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What The Hell Happened To Dead Space?

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Much like those notorious necromorphs, the Dead Space series kept coming back with a second and third installment and even a couple of side-stories with books, movies and smaller games that were all generally received well with only descent emerging from some fans about the third game losing sight of what made the original so special. So why, after the series gained so much momentum in such a short period of time, did the Dead Space completely fall off the map? What the hell happened to Dead Space? SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingBoltLive LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GamingBolt-241308979564/ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GamingBoltTweet
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Text Comments (1341)
HeYoNiA (1 month ago)
Main purpose of EA is to make cool games then after 5 seconds they just smash them to pieces
fuck bagel (1 month ago)
I like all the games, even 3 even though it was my lease favorite game in the series.
UnitedEarthEmpire (1 month ago)
Never play dead space b4 but dead space 3 sound kinda like my game... might try it...
Taimur Jamil (2 months ago)
EA was brought to this world for one purpose,and that is: "shitting on good game frachises..."
Emil Spangenberg (2 months ago)
Dead Space 4 cmon, i would Pay 300 dollars to get the game 😆
N.I.G_Xeye (2 months ago)
Ea and Activision are the people I hate Activision shut down radical entertainment and prototype ea ended alot of games like dead spsce
Arthur Morgan (2 months ago)
Dead Space got EA’d that’s what happened to it, R.I.P Dead Space 😩😭😩😭
DSS 72 (2 months ago)
This needs to be VR. oh yeah OH YEAH. *OOH YEAH* like *HELL NO YEAH*
Lucky Number8 (2 months ago)
I have played one week ago all dead space games for the first time and it was like playing the same game, DS 1-3 are all very similar games and I have no idea why people who didnt liked dead space 3 supposedly liked previous 2 games. The differenes between all these games are subtle. Dead space 1 was more like alien 1 (more claustrophobic locations and I'm sure because it was the first game in the series people were more surprised seeing scary necromorphs for the first time) while DS2 and especially 3 was more action packed like Aliens (1986) movie, but still all games were scary. I enjoyed DS3 the most because of perfected shooting mechanics and weapon crafting, varied locations, movie like atmosphere and music.
Mifferew (2 months ago)
I remember dead space mobile
WetNoodles (2 months ago)
The basic answer EA want money! Dead Space 3 don’t have money! EA kill Dead Space family!
gsimoesv (2 months ago)
Dead Space 2 is the best...
Levi Hall (2 months ago)
Dead space 1 and 2 need that guy it would be interesting
Kai Seale (2 months ago)
Arguably a top 5 greatest horror game franchises ever created for me !! This game, this fucking game was a HUGE refreshment for me, in the world of resident evil and silent hill games being the main attraction for over a decade . And this game FINALLY created a perfect mix of horror, action, and mostly CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Isaac Clark was a goddamn amazing character throughout the series and I'm so upset till this day! That Visceral and EA couldn't make in the third installment....the third game was just a COMPLETE strip down of the horror factor in the series and derived almost every main piece of character background. Carver and Isaac SHOULDVE BEEN the main focus of dead space three and they shouldve had a much more horror based atmosphere. Its sooo sad that this series went to complete shit and I hope hope hope to God, that some great studio out there will revamp this amazing series because even till THIS DAY, TEN YEARS after the first games release, the graphics are STILL THAT GOOD.
Tre Dae (3 months ago)
I love dead space 3 it was my favorite out of all of them, I miss dead space
ElysiumNZ (3 months ago)
Also doesn’t help when EA won’t sell on Steam.
atticus999x (3 months ago)
Happy 10th anniversary Dead Space 😢
REBEL 8492 (3 months ago)
Two letters EA!!!
Solid Tone (3 months ago)
Why can't just Viserial Studios just sue EA and take over Dead Space
Thomas Fernandez (3 months ago)
If i'm correct, if EA can shutdown VG, than VG is technically EA. In a..... Weird way but i'm not saying im right.
