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Teacher highland cream whiskey Unboxing and review the liquor unboxing

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Teacher highland cream whiskey Unboxing and review ..
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The Liquor Unboxing (9 months ago)
Hey Everyone, Really Thankful for 1k subscribers .. Thanks for your love .. Please do subscribe our partner Channel .. www.youtube.com/theshopperswishlist ......
rainbow six siege (29 days ago)
how many cups can it fill
bhavesh parmar (1 month ago)
Thoda hindi bhi bola Karo .
Paws kennals (14 days ago)
Daaru peene ke baad English hi Bolte hai Indians
Ronit Sethi (1 month ago)
In india it is by volume i.e % eg.( 60%alc ) in other countries they understand by proof eg (120° proof ) so,if it is 30% alchol then it is 60° proof i.e double the volm value .and highland is a place in scotland where it is distilled so ...HIGHLAND CREAM
Ritesh Verma (3 months ago)
Lol such a stupid video
Arijeet Pattnaik (5 months ago)
bike lover (7 months ago)
bhai kha ho yrt new video lao
Abhijit choudhury (7 months ago)
Price kiya hai yar
Ronit Sethi (1 month ago)
atharva khopade (1 year ago)
Which is more smooth teacher or vat 69
Prateek Sharma (1 year ago)
Kya sirji open bottle ki unboxing ka kya matlab hai
Sawan Kumar (1 year ago)
Please unbox signature
ranjan maithani (1 year ago)
Quite rich
Ronit Sethi (1 month ago)
it tasts like bp with hint of sugar
vishwanath (1 year ago)
Before unboxing he had couple of pegs notice there is less whisky in the begining
Jeewan Bhatt (3 months ago)
Right bro ...sahe bola bhai
Sumit Agrawal (1 year ago)
vishwanath exactly
Mohit Soni (2 years ago)
nice concept. .. all the best and please unbox magic moments ..
Sajal Singh (1 year ago)
Mohit Soni hahahahh
The Anonymous Talking (2 years ago)
good going .. ☺👍💐. and thanks for the promotion..
Binayak Das (2 years ago)
The Liquor Unboxing (2 years ago)
Binayak Das thank you .. and I remember my promise for other whisky and they will be uploaded soon .. thank you for your love ..

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