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20 PS4 Games You Must Play In 2018

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There are loads of huge games coming to PlayStation 4 in 2018 - here is our run-down of the top 20 that you should be excited about! PlayStation Access brings you PS4, PS3 and PSVita news, features and gameplay every week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest titles on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub All music featured courtesy of epidemicsound.com (http://www.epidemicsound.com) Want more? Rob's Twitter: http://bit.ly/RobPearson Dave's Twitter: http://bit.ly/DavidJackson Nath's Twitter: http://bit.ly/NathanDitum Hollie's Twitter: http://bit.ly/HollieBennett Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AccessFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetAccess
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Berry (4 days ago)
What Game should i get ? I really don't know and i really want a new one Please reply
In my PS4 I got Call Of Duty:Infinite Warfare WWE 2K19 GTA 5 Spider-Man PS4 Next game I’m gonna buy is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.
Judikiel (8 days ago)
I Orly care about the darksider 3
Street72 (11 days ago)
WWE ? :/
Kat Germain (13 days ago)
I put like for you and SHUT UP TALK TO MUCH
theboi you love (13 days ago)
WTF!!! where is big chungus???
gamers evolution (15 days ago)
From where did you get the first picture that you show of red dead redemption 2 2018 and this video is December 2017
Angela Merkel (18 days ago)
*_-Oh well, xbox...-_*
Jose Garcia (18 days ago)
Days gone take my money
GRENINJA GPD (19 days ago)
Well I can't it's 2019
Manas Manas (20 days ago)
Need for speed payback is best in racing games
David Lopez (25 days ago)
Happy New Years
David Lopez (25 days ago)
Oh how time flies
PsychoBomb100 0 (25 days ago)
Days gone dosent come out till December of 2019
RAYANE RAYANE (26 days ago)
Where is Fortnite
Lola Green (28 days ago)
Anime is terrible I hate it
Pramod Pandit (30 days ago)
I got satisfied by watching gameplay only.. 🤳
One Dream (30 days ago)
Assasin creed odyssey or Far cry 5? I can only get one which one is more fun?
Gaming Studio (1 month ago)
NBA 2k19
gaming shqip tv (1 month ago)
Days gone
gaming shqip tv (1 month ago)
Best video
JCPatten (1 month ago)
All the best ones have been pushed back to 2019..
kurui mushikin (1 month ago)
"All your favourites.... and krillin" Um it's actually spelled YAMCHA lol
PlayStation Access (1 month ago)
LOL. Poor Yamcha -Rob
KonsciousKoonKiller 22 (1 month ago)
1 year later
Mr. GamerYT (1 month ago)
Where is FORTNiTE!!!!!!!!!
Sheppeable (1 month ago)
So where is KH3?
Bored asf MTTM (1 month ago)
I just got a ps4 lol
Erol Küçükkeleş (1 month ago)
this video starts as the ps4 games in 2018 you must play then turns into the list of 2018 ps4 games you must avoid after god of war
GameXplay A12 (1 month ago)
don't buy yakuza any of them! seriously. that game suck too much ^^
fukthegoog (1 month ago)
As a noob, how do you actually play these games? I mean the PS just has that little silly controller thing, with a couple of buttons and thumb thingy? So how can you control these characters walking around, using weapons and climbing etc? You just push in the general direction and hit a "fight" and a "climb' button?
THE COLD SAMURAI (1 month ago)
I got red dead 2 now i want someth8ng for my christmas present
Muhammad Hilmi (1 month ago)
I dont know why but i think all ps4 games are BORING
The Deus (1 month ago)
Kamehameharing lol
Anthony Dibiah (1 month ago)
God of war nailed it. Game of the year
elvin (1 month ago)
Uncharted 4, The Last Of Us, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Marvel Spiderman
The Mecha (1 month ago)
People say I should sell my Xbox so I can use my ps4 more and I say to them no because the Xbox games you can't play on ps4 so I have both
I personally was a lil let down by Monster Hunter World. Just seemed like all the same stuff weve had put on ps4, the psp was the last wow factor i had from the franchise :(
Dragonball fighters "with a character roster that includes all your favourite charaters.. and krillen" 😂
Wangui Louise (1 month ago)
So much fun
Wangui Louise (1 month ago)
I have also have a playstation 4
Achu Harsh (1 month ago)
Were the heck is marvel Spider-Man
''And Krillin'' lol who else peeped that?
Shaizy RMCF (1 month ago)
Should i buy bloodborn or not
1NF1N1T3 _ (1 month ago)
Damn. Most of the games on that list is just straight up the ones I really don’t like or hate.
Imperius Rex (1 month ago)
KemalUtku Guven (1 month ago)
Where is spiderman
GG Giorgos05 gr (1 month ago)
Dragon ball and not Spider-Man?!?!?!!? You serious?