The410cam (3 months ago)
I think Destiny is a partial continuation of Dead Space in a sense. Looking at the grimoire cards/story they fit hand in hand which could explain Destiny's collapse and the group in the game dead orbit, if that's not a refrerence to the game I don't know what is.
Puncho Villa (3 months ago)
We need Dead space again. If not 4, another kind of sequel or story would be badass. 😙
Maximillio Stephenson (3 months ago)
Idk, I like how Isaac becomes more badass as time goes on
AVoiceInTheWilderness (3 months ago)
Dead Fantasy > Dead Space
The Podfather (3 months ago)
Dead space is a mixture of alien and the thing
Brian Tolliver (3 months ago)
Agree 100%!!! 3 was boring.... 1 and 2 I 100% completed and loved every second. Even on the hardest difficulty. Makes my Top 3 shooter list definitely. I'm hoping they make 4 at some point
The Podfather (3 months ago)
Charles Jones (4 months ago)
Love all the games own every last one of them and the 2 animated movies
Mathew Culver (4 months ago)
What happened dead space 3 happened
manju s (4 months ago)
Dead space 4 truly lovely game expecting to come back for this franchise isaac 👍👐👐👐
sealite (4 months ago)
You can't improve on a classic.
X7 (4 months ago)
EA = Unitology…
Vessalius Valseil (4 months ago)
What the hell you people want from deadspace again anyway? they all dead. Humans on earth all dead. They were all dead. Turned into new moon. This is Dead Space now. Unless there is a new hero coming from humans colony in outer space. Or The Hero N7 coming from the past to help.
HybOj (4 months ago)
EA happened
Marios P (4 months ago)
trwinkle twinkle little star dead space version,childhood memories ruined
Surrender Dorothy (4 months ago)
DEAD SPACE 4 PLS I want co-op still to be honest, although the changes they made with armour, weapons, and enemy types ESPECIALLY map re-using is garbage!
Im’a Potato (4 months ago)
Iam crying for dead space 4
nihilityjoey (4 months ago)
I'll tell you what happened to dead space. Whiney "fanboys" that know f all about dead space.
PlayStation Phil (4 months ago)
I know this will sound cliché, but considering Issac is suffering with psychosis in the form of auditory and psychical hallucinations, couldn’t we just say that dead space 3 was all in his head ? He could be sleeping next to Ellie in the ship after dead space 2 ending. Or better yet, he could still be in dead space 1 ending escape ship !
BigHeadClan (4 months ago)
Preach on sir, me and my brother still replay the first Onimusha games every couple of years.
Shaggybuddzz (4 months ago)
All three games can be played on xbox one and the second two games DS2 & DS3 were free for Xbox gold, the third one just released this month. All games benefit from the power of xbox1 backwards compatible natural hardware upgrades like resolution, frame rate and load times
Ajani Stevens (4 months ago)
Isaac was an Engineer...not just some "blue collar worker."
Thomas Wynne (5 months ago)
My favourite game franchise of modern times. I’ve recently downloaded all 3 from the x box store (for free) and they still hold up very well basically ten years later. And they are still enthralling and really fun to play. Says a lot about the games that are being pumped out nowadays.
Tube You (5 months ago)
Fcuk EA, the nemesis of the game universe.
Barraki (5 months ago)
Problem: EA
halfpro1 (5 months ago)
Well think of the dead space trilogy like a old train that used coal the train went on for a fear while but then ran out of coal and slowly came to a stop and everyone got out and left. Now think of this now as dead space the trilogy slowly ran out of money and was abandoned by the developers and now most of them are gone now. No money no team no dead space sadly.
Franco Yauri (5 months ago)
I'm watching dead space aftermath and I wish they made a dead space 4 😔
XBlu501 (5 months ago)
EA jacking off in the corner with money
firdaus misban (5 months ago)
fuck EA ..i really love this game please make dead space 4😭😭
MrHayven Games (5 months ago)
EA chewed it up and shit it out,I will never buy an EA title again.
