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Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan Play "How Well Do You Know Your Bro"

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Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan play best friends who know everything about one another in their new comedy That Awkward Moment in theaters today. But what we wanted to find out is how well this trio knows each other off set. We put the boys to the test, and many laughs ensued. Before you start the fun, see if you can guess Zac's favorite High School Musical installment. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Entertainment! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugartv Visit our website for more celebrity and entertainment news! http://www.popsugar.com Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/PopSugar Get the latest updates via Twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/popsugar
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Text Comments (127)
Moroni Tembo (7 days ago)
I could watch this all day😂
AlexeySpb93 (10 days ago)
Miles teller🖕l hope you die) ублюдок
Kieran LittleTA (13 days ago)
Ow just zac efron has to do a boxing film
Beth Boyd (1 month ago)
Miles, is just so cute omg. Oooh lala
madison rose (1 month ago)
Watched this movie this morning. I laughed so hard
Hihihi Hi (1 month ago)
Miles 🤤
Victoria Johnson (3 months ago)
he crossed out anime cause he doesn’t feel guilt about loving anime no weeb shood 😂
Jessie2litt - (3 months ago)
Sexy guys all in one place fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!
A (9 months ago)
When you’ve been a Michael B Jordan fan 😛
monk monk RI (9 months ago)
Just came to see Michael B Jordan
FaTiMa HiD. (9 months ago)
So you tryna tell me the guy on the left isn't Elvis Presley?
Intrigue (10 months ago)
How have I not watched this movie? Incredible 3 💓
Adnan A (10 months ago)
MBJ is the best!
Hault (10 months ago)
Damn Michael really bulked up for Black Panther
Kieran LittleTA (13 days ago)
😂😂😂for black panther yeah
Micheal Harrison (27 days ago)
crazy how he bulked up, knowing he was always slim
What’s really up ? (5 months ago)
Hault right he looks so different
Leilani Aiaraisa (10 months ago)
I think I'm gonna cry My cousins childhood crush. (Zac) And my current crush. (MICHAELLLL)
Aleta B (10 months ago)
Michael and Zac in one video, I'm gonna die 😖
Fatima Kane (10 months ago)
why didn’t the interviewer say anything about the anime answer he scribble out 💀
G D (10 months ago)
The comment section is thirsting over this third guy when Michael B Jordan is in the frame? At least go for Zac, guys. At least.
TEMI LONDON (10 months ago)
twitter defo brought me here lmaooo
Neeshpeesh123 (10 months ago)
This movie sucked.Big time. Just here to see MBJ
TheSuperNats (10 months ago)
MBJ and Zac are gorgeous😭😭😭
J T (10 months ago)
Zanessa pls!!!
JaxBlade (10 months ago)
mimi X jinnie (10 months ago)
Anime.... God can he be any more likable 😂😂
sujit k (10 months ago)
When asked about their Guilty Pleasures,Micheal B. Jordan Wrote Anime 1st,Striked it out and then Wrote Women...This Guy is literally the 40% of the World
Warren Valion (10 months ago)
" Women -Anime- " *LMAO!*
Victoria Johnson (3 months ago)
Warren Valion he crossed out anime cause he doesn’t feel guilt about loving anime no weeb shood 😂
Matheus Camus (10 months ago)
LMAO ANIME was the better answer
Liam Martin (10 months ago)
he scribbled out anime
Killmonger is a weeb confirmed (I love him even more now)
powerfulsamuel (10 months ago)
Peeka Boo (10 months ago)
Pause 1:05 Killmonger loves anime
IpseL (10 months ago)
Peeka Boo I think he intended to put waifus instead of women 😂
David Vázquez (10 months ago)
Ella C Mich (10 months ago)
This movie has my husband (michael) and my childhood husband (zac) ??! How have i never watched this
Emulate Me, The Universe. (10 months ago)
I lllooovvveeeddd that Micheal B Jordan's dream celeb date is Oprah!!!!
Bagmita Choudhury (11 months ago)
Zac's beanie though <3
Can’t stop looking at Michael
Vanessa Onuegbu (1 year ago)
They actually make a good trio
scandalous chick (1 year ago)
Janina Koch (1 year ago)
Miles ❤️
Selina King (1 year ago)
"Do you wanna do it right now?" Zac: "..No!" xD
Minyoongi uwu (1 year ago)
love you Zac Efron ❤
Sin-Mtz (1 year ago)
James, Chris, and Zack?
Christina Smith (1 year ago)
women are not a guilty pleasure Michael *wink,wink*
ILIKECANDI (1 year ago)
Oprah? smart, setting himself up to be her favorite. Flattery gets one far.
christina vernon (2 years ago)
he likes the 3rd of high school musical? cool
Michael Drew (2 years ago)
Personally the film overall isn't terrible all the good bits are when Efron miles and MBJ are on screen together. 90 mins of mainly them doing there thing pulling women drunk and dealing with the mans side of dating and hooking up. If they did that no doubt it would of been a next hangover film. But they made it a mushy chick flick and ill prove my point its a chick flick most women like this film even though 2 of the 3 men are dicks to women.. But really did accuratley show the way both men and women hook up untill they made it a horrible love story
Boogie Man (2 years ago)
Lizzie M (2 years ago)
Miles always wins lol
Mrs Isabella (2 years ago)
ich finde von allen sieht Miles Teller sexy aus
aru Ni (10 months ago)
Mrs Isabella michael😍
Mica L (2 years ago)
Michael B Jordan and Zac Efron are gorgeous. Movie was not that good though.
Shalom (2 years ago)
Michael is FINE af but he seems like a Jerk/Player now considering his answers were: women, women and Oprah...
