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All you need to know about Vitamin B-12

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Vitamin B-12 deficiency is not an issue about diet (vegan or not) it is problem with an industrialized food system, aka-agriculture. B-12 is created in the bacteria is organic, natural, composted soil. The reason many vegans have Vitamin B-12 deficiencies is because our vegetables are hyper washed when we purchase them. If we grew our own food and ate directly from the earth, we would get adequate amounts of vitamin b-12 on a vegan diet. The reason many meat and dairy eaters do not have B-12 deficiencies is because livestock animals spend their entire lives with their mouths liking the ground, thus intaking b-12. So, the answer is not to eat animals, which have disastrous health effects for humans, the best solution is to take a Vegan B-12 supplement, if you get blood work done and you do have a deficiency.
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Diara Morales (6 months ago)
Thank you! Super helpful!
B12 is also found in river/lake water, but since we only drink treated/filtered water, we need to supplement.
Great explanation
FitandFruity Vegan (4 years ago)
What you are saying is 100% true, but it's always great to cite what you are saying. I found this, myself. I'm not trolling you, I love this video. I am just recommending you give citations to where you obtained this information, as it will be a more credible for skeptics. You know what I mean? 
FitandFruity Vegan (4 years ago)
Great job, though! I subscribed :)
Plantriotic (4 years ago)
Yeah totally, i put up a lot of vids and posts, while also having a job, so sometimes i cannot put in the full due diligence that is deserved, but i will do my best to cite more of my statements, thanks!
carolina ribas (4 years ago)
That was really helpful!! :)
magdalena Sarnowska (4 years ago)
Great video thank you:-)

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