Aleksander Kovač (5 months ago)
The DS saga can be also experienced on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.
Aidan Killeen (5 months ago)
I think a Dead Space 4 could be a saving grace for EA, they could really prove themselves. Personally, I really enjoyed every dead space game, and I'm currently in progress with dead space 3. As of recently, Xbox has released the third game for free (Games With Gold) after earlier releasing 1 and 2. I think they could use the downloads and ratings of people playing it for free as a means to judge whether or not a 4th game would be a good idea. I would love to see dead space 4, but I'm afraid EA will screw it up like usual with microtransactions and greed. They might be changing though, with the whole "No paid DLC" scenario with Battlefield 5.
Kenneth Wilkinson (5 months ago)
the first games atmosphere and pacing was mesmeric especially when played with a decent dolby system or headfones
RisingAssassin (5 months ago)
Fire up some older hardware? Pssh I got Dead Space 1, 2 and 3 now all on my Xbox One with backwards compatibility AND they were all free (with games with gold)!
The Silver Pharaoh (5 months ago)
What happened to chaos legion
Phil Swift (5 months ago)
How scary is this game on a scale from 1 to 10, I want this but I don’t really like scary games
Mark Davies (5 months ago)
Ummm, it's probably the most intense horror game I've played tbh! It really is good though and a must play if you have any interest in survival horror games.
Oscar Ernst Yung (5 months ago)
My fan story for dead space 4 From the DLC , it shows that the brother moons have arrived to earth space. When another huge moon appeared in front of them, they lost conscious. When the story starts, they wake up from unconscious, they see the moon. Their ship are somehow broken, and not able to move. Therefore, they need to hop from ship to ship. Inside of all the ship, there are some danik left over men there occupied all the ships but they all gone crazy and also keep worshipping the moons just like the DLC pack, they need to search for resources to fix the ship to get out of earth space. Later on, somehow they go to another dimensions and understand that aliens artifacts have different piece of blueprint of a machine that can destroy the moons. Since aliens machine mission failed, they made artifacts to keep all the blueprints. They need to find some way to translate the aliens words. Though, after finding resources in different ship and fighting the left over men. They got the chance to go back to the aliens planet to gather all the artifacts to form the machine to destroy moons one by one. Right before going, they received SOS from a ship near by. And just recently, so they went check out. They found Ellie,(sorry I forgot how to spell her name) they went back to the aliens planet together, Issac and Carver told all their discoveries and they are sure , there are still hopes in the universe. When they finally arrive there, they are about 3' chapters about fixing or refilling the ship while they require lot of amount of fuel. Once again, they go around the abandoned ships to look for fuel. Then, they finally finally arrive to the aliens planet. Ellie, stayed at the ship to guide them and send them the best routes. They start to look around the whole planet. And every are different. The sky is dark, fire burns out evrrything. Just like how the DLC looks like when they first woke up. All the necromorph enhanced which make fighting them harder, during the exploration. The Signal that brother moons keep giving out makes Issac and Carver crazy. At some moment, they will fight each other cause of the craziness. They often hear voices in their head and they can't determine whether it is real or not. The Signal often lead them to the wrong direction. Some of the Danik's left over men , still hanging around some where. When Isaac and Carver find some of them. The left over just keep repeating *They are here, extinction coming!* Or *I am not ready, I am not ready!* Robert Norton's shadow keep haunting around. They soon find a paper of a scientists about the translation of aliens words. Also with an alien article about where to build the machine and where to find the blueprints. It says that they need to go to some sort of alien's laboratory which is hidden inside the alien city. And before that, the need the codex in the previous dead space game to unlock the front door. They went to find the laboratory that they go before and reconstruct a codex. Necromorph everywhere, they fighting them. Soon, they finally reconstruct the codex. The moon Signal makes Danik's left over men gone crazy and they started to kill them. Issac and Carver managed not letting the signal affect them. *Death is just the beginning, join us! make the universe whole!