (18 days ago)
Speed .
Victor Hayes (18 days ago)
Halo 101st got it dead on, she is wonderful.
Lizzy E (19 days ago)
Tranny Man!
Holly Warehouse (19 days ago)
I love HER 😍 Beautifully Genuine 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️
Tom Van Alst (19 days ago)
This is a depth of Beauty in a humble woman such as Sandra Bullock.
Burb (19 days ago)
She's still a doll.
Andrew Tongue (19 days ago)
Well, Ms Bullock, I can think of a hundred (other) female actresses who do not measure up within the industry. But you know what the insecurities of the precious peoples of Hollywood can be; & to the malcontents who consider otherwise...well, they're just not worth the candle - they should be pitied rather than vilified. I can state with absolute certainty, that you are loved, globally, & truth be told, I'd step over a lot of younger stars to be in your company :)
Ivan Plaza (20 days ago)
She's lovely...
Lone wolf productions (21 days ago)
who is the old woman how demented is she doing the intro?
Lone wolf productions (21 days ago)
thank god the bell boys are going to take her into the lift in the sky of death
Lone wolf productions (21 days ago)
isn't it wonderful how they all think they are all so wonderful
Lone wolf productions (21 days ago)
i know you might be a granny your not a tranny are you? i still would but you cant be too careful
Lone wolf productions (21 days ago)
things you should never say to a sandra bullock oi sandra how do you fancy sliding all over my dinkle before you weave another lie in my ear
Lone wolf productions (21 days ago)
she's got a adams apple shes a tranny
Lone wolf productions (21 days ago)
she still looks good for being a granny but fuck that drama
Allie Smith (21 days ago)
Biggest Adam's apple, big time tranny!
Antonette Santos (21 days ago)
I adore this beautiful lady since I first saw Love Potion No. 9!
Tenor HowlerMonkey (22 days ago)
Sandy, Jesus loves you and some of us do also.
Kirsty nicole (22 days ago)
God I love her
Dicho Kusarov (22 days ago)
Love her, but girl burn that dress
Stella Pham (23 days ago)
She'll always be my inspiration, being represented as a good human-being, strong, and sweetheart person. She's a woman aged with grace. Thank you, Sandra.
Conrad Bowen (25 days ago)
I’ve been a fan of Sandra Bullock for 23 years. I have a huge memorabilia collection of all of her movies from vhs dvd blu rays soundtracks studio release movie posters to banners , signed items. She’s been such an inspiration to myself from a very young age. I think she’s a very unique person. Who shows true love and honesty to the world. She’s powerfully beautiful and rocks every style she s in. Sandra Bullock will always be my favourite artist in the world. I hope to shake her hand one day and say thank you for being you. @sandrabullockn1fanpage this is where all my collection is displayed for the world to view.
Donaldli Ingalls (26 days ago)
Sandra Bullock's Husband Donaldli Ingalls Please stop displaying, printing, broadcasting, and advertising on the internet, and/or all other media how Sandra Annette Bullock is dating and/or marrying other men now. I'm fine with just about everything else she is doing on the internet. For a lack of a more educated language and impressive manuscript this brief letter will have to do. I am so upset right now I do not care in the least about grammar. I am her husband! I cannot help it that she has been doing this for years! But it in fact upsets I, Donaldli Mark Ingalls, quite a bit what she is doing regarding our male friends. Sandra Annette Bullock was never married to anyone else, and she is not about to marry anyone! We never divorced! She is a professional movie star actress. Her job is to act twenty-four hours a day. And it was and it will be my job too. I never believed everything I had seen and/or heard, but Sandra and I are in fact married. All of these other men are in fact just friends. I cannot help it that she hasn't mentioned, I, Donaldli Mark Ingalls yet in all of the years she and I have been in show business. I was on television in the 1970's in New Orleans Louisiana for a television commercial and have family besides Sandra in Southern California. I'm very sorry I haven't acted nearly as well as Sandra and our friends, but we are in fact married. Yours sincerely, Donaldli Mark Ingalls
doina pana (29 days ago)
It was a magnificent speech, as usual for her speeches. She is unic! No other actrice is as smart as she is! She is pretty , she is a good mother, she is a great talent!
sparkleme1237 (1 month ago)
One of the most REAL people out there.... LOVE HER TO PIECES!!!! Yer the Bomb Digitty SANDRA...
Ashley Renee (1 month ago)
Sandra Bullock still look the same and as beautiful as forever. Thank God Hollywood ain't made her have crazy surgery she still look natural !! U go girl...
Taka Etono (1 month ago)
Any man would have to thank god on his knees to have such a woman at his side. what a personality!
Gina Carvalho (1 month ago)
God I love her.
Aracela Flores (1 month ago)
How gives a damn weight Sandra bullock is over 40 she did something with her life!! Haters just shut up no one wants to hear you 🤫😑😒
Robert (1 month ago)
Sandra - got nothing but love for you but that is the UGLIEST color combination I’ve ever seen on a dress. I hope you read this and learn from it.
Magnus R (1 month ago)
She is very funny!
Teresa TorresNYC (1 month ago)
U are beautiful and terrific actress!! It doesn't matter what people think or say - but it matters what your Father / Son and the Holy Spirit think. That is all. And what you think. People gossip due to jealousy.
A Goerdin (1 month ago)
George Ryerson (1 month ago)
Aurora Fagherazzi (1 month ago)
I want a comedy special with her and Cate Blanchett
Lori Denham (1 month ago)
You are a beautiful talented and kind heart person.Just be happy and enjoy what is important to you and yours.
Lucas Bevilacqua (1 month ago)
Flawless speech! Humorous, light and serious at the same time.
