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The Council Episode 2 Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

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The Council Episode 2 review by Karak. Council is on PS4 Xbox(Locked FPS) and PC The Council is on steam for 29.99 My Amazon Affiliate link. Buying anything with this link helps ACG http://amzn.to/2igWHDV https://www.patreon.com/AngryCentaurGaming 👉 More PC Game Reviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL62tz83FJJjlEpRdOT63lruxsTA6m1t9s 👈 👉 More Console Game Reviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL62tz83FJJjlP-rz4qKNts3Kwf3iwhbpG 👈 Integrity Statement* Any game code supplied by PR/Dev is purchased again upon its release and given away to Patrons. No game is reviewed for free and no sponsorships for game reviews taken. My money is on the line just like everyone's. Patron - Merch 👉 https://teespring.com/stores/acg?page=1 👈 👉 https://www.patreon.com/AngryCentaurGaming 👈 👉 paypal.me/ACGsponsor 👈 👉 http://store.steampowered.com/curator/6233509-Angry-Centaur-Gaming/ 👈 Social Stuff & Reddit 👉 Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ACGVids/ 👉 My Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeremyPenter 👉 Podcasts on Googleplay https://goo.gl/ad34zw 👉 My Itunes: https://goo.gl/SEj1bW I am not one of those bigger gaming website no 2 minute reviews here only details. Videogame reviews all the time. So if you are tired of short reviews, ones that don't discuss all the game, this is the right place. No big website 2 minute stuff here. Coverage includes ps4, xbox one, pc, xbox 360, Wii, Wiiu, Switch, and digital storefronts like Steam, as well as companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo Buy, wait for a sale, rent, or never touch it. The Patented Karak review system to see if a game is worth a buy.
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Text Comments (52)
Riinju (1 month ago)
Reviews so good have me watching games i don't give a damn about
Toprak Koç (2 months ago)
My biggest problem with episode 2 and 3 is what you liked more about them. Yes, it's good that you can talk to the guests as you will now but I really prefer the movie-like, set piece, railroad character encounters like in a Telltale game. Another thing is that the camera is free during these optional 1 on 1 conversations, which I HATE. The cinematic, locked cameras were perhaps the biggest factor in establishing that dark atmosphere for me. The free camera conversations feel too goofy and adventure game-y to me. Also, 3:54 I honestly hate this track. Elizabeth was brutally murdered? We need to investigate the scene in hopes to find a possible culprit? TIME FOR SOME HAPPY MUSIC!!!
frishdawgz (4 months ago)
I don't see a link to the Discord brother... can you link it?
Squampy (4 months ago)
The second episode was a huge step down from the first. It dragged on with the puzzles and they were really poorly constructed (i.e. the clues that kept you going back to flip through the Bible again and again). Also, there is a lot of awkward dialogue and some of the spelling and grammar errors are honestly pretty egregious and make it clear that English is not the first language of whoever wrote the script.
Eiad Tarabulsi (4 months ago)
Thanks as always Karak for another stellar review. I really appreciate it!
ACG (4 months ago)
MrKanjidude (4 months ago)
Looks absolutely amazing. I may get it once all the episodes are out.
Bob Dobbs (4 months ago)
Necro-nom-ee-con Great as always. Thanks for all you do
Josh T (4 months ago)
I think this is playing a lot like a story you are actively reading... so the action is building up to the climax. Sucks for you man, but you'll have to review all 5 of them to be certain. Then probably a 6th video to tie it all in :P
jared matthews (4 months ago)
Dude every one of your references seem to be pulled directly from my memory bank.
VC Donovan (4 months ago)
Ghost Ship ... there's a movie with balls.
deni sherlock (4 months ago)
cool, looks like my kind of game 😅
Kimbap Tempura (4 months ago)
I got the Ghost Ship reference! I saw that movie! ~ sigh ~
Saibot216 (4 months ago)
I watched the review for the first episode multiple times and I'm still confused as to what this game actually is. It looks like an adventure game, but I am confused on the plot/purpose. Not in so much a bad way as I am just plain incredibly curious.