* The voice keep haunting their mind. When they get back into the alien's city. All the floor are cracked. Also made lot of cliff. Lot of main path are blocked . So they get the time bomb and blow up all the road walk through it. Later on, Isaac accidentally blow away Carver down to the cliff. Luckily, he survived, from that time, they need to split to find another way to reunite (this is what dead space 3 Misses, split mission. ) When Carver is downstairs, he keep seeing his loved ones. They keep saying *fix the scar, join us. You will be with us again!* Creepily. And his son say *Dad? Dad? You are still here? Come here! When are you coming home dad?* While Carver is confused and scared again, Isaac keep calming him. But Carver is getting crazy. He begins to say something weird *come on, they need us. Let just get the fuck to there. Everything will be alright but let me kill you first!* Carver loved one just keep appearing and they becoming creepier, his dead wife walked closer to him everytime she appears. When she gets in front of him, she holds a knife and stab him and it goes away once again. And she said *See you soon, we soon will be reunite! MAKE US WHOLE, MAKE US WHOLE!*since then, she stop appeared. After that, Carver and Isaac finally met back. But first, he pointed the guy at Isaac and said *Let fucking end this nightmare, there are no fucking hope! Do you hear me? There are no fucking hopes! The moons are here, the whole universe are probably wiped out!I can't deal with shits like this now!* Then he shoots Isaac's arm. They start to fight each other. To be continued How do you guys think of this fan fiction of dead space 4?
Bradley D (5 months ago)
Dead Space was a standout horror action game that took its time building a chilling atmosphere and interesting story. Dead space 3 was a co-op action game with a focus on multiplayer. Game dead.
kunoxisback (5 months ago)
All dead space games were awesome as well as all mass effect series.those who bitterly criticized the latest installments of both series are either morons or casual gamers that don't know any shit about gaming.
John Hewison (6 months ago)
They should bring the whole series back as a remaster for the PS4/Xbox one. I would definitely buy it.
oDIRTY-_-GuNz (6 months ago)
dead space was one of the first game i ever played
Proxy5 (6 months ago)
One of my all time favorites. The I.P. just sitting in EA's vault of money collecting dust. Shameless, greedy, selfish businessmen. Sell the I.P. to someone who will make DS4, and actually knows the potential of the series.
Tyler White (6 months ago)
Hope someone can make a solid scary Dead Space Game again.
MrLeva115 (6 months ago)
People can hate on deadspace 3 all they want. But it was probably my favorite game, PURELY because you could play With a friend. My friend and I beat dead space 3 together about 4 times. The crafting was also fantastic
Razak 44 (6 months ago)
I know right. The mentality of games as a service definitely deserves partial blame.
Barsabus (6 months ago)
Bad writing
oscar aravena (6 months ago)
maybe a dead space based on downfall movie. like a prequel.
ninjak 10 (6 months ago)
Deadspace = masterpiece Deadspace 2 = entertaining Deadspace 3 = complete shit show
we need a dead space reboot
Mr.JayCreator (6 months ago)
Peeple complain to much. I'm sure that if people were not so picky, complained less and just enjoyed the good sides of Dead Space 3 and less time on the bad we would all be playing Dead Space 4 made by viscerl right now and it probably wouldnt of sucked. I enjoy every single one of the Dead Space games and yes there were some bad things about the 3rd game, but im not a 80 man that bitches about being to hot or cold every 5 mins, so i just played Dead Space 3 and focused on the things i did like. as for battlefield hardline you cant totally be mad at visceral for that cause i mean how many strong pvp baced games have they developed in the past before? Not alot to my knowledge, so honestly i blame EA and the fans. One just stop and look at the type games they had to pick up and make before visceral was closed, then look at the movie hungery EA and how they think all the money is now in PVP based games now days, and then look at the fans and how little support visceral got from them. Maybe one day we will get a new Dead Space, but it will be crap and not what the true fans are used to due to a new designer taking over and changing it and then the game will tank and that will be the end of it. lol people can hate on the trueth all they want but it is what it is.