Shachar Shilat (2 months ago)
you are great in every way
Diletta Dile (2 months ago)
She is not particularly attractive ?????!Are you KIDDING !!!!!!!!!!!
Diletta Dile (2 months ago)
Love Sandra 👏🏻👏🏻
Martin Sage (2 months ago)
She has CLASS...Real Class with a Capital "C". Hope you read this Sandra. Von einem Deutschen zum anderen gut segne Sie meine Liebe. Langes Leben, gute Gesundheit und viel Liebe.
Tarneem Alissa (2 months ago)
She’s a great person, why people are mean to each other
chicagata (2 months ago)
Loved her speech!!! Self confident, humble, beautiful, talented, emotional... And with a great sense of humor
Rachael Rubyheart (2 months ago)
My favorite actor is Sandra Bullock so those haters can shut up she’s my role model
William Bellows (2 months ago)
google how come every ignorant self serving kook gets a award in the film industry survey says
LalaBaku (2 months ago)
Sandra Bullock is attractive, smart, strong and beautiful, more important she is a talented and successful actress. However, if I find anything for criticism in her plays, I would use my right for self-expression.
Yulinor (2 months ago)
I just want to hug her so much.
Dayna Silvey (2 months ago)
I love you Sandra and so do millions of other people.
A.E. Jabbour (2 months ago)
Wonderful speech from a wonderful woman and actress.
shannon richardson (2 months ago)
Sandra is amazing and a wonderful actress and human being. My mom loved While You Were Sleeping that I had to buy another copy of it on DVD because she would keep pausing it which burned a groove in it. She has since passed away but she saw what I saw in Sandra as an actress and human being: a decent caring loving human being who see's no color, no race, no gender, and that's what makes her so amazing!
smarterthanyous (2 months ago)
I googled Sandra Bullock. All night long. She loved it!
Consuelo Frias (3 months ago)
I dont know why other people say bad or negative to a person that they dont know well Sandra is Genuine person humble and very compassionate a good example as a human being, i love sandra. She is Tough! If sandra or her fans read this.. Pls tell Sandra no matter hiw negative she hearin just ignore them.. They dont know the real you love you sandra bullock its me from the philippines cielo a huge fan of yours🤗🙂
Dauda András (3 months ago)
She's so funny and hot! Reaction to google comments were hillarious! :)
J.P Maquiñana (3 months ago)
Timeless Beauty
Carolyn Harper (3 months ago)
Very intelligent without traces of ego. Wow!
clarity seer (3 months ago)
M. Burch (3 months ago)
Sandra - give the gift of accepting an earnest compliment. Because it's the best feeling when a well intentioned complement is accepted graciously. My father advised many, many years ago to simply smile and say, "Thank you," that's all. Simple yet makes the gift giver who complemented you feel glad to have done so. Keep kicking ass woman!
Olivia Marie (3 months ago)
Sandra Bullock is over 40... like... way over...
REALSlutHunter (3 months ago)
Jesus ! Eat more and koks less ! She looks like skeletor !
GoodNews777 (3 months ago)
It's OK Sandra, i'm over 40 too and I think you're hot
Nichole Mae Velez (3 months ago)
Awww damn.
Ben Ed Weatherby (3 months ago)
My absolute favorite!
Sheila Thomas (3 months ago)
One of Arlington, Virginia's finest.
Dolly Madeson (3 months ago)
What a fucking tranny....look at the length and width of the NECK....GROSS!
Yuvan Vimal (3 months ago)
The Heat ✌️✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Gregory Smith (3 months ago)
My kinda woman😉❤
Val Rosenbaum (3 months ago)
That which does not kill us, makes us stronger!! LOVE you, my sister woman. <3 xoxo I love your heart.
Paul Grimm (3 months ago)
I love you Sandra!
Consuelo Frias (3 months ago)
Shame to those people told that youre not attractive miss. Sandra.. You Are Amazing woman a good heart woman and a simple Person. I love you and admire you and i love all your movies😍😘😁🤗
A Dominguez (3 months ago)
Nick Gagnon (3 months ago)
Many woman have them stick out.
Isn't she great,love her. All those awful comments about her I bet came from frustrated people who are envious of her success.
Jenna Jones (3 months ago)
Awesome! An inspiration!! You rock, Sandra Bullock!! 😁 😎😊😂😆🤓🙂x
Shanan Alexander (4 months ago)
Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress. I love your acting. Love ALL of your movies. I’m old, 58 and a grandmama of 8. I have 5 granddaughters and I believe they all have your precious heart. God bless you and your children. Don’t quit acting because I would miss you very much!
Eli Stevie (4 months ago)
Great woman, actually very sensitive . Her sense of humour, then, is such a plus. Go Sandra!
garaga Srividya (4 months ago)
Miss USA!!!
Ashish Xanathis Nangia (4 months ago)
basically it was a long and boring monologe about the same topic:: herselelf
newtoninspired (4 months ago)
Come on! She looks beautiful!
Katy Blanket (4 months ago)
This is the funniest and also uplifting speech I've ever watched in my lifetime
HalYourPal G (4 months ago)
She is such an incredible sweetheart....Sandra there is a large demographic out there that REALLY DO LOVE YOU!
claire ferneyhough (4 months ago)
Such a beautiful woman and my favourite actress, keep going beauty your doing fantastic! love your films!!
Doris Freeman (4 months ago)
I hope you're reading THESE comments Miss Sandra 😀 I love you and think you're an amazing, talented, gorgeous lady! I appreciate your incredible work and your beautiful heart! You are one-of-kind, dear lady, and I Thank you for all you do. ❤💕
Alicia Bowen (4 months ago)
All the comments help,no doubt. Too intelligent while I'm at it.
fucu (4 months ago)
good looking man hormones work

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