Toprak Koç (2 months ago)
+punkhippe "Some are impossible" you should agree with yourself even more after that nightmare of a puzzle in episode 3.
punkhippe (3 months ago)
Saibot216 so i just finished with the second episode. And to give vauge overviews. The plot is basically a grand mystery at a meeting of the illuminatie of the late 17th hundreds. They dont call it the illiminatie, but its a fine description. The gameplay is a story based but with rpg elements. Each character has different vulnerablities and immunities and the rpg elements play into how good you are at finding them. For example you may have points in manipulation and that works great on the pope, but does fuck all for napolian, the game opens and closes dialog interactions based on what you are good at doing and what the other npc is vulnerable to. This is made more conplex by learning the other npcs agendas. If you can figure out how and why each member made it to illuminati island you can exploit them, throigh finding letters or talking to other characters. Inbetween this sorta rpg banter you solve puzzles and some are easy, some are impossible, but a lot of them are fair and challanging. I am really enjoying this so far. Its like if telltale games were actually games instead of just visiual novels with the illusion of choice.
walker2006au (4 months ago)
Please do "the forest" top game now it's in 1.0
Benjamin 2025 (4 months ago)
Nothing beats the Council of Ricks.
DR360WHO (4 months ago)
Excellent Review 👍🏻🍺
Brogantic (4 months ago)
Napoleon actually looks quite similar to his younger self. He aged like Elvis - from young and thin to old and fat.
walentaz (4 months ago)
I risked and bought the game and somehow it's quite intriguing game. Also for such game it has nice mechanics which add up more choice for a player (unlike lets say telltale games). The one thing that is hard to judge so far is the story - hell knows what it will roll into.
Joshua Drake (4 months ago)
Does this game have ultrawide support?
pmcollectorboy (4 months ago)
Thumbs up if you rewound just to replay that Ghoulies and Critters bit.
Average Joe (4 months ago)
What horrible graphics. Is this 1990 again?
TFTony (4 months ago)
Can the NPCs not move their eyes independently from their head or keep them fixed on something around them while their head moves around? They look pretty dead for a game focused so much on conversation. Nigh on dealbreaker for me.
Kha Lee (4 months ago)
I think it's all about content for gamers now.
Calvin Campbell (4 months ago)
Hey bro hope you're well 👍
Lou Attia (4 months ago)
I think you are the living breathing example of the sad state of affairs that the world is today. Allow me to explain... you are without a doubt the best game reviewer on YouTube and dare I say the world. Your reviews are masterfully written and presented, your analogies are very humorous and your analysis always deep and always spot on. And yet because you don't constatntly shout profanities and talk nonsense, you barely have 500k subscribers. You deserve a few million at least. What an age we live in! Keep up the great work Sir. Fantastic review as always :)
BKDon718 (4 months ago)
Why would anyone play this game, to see them sniff cocaine? Unfortunately, I can just look out the window. This looks boring af! Looks like a soap opera. I do like to think in games but I'd shoot myself just for some action playing this title. Easily a "never touch" for me and I mean NEVER!
David Restrepo (4 months ago)
BKDon718 your loss. Episode 1 was great and this one was okay, but ended on a high note that has me hyped to see where the story goes next
Sinister Dark Soul (4 months ago)
Might pick this up when all episodes are released. I have a hard time actually getting these sorts of games when they first come out because as much as I love them...if I buy an episodic game early, it just sits there till all episodes are out.
Sinister Dark Soul same, totally agree. I’ll never endorse games that are in episodic content.
Galbatros P (4 months ago)
It's Necronomicon not Necromicon.
wingracer 16 (4 months ago)
Nothing but a bunch of pedantic necrophiliacs around here.
ACG (4 months ago)
its necronomicilikonittitcon actually
Norwegian Imposter (4 months ago)
fantastic review as always mate :D
ACG (4 months ago)
SATURDAZED (4 months ago)
Karak getting a kick out of the corset at the beginning honestly made me chuckle
ACG (4 months ago)
dude it cracks me up. You need a wheelburrow and two stout pigs to get anyone into that setup
SimonCleric (4 months ago)
NecroNOmicon. Just saying :P
asdasd123qweqtr (4 months ago)
Citizen Sleeve (4 months ago)
Definitely an episode by episode quality change, I'll be interested to see how the third holds up.
TheSwampDonkey (4 months ago)
The Dark Crystal, now that was a great movie!
JacobOlli (4 months ago)
It's called Labyrinth in case you want to see it again
ACG (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching. Stay tuned for a ton of reviews coming in the next couple weeks! Come on by https://www.patreon.com/AngryCentaurGaming if you get a chance to join the community.
Total Wafflez (4 months ago)
Kaz (4 months ago)
The art direction is really nice except for the characters. Why did they make them so ugly?
Toprak Koç (2 months ago)
I think the characters look amazing except for Jacques Peru and maybe the main character Louis, which are more on the cartoony side.
Roberto De La Torre (4 months ago)
Not everybody is good looking :p
TheSwampDonkey (4 months ago)
Sweet Baby Jesus, is that Grandpa, Billy Bob Thornton around 1:15? haha
Joe Carlson (4 months ago)
eljueta (4 months ago)
what an achievement

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