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5 Signs That You Are Spiritually Gifted ! 😀😱

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In order to receive spiritual guidance, you must be open to it. The more you welcome signs and messages, the stronger and more recognizable they will become. While everyone has the ability to open themselves up and strengthen their intuition, some already have a spiritual gift waiting to be discovered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJIrNRHNgfU please subscribe and watch this video until the end to know the complete information. these are five signs that you have a spiritual gift. 1. You Have Visions That Often Come True. Your visions might come in the form of an image that randomly pops into your mind or a feeling you get when you’re speaking to someone. Or they might arrive in a reoccurring dream. If your visions often come to life, it’s a pretty tell-tale sign that you have a spiritual gift. You are able to see much deeper than what meets the eye. 2. You’re An Empath. Empaths have both a gift and a curse. They are able to feel the emotions of the people around them as if they were their own. This ability can be extremely overwhelming at times and difficult to handle. But when an empath learns how to navigate through their own life while feeling both the pain and joy of others, their ability can only be seen as a spiritual gift. 3. You Have A Strong Intuition. Many people are riddled with self-doubt. They have a habit of second-guessing their decisions and constantly wondering whether or not they should trust their instincts. A strong intuition is nothing short of a true spiritual gift. It allows you to be confident in your decisions, strong in your beliefs and open to the messages you receive. 4. You Have Nightmares. Many people have nightmares, but the nightmares of those who have a spiritual gift are much more vivid. You might wake up from a nightmare sweating or panting because it seemed so real. If your nightmares are jolting you awake, it may mean someone is trying to get a message to you. 5. You Wake Up During The Spiritual Hour. If you have a habit of waking up between 3-4 a.m. on a regular basis, it might mean something more than a bathroom break. Waking up around this time is believed to be a sign that there are spirits looking to communicate with you. It’s often referred to as the spiritual hour or the connection hour. Try to be more open to receiving messages at this time. thank you for watching. Please like, comment, subscribe and share with your friends and family.
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Natural Remedies (1 year ago)
do you have any of these spiritual gifts ? Comment below !
It's fortune-chan YT (2 days ago)
Yes I do have a spiritual gift
Gacha Zoe (20 days ago)
Natural Remedies I had vision dreams a year ago now i only have phone virus dreams
Johanna Van Niekerk (23 days ago)
I do have forwarnings in my dreams and strong six sense of uncomfortable feeling s
Zahra Nasser (1 month ago)
Rock g Every one goes through a situation where he thinks to suicide, whether Muslim or Christian, even if just an idea and but put in your mind after suicide you will live in torment and darkness in your other life.
Infinity Free (13 hours ago)
Despite puppeting, also this. Mostly unrecognized, ironically, at least the dark cults recognize it.
아미방탄 (1 day ago)
I'm an empath, it kinda gets overwhelming at times 😭😭
jiff ragab (1 day ago)
well,Ihave all!!
It's fortune-chan YT (2 days ago)
I actually have a spiritual gift But I don't want to say what it is But If I hit a 1000 subs I will tell my subs that I have a spiritual gift
Jason Joyce (3 days ago)
Hears “3-4am is the spiritual hour” whilst watching this video at dead on 3am lol why do I watch these vids before bed
Smecherosu Omg (4 days ago)
I have a lot of nightmares
LOVE!!!!! Unicorn (4 days ago)
I am gifted I have nightmares yay and not yay 😖
Unicorn Queen :3 (4 days ago)
This werid i have all of this ;-;
Jay Cee (4 days ago)
3am is the Witching Hour. or he Devils Hour. Don't be deceive.
카다아야 (5 days ago)
And i have a dream a spirit and im heared the voice girl she doing ritual words
카다아야 (5 days ago)
I have a spiritual gift i saw a ghost 3 times
Jai Sekhar (5 days ago)
What does spiritual gifts mean
Alicia Sanchez (5 days ago)
The first two and the nightmares happened to me before, once I had a nightmare that a fox at a zoo bit my right wrist twice in the same place I heard from one of my older sister at church that someone was playing tricks on me and that someone turned out to be a boy that I knew had a crush on me
rachel haidari (5 days ago)
The voice sounds creepy 😯😯
Vishnu Phani (6 days ago)
yes i have got 1,4,5 first 1 sometimes which i get small incidents in dream it happens really in day but i feel like it already happened . next 4th one when i get some scary dream i feel like i am there in real and it is happening to me next 5th one when i get scary dream i woke up suddenly then the time will be 3 it happened more randomly when i get dream like that.