RACHEL LEBESE (1 month ago)
I think wwe 2k18 should be in the bid but it is still great
dmoneybooming4056 (1 month ago)
Add me on playstation @metro-boom123
gameXjunkie 28 (2 months ago)
So absolutely glad I just got a playstation on sale for 199 from target today :)
Sɑm Strɑnge (2 months ago)
Already have RDR2, looking what to buy for Christmas :(
JDMod789 (2 months ago)
One of the best PS4 games that I want to play is Jurassic World Evolution.
mrs wow (2 months ago)
Days gone hasn't even come out yet
Sunny Schollenbruch (2 months ago)
Top 3 Games ( Must have /play in 2018/19 ( IMHO ) are: 1. Red Dead Redemption II 2. The last of us 2 3. Black ops 4
Soldier4life P.R. (2 months ago)
Good video 👍 thanks! I love PS4 cause theres too many good games and a huge variety for all gamers.
Bipul Shrestha (2 months ago)
God Of War Red Dead Redemption II Marvel's Spider-Man
Adeel Khann (2 months ago)
Hernan Rich (2 months ago)
Harbinger28567 (2 months ago)
I don't have enough time for all these games like I used to when I was younger. *sigh* It sucks getting older and having to focus your time on your career and raising a family.
Benjamin Pruett (29 days ago)
Feel you on that.  I have a career and young kids and still love gaming.  Just really hard to get time for it.  When I finally do (late at night) and am in the middle of some major boss fight chances are I have to stop and get my kiddos back to sleep and forget what I was doing.
Anthony Dibiah (1 month ago)
Harbinger28567 I feel your pain bruh
ᴊᴀʏ ᴊᴀʏ (2 months ago)
Guys wait for me I’m gonna get a ps4
Candy Builds (2 months ago)
1 like= My CHANCE of getting a ps4 on November 23 2018
Rich T. (2 months ago)
Im on the market for ps 4 or xbox one. Still deciding. Just got done watching one x top games and this blows it away only 3 minutes in. Ni No Kuni actually looks fun. Especially for my 6 year old.
xXFeralArtsXx (2 months ago)
Tbh since I've never had a beefy PC and just bought a PS, I think I'll buy things like The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition
Ray (2 months ago)
Sikth? hehe. Its "Six" buddy
doublevision (2 months ago)
but why did you not put call of duty?
Ernezto E.S (2 months ago)
You said games you need to play 2018 but there are games we don't have until 2019 !!
Josiah Johnson (2 months ago)
I'm a Nintendo fanboy considering getting a PS4.
warda kashif (2 months ago)
Spider man , god of war , far cry 5, Uncharted 4,Watchdogs 2
Max Haarsma (3 months ago)
Punch a cow 😂 I’m crying
baback p (3 months ago)
faked u games most of them
Akito Yepthomi (3 months ago)
Lol some of your favourites and Krilin hhhahaa
Madhavan Menon (3 months ago)
You forgot Spiderman ps4
Sunil Kumar (3 months ago)
God of war se Badhia Kuch nhi
Anis Benzeggouta (3 months ago)
Where is battlefield 5??
Trill Thrasher (3 months ago)
All your favorites... and krillen 💀💀💀
Jyoti jain (3 months ago)
My PS4 is slim Is yours;)
stylaender (3 months ago)
Spider-Man is great so far !
Nad Plays (3 months ago)
Where's fortnite?
Lawayen MW (3 months ago)
You forgot about shadow of the tomb raider
Balveer Singh (3 months ago)
Nice video mere paas psp9
Gta v???
2:11 who would wanna play those type of games??
abbas ali (3 months ago)
Sega mega had better games then the ones at 2:11
abbas ali (3 months ago)
Exactly, hopeless games.. Should be sold out for 1USD LOOL
Anis Benzeggouta (3 months ago)
Not me
lisa catania (3 months ago)
These are the most worse games u could've said!! (Sorry if mean comment but it true)
tanya davies (3 months ago)
Darksiders 3 released November 2018 yeahhh I'm so hyped up for this one 😃
Ronald the Gamer (3 months ago)
I have 4 ps4 games my ps4 games are nba 2k18,wwe 2k18,call of duty world at War,battlefield 5
Denis Leivas (3 months ago)
Hi bro.... which game do you recomend for a kid of 10 years old? He likes zombie vs plants and lego marvel
Anis Benzeggouta (3 months ago)
Marvel spider man?
Perez Foster (3 months ago)
I like how they put the movie effects in the dragon ballz z fighters brilliant.
Heera dhina (3 months ago)
Top 1 pubg
DonTNT Games (3 months ago)
Rishav Jeet (3 months ago)
Aaro Play (3 months ago)
Lets play them with PC😂 I know how this is possible.
nopenopenope (3 months ago)
Shanda McKinniss (3 months ago)
Dragon Quest XI, Skull & Bones, Shadow of the Colossus & Anthem R my fav games off of this particular list!! #1 from these 4 is Dragon Quest XI & #2 is Skull & Bones!!
bang bang (3 months ago)
Gorgon Pig (3 months ago)
Dragonball FighterZ includes all your favorites! ....and krillin
Brosybro Donald (3 months ago)
Days gones on the thumbnail but i dont think that comes out until next year
TheRed CelticBlessing (3 months ago)
Spider man u missed spider man
XxCataxX (3 months ago)
This game is my life
lord zaqarim (3 months ago)
Farcry 5 stupid game,only hand and gun see,sick

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