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Text Comments (910)
Destiny Ramkalawan (1 day ago)
"Alright i'll fucking drink it...but why did u give me sink water" "Why does it taste like this"😂😂😂yowww im deddd
blueguy 25 (2 days ago)
14:27 on repeat
Afroman850 PLAYZ (2 days ago)
New wallpaper 13:04
Miraaa_playyy lovv (3 days ago)
13:08 she was trynna rape u😂
maranda (4 days ago)
kayani is such a baby 🙄
Emma Dadson (5 days ago)
"Why did yu give me sink water" 😂😂😂😂
Girl Talk (7 days ago)
Come out the closet baby
Parks Armonni (7 days ago)
When she was talking about the sink water I was like hmmmm why is this me 😂😂😂
Sha Buttah315 (7 days ago)
7:59 Lmaoooo "Dezaniii" 😂😂😂😂😂
What if a male and female both took viagra at the same time?? That would be bad
Reactor Plus (9 days ago)
That was barely a *F**KING* prank WTF
Reactor Plus (9 days ago)
Their pranks are shit compared to other YTbers like three quarters of it was nothing but talk *WTF!*
William Cicek (9 days ago)
BRUH that shit was soooo fake lmao
Omir Thomason (10 days ago)
I’m not even gonna hold you but I drink sink water
D.I.Y Queen (10 days ago)
Lmao he got hard and ended the prank to get some
isaa t (10 days ago)
“just drink the water” , “u want me to drown ?” i dieddd lmfaoo
Ben Yo boy (12 days ago)
It's like he don't even like her that's fr dead ass sad
Darryl M. (12 days ago)
"Why are you being so nice to me? "Lmao
Brissagarcia 17 (13 days ago)
He treats girls kinda bad
Ariqa Smith (13 days ago)
“On some Bill Cosby shit” lmao goodfuckingbye 😂
Hana._ (22 days ago)
I wouldve known he was tryna pull sum BC he watched her drink the water
ChloeBecknerVlogs (24 days ago)
1:15 I love how Gucci gang is casually playing in the back
Katelyn Morales (26 days ago)
Your face at the end tho
Stanley Kuliwoye (27 days ago)
Rogers Joshua (27 days ago)
I don't I fell weird I don't know I feel my vagina is full
Mkayla Nichelle (28 days ago)
This is boring he didn’t do it right I’m unsubscribing
Jami Pate (29 days ago)
dang you glowed
Babygirl Shay (30 days ago)
"Why can't u just accept my love"😂😭😭
Maddy Webb (1 month ago)
This is how she got pregnant lmao
Tristan Caulder (1 month ago)
How old are y'all
Jayden Jones (1 month ago)
She trying to get the d
Chyna Stuckey (1 month ago)
I'm dead asf he said desani😂😂😂 it's dasani
CyshaunTube (1 month ago)
wHyD yOu GiVe mE SiNk WAteR
James Thompson (1 month ago)
Kayani is smart af
that dude (1 month ago)
Water is water the just put a label on it
Luna Mistnight Ellie (1 month ago)
Hola and hi
Bryant Johnson (1 month ago)
Lol id be like nigga kids in Africa need this drink the damn water
Deondra Bolden (1 month ago)
And after this..she got pregnant.
phiferashleyap (1 month ago)
He has no idea why he is doing LMAO
Andrea Wallace (1 month ago)
Im glad they broke up, they are not a good couple At All. She argues a lot.
Andrea Wallace (1 month ago)
Like do the video. Stap talkin
Andrea Wallace (1 month ago)
The intro like he be talking so damn much.
Tessah Harge (1 month ago)
But his face at the end doeeee
Dreas Revenge (1 month ago)
This shit is gay how do I Un watch this p.s give your girl More attention nigga
andre fernandez (1 month ago)
that’s his reaction on getting 2nd place in fortnite?!?!? i’m disliking the video.