Richard Krich (6 days ago)
Not being negative. But i drink almost every night to sleep becoz of these signs. Almost all those things happen to me .this gave me a better understanding.
happy feet (6 days ago)
Ive been down lately ready to give up and i felt like i was sent a sign. Check out the video on the channel Happy feet and see if you can give an explanation on what could possibly be happening
yuki kun (7 days ago)
Omg I have two of these spiritual gifts , oooooooooo mmmmmm gggggggg
Andrew Kas-songs (1 day ago)
so beautiful love it,
Cyril Nobar (7 days ago)
I can easily communicate to any spirits that comes along with me , but sometimes they are also annoying specially dead people who wants to communicate me to sent messages to thier love ones...
Weird cythina Mendoza (7 days ago)
I do have nightmares and waking up at a spiral(IDK) hour Edit: *Spiritual*
Dhanush Kumar (9 days ago)
Stop spreading Bullshit..
Sylvia Nakacwa (9 days ago)
That's me exactly
Ashish Sharma (9 days ago)
I am not spiritually gifted, I have non of these signs, I am a normal human being like everybody else.
Jorge Rivas (10 days ago)
I definitely have the nightmares and the waking up at 3:00 to 4:00 a.m. Yes, I believe someone is trying to communicate. Have a hard time interpreting the dreams. This was interesting
Debadrita Datta (10 days ago)
Yes I do have!
kumi medina (10 days ago)
my sister has all off them my other sis has none while i have 1 :)
Rizalina Carmona (10 days ago)
We are kings legend's and Earth bodies
Rizalina Carmona (10 days ago)
I can talk to angels and saints
Zeba Mujawar (10 days ago)
I don't have any of them.
Lakeshia Johnson (11 days ago)
Umm I do and my mom . I wake at 4:00 every day my mom have visions
Jaxx Haley (11 days ago)
I get visions I once had a vision of my friend in a car reck and 2 hours later he's in a reck
Alex MoonPotato (11 days ago)
Oh... I have everything here except the nightmares... *oh snap*
Ccshadowgirl Castille (12 days ago)
I have three of these nightmares 3am and dreams come true comment below if same
YT_ rose gamer (12 days ago)
The truth is I have a lot of nightmares that is keeping me up and when is morning I thinking that there is a ghost in my house
Enrique Guillarte (13 days ago)
All info happens to me i dont know if this is true
Myra Shelton (13 days ago)
I really do need to talk to someone who truly understand? on this one
Scary stuff
PinkyBlossom AJPW (13 days ago)
I see vision in bed in school. But when am in school THERE THE VISION! When i was in bed
gacha chan (14 days ago)
I have the first one , on time i had a vision during my sleep and it came true the next day
Really Liz (14 days ago)
Fuckkk I have woken up at 3 so many times
Julia Griffin (15 days ago)
I believe in god I pray almost every night so yeah
Nabatanzi Judith (15 days ago)
May God bless you. Thank you so much
Pinja Pokemon go (16 days ago)
I waked at 3am some spirits tried contact me but i started crying in my mind
Pinja Pokemon go (16 days ago)
My friend has 1
HarmonyPlayzz (16 days ago)
The dislikes are the ones that were'nt gifted lol
My visions come to life
Haja Koroma (18 days ago)
I have a thing we’re I dream about something and then forget it but when the moment happens I know that I have seen it before. I am a Muslim. But for the sweat thing I normally think it’s a stage of puberty
Firstscott Lastkennedy (18 days ago)
Mufas Headass (19 days ago)
Joy Lucas (20 days ago)
May lumabas n video s fb q about spiritual gift tpos pg s church aq hinahanap q anak q mga cnsv s church a out spiritual gift tpos pg fb ulit aq may post nnmn about spiritual gift ky kinomentan q kung anu npanuod q at.kung anu cnv nl
Mbeha Elvis (20 days ago)
Why me I have every thing to what they especially working up at midnight
lorraine smith (20 days ago)
I have all 5
Anne Kinyanjui (21 days ago)
Wow this is an eye opener am shocked coz I have almost all this signs
Beatriz Rivera (21 days ago)
We know ya the sleep
Dirty Dan (21 days ago)
I randomly clicked this video to see if I'm spiritually gifted...... I meditate and believe in energy in the universe and so on.... I'm so happy I poses all of these😊
Shaon Das (22 days ago)
how i know that bad or good spirit roaming around to me?
Brianna Bennett (22 days ago)
I think i have a spiritual power because like ive had visions before and they came true like once i predicted when i was going into a restaurant i would see this lady in a grey sweater and black sweat pants standing by the drink fridge and it actually came true.
