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5 Real Life Superheroes Who Still Patrol The Streets | LIST KING

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Text Comments (304)
PWR TV (1 month ago)
What’s the point in a costume with a mask to hide ur identity if ur gonna show ur real face anyway. They just want attention. Idiots
Wiccan Veves (22 days ago)
They are not in any real problems to hide their identity. Unless they are like a teacher then they would of course be hide their identity.
Super Spy (1 month ago)
Ultra Spawn (6 months ago)
I like NYX and agree with her. It'd be nice if more women were doing what she does. Keep it going, girl.
FMB Productions (6 months ago)
Imagine if they all teamed up together to stop a highly intelligent crime lord.
Wiccan Veves (22 days ago)
They're not that type of superhero.
ThePurpleKnight RLSH (7 months ago)
Fallin Angel (7 months ago)
My name is shadow claw in the Bronx
Gabe Hey (7 months ago)
The dark avenger Thanatos? *When Thanos wants to be an avenger too 😂
Hulk Hogan (7 months ago)
Omg Pheonix Jones is an absolute idiot and absolute clown. He walks around recording himself picking fights with loud annoying drunks. Thats not a hero, it's not even a quality bouncer. He will never do any real crime fighting because the idiot parades who he is. If he ever fought or crossed the real bad guys they would just hunt him down and kill him and/or Jos friends and family
Genø Cyde (7 months ago)
2:34 he is not Chinese learn your facts! He patrols in Vancouver and isn’t from china
Samuel (8 months ago)
Nix tries to be sexy and calls the police? Feminism gone full retard.
Wiccan Veves (22 days ago)
Well hey, that's kinda what she's supposed to do so... Shes just right.
The King Of Cinema (8 months ago)
Pheonix’s suit is awesome. It’s like gold Nightwing.
Patrick St.Hilaire (8 months ago)
Phase 6 of marvel plans
Damien Torres (8 months ago)
Fuck the police talking about we dont need citizens to take matter into their own hands well do your fucking job right bitch and it takes cops a while to get to a scene if some vigilante is there and has witnessed is then THEY should take matters into their own hands
Wiccan Veves (22 days ago)
Citzens can arrest somebody if the problem comes around but to engage in fights and beat up bad people then its illegal.
Ultra Spider (9 months ago)
There are a shit load more heroes out there patrolling. Even some spidermen with huge web shooters. It's awesome
xXDarkCyber_ 2099Xx (10 months ago)
Why the fuck would Phoenix Jones unmask himself
Wiccan Veves (22 days ago)
Because there is nothing to be scared of.
MakeUFumble (11 months ago)
So they know your identity
Eric Clar (11 months ago)
Everyone of them except maybeThanathos or whatever he is called, just wanted fame, thats why they told their identity, and the Phoenix he is just a gangster thats why he needs a gang.
Wiccan Veves (22 days ago)
Errr no, rlsh Just wear the mask cuz it's fun, not that it really has a real cause for them.
Catalin Dimitrescu (11 months ago)
"Dark Guardian" Has bright red and blue costume. :-/
Ayden The gamer (1 year ago)
Want to know a super hero tip 5 likes ill tell u
Rain Lemon (1 year ago)
Time for real see you in a few years
epic_gamer (1 year ago)
I gotta get myself bit by a spider so I can become Spiderman
Alex Dubuc (1 year ago)
You forgot me, the black hoodlum
The skipper 88 (1 year ago)
this is like the worst SHIT that exist on the whooole planet
Spiderman (1 year ago)
My defense weapons are two 357 revolvers
Nathan Biller (1 year ago)
Pheonix Jones should have been higher
Movie Theme Songs (1 year ago)
His name is not the Phoenix it's Phoenix Jones
A R (1 year ago)
@ 2:07 thought he was gonna say although he has gained significant weight xd
octodaddy (1 year ago)
Honestly, being on neighborhood watch wouldn't be too bad
The Reaper (1 year ago)
Hasn't anyone noticed that The Phoenix appeared in inFAMOUS Second Son as an Easter - Egg?
J S (1 year ago)
Why would they reveal their identities.I would love to do this, however I would kill people.I live near so many junkies and gangs and would love to kill all the scum, wish I had someone to do it with.
yorusuyasoulYT (10 months ago)
Jamie S soon
Vincent Degiosio (1 year ago)
Xefler is not cool. I'm tired of people talking about him. He hasn't done anything yet. Give him time.