LPS_MV_Star 💫 (6 months ago)
Shalom this is a late reply but he did lie on the first answer, he put anime and then crossed it out 😂 he’s a dork at heart
aly (2 years ago)
they are all so gorgeous
ArrBee1213 (2 years ago)
How is Miles nearly 30??
GDAE BB (1 year ago)
They were all born the same year. Mike looks the youngest to me though.
Jai M (1 year ago)
no he doesn't stop lying. Michael looks like he 22
EuphoricShadow (2 years ago)
Michael looks 40
Emmie Black (2 years ago)
yessss😭😭😭at first I thought he was like 24😂😂😂
ArrBee1213 (2 years ago)
not just him.. all of them too! whaaat
K Parker (2 years ago)
I think Zac Efron and Michael B Jordan might be a dream threesome
bruce s (2 years ago)
RIP Miles
Sandra Lentz (2 years ago)
Lol I love them.
CK Ck (2 years ago)
Lmfaoo I wanna be friends with all these guys.
First Name (3 years ago)
did he cross out 'anime' for guilty pleasure lmaoooooooo ????
忍野扇 (10 months ago)
he crossed it because he realized its just pleasure with no guilt
Michael Powell (10 months ago)
Sure did! He's like "I'm gonna be honest" and totally tried to lie
Ellie Lannister (2 years ago)
RIGHT?! I had to replay and pause. He did write Anime and crossed it out. lol
Didka (3 years ago)
I personally think the 3rd movie was terrible.. Couldn't measure up to the 2 previous ones...
CaptainTexican (3 years ago)
Regifted right in the Man's face. #MilesTelerHasZeroCHill lol idk
bjork . (3 years ago)
Medjia Mason (3 years ago)
All I want to do is sit in Michael B. Jordan's face. arrrrgghhhhh!!!
Just Daisy (2 months ago)
Victoria Johnson (3 months ago)
MissCoco Bulls me too gurl me too
Aliya Kowalska (9 months ago)
damn ok lmaoooo but who wouldn't wanna lol
MissCoco Bulls (2 years ago)
I want to sit on his lap
CK Ck (2 years ago)
+Medjia Mason you and me both. you and me both.
massacrene1 (3 years ago)
Zac looks like a male version of cars delivigne. Can you imagine if they had kids? Wow
Danae Delange (3 years ago)
Zac's favorite HSM was the 3rd, ah me too
Gloria Cruz (3 years ago)
All three of these have been my male obsessions at one point, so this movie was just honestly to much for me <3 legit loved it
Sierra LaCroix (3 years ago)
Miles teller 3
Lydia Maister (3 years ago)
michae tellinger
lisbeth salander (3 years ago)
michael seems so sweet and nice (and sexy)
Sherona Moti (9 months ago)
Ana Jiménez (3 years ago)
Miles Teller!! OMG, why he is so glorious? I love him <3 <3
Ana Jiménez (3 years ago)
+Crown Tahkilyahh All right, that have sense, I think it's only matter of perspective. Greetings, guys!
ola lola (3 years ago)
+Crown Tahkilyahh Okay. Thanks for the reply. And don't worry I'm not I was just curious. 
crown tee (3 years ago)
+Evelyn Regards just the way how he says things and react but dont get serious bcause i may be wrong 😴
ola lola (3 years ago)
+Crown Tahkilyahh But your assumption might've come from somewhere; like an action or something he said? I'm just curious because I'm studying psychology. I would like to see your perspective. 
crown tee (3 years ago)
+Evelyn Regards i cant explain
DCCU2014 (3 years ago)
Teller and Jordan suck seriously stop casting them in movies
Crystal (1 month ago)
This comment is awkward now that both Teller and Jordan have been in critically-acclaimed movies 😂
Just Daisy (2 months ago)
they "suck"?
MrLCGO (10 months ago)
If they suck I wonder what you consider good...
Kidist Habte (10 months ago)
You’re high, Jordan is an amazing actor!
Bria Sandifer (2 years ago)
They suck yet you stalk their videos? Lol somebody is lying.
Nattieice3 (3 years ago)
um, coffee heath bar crunch, do they still make that?  I used to love it!
MrStifleras (3 years ago)
someone that says "women" is definitelly gay just saying!
Lonewolf1993 (4 years ago)
This is kind of dumb but zac is hot
Hey There (4 years ago)
lol all four of them are cute.
Valeria Vinogradova (4 years ago)
Love Miles :)
Marx Chase (4 years ago)
Lol at one of Micheals being Anime
Nicoli F. Gomes (4 years ago)
Awn Peter <3
trina esmerald (4 years ago)
Hi guys my name is trina and i am whant to make my dream come true witch is trying to become famouse so can you please go see demi lovato let it go by trina thanks
MissCoco Bulls (2 years ago)
+Emily Larson 😭
MissCoco Bulls (2 years ago)
+californiagurl11497 😂
Tay Nicole (4 years ago)
first you need to learn how to spell, honey
sameera M (4 years ago)
Oh so such a bunch of goodlooking guys x
Miké Cliqué (4 years ago)
Mr fantastic!
Kimberly Koyama (4 years ago)
Why so sexy Miles Teller!!!
Anthonine Alexis (1 year ago)
ugghhhh my baby
DeusaNew (4 years ago)
Keara washsington (4 years ago)
Lmao @ "is it me?" He's so bold! But then again he has a right to be. He's a certified 20
Lala Loo (4 years ago)
dirttowater (4 years ago)
only a 20? lol
KIANNADARLING (4 years ago)
I love miles teller!!!
C (4 years ago)
High School Musical feels!
Traill.TV (4 years ago)
I was waiting for this video!

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