Miraclebaby30 (22 days ago)
I have four of these signs
maria mistretta (22 days ago)
Yes i have. 😀
Crafts Collection (24 days ago)
Omg yessssssss
Elizabeth Nabagereka (25 days ago)
i have all am blessed
Wetita Sailaokham (25 days ago)
I have nigthmares and i wake up between 3-4am
GalaxyGirlXD D (25 days ago)
What if i talk to random people in my dreams..
The Random Beast (25 days ago)
Ginnah Ginn (25 days ago)
This bullshit....really???
Monique Ballard (26 days ago)
I have outer body experience have this every happen to any of you?
Harsha Royal (26 days ago)
I have all 5🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨😉😉😉
Mohammad Al-Motairi (27 days ago)
It wasn't that scary it was just a ghost with blood on its hands :p
Iet Yousin (27 days ago)
please help to subscribe
Aarti Girdhar (29 days ago)
It's true nind Khulna nt me
Lourjean Verlinden (29 days ago)
Thks for sharing I thought something wrong with me
Xenn owo (30 days ago)
I see dead birds everytime when i get home
Faith Kiwanuka (28 days ago)
U need to pray my dia n break that evil spirit very serious.
Lang Wilson (30 days ago)
No fucking way
Kevin Rajh (1 month ago)
I have all 5 signs 😀
Sunia Volavola (1 month ago)
What if u have them all
Shelby W (1 month ago)
I used to wake up all the time at 1am - 4am in the morning
Jane Gregory (1 month ago)
I was just looking at this and felt the need to share - an Australian Spiritual master named Sri Avinash is transmitting the enlightened state, called the satori transmission. You can see in video people are experiencing a taste of enlightenment because of him within minutes. 🙇 Check it out! #sriavinashsatori 🙌💚
shamaila mujahid (1 month ago)
I always wake at 3 to 4 really and after this I am scared more
Rocksie Playz (1 month ago)
Oh yes I wake up at 3:am today waited fir long time heard little voices got scared waited until it was day then went on my ipad
Rocksie Playz (1 month ago)
hh I don't have dreeeeeams and so e times I don't sleeeeeeeep but I had a vision before on Sunday like my dad never rlly goes to church with us I was like I hope he does then he went with us and I was like woooah!!! hehe that was funny I was 6 then I 19 now it was meh birthday few weeks go
Rey John (1 month ago)
Wen I dream my dreams come true it's like pop in your mind what going to happen to the future
Beth Bartlett (1 month ago)
We all have these, it is most simply the time - "when ripened ready" - to embrace, all that YOU are. It is ok - the awakening is very much as awkward as Puberty. You are fine - and you are gifted .
Nozipo Kambule (1 month ago)
I have all of the above that means I'm gifted iwasnt know it happen everyday
Supernova 124 (1 month ago)
1. No. 2. Yes. 3. Yes. 4. Yes. 5. Sometimes.
Sheila Martinez (1 month ago)
Joh 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
Priceless Pearlie (1 month ago)
I think I am spiritually gifted
Sulamit Ghebreab (28 days ago)
I thought 3:am was called the devil's hour. Btw it's not real about the whole 3:am I tried it.
MS FITT (1 month ago)
Midnight KittyGurl (1 month ago)
Last time I woke up at 4!!!! Does that means someone wants to talk to me!!?!
itz_Macky_ marie (1 month ago)
i get a lot of visions and i got a nightmare of my great grandmother that has passed away i think i have a gift if anyone sees this please tell me now if i have one
Zora Haleyaluw (1 month ago)
I usually get dreams that it always come true and most people think that I'm crazy ..a few weeks ago I had a weird dream of a baby that is dying and I couldn't really see clear who it was because it was a little blur but I know it was a baby girl .. the next morning I told my sister about it and how I'm having a bad feeling about it but she didn't believe me until two days ago rumors reach us that the baby of one of our close family friend passed away .. I'm a little scared and I don't know what to do..most people think I'm crazy
Hallows Eve (1 month ago)
Tanha Arora (1 month ago)
i dont know i always have the ability to know everything if somethings gona be good or bad
Rogelio Morales (1 month ago)
I have all those except the nightmares...I have the gut feeling wen some one in my family will die ...I start seeing ghostly shadows ...then they die or come close to death ... Hard to believe yes it is ... Not a pleasant feeling.. its gives me anxiety the painful kind but I have to live with it and its sadness...NOT A GIFT 😡
Jordon jaden (1 month ago)
Salil Nayak (1 month ago)
the video was great and informative, but you could have made the nightmares video part less graphic.... scared the crap out of me. it will give me nightmares for the next month. i have had all these symptoms but i assure you i and spirituality are poles apart.
Butterfly Echoes (1 month ago)
I love your videos
o9 pl (1 month ago)
Spirit is annoying
blooming night (1 month ago)
Wow! I love myself because I have a spiritual gift!!!

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