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FREE Travel Planning Assistance: http://magicalvacationplanner.com/staff/melissa-pigden/ Join Melissa and Dave as they countdown the BEST DELUXE RESORTS at Walt Disney World! Want more information? Head on over to our Disney Resort Playlist for full reviews, shorter "In a Nutshell" reviews, and Room Tours from some of these great resorts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwJjs9It8-lGFI3ksIBAdUF56877R9biE Check out our 🕶SWAG🕶 and 📲Social Media📲 👕T-shirts & More: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/Method2TheMagic 🐭Ear Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Method2TheMagic 💬Twitter: https://twitter.com/Method2TheMagic 📲Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Method2TheMagic/ 📸Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/method2themagic/ 💻Website: www.method2themagic.com 📌Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/method2themagic/ ✈️🚢Travel Assistance: http://magicalvacationplanner.com/staff/melissa-pigden/ 📧Email: method2themagic@gmail.com 📬SNAIL MAIL US💌: Melissa, Dave, & Jason P.O.Box 8297 Machester, CT 06040 Like what you see? Please hit the "like" and "subscribe" buttons, comment on the videos and hit the 🔔Bell🔔 for notifications-- it helps spread the word! ✈️🚢Would you like FREE assistance planning your next trip to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, the Disney Cruise Line, Aulani, Adventures by Disney, Sandals, Beaches, or the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line fill out a quote form: http://magicalvacationplanner.com/staff/melissa-pigden/ My services are absolutely FREE of charge and I will help you every step of the way in the planning process including making your dining reservations for you and helping with itinerary planning!
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Mark Koeppel (15 days ago)
Wilderness lodge is number 1.... Boardwalk is number 2... Polynesian is number 3... Of coarse I am up for any of them...
Method to the Magic (15 days ago)
All three of those are fantastic!!! I have to agree though—- will never turn down a Disney vacation no matter where it is!
Charles Stout (19 days ago)
Do you have any reviews for Fort Wilderness RV Resort?
Method to the Magic (19 days ago)
Hey Charles-- Unfortunately we have not stayed at the Fort Wilderness Campground so we do not have a review for that. We would love to camp there one day but it is a bit difficult logistically for us coming from CT
becky r (2 months ago)
just wondering if the resort pools are open year round? i would love to go in early december and not sure if swimming in the resort pools would be comfortable or not. thanks! dreaming of staying at these resorts.
Method to the Magic (2 months ago)
+becky r Hi becky! The resort pools are open year round, but Florida weather at times can be unpredictable. You may have 90 degree days in winter or 40 degree days. It will greatly depend on the weather you get while you’re down there! We’ve definitely swam in January but have also had times where it was too cold for us to swim. Hope that helps! Thanks for watching!
Florida Fun (2 months ago)
I'd be very surprised if there wasn't bus service from the Poly to Epcot -- especially since the monorail doesn't provide direct service.
Method to the Magic (2 months ago)
Unfortunately there is no bus from Epcot to the Polynesian— we asked a few cast members on our way out of party for the senses to be sure as we did not want to go back on the monorail. All websites I’ve searched also state this including this post from the Disney moms panel (albeit from 2016): https://disneyparksmomspanel.disney.go.com/question/bus-epcot-polynesian-read-transportation-center-rather-323510/ unless something has changed in the last year or so since we were there of course
Leona Shopaholic (5 months ago)
Great video, very useful 💕💫 xx
Method to the Magic (5 months ago)
Glad it was helpful! Thanks so much for watching!
Dock Man (6 months ago)
All of your picks are great!
Method to the Magic (6 months ago)
Thanks so much! It really is hard to go wrong with any of these!
aileen gryta (7 months ago)
nice informative video but girl can you PLEASE swallow your saliva or lick your lips or something bc when you talk, your saliva gets on your mouth and its pretty clear to see and thats disgusting
Method to the Magic (7 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback, will keep that in mind!
The BITELYS (8 months ago)
Loved this! Appreciate your insights. We're hoping to try some of these for shorter stays!
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
Thanks for watching! Glad they were helpful!
Monica Z (8 months ago)
I love your channel!! We have stayed at the Beach Club once (club level) and LOVED it! Stayed at the Yacht Club one time and in July staying there again on club level and in a deluxe room. I believe this deluxe room is on the 4th floor though but well worth the very short elevator ride or stair climb to the 5th floor:) i highly recommend club level if you have never tried it. 🤗
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
Funny you mention it-- we just stayed Club Level for a night at Yacht Club last weekend! we LOVED it! We stayed Club level once at Poly which was good but Yacht Club was so much better! Thanks for watching!
Parkhopbears (8 months ago)
Our favorite is Boardwalk since we're huge EPCOT fans. Yacht and Beach is a good number one pick (obviously because of EPCOT - lolz). As much as we love Animal Kingdom Lodge we wish it was closer to the other parks and actually had transportation other than buses! Great video!! 💜💜 (also, hi Porg!!)
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
Boardwalk is an excellent choice! Agreed on Animal Kingdom--- would be a lot better if it was closer to the other parks! Thanks for watching! Porg says hi!!!
sarah fanourgakis (8 months ago)
I’m glad you picked The Beach Club as your favourite because after months of umming and aching that’s where I have finally decided to stay
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
+sarah fanourgakis Awesome! You are going to love it!! Thanks for watching!