Vape Naysh (1 year ago)
Yea i sure wish more women would get into the business of calling the cops while dressed like sluts.
Ryan Gleeson (1 year ago)
check out the black rat from Australia there's a real hero
NaRc (1 year ago)
I was expecting Batman type heroes instead I got neighborhood watch
Malware (8 months ago)
Phoenix is actually a good hero
Sparrow Familylife (1 year ago)
Arkillik haaa true, I’ll be a hero but have the red hood jacket that’s dope tho
yugi king of games (1 year ago)
I guess there are some super heroes hm I'm glad that I'm not the only one my names is red 🐉 I'm the part of fire 🔥
Shonen Clout (1 year ago)
so basically Nyx is just a snitch? nice superpower. "By the powers vested in me, I call upon... 911"
Matachi D. Ame (1 year ago)
what about the real no bullshit guy that stoped drugdealers and shit like that and killed a big druglord you forgot to mention the night reaper the guy is fucking real they only caught him once on camera he still does his shit and he isny that dumb to show his face
Potart (1 year ago)
Like All Might once said... "You too can become a Hero."
gaming channel (1 year ago)
wish Chuck norris was in this list
Mohammed Nerose (1 year ago)
This I can't believe
Marshall Bivins (1 year ago)
So number 4 wants superheroes in thus world, I am freaking fine with that
Spooky Jim (1 year ago)
NYX is number 1? WHY???!!! I'm a girl, and I can see that the only reason she got #1 is because she's a. A girl and b. Dresses like a hooker
Pastechi (1 year ago)
lol that girl nr1 cuz she calls the police..ok
FEROCIOUS ECHO Gaming (1 year ago)
the type of work nyx does snitchin
Xxxtentasaiyan (1 year ago)
i wanna be a super hero
List King (1 year ago)
+Xxxtentasaiyan we all do
The Red Knight (1 year ago)
update please
Omar 20019 (1 year ago)
For the last one , anyone can call the police even children can do this :) .
Pixel (1 year ago)
The Black Widow is the best!
Arn De Gothia (1 year ago)
Lmao, I read it as "The black widow"
The Animated Geek (1 year ago)
I wanna be my own superhero too
Christian Khoury (1 year ago)
It's called a secret identity
The Budder Apple (1 year ago)
Where the fuck is the bird
Eternalx Mania (1 year ago)
how does removing graffiti and picking up trash make you a superhero?! i'm pretty sure that getting rid of drug dealers and criminals makes you superhero. and if you see a fight or a someone going harm to someone and you cant just call yourself a superhero and call the police and let them deal with it, as that's defeating the purpose of being a superhero. if you're a superhero you deal with it yourself and not let other people do it for you, don't take the fame for someone else's work! i understand that removing graffiti and taking out the trash is doing the world a favour but it doesn't make you a hero as there are people who have jobs to take care of that. i also understand if someone calls the police if they see a crime being committed, but if you're trying to be a hero/superhero calling the police isn't going to make you anymore of a hero than you already are, i mean yes calling the police is helping the police get rid of the criminals but all you'll get is a "thank you, for calling us" from the police, and that doesn't make you a hero because anyone would do that. if you're trying to be superhero and you see a crime being committed, then take the situation into your own hands and deal with it yourself, you'll get a better praise from the police and anyone who hears about it, and you may just be lucky to get rewarded for your service.
Am Ten With a spider man suit And A Somewhat Web shooter Time to go outside and die ;)
dexy (1 year ago)
and the black widows?
dexy (1 year ago)
Ok, he as been side the end of 2015
The Red Knight (1 year ago)
Saturnz Barz i don't think he was around during this time
starweaver (1 year ago)
Everyone of these dumbasses are stupid, come down south and try that shit, and you'll get capped.
Orf Pegasos (1 year ago)
thanatos means deth
Ateyofries Gaming (1 year ago)
Xefler (1 year ago)
This video is great! I'm also a Real Life Superhero! I make videos and I help with requests from people if they need help. I want to help people in as many ways as I possibly can. You can help let people know that I'm here to help by giving this comment a thumbs up! (That way, more people will see it). I said the word, "help" a lot. Well, thanks for even reading this! :) Have a good day!
Ronald Mcdonald (1 year ago)
Xefler being a hero is also fighting crime
Cure Flora (1 year ago)
Um Your channel dosent have any content
KicksAND Dynamite (1 year ago)
Xefler's Old RLSH Channel i
Doctor Why (1 year ago)
Xefler RLSH I seen you the other day... You're fast for sure!