To Cool Hot 1400 (1 month ago)
Nice videos keep it up
Sean Adams (1 month ago)
She don’t have no ass
jerry robinson (1 month ago)
he's so cute
David Pimentel (1 month ago)
Iove her hair
Annette Pompey (1 month ago)
Can you play dirty dirty turth Or dare
Aj Family (1 month ago)
She’s so funny I love u guys
hallessy Dee (1 month ago)
Hahaha like seriously you gave her viagra? Nasty boiiii!!! 🍆💦
Luis Angel Varela (1 month ago)
Do sex
Linda Costello (1 month ago)
Can you have sex
Nkfpals B (1 month ago)
Fake as fuck
Cool Kids (1 month ago)
On some Bill Cosby shit 😂😂😂😂😂
Jeb Mckee (1 month ago)
VIVIANA THURSTON (1 month ago)
It starts at 4:14
Leeyaahh Carterr (1 month ago)
“Did you give me water from the sink!?” Her voice is so cute 😂
Emily Coonradt (1 month ago)
1:03 He songs like he is rapping to the beat lol
snp.kid247 (1 month ago)
That just boosted me
Alexis Geno (1 month ago)
She like me I don't like sink water at all. It nasty asl
Justin Houston (1 month ago)
I knew it was a prank the baby prank I won't watch y'all vids again I'm unsubscribe
Meat Tube (1 month ago)
I love u sm but my guy their ain't no female Viagra smh
life as kahlea (1 month ago)
Honestly sorry, but this wasn't a banger video
Rayshonte Baker (1 month ago)
That ass flat 😂
Samantha Castillo (1 month ago)
i love them ;/
Sahara Thomas (1 month ago)
He said "what have you become" 😂😂😂😂
Sariyah Norris (1 month ago)
U gotta let the pill dissolve a in there and color cups is better
Kenzie Shreck (1 month ago)
Crystally Furlonge (1 month ago)
Kayani does talk weird
BellinBellaa (1 month ago)
This where the baby came from. Lmaoooo
Brenda Martinez (1 month ago)
Pranked ohhhhh 😍😍😍😍😍
This is why they having a baby
Rise of Nazi glory (1 month ago)
Deberia de tener calor so creo que es fake😎😒😒😒😶
Cynthia Carson (1 month ago)
Big ass
Sullatina (1 month ago)
Ok ion like sponsors buuuuut imma let this slide
Ayanna Bruce (1 month ago)
It’s been a lil minute since I watched you so I clicked onna a lil sum sum 😁😁 I’m dumb lemme stop ❤️😭😭😭😭
Derrick Skinner (1 month ago)
He said "on some Bill Cosby shit" 💀😭
S A B R I N N A A (1 month ago)
Shemar Collier (1 month ago)
Yo her body is too young to be putting viagra in her system too far man if she still friends with you after your not stupid she is
Anya Nicole (1 month ago)
Like every water taste different
Anya Nicole (1 month ago)
True water drinkers understand
SKYLA KIMIRA (1 month ago)
i love you guys ❤️
Sparks Fly (1 month ago)
Y would he give her water. Thats y she could taste it so much
Amber DiBella (1 month ago)
And this is why she’s “pregnant “ now lmaooo
Karla Paz (1 month ago)
Are they dating again ?
Fire Dog (1 month ago)
Haven't been getting notifications
Jaziyah Daniels (1 month ago)
You two argue about the dumbest thing ever. It's kinda funny😁
Aleyna Adderley (1 month ago)
this boy said desani it's DASANI
Emmalee Cox (1 month ago)
his face at the end tho! 😂
Yasmani Fernandez (1 month ago)
try to do it the male virgra and see what she will do
Amira (1 month ago)
But did anyone peep how he got up at 14:33??
Amira (1 month ago)
He shoulda mixed it with some juice that way it doesnt taste weird...
Emmas _toy_show (1 month ago)
When I was looking at the video I saw that that yellow table I had that same yellow table
Clarena Celía (1 month ago)
I seriously can’t wait to see them grow , and be all grown with kids and be married in the future. They have such good chemistry . And a relationship
Madison Noonan (1 month ago)
that break up!
daddychristopher (1 month ago)
HE SAID “I Bill Cosby’d you” LMAOOOOO
YaGirlArii (1 month ago)
The Darri Show (1 month ago)
He said on some Bill Cosby type 😂😂😂
Angel F (1 month ago)
Bill Cosby @#$#
NIGERIAN QUEEN (1 month ago)
She got her head on the wall😂😂

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