Audrey Doi (8 months ago)
Have you stayed club level at the boardwalk? How does that compare to the poly ?
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
+Audrey Doi Thanks for watching! We have not done Club Level at the Boardwalk but did just stay club level at the Yacht Club last weekend and it was many steps above this one!
Dean Spaeth (8 months ago)
My 3 favorite Deluxe Resorts are The Beach Club Resort, The Polynesian Village Resort and Wilderness Lodge! Love your videos keep the Disney Magic coming! "O"
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
+Dean Spaeth Thanks so much for watching! Those are excellent choices!
Molly (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing! We want to pick a place to stay at this summer 💖😄 I hope they get new monorails soon too, I hear they're coming soon!!! I think my kids would love the Animal Kingdom Lodge too! Beach Club looks nice water wise!!!
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
You're very welcome! Hoping on the new monorails as well! Can't go wrong with either Animal Kingdom Lodge or Beach Club-- as you can tell by my list-- I think both are pretty wonderful! Thanks for watching!
TheWild'sDisneyFamily (8 months ago)
My #1 is animal kingdom lodge
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
Can't go wrong with Animal Kingdom!!
TheWild'sDisneyFamily (8 months ago)
Look at those awesome ears 😍😍
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
Aw thanks Yessy!
Doctor Cara (8 months ago)
Great info!
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
+Doctor Cara Thanks!
JEM Sessionz (8 months ago)
I heard they have a good club level lounge, you guys should check it out 😉😂 we’ve only stayed at three so our top three would be Saratoga, Wilderness Lodge and Boardwalk! That clown tho . . . Seriously creepy!! Nice review, kinda knew what your number one would be!! 😊
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
+JEM Sessionz Hahahaha well if you do we’ll have to meet up!
JEM Sessionz (8 months ago)
Method to the Magic well, we ARE planning an east coast lighthouse tour sometime in the future. So many travel plans, so little time ☹️
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
+JEM Sessionz visit us in CT anytime—- though I have no idea why you would visit CT haha
JEM Sessionz (8 months ago)
Method to the Magic thanks for having us, you guys are awesome! 😎
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
+JEM Sessionz Haha oh really? I wonder if they have any aloe gel there? Can’t go to a club level lounge without aloe gel! Thanks again for hanging with us and for watching!
Happiness and Sweet Tea (8 months ago)
One day I will stay in a Deluxe. Sigh. For now I’ll just be dining in them. I always get a laugh from these videos. Another great upload!
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
+Happiness and Sweet Tea Dining and visiting are fun too!! Love doing a little resort hopping especially around the holidays! Thanks for watching!
See Shaun Vlog (8 months ago)
We loved yacht club but are looking forward to akl and would love to try poly and wilderness lodge
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
+See Shaun Vlog All of those are amazing— any way you go there, you won’t be sorry! Thanks for watching!
Sheila D (8 months ago)
We are staying at BW and YC club level in August. Can't wait.
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
+Sheila D we just stayed yacht Club Club level Saturday night —- it was awesome!!! You will love it!
Abigail Broughton (8 months ago)
I have only stayed at Caribbean Beach twice before renovations and Yacht Club in Septemer 2017 and we LOVED the resort the Yacht Club. I could stay there and only visit Epcot and be very happy. We are coming back in December for 12 nights, 10 at the Polynesian, one at Grand Floridian and one at Port Orleans royal room. I really wanted Wilderness Lodge but at 9 months out it was full for DVC. I could grab a night with Disney pricing still deciding but I think the royal room will be fun and the French Quarter pool. Can you give me advice on the monorail and your problems you had? Thank you for another great video!
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
+Abigail Broughton The monorails are getting very old so we have hit a lot of delays both in times of construction and not. We have also had times where or monorail has stalled or shifted in the tracks which really freaked a friend we were traveling with out. Overall, it took longer than a bus would have taken! May not be the norm but seems to be happening more frequently! Hope that helps! Thanks for watching!
Morty Mouse (8 months ago)
SO tough to choose! I don't know if I could Maybe we will start staying at some!
Morty Mouse (8 months ago)
YES! We are loving hanging out at the resorts!
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
+Theme Park Brews It is very hard to choose! It’s a good problem to have, even if you don’t stay there so many things to visit and restaurants and lounges to try!! Thanks for watching!
David Thacker (8 months ago)
My top 3 are 1.Poly 2. Contemporary 3. Saratoga now that being said We have never stayed at BW, Yacht, or Beach so they maybe get in that top 3 soon. I will tell you Old key west is in last place.
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
+David Thacker Spoiler alert—- OKW definitely makes next week’s video of the worst deluxe resorts!
My Westies TV (8 months ago)
Good Morning! We stay at Bonnet Creek. But We love to visit the hotels to see the theming. Thanks for the review.👍Mike
Ajanaclair Lynch (2 days ago)
Bonnet Creek is amazing (and ever expanding).
Nick Vuocolo (8 months ago)
Is it nice bonnet creek?
Method to the Magic (8 months ago)
+My Westies TV Awesome! We love doing that as well! Thanks for watching!

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