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Cyberpunk 2077 Companion Feature, Battlefield 5 Won't Have Lootboxes, No Borderlands 3 At E3?!

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Today we will cover the following news: Cyberpunk 2077- Job Listing Hints At Companion Characters Borderlands 3 May Be Destined To Be The Next Half Life 3, Jokes Randy Pitchford The Last of Us: Part 2 Director Teases E3 2018 Reveal Red Dead Redemption 2 Won't Be Delayed Again - Take Two CEO Death Stranding Requires "Collaboration From Different People" Around The World - Mads Mikkelsen EA Confirms That Battlefield 5 Will Not Feature Randomized Loot Boxes Sony Is Working On AMD Ryzen Compiler Improvements- Something for PS5? https://gamingbolt.com/cyberpunk-2077-job-listing-hints-at-companion-characters https://gamingbolt.com/borderlands-3-may-be-destined-to-be-the-next-half-life-3-jokes-randy-pitchford https://gamingbolt.com/the-last-of-us-part-2-director-teases-e3-2018-reveal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC3WWvTcBtE https://www.gamesradar.com/death-stranding-is-about-global-player-collaboration-confirms-mads-mikkelsen-heres-why-that-might-be-significant/ https://www.polygon.com/2018/5/23/17386912/battlefield-5-loot-boxes-cosmetic-items https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Sony-LLVM-Ryzen-Improvements SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingBoltLive LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GamingBolt-241308979564/ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GamingBoltTweet
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Text Comments (69)
Lunamaria (21 days ago)
SJW's kill another franchise... EA is insta no buy for me, loot boxes or not......
Vanraj vannu006 (25 days ago)
Still no Gameplay
Frootism (25 days ago)
“This is a great move by the company to ensure that fans don’t have to spend any extra money just to enjoy the core game” The fact that we are even commending that shows how low the gaming industry has fallen
Justin Watkins (25 days ago)
I think about all the game i I bought on the PS store for my PlayStation 4. Ps5 needs backwards compatibility....
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Zav exon (25 days ago)
RDR 2 will be the next GTA v or the next no man's sky I hope rockstar doesn't screw it up
Sarge PalmettoVIP (26 days ago)
If cyberpunk doesn’t have a cameo from Ciri....
Sarge PalmettoVIP (19 days ago)
Zurin Arctus darn. This Abbott and Costello routine was just starting to get fun. 😢
Zurin Arctus (19 days ago)
Sarge PalmettoVIP Return for what?? The whole point is that we don't care enough about ciri (underwritten character) and we don't want possible narrative sacrifices/ potholes for one single cameo. Even if ciri is in the game, are you gonna dance and celebrate over a fictional character?? Desperate. And that somehow legitimises and makes her role in cyberpunk consistent because CDPR decided to do it? whelp, feels like I'm talking to a Man child. It Appears you're suffering from brain dysfunction as well since you can't even debate or build a proper counter argument. Whether ciri is in cyberpunk or not is not the matter, it's consistency and proper story telling that matters the most. but frankly, I see no point in further debating this matter with a clueless troll. Now you are free to crawl back to your cave and wait until the game is out so then you can dance and throw shit around like the monkey you are.
Sarge PalmettoVIP (19 days ago)
Zurin Arctus you two have been hilarious. Can we agree to come back and discuss more when the game is released please?
Zurin Arctus (19 days ago)
Sarge PalmettoVIP I'll do nothing, don't care a lot about a fictional character anyways. You, on the other hand, might end up fapping to death if you don't see ciri again. So Unlike you, who's actually doing these pretty desperate things to bang ciri in cyberpunk, I don't care that much at all. Funny, we are 1% of the community with a brain. If anything it's folks like you who are in the majority, the idiots and casuals of course! Lol 😂 and no, not gonna make any accounts for this. only desperate trolls do this typa stuff so thanks for confirming your identity. I will play and complete the game in any case meanwhile you go and write your dirty fan fictions about ciri. Pathetic troll.
Sarge PalmettoVIP (19 days ago)
Zurin Arctus I think you should create some sock puppet accounts so we can keep this going! What will you do if Ciri is actually not just a cameo, but is “playable” for a quest? 😀
Brian Ogilby (26 days ago)
Oh after the suckers buy Battlefield V EA will put lootboxes into it and Red Dead 2 will thankfully crush both it and Black Ops in October.