Andrew Reynolds (1 year ago)
Sweet costume man
D-man the captain (1 year ago)
What is it with these guys names being public. Phoenix: I know, i'll put my real name in my Super Hero Name so people who want me gone know where to look
Mincenchez (1 year ago)
:dark guardian: Yeah yeah I'm superhero, :interviewer: really? What's you're super name? :dark guardian: my super name is dark guardian :interviewer: do you have a super suit? :dark guardian: yes it's red and blue my mom made it for me :D
No Wrong :Dark Guardian: Yah Am A Superhero :Interboy: Really?? Whats Your Super name :dark guardian: Its DARK GUARDIAN!! :interboy: Do You Have A Giant Suit :Dark guardian: No A Suit Off Of Ebay And My Mom Killed my brother with the old one :Interboy: ;-; *runs away*
Unicorn Workhorse (1 year ago)
super bario wears timbs?
alenzo (1 year ago)
They forgot the pizza delivery guy! See that`s a true superhero
Namless Zombie (1 year ago)
First black guy that doesn't destroy neighborhoods
HAHA12115 (1 year ago)
This shit is embarrassing
Cam Spaghetti (1 year ago)
id be the vigilante type. not call the fucking police. if i wanted to do that, y wear a suit?
Luvan _ (1 year ago)
+ The Red Night Don't forget to leave video evidence with them cuz otherwise the police would be like who's this and why are they unconscious and sitting in our station lol
The Red Knight (1 year ago)
TheEliteNinja yea me to I'll drop the criminal off to the police station or leave them for the police after i beat their ass unconscious
Cam Spaghetti (1 year ago)
Grant Kelly (1 year ago)
TheEliteNinja I'd catch the crook, call the police, cuff him and hand him over to the police, but of course, I'd buy a bulletproof vest first.
Harley Quinn (1 year ago)
finally my dream has come true well I know my next job family: so what do you do for a job me: oh I fight crime in a superhero suit that would be the best thing ever
kalel so'o (1 year ago)
he says how does a new jersey superhero oneup a ny superhero by wearing sexy velvet tights
jason hockey (1 year ago)
the Almighty Potato is considered a hero among the citizens of Kentucky. He volunteers at the local soup kitchen, calls out bingo numbers at the local nursing home, picks up trash, and he even has a dog walking service he provides to the locals
I saw wach dogs at the back
Neon (1 year ago)
Jesus Christ 1:46 Super Bario Gomez? Nah more like super barrito
LimitlessDaze (1 year ago)
I see abunch of C ranked heros maybe 2 of them can pass for B rank lol (One punch man reference for those of you that dont watch anime) 😂
Aries Fincher (1 year ago)
Why are all the real superheroes cheesy? ☹️
Phoenix Intergrale (1 year ago)
I'll fight all the bastards!
ddavel5441 (1 year ago)
Well, they may be a bit weird, but if they help out some homeless souls a little, that's ok. Now back to watching 'cat videos'.....
PeridotNotClod (1 year ago)
so...and the black widow?...(of real life,not the black widow of Marvel)
Emo Kayden (1 year ago)
League of Outcasts, who's joining?
Erik Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Kayden Club 3.0 dressed like a bat...i dig it
Fury Frostbite (1 year ago)
These weak clowns take the "Super" out of "Superheroes". We need real Enforcers of Justice.
roji (10 months ago)
The Streak being a vigilante is illegal though....
Grant Kelly (1 year ago)
Ismael Lee How so? Most of them stop crimes.
Soldier1287 (1 year ago)
You're not supposed to show your face. It is strongly Un-recommended. Should stay away from social media and stuff too because IP addresses
roji (10 months ago)
Grant Kelly this is too specific to actually happen also no one you g petty crimes has that type of money lol
Grant Kelly (1 year ago)
Soldier1287 Agreed, one of the crooks you helped put away might have an extremely good lawyer and a lot of money to bail him out might want revenge, locate you down, and when you're sleeping, completely defenseless and unarmed(with a non-lethal weapon), BAM.