Draconius Selvantius (6 months ago)
What happened to Dead Space? EA I would love a remaster trilogy of this and Mass Effect, both owned by EA. However I shall still enforce my boycott of all EA products, at least until maybe Anthem, I'll have to wait and see with that game.
Turner Turnip (6 months ago)
I liked Dead Space 3, but I feel cheated that I never got to experience Carver's storyline. They should have made it so Carver could be played for singleplayer.
Fact Sheet (6 months ago)
I just wanted to point out what I just happened to realize that I thought was both funny and interesting! 1) The original Marker the Black Marker reminds me of pictures of the Islamic Kaaba, both black and both having thousands of people surrounding them 2) The moon is the Symbol of Islam and in Dead Space the moon IS convergence! IT WAS RIGHT IN OUR FACE THIS WHOLE TIME!
Bloodsaber64 (6 months ago)
Dude ill never forgive EA. As if the shit they pulled with the mass effect series wasnt enough, they went and ruined this game for their greed. Rarely have I seen such potential in a game and especially in the genre, and EA has to go and fuck everything up. I wouldnt even play a dead space 4 if they made one, I dont want EA ruining what few good memories of this series I have.
kinglonewolf104 (6 months ago)
EA kill off everything, or end up over milking it. Anyone remember the Road Rash series from the 90s? Road Rash 2 on the Megadrive was awesome, only bettered by the 3DO version (which was also superior to the PlayStation version). I'd love to see both Road Rash and Dead Space make a return.
Thomas Fernandez (3 months ago)
They haven't given up on Dead Space, wanat i think his name was had an idea for DS4, the game would've been non-linear where you would've played as Ellie as you go from ship to ship fighting hordes of Necromorphs and trying to get supplies and find survivors while trying to make your ship shock ready, it would take place during the Necromorph apocalypse. AKA At the end of DS3's DLC. They were to also expand the story of the necromorphs, the markers and humanity's purpose to the markers. That means DS4 might be made, hopefully if it DOES get made. It would be made by an actual professional? Check out JPKOrigins. This guy does alot of good videos. I found him just by searching up DS4 just because i felt like it. And as it turns out he's make a movement. AKA, him. And A LOT of dead space fans are making a "Peaceful Protest" asking for a DS4, honestly i wouldn't care about who makes it.
kinglonewolf104 (5 months ago)
Mark Davies, "Made" is a strong word... they published the games. Many of their great franchises were actually created and made by other developers - many of which no longer exist (e.g. Westwood Studios were great for creating the original Command & Conquer games in the 90s).
Mark Davies (5 months ago)
In the 16-Bit era EA made a LOT of great games. That seems a long time ago now though..................
theFANTASTICfur (6 months ago)
Some one told me they cancelled dead space 4 because of fnag
FrailTruste (6 months ago)
If they make a fourth Dead Space they gotta do what they’re doing with the new Halloween movie. Just pretend all the sequels didn’t happen and continue from the first one, but in this case include Dead Space 2 because that shit was good.
Strand of hair (6 months ago)
I dont get why people like dead space. Its just an over rated horror game thats not even scary or fun. Really bland and washed out blaring horror music in your ears and monster screams as if its supposed to be scary. Im glad this franchise is dead
Deadeye John (6 months ago)
You mist this question Why did they removed Dead Space 3 from steam !?!?!?!?
TopDog Stargazer (6 months ago)
Dead Space 3 was supposed to be the terrifying one in the franchise. Guess what changed all that.
Camaro John (6 months ago)
Best game ever.
Itchy623 (6 months ago)
ItmustbeF8 (6 months ago)
Awakened happened.