Sounds like they aren't even halfway finished cyberpunk
Matty Howse (26 days ago)
Fantastic video dude!!! New sub here.
Humble Anarchist (26 days ago)
GamingDolt ©
Hasan Khan (26 days ago)
Name the show something
JDawg 2369 (26 days ago)
1,000 people working on RDR2 and we have to wait until October 26 WTF.
nobody likes you (25 days ago)
Zav exon Rockstar never disapointed us
Zav exon (25 days ago)
JDawg 2369 the game better be perfect
nobody likes you (26 days ago)
JDawg 2369 And its in development since 2010
Ivan Lorenzo (26 days ago)
is their a playable demo for cyberpunk at e3 or just a trailer/gameplay type
ONEWAYLEEWAY (26 days ago)
You're tone was much better this week. Keep on improving! I've liked the video 👍
Govind S (26 days ago)
go to here and you can buy kingdomhearts 3= https://www.amazon.in/Kingdom-Hearts-III-PlayStation-4/dp/B00DBF81JS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1527345579&sr=8-3&keywords=kingdom+hearts
Rubick the Grand Magus (26 days ago)
Can't wait to play a black asian LGBT disabled SS officer in BFV
Lunamaria (21 days ago)
Lmfao what?
Ivan Lorenzo (26 days ago)
you forgot to add a backstory to your character friend it also have a partner in a wheelchair with a transgender baby
Umer Farooq (26 days ago)
I want gameplay for death stranding. Iam tired of these vague cinematic trailers.
Frootism (25 days ago)
Umer Farooq same, I’m sick of all of this hype build up with no gameplay footage because no game will ever be able to live up to that amount of hype. I really want the game to be great, and I think it will, but I think people are gonna be let down with the expectations they are setting
Ekjyot Singh (26 days ago)
Once again u guys said death stranding will release later for pc too......I've kept up hopes in past for the same which have been reduced to nearly 0 by the resources stating the exclusiveness of the engine nd the entirity of the project itself.......I'm confused rather to even hope for it or not
DontLiveInDogma i think he is right. It is just annoying when someone said a game is multiplat, but then it is exclusive. It is like we hope for something, then those all is pointless. Also Death Stranding are used Decima engine by Guirella who is part of Sony's company. And Sony show Death Stranding at E3 2018 as one of their main exclusives with Last of Us II, Spiderman, and Ghost Tsushima
Ekjyot Singh (26 days ago)
DontLiveInDogma u know u can't when ur dad is hateful of games nd gaming nd u still got urself a gaming pc.....not much time ago😅😅
SeSe (26 days ago)
Ekjyot Singh just buy a ps4 lol
DOOM SLAYER (26 days ago)
I want to play these games before I die
Its13reezy (26 days ago)
i hope cyberpunk its not shooter i am so tired of shooters
Lunamaria (21 days ago)
It is going to have first and 3rd person mechanics
Know Never (23 days ago)
BackDildoBoyWithDiabetesBehindACamera Horsecock And sooo much more.
Zav exon (25 days ago)
Its13reezy it will probably be like in a fallout kinda way
PewDiePie’s Chair (26 days ago)
The trailer had guns are you stupid?
rainbowsky625 (26 days ago)
Its13reezy How about a third person shooter?
theRandomYT channel (26 days ago)
When should we expect Cyberpunk 2077
theRandomYT channel (25 days ago)
Zav exon yeah .. good one I am confused that has the game started development this year when Twitter account became active .. or .. when they it's announced perhaps it was 2012
theRandomYT channel (25 days ago)
BlackDildoBoyWithDiabetesBehindACamera Horsecock how ?!
Zav exon (25 days ago)
theRandomYT channel 2077
January 10th 2019
Moses Jonson (26 days ago)
Thanks for informing us about these subjects.
Milton De La Cruz (26 days ago)
Heroic heppy (26 days ago)
Cant wait for Cyberpunk 2077 to come out oh and second
kenoro duo (26 days ago)
Devin West (26 days ago)
kenoro duo Hi

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