King Powertrip (1 year ago)
i want to be one. but a real one who doesn't reveal their identity or partner up with cops. i want to be the super hero that stops crime in his own just way and once cops show up dip out into the shadows and flee the scene
Hulk Hogan (7 months ago)
curt pangan you sound retarded
curt pangan (1 year ago)
King Powertrip did that back when i was in highschool 24 hours in a month i followed my school mate he sold drugs frame my friends and harassed women for their money. At first i would pretend to be one of the but then i put my black fedora and mask and also a polo (which was my uniform) with blazer and a red necktie. I used some cheap homemade/makeshift party crackers and my favorite my baton that my friend bought/made for me. If you ask me why i did this in a year. Because Philippines is a fucking crime hole even my city so i figured "why not turn my school mate to the school administrators"
Jay _ (1 year ago)
Why wear a dumb costume if all u gonna do is call the cops
The night Hunter1010 (1 year ago)
This sounds like kick ass. There not heroes in the sense of fighting crime unless they fight crime!!
my town has this guy called spring foot jack he stoped a robbery 2 days ago
Chidi Okoro (1 year ago)
these guys are crazy
Vangelis JR (1 year ago)
thanatos meabs death
micme (2 years ago)
The Phoenix got his ass kick I thought
The High Pineapple (2 years ago)
And what's number one gonna do? Fuck 'em all to death? Ooooh nooooo it's the masked jiggly titted hooker from New Jersey that's gonna show me a thing or two by riding my cock like an angry drunk college dropout. These streets aren't safe anymore!
Its_da_Pigeon 2 (1 year ago)
silicon66666 BEST. COMMENT. EVER.
Punch Her In the breast If Your a criminal Then Lock Her Then rape her HAHAHAHAHAHA
Grant Kelly (1 year ago)
silicon66666 Agreed, also stopping a crime isn't the same as waiting for the police for 15 minutes while the criminal ran away 13 minutes ago.
i have no name (2 years ago)
anybody know how far you can go before its illegal?
J Smith (2 years ago)
almost all of them are lame lmao ive built better gsdgets
Chxis (2 years ago)
The_Lost_Ones145 (2 years ago)
i want to become a vigilante like the Green Arrow or Hawkeye but a female version I just need to find out if being a vigilante is illegal where I live
Nii (2 years ago)
Superbariogomez is so fuckin stupid I cant
Jordan X7 (2 years ago)
vigilantes* and This*
Jordan X7 (2 years ago)
Almost all of u are stupid do u know vigilante take crime into their own hands U CAN DIE there not even superheros I learned thid because Im only 11 and I tried this and I ended up not doing it from the consequences think about it ok I want all of u to be safe but just be careful and the one who said lets be villains ur just retarded how old is this kid....
Jordan X7 (1 year ago)
Im not 11 that's my son, you shut up
Jordan X7 (1 year ago)
Who are you
Candice Lopez (2 years ago)
It looks like 'kick ass' 3
Heavy Hitter (2 years ago)
You Guys Rock From Your Real Life SuperHero From The Xtreme Justice League 👍👍👍✌✌✌✌💪💪💪👊👊👊!!!!!!
JayseRobinson (2 years ago)
who wants to create a villain scocity so we can stop the phonix jones i will be the dead one my powers is to make my enimes neel down before me with my feminazi henchmen
dewell_parrales (5 months ago)
All you idiots should maybe learn to spell first and have a decent grasp of the English language before fighting Americans in rubber pajamas
Ultra Spawn (6 months ago)
+JayseRobinson Your punctuation and grammar needs some work, friend. You'd be a terrible villain if you talk like that. Just saying.
lil rebel (6 months ago)
Are you serious are joken ? If your serious it would be fun
L0ST S0UL (6 months ago)
I'll ninja assassinate you from the shadows , and wipe the Nazisms and SJW off the face of the earth.
curt pangan (1 year ago)
JayseRobinson uhm nope i will stop you before you make your move. I'm expert in hand to hand combat and i also got array of non lethal pistols, my baton and my trusty motorcycle
Theresa Karam (2 years ago)
I thought Thanatos was Canadian
theBLUspy (2 years ago)
i really just scrolled trough the whole comment section........wow
patman0250 (2 years ago)
sooo that girl is just a normal person that like to dress like a whore and call the cops when she sees something !!?? lol that just described the normal whore out on the town there's nothing super about these weirdo's ! we have real life hero's and they're the people that can carry a gun !! not cops!! people !! cops are just criminals and murders!!
She will get raped too to boot this is why never wear SEXY CLOTHES
liquid curse (2 years ago)
number one is bull shit
Krytron Cinematics (2 years ago)
Well, time to put the good old bow and arrow I keep in a box to use... I'm going to be a vigilante.

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