Plumtri (6 months ago)
Despite the EA nonsense, Dead Space 3 wasn't even that bad. The co-op was a lot of fun, the two protagonists grew to have a great dynamic, and there were honestly hardly any human enemies. When there was, it didn't feel shoehorned in and those segments were very short and for story purposes. Though yeah of course it was the weakest of the series, I still think it was a solid game. Just my thoughts.
The Average WASP (6 months ago)
Dead Space 3 may have been the worst main entry, but its DLC is some of the best content in the series.
Gerardo Gonzalez (6 months ago)
I hope whatever excec wanted to put microtrasacts and ruined dead space into a formulaic shooter got canned.
Sergey Dukman (6 months ago)
I didn't play Dead Space 3, but based on numerous feedbacks it was right thing to do since the "horror survival" genre is replaced by "action" in DS3.
Hamad Alsaeed (6 months ago)
I don’t understand why games like Dino crisis and dead space are put on ice just because of couple of disliked sequels, just look at COD it sucks every year since MW3 and Activision is still making it
KARMIL (6 months ago)
fuck EA. honestly no gamer to this day likes EA yet they are still one of the most successful developers. We should go on strike against EA so this kind of shit cant keep happening.
Raymond St Paul (6 months ago)
Its amazing EA is still in business it often screws up the making of games so much by interfering with the developers of the original ideas its a wonder anything ever is finished as originally intended. EA is all about profit not content only interested in what the stock holders concerns for the short term. Yes making money is a large part of selling games but when that interferes with the concept of a game design an those who put the working into it that becomes a problem that players notice an it does affect sales in the long run an the reputation of a company.
Minecraft forever (6 months ago)
3 was my favorite dead space they need to make a 4 th one
Richard Page (6 months ago)
EA meddling kills everything.
deployedkitty (6 months ago)
My personal reason for never playing Dead Space 3: I'd have to install EA's Origin, and I'm just not that desperate.
Imee Lagrata (6 months ago)
this is what happen when u change a horror survival to action. RESIDENT EVIL 5 & 6 was an example of what DEAD SPACE 3 should never done!
Imee Lagrata (6 months ago)
EA should sell this IP to Sony & let VISCERAL made a REMASTER EDITION to see who still supporting this game til this generation!
FAY GAMING (6 months ago)
I'm a really big fan of dead space. I think I beat it at least 40 times
Georgi Galabov (6 months ago)
I personally like all the Dead Space stories, and don't really get what is all the fuss about in DS3. It's a tad different from the DS1. The best thing about DS3 is you see some character development in Isaac. If you hate microtransactions just don't do them. That is what I do and I never had any problems with the game. You don't really need those suits and weapons to enjoy the story anyway!
battlestarnomore (6 months ago)
#FuckEA and #FuckKonami too. Hope they go bankrupt.
Conan Spencer (6 months ago)
I was now thinking about this no more dead space
Derzarter34 (6 months ago)
Why didn't EA just let Visceral do what they were good at? Dead Space.
Mr Facts (6 months ago)
Dead space 1 and 2 were some of the best horror game experiences in my opinion
Aeon Amadi (6 months ago)
Franchise is pretty much dead now, but if I were to include a design element for a sequel it would be: Make dismemberment a factor for Isaac. Hear me out. In many of the death animations for Isaac, the necromorphs will take off an arm or a leg or something. I think if this actually played more into the gameplay, it would bring back a lot of the visceral tension and resource-based gameplay that makes the experience terrifying. Instead of outright dying, if you lost an arm or leg and had to limp onward/back to an area you could apply a prosthetic (cybernetic or otherwise), it would reinforce that thematic element of gameplay as well as hit on the resource-scarcity. Basic prosthesis restore functionality, but you could augment them to improve yourself. Do you use that tungsten for ammunition or an improved leg? What will the consequences of that decision be later on when you run out of ammo? I dunno - I think it would be fun ^.^;;;

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